Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not a peep from the left. 'Cause that would be raaaccciiiissst. Or some dim witted thing.


CrabbyOldMan said...

I wonder if the media will EVER report THIS story. What a laugh. It will be interesting what to see what Enemous / Reliably Blathers Bilge or censored have to say.

Haverwilde said...

Well for once Crabby, I am not going to agree with you.

I don't give a dang-nabbit what those idiots have to say, and I won't bother trying to decipher any of their monkey fecal matter smears.

CrabbyOldMan said...

My bad Haverwilde. I no longer read what they say either. I should have been clearer and said that it would be interesting to see if they could say anything at all.

censored said...

The media won't be reporting on this story, because this wall doesn't exist.
The photo is of the Israeli West Bank Barrier.

Reality has a liberal bias.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Is it, now? Well my bad. Must be racist, then, for keeping tango pig vomits from blowing up kids and grannies in Israeli markets and stuff. I hear it works well. Maybe we should look and learn. Sensibility has a conservative bias.

rbb said...

Gooooood morning racists, Pepeistas, bigots, Trumpers, and ignorant idiot swallowers of fake news!

Ya know you look like a bunch of racists, Pepeistas, bigots, Trumpers, and ignorant idiot swallowers of fake news when you post racist, Pepeista, bigoted, heil Trump easily debunked idiot fake news?

I urge you to be careful when you're walking in the dirt.
You dropped yours in it again.

Nutters! They crack me up!

rbb said...

Or some dim witted thing!!!!


censored said...

Rickvid-- what is sensible about a 50 billion dollar wall? Guess Trump will be putting us back into the hole that Obama dug us out of, thanks to the "conservative" party of small government, lol.

PS--can someone tell Bannon to please shower and shave?

T. Paine said...

Bush left office with a national debt of over $9 trillion which Obama called irresponsible and unpatriotic.

Obama left office with a national debt approaching $20 trillion thereby doubling the amount of his 43 predecessors combined. And yet to some progressives that are living in alternate reality, Obama "dug us out of" a financial hole. So much for ANY credibility they may have on any topic...

censored said...

Here we go again with Alternative Facts!

Are you counting all the money that Obama had to spend to pay for Bush's illegal war?

Here's a little tidbit for you to digest TPaine:

The day Ronald Reagan was sworn in - the national debt was 934 billion. The day he left office the debt was 2. 697 trillion. Almost TRIPLE. Bush 41 added over 80% and Bush 43 added 110%.

Did you hear that Trump is already heading out on a vacation on February 3rd??? Being a tyrant is exhausting. He is going to cost US trillions.

T. Paine said...

Alternative facts... like "a video caused the Benghazi attack" and "if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it".

Bush's war was not illegal. It had congressional approval, including that of the losing 2016 Democrat nominee for president.

Reagan's economics caused the economy to boom after the Carter malaise and stagflation. Sadly for every new dollar of tax revenue raised, Tip O'Neil's Democrat controlled house spent $1.50.

Seems like Censored is upset when Republicans "seemingly" spend money but has no problem when Democrats do it. It is all about politics rather than right or wrong, isn't it?

CrabbyOldMan said...

T.Paine, I think that "censored" is the same sap that Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge is, so I suggest that you ignore it under that name as well as the other two.

T. Paine said...

Yeah, you are probably right Crabby. I mean the easily-verified false DNC talking points that he is using is a sign that he doesn't have a damned clue as to reality anyway.

censored said...


You mean the Benghazi that you all pretend to care about, with 4 dead? Vs. Bush ignoring warnings about 9/11...what was the toll on that again? -- along with his illegal wars?

I like my healthcare plan, and, I kept it.

Bush's war was illegal -- as Spicer would say- Period.

Reagan left us with staggering debt, he put us into the trillion zone for the first time ever, thanks Ronnie! He also gave us "welfare queen" and might be surprised to know that we now have the BIGGEST WELFARE RECIPIENT IN HISTORY as POTUS. <<Reagan's son has said as much, lol.

I do have a problem with blowing trillions on made-up, unnecessary wars Tpaine. Or building walls... Funny how you claim to stand up for the Constitution but aren't against the ban right now:

Love it! ----new-life-for-mike-pences-tweet-calling-muslim-ban-offensive-and-unconstitutional --

Nate said...

I like how an image of a wall with a caption that isn't even spelled correctly and an image that is not even in the same continent is taken as truth. The folks on this blog are immediately blaming the media for not reporting the lies as truth.


Y'all are a bit gullible.

rbb said...

Goooood Morning, Pepeistas, Trumpers, bigots, and idiots!

Didja read where the idiot you made our president anointed as his voter fraud czar is only registered in 3 different states?

AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states

Or where you fellow idiot Trump voter who actually did commit voter fraud is being portrayed as an idiot by her attorney who is too stupid to be tried as an idiot Trump voter? Oh if I only had a broader brush.

A Trump supporter was charged with voting twice. Her lawyer says she shouldn’t stand trial.


censored said...

I wonder if Rickvid corrected this on his FB page when he learned it was false? Why does the Right love to perpetuate lies all day long?

TPaine supports an orange man married to an immigrant that is banning immigrants -- illegally. Doesn't this go against your beloved Constitution?

-And where is your outrage at Trump already taking a vacation??!

Hypocrisy thy name is Tpaine.

Tater said...


You're feeding the Trolls again...

They're morons, it ain't worth it!! Just scroll on by.

censored said...

Kellyanne wants us all to take a moment of silence for the Bowling Green victims and our POTUS wants us to pray for his reality TV shows latest host. Just keeps getting better. Meanwhile, Trump has made Putin even richer...

rbb said...

I have a second cousin, whose step sister's brother's foster dad heard about the horrible Bowling Green massacre for the first time when that brave darling of right wing AF, Kellyanne, made it up on his TEEVEE and is so thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty that at no one was grabbed by their poosea.


rbb said...

GRRREAAT NEWS Pepeistas, racists, bigots, Trumpettes and fake news swallowers!

Our new asshat clown car whirling bag of flaming doo gop government is now pointing out which of their fake news stories is fake!

***Government reveals 100K visas were revoked by Trump order

...A government attorney revealed the number during a hearing in a lawsuit filed on behalf of two Yemenis who arrived at Dulles International Airport but were sent back to Ethiopia due to Trump’s executive order.

...Administration officials have repeatedly pointed to 109 people who were detained upon entering the U.S. immediately after the ban took effect. ***

President Grabembythepoosea caught lying again! MAGA!

Anonymous said...

Roses are red
violets are blue
We love extremists
so we'll bang goats too.

A love letter from Democrats to ISIS.

Anonymous said...

Democrats haven't been this angry since Republicans freed their slaves.

censored said...

Did Republicans know that they're new pOTus says Frederick Douglass is doing great things lately and getting more attention! or so he heard, lol.

Why is Zelda aka other Anonymous so angry...still? So typical of your party to "win" and be incredibly hateful and angry. I mean, I get it-- you had yet another idiot for a candidate and you're scared like the rest of us. But it's worse this time because of Bannon and other scary freaks he picked.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Reliably Blathers Bilge/Enemous/censored wouldn't make a pimple on Zelda's ass.

censored said...

Aw, that's so cute how protective Crabs is of Zelda.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Just the facts.

Anonymous said...


Except this isn't on the GUATEMALA MEXICO border - it's in the police state of Israel.
You stupid Wingnuts

Anonymous said...

This picture and caption has been proven false so often only fool would post or defend it.

Anonymous said...

Every time the liar in chief bellows FAKE NEWS -this- piece of fake news comes to mind.