Monday, January 23, 2017

Dignity, eh?



Tater said...

GREAT to see this blog come back to life!!

As to the "Great Woman's March", I'm curious where all these thousands of women, pissed about a Trump comment 12 years or so ago (grab a pussy); where were they when Bill Clinton actually DID GRAB A PUSSY (and shove cigar in it) in the Oval Office!!! Didn't see any mass marches back then!! LOL, the left, nothing but hypocrites (and pussies).


T. Paine said...

That is right Tater, not to mention a credible rape charge against Bill Clinton by Juanita Brodrick. That tells you that this is NOT about the dignity and rights of women that they are interested in but rather a leftist political agenda.

Hypocrisy thy name is Democrat!

CrabbyOldMan said...

An "amen" to both Tater and T. Pain.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Bill Clinton ever saying that he "wants to date/sleep with his own daughter' as our new con man POTUS Trump has said, ew. Bill Clinton also never said he wants to PUT WOMEN IN JAIL FOR GETTING AN ABORTION.

Just many abortions do you think the con man mushy mouth has paid for in his lifetime? again-ew.

That is why millions of MEN (real men, not ya'll) WOMEN and children marched against the fascist.

Wow, you lame men actually think the cigar incident made up by Steve Bannon is real? You're more brainless then I thought. We all know that Trump could do this while murdering a woman on camera and you would still vote for him.

"FREE MELANIA" !!! - favorite DC sign. They even protested in Japan and Australia, apparently they're much smarter than you people.

Trump leaving Melelenia behind at the car while he hobbled (Trump is SO OLD!) to shake Barack and Michelle's hand is very telling, isn't it? He has zero respect for his own wife and ALL women.

Ya-ll didn't seem to mind about the bus grope/brag session with Trump and Billy Bush -- and the rape charges against Trump mysteriously disappearing. Funny you voted for the pig anyway....

rbb said...

Goooooood Morning Pepeistas, goofball Trump supporters, racists, bigots, bottom feeders, low info voters and just plain old dumbs!

Just in the last few days your President Grabembythepoosea and his drones have:

Lied again about illegal voters

Lied again about the embarrassingly low turnout at his inauguration

Lied about the use of magnetometers at his low turnout inauguration

Lied about the use of lawn protecting mats at his low turnout inauguration

Lied about government growth under President Obama

Brought in extras to cheer him when he praised himself in front of the CIA's wall of fallen heroes

Lied about who wrote his inauguration speech

Revealed that it is demoralizing to have people criticize his thin-skinned self

And introduced us to Alternative Facts [aka: lies]

Buckle up, asshats are running the place now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well--republicans don't care about any of the above^^^^^^^^^^^they will not criticize him EVER--but instead choose to attack women peacefully protesting.

The first thing posted since election wasn't about our new con-man-in-chief but instead something very revealing about the never ending hatred of women, war on women by the RIGHT. Thanks for making it clear, once again, why you all support a Trump hate filled presidency.

What kind of POTUS has such low self esteem that they have to hire people to clap during speeches???? OMG!!!

Fake hair, FAKE POTUS.

Anonymous said...

The reason so many marched is due to the fact there were no jobs under the Obama administration.

Anonymous said...

People who want to grab those women by the p#$$y.

1. Bill Clinton...

People who want those women to come back to reality and put some freaking clothes on..

1. The World.

Anonymous said...

All the feminist democrats went out do drink afterwards. With all the brain cells killed from alcohol their collect IQ declined just 10 points to 90.

Anonymous said...

A democrat husband and feminist democrat wife went to the gynecologist the other day and the gynecologist asked "which one of you am I to examine?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymousey must have a low IQ, like Trump.

The National Parks Association had to APOLOGIZE for TELLING THE TRUTH about the TINY size of the crowd at orange man's pathetic inauguration.
16 minute speech, the worst ever--so embarrassing.

Trump had to have the same cake as Obama and Melenie had to have the same dress as Jackie O. -- can't they ever be original?

This is how it started with Hitler, with the media...this is just the beginning.

There has been a petition started on gov. org that demand Trump show his tax returns - up to 300k in just a few minutes, I love it.

The EPA Is NOT ALLOWED to release any information to the public by Trumps orders:


Anonymous said...

*Did you see poor Melenie (Free her!) and the sad look she had when her mean, rude orange husband yelled at her? How do her and Baron stand being around this man? He is just awful.

Of course, because Barack Obama has manners, he helped Melenia up the steps when Trump hobbled away from her.

Trump is in really terrible shape, right?

Maybe he can get some tips from the ghostie lady, but not with fashion. Where in the world did Kellyanne get a revolutionary war outfit??

T. Paine said...

Wow. I think that is what they had in mind when they come up with the word, "trolling".

There are a lot of things that Trump can legitimately be criticized for. I have some serious doubts about a lot of things regarding him, his thin-skin, and his arrogance. Frankly the last thing we needed was another thin-skinned arrogant ass in the oval office. And yet, he was still far better than the crooked, incompetent, egotist that the Democrats lied into their nomination. I guess we can give Hillary a "participation trophy" for trying to rig the system though.

That said, less than a week into his administration, President Trump has already done a lot more to fix the ship wreck Obama created and to actually create jobs than Obama did in eight years. There is definitely some REAL hope and change in America now.

And now back to the ranting troll...

Rickvid in Seattle said...

It's called "word salad," a generally meaningless spew of random words. Certain mental disorders will do that to a person.

Anonymous said...

A facsist, a KKK, a baby killer, a thief walk into a bar and the bartender says, "Hello DNC chairman."

Anonymous said...

A man walks into a doctors office to schedule a vasectomy when a passing by MD overhears his request. The MD out of the blue asks "politically who do you vote for?" The man says, "I am fully fledged educated enlightened progressive democrat." The doc replied, "There's no need to schedule the procedure for two reasons. One is that Democrat men are usually the female equivalent in a relationship. Secondly those skinny jeans you've been wearing for years have you shooting blanks."

Anonymous said...

What do Democrats use for birth Control?

Their personality.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

A'wright, now hear this, Anonymous', y'all need to do something so we know whose the lefty loonbag hate spewing spittle mouth, and the one who seems to be rational, reasonable, and sensible.

Anonymous said...

Rickvid- you can tell which Anon by the juvenile content and the extreme homophobia...and they never seem to know how to use the word Democrat or Democratic properly in a sentence, they get that from Rush.

TPaine--Hillary was the most qualified person to ever run for POTUS. Even with all the propaganda BS she was dealt she still managed to win by 3 million votes.

Benghazi!! Pretend email scandal!! -- funny we're not hearing anything about this anymore, such important and serious issues threatening our democracy, lol.

PS TPAINE-You didn't get the memo that Obama has created more jobs then administration?

Funny how there aren't any jobs but I can't drive through my city without running into non-stop construction and development.

My favorite twitter yesterday:


I used a bathroom last week in a Trump building in NYC and it was filthy. It was a grocery store/coffee shop with his name on it. Can Trump hire someone to clean it up? Maybe a relative that needs a job?

Anonymous said...

Alternative Facts will now be our new reality in Trump World.

Can someone please get Kellyanne a stylist? Plunging necklines on AM TV isn't really appropriate, anymore than a soldier outfit.

Next up: destroying the environment with the Keystone pipeline!

T. Paine said...

Anonymous, Hillary was the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS? REALLY?

Please tell me what she did as a senator that made her so qualified. Please tell me what pieces of legislation she wrote or introduced that so helped our nation.

Please tell me what she did as Secretary of State that she can point to as accomplishments. Was it her handling of Libya? Her reset with Russia? Her lying about the act of war with our ambassador killed along with three others in Benghazi because her and and Obama were running weapons to Syrian rebels? Oh, and how about her handling of Bashar Assad and Syria? Ask the people in Aleppo if they think she did a great job.

Her accomplishments were nothing. Her corruption was epic. If Condoleeza Rice had a foundation that took in millions of dollars from foreign "contributors" and then got favorable decisions on their businesses or countries from the United States, you would be screaming for her head, and rightfully so!

The fact that it is all about political identity to you, Mr./Mrs./Miss/Mz. Anonymous, tells me that you don't give a damn about what is right or wrong, as long as your unqualified person wins. Thank God for the founders and the genius of the electoral college or we would be governed by what the fools in California, New York, and Illinois want every four years. Can you imagine the progressive paradise we would live in if every state and city were governed like Chicago? It has already had over 200 people shot in the first month of the year. Pretty impressive for the city with one of the strictest gun control laws on the books. It is a prime example of the failure of progressivism. Hillary would have only nationalized the problem.

Oh, and lastly, Obama's "economic recovery" happened in spite of him. It was the weakest on record. Further, the true unemployment rate, when you take into account work-force participation is still near double digits. They simply don't count all of those unemployed that have GIVEN UP looking for work in the calculation of the unemployment figures. (But then I am sure you knew that too, right?)

I'd tell you to go take a history, economics, and civics class, but I don't think they really teach those in snowflake colleges anymore.

T. Paine said...

Oh, and in case you are the same "Anonymous" that posted the foolish comment a few articles back, let me re-post my response to your asinine comment commending Obama for his handling of the deficit.

I stated, "My God, Anonymous. Obama decreased the deficit... really? You are a damned fool. He doubled the debt to over $19 trillion. As if you really gave a crap about the financial stability of the country when you espouse such nonsense..."

SENATOR Obama criticized George W. Bush for his "reckless and unpatriotic spending" and rightfully so. He then came in and took a $9 Trillion dollar debt and raised it to over $19 Trillion. He doubled the amount spent by all 43 of his predecessors combined. He is a good socialist though. Money is free when it belongs to the tax payers, right?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a prostitute and a democrat?

No joke really as it's a valid question!

CrabbyOldMan said...

T. Paine, I finally learned to just ignore Enemous / Reliably Blathers Bilge. You may as well try to converse with a bird that can mimic the sounds of people, animals and even vehicles.
View it's posts like you would a clown show.

T. Paine said...

Anonymous, I would say that the average prostitute will provide services for pay. The average Democrat politician will screw the American people whether they want it or not. If you don't proposition the prostitute, they will likely leave you and your life alone. Therein lies the difference.

COM, sounds like good advice. It doesn't appear that he/they/she/whatever has any desire to discuss the issues but only to throw bombs and call names like any 13 year old adolescent would.

Tater said...

Yeah T. Paine/COM, I'm with you guys, I never read anything rbb/Anonymous type, just scroll on by... Don't feed the trolls!!!


censored said...

TPAINE- first tell me Trump's qualifications..running a reality show and declaring bankruptcy, along with fake universities and fake foundations don't count. Hillary's records are all public, including tax records. Why is Trump so afraid to show his?

Everything you said is taken right from the rights playbook, again- you really should turn off the drug addicts radio show and start thinking for yourself.

Four people were killed in Benghazi, really? 60 were killed under Bush but I guess Rush and FOX didn't mention that.

There is no bigger SNOWFLAKE than the new orange con man POTUS, boy does he have you idiots duped.
What about exactly appeals to you about Fascism?

Oh, I forgot- Obama is responsible for 9/11 and Bush is responsible for the recovery of the recession he caused with his FAKE made up wars.

SO, what's up with the WALL that Mexico is going to pay for? Hah, speaking of taxpayers that you claim to be worried about.

You clearly need a civics lesson, and a brain.

censored said...

Anonymouse seems to be obsessed with sex and prostitutes, just like Donald Trump.

censored said...

Donald is guilty of abusing the tax payers in NYC to fund his scams, as well as robbing a 90 yr. old Scottish woman of her land to build another failed Trump property.

Guess Barbara and George are getting released from their stay with 5-star health care that YOU provide TPAIN. Why don't you think you deserve the same?

T. Paine said...

Censored, it may surprise you that I did not vote for Trump. (I certainly did not vote for Hillary either.) I probably share many of your complaints about the thin-skinned narcissist. We just got rid of one of those as president and we sure as hell didn't need another one.

That said, Trump has done more good things in his first week in office than President Obama did in eight years. I will praise Trump when he does well and abides by the Constitution and I will condemn him when he doesn't... just like I did with Obama. The difference is there was damned little to praise the authoritarian Obama about during his reign.

Oh, and I used to have really good reasonable-cost healthcare in 2008. Now with the wonders of Obama-care, my doctor decided to leave medicine and my premiums have gone up the $2500 a year that I was told I would save. Looking to government to solve all of your problems will only cause more of the same. But you stick to that partisan party loyalty over the truth, if that suits you.

censored said...


Republicans are behind closed doors right now trying to gut pieces of medicare and medicaid. You have been told that Obama is "thin skinned" by Rush (it was Bush that was afraid to go after Bin Laden, not Obama and Hillary) but merely wanting Americans to have the same great healthcare that he and Congress has is anything but. I have many friends and family that depend on the ACA, too bad Trump doesn't give a damn.

Saying that the government isn't there to solve your problems is a right-wing talking point that Rush spews daily. When the republicans are in charge government always grows, they love big government. It always seems to work out very well for people in government, like the Bush family right now. It's worked out famously well for them, who else could tell the hospital that they want to stay until their husband is released, as Barbara Bush was allowed to do this week. I would have been kicked out, but not a former president with 5-Star healthcare!

Government has also worked out well for Rush, how else would that imbecile have a job? BTW, the drug addict can afford his own hospital so he doesn't need insurance.

Funny how those red states like to declare this until there's a natural disaster-- Chris Christie is a great example, then suddenly the federal government is very helpful!

The Do As We Say Party, Not As We Do...but keep believing in them, under Trump we will have out of control debt (just his security will cost us trillions$$) also that darn wall that we now have to pay for -- they will continue to have the best health care while you won't be allowed to have caps or a pre-existing condition.

PS- you can find another's interesting how those of you on the right suddenly had very high costs starting in 2008...hmm. Why don't I or any of my friends on the Left have this problem?? I have several friends that are doctors and they all think the ACA is the humane way to go --just as any developed country in the world. Only Republicans want you to go bankrupt over an illness.

So, you must not agree that Trump is signing Executive Orders, right? I mean, that was "unconstitutional" when Obama did it....

Haverwilde said...

T. Paine,

This was a strange election. I did vote for Trump, but with misgivings. It was hard to do given my enmity toward our former Rapist and Chief. I didn't like the choice. But since the Rapist's wife was the one attacking the women, I couldn't vote for her.
So I chose. Well that brought up this thought:

Every organism needs an asshole. Now after 8 years of constipational dysfunction, it would appear as if the recent rectum transplant has begun the process of getting the system into a more functional shape. The diarrhea of executive pellets is well on the way to restoring some relief and health to our bloated and distressed body politic.
Given the choice we had between a new asshole or a transplanted menopausal vagina, the American Public chose wisely.

censored said...


If you voted for Trump, you voted for a rapist. He has admitted to assaulting women because in his delusional mind he can get away with it because he's "famous" --

If you're defending what the Orange Rapist is doing then you're a racist yourself.

The public didn't choose Trump, he was selected by Russia--and Hillary won by THREE MILLION VOTES. My guess is that Putie loaned the orange con man some money...that's the reason the con man isn't releasing his taxes.

T. Paine said...

Haverwilde, I must say that your analogy is quite appropo, even if the imagery is disturbing. lol! I certainly can understand good people choosing to vote for Trump as a lesser of two evils scenario. I sure as hell would never have voted for the supremely corrupt, congenital-liar Hillary. I knew my vote was a throw-away in the general election, but I cast it for Darrell Castle with the Constitution Party as a matter of conscience.

I long ago was sickened by the corruption of the GOP and resigned from it accordingly. It is only surpassed by the Democrats in its uselessness and corruption. That said, where I have serious misgivings about Trump on some issues, I have already seen him do more good than Obama managed in eight years at the helm.

Censored, for the record, I cannot even tell you how many years it has been since I last heard Rush speak. I know that you must think any conservative is automatically a Republican and must get his marching orders from Rush or other right wing talk shows. The fact of the matter is that often times they simply espouse what we have thought all along. I know that probably horrifies you even more though.

"PS- you can find another's interesting how those of you on the right suddenly had very high costs starting in 2008...hmm. Why don't I or any of my friends on the Left have this problem??"

OH, I see, since I am a conservative, it is okay if I have to find another doctor as my premiums and MOST AMERICANS' premiums have risen by thousands of dollars a year instead of saving the $2500 a year we were promised by the most "transparent" President in history. How come you don't have this problem, you ask? Well, either you are one of the lucky ones that fall in the precise economic demographic where this socialist scheme works for you, or you are lying to protect your political agenda. I don't know you, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt, sir.

In the meantime, why in the hell does any damned fool think that the government being involved in health care would make it more affordable and efficient? Where else has the government gotten involved where things actually have gotten better?

I want the federal government to do ONLY those things they are specifically authorized to do under the Constitution. All other power and rights should be devolved to the States or We The People, just like the Constitution says. And that doesn't mean that the asinine progressives in either major party are allowed to justify their unconstitutional spending by twisting the "general welfare" clause into the "good and plenty" clause. Bush and Obama were equally guilty of this.

Don't pigeon-hole me as a Republican, Mr. Censor, as I will call out bovine excrement whenever I see it being done by Democrats or Republicans. If only you and other progressives would only do the same!

T. Paine said...

Okay, Censor, after seeing your last dumb-ass comment, this will probably be the last time I waste time on your foolishness. You call Trump a rapist. I concur that he was grotesque in his actions, if true, and assuming it wasn't just more "macho" bloviating. I don't excuse his words, but he has at least acknowledged and apologized for WORDS. Did you also condemn Bill Clinton for his ACTIONS as stated by Kathleen Willey, Elizabeth Gracen, Jennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, and a credible RAPE allegation made by Juanita Broddrick? Or is that okay to do if you are a progressive? Unless you were also condemning of the greater sins of Bill Clinton, then shut your hypocritical mouth.

Further, it was the fact that Hillary was such a corrupt and lying candidate that was the cause for her loss. If Russia could really have influenced elections, don't you think they would have gotten rid of Obama back in 2012? For that matter, are you as mad about Obama's giving of tax dollars to try to influence Israeli elections and unseat Netanyahu as you are of the Russians here? Or is your hypocrisy showing again?

This is the kind of nonsense that the left spews that ruins any credibility they might have had. I am done with your nonsense accordingly as you have no interest in constructive debate but only want to respond in talking points for your political agenda while ignoring the truth.

censored said...


*This was a strange election. I did vote for Trump, but with misgivings. It was hard to do given my enmity toward our former Rapist and Chief. I didn't like the choice. But since the Rapist's wife was the one attacking the women, I couldn't vote for her.*

^^^This is from Havers^^^
Bill Clinton had mutal affairs. We all know Monica Lewinsky threw herself at him, just look at every single picture of her seeking him out. Was Bill an idiot, of course, especially knowing that Republics even complained about his $60 hair cuts...they were just waiting to pounce on him. I don't recall Bill saying on camera that he can grab women in the crotch because he's famous. Trump's butler knew the drill--he had to warn Trump and whoever he was assaulting at the time that "Meliana is coming!" - Trump BRAGS about attacking women and gets away with it.

The propaganda on Hillary for decades from the Right, the lies told DAILY on FOX "News" about the Clintons (remember, there are people on the right that actually believe they had Vince Foster murdered, lol) that some Democrats actually bought in to believing that she wasn't as saintly as Bernie. We had the best candidate in history but it's never quite good enough for Democrats. We wanted someone who has never identified as a Democrat but was portrayed as a Saint. Much of it is misogyny.

Putin has a very specific interest in Trump. Conservatives have always condemned Russia but are not whistling a different tune...hmmm. They knew better than to go after Obama, he's too smart. Trump is very malleable...and oh so thin skinned. To have what's his name in the gigantic suit stand up and say that the crowds were bigger at Trumps (very tiny) inauguration. PERIOD. So bizarre, can't make this stuff up. I just saw a photo with Al Roker in the empty stands along the No wonder Trump is fuming.

My friend pays $7.00 a month for Obamacare. My brother has been in the hospital for 4 months and is terrified of Trump and losing the ACA.

My friends Uncle in Canada was also in the hospital for months and didn't pay one dime. Every developed country in the world offers healthcare. Again, my daughter was living in London, got sick and went to the doctor and didn't pay have to pay anything.

Please give me a positive example of Privatization -- which is what the Republican party has been trying to do for decades and Trump just might succeed. Do you think the American people will benefit under Betsy DeVos - head of Amway? Prisons and courts for profit hasn't worked out so well for the average American, especially poor black men. Judges being paid off to put a kid in jail based on lies...

Doesn't Crabby need Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security??

Remember when the public schools allowed corporations to come in and take over our kids lunches with their toxic crap? How has that worked out? We have obese, sick kids -- just like Nestle wants it. Can't wait for all regulations to be taken away so we can start eating ecoli burgers again, and Salmonella...

censored said...

I also want to know why Republicans have such hatred of women? Are we honestly supposed to believe that Trump (laughing) gives a damn about abortion? -And the closet gay, Pence -- who clearly has an issue with homosexuality and wants to start conversion camps? For whom? Himself??

Pence quoted the Declaration of Independence's guarantee to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...and for the federal government to tell women how to live...hmmm, how does that work? I thought ya'll were against government in our lives?

We all know there would be drive-thru abortions for men...

Let's take away birth control coverage for women but not Viagra for men and then whine about abortion rates.

rbb said...

Gooooooood Morning racists, Pepeistas, RINOs, Trumpers, bigots, fake fews swallowers and low info misinformed gops.

Looks like President Grabembythepoosea has banned Mooslims from Mooslim countries which haven't given us a Mooslim terrorist, or coincidently, don't have a Trump hotel. Funny, that.

***Donald Trump’s immigration ban hits Muslim-majority countries (except those linked to his business)

Countries in the same region not subject to the impending crackdown include Saudi Arabia, where Mr Trump had declared he registered a number of companies...

...Of the 19 hijackers involved in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York, 15 were Saudi Arabian citizens.

...“Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” added the document.***

***Trump is expected to sign an executive order enacting a 30-day suspension of all visas for nationals from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Foreigners from those seven nations have killed zero Americans in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and the end of 2015. ***

So keep your mouths shut and MAGA!

censored said...

It's true--the thin skinned orange hypocrite has not banned those counties where he does his cheeseball business.

We will have to stand up and protest everyday against the fascist.

Is there anything we can do to ban Trump from us and the rest of the world??? Does such an executive order exist to ban a lying madman from destroying US?

Tater said...

Good plan TPaine! I never read anything rbb/Censored post. Just left wing crap. There's no middle ground.


rbb said...

Po Tater, he's a liar.