Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Sleeze Just Keeps Piling Up

So, Trump said something locker room despicable, and the perpetually aggrieved left goes utterly bonkers! Not to mention acting and looking like complete twits.
But Harvey actually DOES despicable things for DECADES, with actors even making jokes about it on 30 Rock and other shows; even having stories quashed in newspapers; even getting an NYPD sting with full taped confession derailed, and the leftist idocracy does squat! Not at all surprising, but delicious to see the arrogant, self righteous, smug dipshits of Hollywood NOW coming forth to say they are SHOCKED! Shocked that there is sex abuse at Harvey's!
Now that they are all on the march about that pig and what he not only said, but DID....
Oh, right. Nothing. No Code Pink, no NOW, no pussy hats. Zip. Not at all surprising.
So, what is the conclusion?



Haverwilde said...

Great to see you are still keeping an eye on this site, Rick.

The hypocrisy of is again on display, as usual.

I know of no Trump supporter who isn't dismayed by some of Trump's behavior, or who isn't disturbed by his tweets and comments. Unfortunately, he was the best candidate of all the power mad, corrupt politicians running.

If he can accomplish any of his promises, it will be a successful presidency.

After the last twelve to twenty-four years of miserable leadership, there is a very low bar for being successful.

Haverwilde said...

hmm, my computer seems to be dropping some of my typing.
It should be: The hypocrisy of the left is again on display, as usual.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Haver, my sometimes drops it is frustrating but I just and that fixes it all up! Easy, huh?

Anonymous said...

Call me when Weinstein is elected President with fewer popular votes than his opponent after a tape of him bragging about grabbingpussy is released.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Nony, nice to see you're still missing the point worse than Wrong Way Corrigan.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Enemous, keep in mind an important difference: The Kennedys, Bill Clinton and Weinstein actually did what Trump said one COULD do.

Is there anyone who doubts women will use sex to get what they want?

Do you recall the play A Chorus Line? Do you recall this dialog"
Girl 1: "Did you get a part?"
Girl 2: "No, fuck that director! What about you?"
Girl 1: "I did and didn't get a part either!"

No one is surprised by Weinstein, but many are annoyed by the hypocrisy and dishonesty of you and your ilk.

By the way, are you aware that we have used the electoral college since the country was founded?

Haverwilde said...

What I find interesting is that if Hillary The Horrible had been elected president, Weinstein would have been an 'insider' and we would never have heard a thing about his vile habits.

Democrats 'say' all the honorable things and then go an do the opposite. Their minions just applaud the words and look the other way when the hypocrisy becomes evident.

Haverwilde said...

The Sleeze does keep piling up.
Everyone apparently knew about Weinstein, but if finely made the news.

Now everyone knew that Hillary was a corrupt sleeze, and had sold out America to the Russians. Now it is big news. Surprise, I wonder if everyone will now be "Shocked" at her venal corruption.

Will any of the leftists that infest this blog care to comment.

censored said...

Ronald Reagan AND Trump are both products of Hollywood, I know, total sleeze, right?

censored said...

Havers-- that is beneath even you to blame HRC for Trump being in bed with the Russians. Pleeeze. Stop it with the fake news.
So if Trump starts a nuclear war, that will be Hillary's fault as well. Got it.

Haverwilde said...

censored, you are more of an idiot that I originally thought. I made no mention of Trump being in bed with the Russians. And it was the FBI that was investigating the corruption by the Russians in the Uranium One scandal the included Hillary and other corrupt-o-crats in the democrat party.
You really should not skip those reading for comprehension classes in your elementary school. You are sorely in need of improvement in those skills.

censored said...

A party that continues to call the Democratic Party the democrat party shouldn't be lecturing anyone.

BTW, how is that republic party working out for everyone? When are we ever going to experience this Utopia they speak of? LOL, never.

Obama--we miss you!!!

Haverwilde said...

The democratic party isn't; just as Donna Brazile.
I am an independent, and my politics would be called classically liberal. Not the racist, divisive, corrupt and socialist ideology you and your party espouses.

I miss Obama about as much as I miss bedbugs, fleas, vermin, etc. which is to say--not at all! He was the worst president ever, poor Jimmy is now in next to last.

Frater Bovious said...

Hi!! I was going through some ancient blog posts, from The Glob Blog, and found a comment you made and followed you here. So, glad to see you kept on a bloggin'!

Oh, and great post.

Mark, AKA Frater Bovious

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