Monday, February 05, 2018

Well, if it could not be the Seahawks...

...the Eagles are okay, then.
Some records were set. Most yards in the SB. Foles was the first QB to catch a TD pass. Probably more.
Our most gracious hostess and family are no doubt taken up in celebration tonight, and our hearty congrats to them and the Eagles. Now, what's next. Ah, the Flyers and the Stanley Cup, I guess.
And productivity in Philly tomorrow; waaaay down. Super Sick Monday, I hear it is called.
And in Boston, well, just another hangover Monday, but on afterburners, I suppose.
I was at a local pub full of "people cheering for the Eagles;" hard to say really Eagles "fans." But there was one young lady with a Pats shirt, with "Brady" across the back, who was just suffering through most of the game. the end was bad. but, we all cheered her, bought her some drinks, and when I left she was laughing it up with some folks.
Well, next year, go Hawks!


Haverwilde said...

Good to have you posting Rickvid--not that I give a Feathered Farling for Feetball. (Although, I do enjoy the occasional college fart-about.)

Dan Patterson said...

Uhhh...Dood. Where has everyone been hiding?

censored said...

You shouldn't make assumptions about Boston and hangovers...

Haverwilde said...

Oh Blonde Sagacity, where are you.
Censored has been censored.
Nate is apparently dead.
The Trump is trumping, most things thankfully.
The Left is decaying, thankfully.
The spirit of Liberalism is alive and well, but only the conservatives honor its value.
Those that call themselves 'liberal' are just authoritarian Socialist fascist.
There is hope for change, but Obama fucked-up both those words and their meaning.
Who could of predicted that an asshole like Trump, could bring hope to America, I certainly didn't. MAGA.

censored said...

MAGA! Watched a special on Frontline about innocent 15 yr. olds getting locked up and deported. Meanwhile, more angry white kids/men continue to go on senseless shooting sprees.

Maybe Democrats should play the video and audio that terrified CHILDREN took yesterday -- on the House and Senate Floors.

Like Obama said recently on David Letterman's new show: People that watch and listen to FOX and Sean Hannity (Trumps new advisor) are living on a different planet.

LOL about Amarosa: We should be very, very afraid of Trump..those of us with brains are...

btw, Trump is riding on Obama's economy, ya'll must realize that.

censored said...

I'm wondering if the pre boxed food might benefit our obese POTUS in someway..he might lose some weight if he got off McDonalds and KFC.

We went from the most adorable and intelligent to the lowest life ever to occupy the WH. How embarrassing..

CrabbyOld Man said...

Haverwilde, I thought this to be a really great bumper sticker:

"Obama lied to us a lot. Eloquently. Trump tells us the truth a lot. Crudely. What is your preference?"

I'd think that "embarrassing" is a word that an idiot like Senseless would avoid at all costs.

censored said...

Obama didn't pay 130k to silence Stormi --um, we're now about to hear how revolting DT is from her.

It just kills ya'll that Obama and Michelle love one another and that the orange dumpster has had multiple wives and porn stars.

Melinias friend was paid 27 million -- as her "advisor" ah, for what, exactly?

DT raised 100 million for his lame inauguration that cost about 10 cents, did he even have a ball? Can't remember, I mean the streets were empty, I do remember that lol.

--and how many people (frauds) cannot get clearance in this mafia run admin..including JARED. The list is endless with the crimes Crabs, so stop pretending that Trump is above anyone.

The horrible Bush years gave us the amazing Barack Obama- so what miracle can we expect after this bunch! Cannot wait!

Speaking of liars, Trump quietly overturned a law so the hypocrite (today, that speech, unbearable with his lies) wants the mentally ill to have easier access to assault weapons. Obama come back, save us from this hell!

CrabbyOldMan said...

I agree that Jug Ears is "amazing".
I'd say that you and your ilk are almost as "amazing".

censored said...

Also *AmAzInG* -- that you defend your criminal POTUS that helped a foreign government destroy our democracy, actually insisted on it: hacking of the DNC emails..

So yeah, collusion, big time.

Trump also took 30 million from the NRA, your party has all been paid off with blood money.

Boy, ya'll just bought right into the whole Russia thing, they sure knew they could play dumb Americans like you. Of course Putin didn't want Hillary! She has a brain and isn't his "puppet." LOL

Melenia continues to ignore her husband, riding on separate airplanes, wow. Just how many affairs/porn stars did Trump have and why is she surprised?!

Dog Days Kennel said...

Been away a long time .... Who is Rickvid? What happened to the Sagacious one?

~ Supertek

Ashton said...

Thanks for sharing this great post.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I am very glad to see that there is still some life here!

Haverwilde said...

Crabby, No life, just hope for reincarnation. I miss the sage blond et. al. Well, maybe not the Anony-mouse, but idiots are everywhere these days, particularly on the left.

Let's build a fire under Rickvid and get him to post something again.

or something more inflammatory.

Come on Rickvid, or Blond Sage................POST!