Monday, February 05, 2018

Well, if it could not be the Seahawks...

...the Eagles are okay, then.
Some records were set. Most yards in the SB. Foles was the first QB to catch a TD pass. Probably more.
Our most gracious hostess and family are no doubt taken up in celebration tonight, and our hearty congrats to them and the Eagles. Now, what's next. Ah, the Flyers and the Stanley Cup, I guess.
And productivity in Philly tomorrow; waaaay down. Super Sick Monday, I hear it is called.
And in Boston, well, just another hangover Monday, but on afterburners, I suppose.
I was at a local pub full of "people cheering for the Eagles;" hard to say really Eagles "fans." But there was one young lady with a Pats shirt, with "Brady" across the back, who was just suffering through most of the game. the end was bad. but, we all cheered her, bought her some drinks, and when I left she was laughing it up with some folks.
Well, next year, go Hawks!