Saturday, October 21, 2017

What is shocking is the shock!

For nearly a century Hollywood has been known as a pit of lies, freaks, perverts, and sex abusers of all stripes. No big deal.
Until now. Suddenly, all the pervs, enablers, self- righteous, arrogant creeps who lecture the rest of us about how superior and moral they are and how we must step up our life game to be as wondrous as are they, are flabbergasted over Harv the Perv and that his crap show is so common.
A bit like going into politics and being staggered that people making less than $200,000 a year as wage slaves, not running a business that could accrue wealth, become multimillionaires in a decade or so of public "service."
Color. Me. Stunned.


CrabbyOldMan said...

I remember the arguments that not paying our elected officials well (or giving them ample opportunity to steal via more powerful government) meant leaving public office in the hands of "the rich". Better to have professional politicians representing the common people.
Is there anyone who thinks the professional politicians are actually any more interested in the commoners than the "rich" are?
I'll pick someone who has been successful at something else to run the country before allowing the hustlers, "activists" and lowlifes we tolerate in public office.

Haverwilde said...

Hey Crabby, How rich can you get working for poor people? The way to get rich is to prostitute yourself to the billionaires, just like the Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, and most of the elected members of congress.

Haverwilde said...

Rickvid, Is it possible that you have managed to silence the idiots?

It can't be that they finally are beginning to see just how corrupt their Saint-Hillary-the-Horrid actually is.

Thanks, and keep up the posts.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Doubtful, Have, doubtful. That I have either silenced them or that they see the vileness of those scoundrels. I'll soon express another unacceptable truth or unapproved thought, and get 'em all riled up.

Haverwilde said...

Oh, Good!

Love to watch the unfettered rile-ness of the idiotic left.

censored said...

Your hero came out of Hollywood, remember the two-bit actor Ronald Reagan?

I think this is all happening because our POTUS is a sexual predator and got away with it (the butlers job was to warn Meleneeia about latest assault before she walked in the room) -- so everyone else is taking the fall. Not to excuse their behavior..

Even Billy Bush got fired. You can save your breath about Clinton. Monica Lewinsky knew exactly what she was doing when she stalked him.

censored said...

-And OH MY God the hypocrisy from you people. You don't care about a sexual predator like Trump stealing an election but you complain about HOllywood. You're all so predictable.

rbb said...

Hey wingnuts, racists, bigots, trumpers, alt-whities and malcontents, looks like another one of your heroes, disgraced judge Roy Moore, is even more of a disgrace than previously disclosed.


T. Paine said...

Reagan may have been a two-bit actor, but he was an awfully good president who inherited the Carter malaise and stagflation and restored our economy, repaired our military, and was instrumental in the downfall of the evil U.S.S.R.

What does the community organizer have to show for his tenure? Health care costs going up by $2500 a year per family instead of down as promised?

Releasing five Taliban commanders in exchange for a traitorous bastard that left his post in a combat theater that ended up getting good men shot and even killed?

Doubling the national debt to nearly $20 trillion?



Inflaming race riots and further dividing our nation?

This is what happens when you have someone who's resume wouldn't even put them in consideration for running a 7-11, let alone being leader of the free world.

Give me that actor guy any day!

censored said...

We had our first trillion $$ deficits under Reagan. He was just as lousy a president as he was as an actor, except his bad acting didn't make people homeless. He closed down all the homes for the mentally ill and put them out on the streets. Reagan also counted ketchup as a vegetable so poor kids depending on school lunches had to starve. His own kids wrote about what terrible parents they were because Ronnie and Nancy only cared about each other.

Laughing that you people still give credit to Reagan for the wall coming down, haha.

So- Reagan inherited a bad deal from Carter (you claim) but Obama inheriting the worst economy in history from Bush isn't Bush's fault, correct.

Bush: I don't lose sleep about Osama. Luckily we had Obama who had the guts and brains to go over him.

Ya'll are going to be in big shock after Obama's economy wears off and Trumps sinks in.

Turns out people really love Obamacare, huh, who knew? Who knew that Americans want the same rights when it comes to healthcare as the hypocrite politicians on the right!

Yes, yes, keep pretending that Obama was dumb, lol. No one is buying that. Especially since you voted for that idiot con man, he didn't even go to college.

T. Paine said...

First, Censored, I did not vote for Trump. And I sure as hell didn't vote for the real treasonous Russian-colluder Hillary.

Second, I can only assume that pot...lots and lots of pot... must be legal wherever you are to explain your stoned-out-of-your-mind nonsense. Of course that assumes you follow the law better than most of your fellow militant leftist anarchists.

rbb said...

Goooooooooooooooooooooooood morning T r u m p e r s, bigots, racists, poosea grabbin, alt whities, teabaggin Xian Roy Boy Moore suhporten teenage girl gropen stand in da middle of 5th Avenue people shooting not lose any voters, voters!

What a grand day after to be gop! What with the poster boy of your wild west gun in hand bible thumping Xian victimhood spouting thrown off the AL Supreme Court twice good ol' boy just making all the news about mall trolling young girls and sex attacking them in his car behind the dumpster of course!

Your leader once said, "And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything ... Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."

I guess we'll see in a few weeks if the very heart and soul of Mericka's gop, the stars and bars don't touch my statues of Slavery Warriors voters of Alybamee, will swallow pistol toting teenage breast grabbing denials and let pervy RoyBoy walk over to 6th Avenue with a shiny new Senate seat.

Grabbem while you can, nutters!


censored said...

Getting back to Reagan..the latest tax cuts for the wealthy will add two trillion $$$ to the deficit. MAGA!!!

I did vote for HRC, I'm still with HER TPAINE.

I don't believe that was Hillary up there in her blue pajama top. That was the dumpster, who you claim you didn't vote for, in a matching outfit with his boss Putin. Keep pretending that it's Hillary, no one believes that.

I know, Roy Moore, gross.

Haverwilde said...

Meanwhile Old RBB (or Rapist-Bill's Bloviator) is still defending that disgusting Rapist Bill Clinton, as well as the Racist Obama regime. He chooses disgusting sexually charged language and exhibits hatred of all things not Leftist. He is a true child of fascism and authoritarian socialism. He is the antithesis of what we used to call a ‘Liberal.’ He is so blind, he doesn’t see that he is describing himself in all his diatribes.

censored said...

Monica Lewinsky was raped now?

Keep pretending that Obama wasn't the greatest POTUS in history, yawn, no one is listening.

Where are all these jobs, factories, Walls and better healthcare you were promised?

Even the poor elephants despise the orange con man. He is so gross.

One good thing about the p-grabber in chief; he's allowed all the voices of other victims to be heard, we can thank the dumpster for that at least.

Haverwilde said...

Censored is still in need of a class in reading comprehension.

I wish his village would come rescue their idiot. He is fouling himself with all his verbal diarrhea.

In retrospect, I shouldn't be so critical. Censored is a poor misbegotten thing, worthy only of our pity.

censored said...


I agree 100%. Can someone please "come rescue their idiot. He is fouling himself with all his verbal diarrhea." This is Trump you speak of, correct?

Meanwhile, we continue to pay millions a day so the Trumps can destroy the planet, destroy more jobs, destroy our good name that Obama had to drag out of the gutter after ding dong, -- all while growing the Trump brand, ca ching. MAGA!

Haverwilde said...

censored, you still can't comprehend what you read. Your elementary school teachers must be so depressed with your inability to perform even simple tasks. You've soiled yourself...... again.

censored said...

Good thing I'm not leader of the free world. Tell me, what would it take for you to not support the lifelong con-man & sexual harasser-in-chief? Are you going to benefit from is tax cuts? What is it for you, a dollar per month?

Haverwilde said...

Censored, Tell me, what would it take for you to not support the lifelong con-woman, treasonous Hillary bitch who sold out her country to the Russians & her rapist husband, Bill Clinton? And yes it is a damned good thing you are not the leader of the Free World, or even the leader of your local sixth grade class. It is beyond your abilities.

censored said...

Since I go by facts and not what Alex Jones is telling me I can grasp the difference between someone like Clinton, that had an affair, and Donald Trump -- who has had 14 counts of rape haunting him, and one is a 14 yr. old girl, which explains why Trump supports Moore. --oh and that bus thing with Billy Bush --Trump is actually denying this tape!, lol...why do you support this mentally ill fraud?

I don't believe Michael Flynn will be bringing Hillary down.

'Lock him up' Lock him up'

^^^sorry but your orange POTUS is going to jail.

Guess Hillary wins, again.

Haverwilde said...

Just like a leftist to know Clinton raped a woman and then just pass it off as "an affair." Vile.

censored said...

Monica Lewinsky wasn't raped, as you know, unless of course a gun was held to her head.

but yeah, keep deflecting from the real news about your truly 'vile' orange POTUS, why won't you explain why you keep defending this lunatic?

If I were Billy Bush I would sue Trump, along with the 14 women that Trump raped, he sure paid them off quickly. Why should BB have his career destroyed over the fraud in chief? He merely caught the fraud being disgusting, Trump is now denying that happened, but yeah, keep talking about Bill, lol.

The entire Trump crime family needs to be in jail for being in bed with the Russians. Funny how your party suddenly loves them...

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