Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Excelsior! I have found it!

Something that will get our resident lefty tweekers' panties all in a snitch! I will warn of some language content...but nothing I'd be ashamed to show my Mom. See, Haver, I told you I'
Image result for sandwich and a beerdo it! Let's sit back and see who pitches a hissy fit.


Haverwilde said...

I guess someone spilled the beans, that I am not over 70, but just a middle school student. I can't get it to play! My 39 year old son could figure a way. But until he shows up Rick, I am igornant of the objectionalable videosome (is that close enough for middle school spelling?).

Rickvid in Seattle said...

IE may have issues. Try Chrome.

CrabbyOldMan said...

This is off topic, but hasn't the news been FUN lately?

Haverwilde said...

Crabby, Fun only if you like to watch leftist idiots squirm. Nah, it's not fun, it's hilariously Karma-tic! It is nice to see the worms turn and squirm.
How about them apples (or traitors, as the case is), you carrion trolls who regularly infect this place with your misbegotten political perspectives?

commoncents said...

Dinesh D'Souza Explains Fascism to ANTIFA & Leftist Hypocrites! EPIC!

ps. Would you consider adding CC to your blogroll?

rbb said...

Too bad about your guy pleading guilty and all to the fake news Russian collusion story.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Too bad it has zip to do with your wet dream of Trump collusion with Russia. Now go back to the basement with mommy Nan, Maxine, et al.

Haverwilde said...

rbb, you still are silent on the traitorous conduct by your saint Hillary, god Obama, black racist attorney general and a whole host of other leftist ass-wipes.

rbb said...

You always Trumping boys are gonna have to stop watching Hannity and catch up on the truth.

Good luck!

censored said...

The news is fun lately! Your orange boy is going down down down, lol. Love it!

Haverwilde said...

Well rbb, for the first time in months I turned on Hannity so I could "catch up on the truth."
Let's see, the showed a clip where Hillary admitted to funding the Russian Dossier, (oh fake news from your Saint Hillary.)
They should Donna Brazil (or how ever the fuck she spells her name)stating that Hillary manipulated the election (must be more fake news from a leftist Democrat.
They discussed the FBI reports on what was approved by Obama, Holter, and Hillary regarding Uranium One.
Care to point out the fallacy of quoting leftist sources admitting how they corrupted the system?
My main source of knowledge has been The Hill documentation of this scandal.
It must hurt to realize you are supporting the most corrupt and evil people in modern American history. Denial, denial, denial, all you want but you and your ilk are actively destroying the rule law, and the basic foundation of American liberties. (Fuck off asshole!)

CrabbyOldMan said...

Great smack down Haverwilde!

rbb said...

Speaking of rule of law, did you stay tuned until they got to the part where your moron Trump's inside man was arrested and another one of his inside men plead guilty to lying about Russian collusion to the FBI or did your Foxers leave those parts out?


Men Already Getting Arrested

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Ah, the Great Collusion. rbb just keep ignoring the boatload of evidence of actual collusion by your beloved Clintons, DNC, etc., and not a shred of evidence tying the Trump campaign to anything like it. Buuuuut, those are just facts. Not a leftist value, truth and facts.

CrabbyOldMan said...

That's why I call it "Reliably Blathers Bilge".

censored said...

If you watched the parody of the criminals in the shower on SNL it was spot on. Kate McKinnon as Sessions, lol & with Putin scrubbing their backs. They really do all belong in stripes.

The only thing Hillary is guilty of is not calling out the biggest criminal ever to run as POTUS. The entire Trump crime family should be behind bars, minus Meeleeenia and Barrun, she is clueless and that poor kid, wow.

Just watch and compare Obama with the kids on Halloween vs. our autistic awkward orange man, he really is so embarrassing.

The Trump crime family met and had a deal with a foreign government to go after a U.S. presidential candidate.

Stop pretending Havers and Crabs ^^^ you are supporting criminals.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Senseless itself provides the best possible illustration of why it is called Senseless.

censored said...

More pearls of wisdom from orange potus:

Guns don't kill people.

We just happen to have more guns and more shootings than any other developed country but nah, no connection there.

MAGA! Keep up the good work republics.

and Rickvid-- even the announcers on FOX are flabbergasted that they aren't allowed to report the truth about our con man in chief. Stop watching fake news.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Oh, cens, more gibberish about Fox news. Well, here is news, bub, I do not watch it. Nor any TV news. Don't even have regular TV service. And taking a silly swipe at me after touting an SNL skit? Well, as I say, gibberish.

censored said...

Funny how no one on this blog ever watches FOX or listens to Alex Jones, Rush or Hannity, hmm.

Thank goodness for SNL, it helps to laugh about this crackpot administration since Trump is holding us hostage all day long, we never know what will happen -- and you've got to watch it just to see McKinnon as Jeff Sessions.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I have not watched SNL since the original cast (Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain, John Belushi, Garret Morris, Bill Murray and Steve Martian)left. That must be at least 20 years. The show lost most of its' punch, so I quit watching it.
I have watched Fox News for years, but have always said I agreed with about 60% of the views.
It is apparent that Senseless gets its' crackpot ideas from what now passes for comedy and CNN. What a looser.

censored said...

FOX viewers would be better off getting their "news" from the Weekend Update on SNL, it's far more accurate and truthful.

Is Jake Tappert on CNN? Yes, I'd take anything he reports over the Thumb, Sean Hannity.

what's the latest about keurgis??^^^

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Haverwilde said...

Rickvid, Is there anyway to get rid of 'jiyajoshi the pervert?'

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Especially the Mueller investigations and cheesy defense of that dirty old fart Roy “Woody” Moore. Couldn’t find anyone over 16 who was “pure” enough for him! what a hoot! .

Haverwilde said...

Greetings All:
Do you suppose the revelations this week, about the corruption in the FBI, the criminality of the Democrats, or the sordid coverage by the mainstream media, will convince the resident leftists that they are supporting a fascist party? No, I don't think so either--they are too ignorant and suicidal to ever realize they are in the wrong!

CrabbyOldMan said...

Haverwilde, I completely agree.

Haverwilde said...

Merry Christmas ALa, Rickvid, Crabby, and the rest of the rational folks here. To the others, may you get coal in your stocking. (Coal futures should skyrocket this season, with Trumps support and the millions of naughty democrats--a banner year for coal.)

censored said...

Haverwilde, I believe that's how fascism begins right? by convincing people like you that what Trump is doing (such as drilling in protected state land & parks) isn't really happening, or by taking healthcare away from babies and children and saying the media is lying..

Um, another newsflash for you-- Mueller is investigating the most corrupt party ever to hold office, not the Democrats, is it that you people call yourselves "conservatives" -- what exactly is conservative about Trump? His 5 kids by 3 baby mamas? or his p-grabbing habits? Or is the millions we tax payers have to pay to have the fraud protected in NYC, every. single. day.

Funny, like Bush, Trump doesn't know that his 4 golfing trips this week were recorded, that pesky technology..this is coming from a man that said Obama "golfed too much" -- on Obama's rare vacations. How is it that you support this hypocrite?

I believe Trump is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers, like Reagan was, just look at the tape of him drinking water, like it was a sippy cup, very bizarre.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Oh, Senseless, your "facts" just are not facts.

As I remember the recording, Trump said one COULD grab the pussy (of competing women who all badly wanted something)(probably true)as opposed to actually doing so)(name your Democrat). That is a big difference.

Gullible clods like you don't see the difference.

If you want to avoid terrible embarrassment, avoid bringing up Mueller.
Ditto comparative Secret Service costs.

Keep in mind how drilling on the North Slope was going to destroy all the wild life.

How old are you?

Haverwilde said...

censored you have reached a new low:

“I believe that's how fascism begins right?” No, it is already well entrenched in America. We have the Fascist ‘brown shirt thugs’. They go by the name Antifa, and BLM. Their thuggery is more extensive than the disgusting white supremacists and the KKK. There is the Fascist infiltration in the hierarchy of the FBI, as they have used their positions to undercut the legally elected government of these United States. Then there is the Fascist use of businesses to carry out this fraud. It is seen daily in the reporting of much of the mainstream media. The democrats have talked about the evil one-percenters while actively enriching the billionaires. No if you want to find a Fascist—look in a mirror.
“such as drilling in protected state land & parks” The Feds have little say about drilling in ‘state land & parks’ the action was to open up drilling on federal land. Your ignorance is only exceeded by your idiocy. All the federal land in Alaska was open to resource extraction under the terms of the Statehood compact, which made Alaska a state. It was the federal government that systematically reneged on that agreement until federal lands equal in size to the state of Texas were removed from that agreement. This small step in the tax bill is only a few thousand acres. It hardly compensates for the legal theft of Alaska’s statehood rights.
“saying the media is lying” They are. The list of lies told by the media is huge. It is gullible ass-wipes like you that are blind to that truth.
“Mueller is investigating the most corrupt party ever to hold office” no he is investigating a collusion with the Russians, which began with the democrats, was continued by McCain and others and is being used to find dirt on Trump. But the most corrupt party is, and has been from its founding the racist Democrats.
“how is it that you people call yourselves "conservatives"’ I don’t. You don’t read well do you. I am, and have been since I was old enough to vote, a liberal—in the classic meaning of the word. Not a socialist, which is antithetical to liberalism. The socialist just took the name and destroyed the meaning. And for what it is worth, Trump isn’t a conservative either. He is an old-style New York Liberal.
It is interesting that you would mention hypocrisy. Yes, most politicians are hypocrites, even Trump. He doesn’t hold a candle to Hillary’s hypocrisy, or the democrat’s hypocrisy or even Censored’s hypocrisy. Trump was not my choice for president, but he was the best of the two given to me. I have some arguments with some of his actions but on balance he is doing far better than I hoped.

censored said...

Crabby-- Clearly Trump -- with 3 wives, has done more than just talk about grabbing...he's a disgusting hog and you know it.

The BLM movement-- a result of years of abuse -- is worse than the KKK? How so? I haven't read of them lynching anyone--

Trump is not a liberal, ask any New Yorker ,such as myself, we despise him and his entire simple minded family.

The only thing the hypocrite in chief has accomplished (besides his DAILY golf outings) is trying to take health care away from babies and now this huge tax break for his buddies -- which I'm guessing is not going to benefit you.

Yawn, still waiting for the benefits to "trickle down" from the 80's and Reagan, lol. Boy are you blind.

IDK, destroying our drinking water never seems like a good idea but I'm just dumb cause I listen to the facts and not Sean Hannitiez.

Hillary wouldn't be tweeting juvenile and dangerous messages 24/7, to the other imbecile -- Trump is mentally ill and extremely incompetent, and he's going to make his family billions thanks to your ignorance.

^^^ he's fleeced New Yorkers for decades by evading taxes -- we hate the fraud.

censored said...

PS -- that wasn't Chelsea emailing and meeting with the Russians to try and steal the election, that was the dope in chiefs dopey sons.

That also wasn't Hillary cozying up to Putin in matching PJs..or did they not talk about his on Faux News?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Senseless,there are lots of people who have had three wives. That is one of the most pitiful response I have ever seen anywhere.
Can you point to even one CREDIBLE accusation that Trump did what the lying leftists claim he did?
I keep asking myself why I respond to your imbecilic drivel at all.

censored said...

Crabs, everything that you're told about Hillary and Russia by FOX faux --? Okay, just insert Trumps name, that way you won't be in shock when he's impeached in a few months...his "thugs" just can't seem to keep their mouths shut after a few drinks, lol.

Best Christmas present ever, I think the tweets should get a little better everyday...
Happy New Year!

CrabbyOldMan said...

What a drip!

censored said...

Never before has a sitting president tried to block the publication of a book--

Michael Wolff

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