Wednesday, November 09, 2016

None more surprised than me, and good on me

Well then, there ya’ go. The big FU? Yes. But many of us are not all that enchanted with a lot of what Trump said and we will definitely be watching him every bit as closely as we’d have watched Hillary. The rule of law and the American way are the standards, and he’d best not get cocky.
The left, expectably, is already perverting the good sense that should prevail. The old saying, “In victory, magnanimity; in defeat, graciousness” instantly became, “In defeat, RIOT!”  Capitol Hill here in Seattle erupted into riots last night. The mob was out and destruction and mayhem followed. Social media has blown a fuse with thousands of tweets calling for Trump to be murdered. Sure as shit no high ground for the leftists there, eh?
The usual crop of leftist morons, and I use that term pointedly, are again vomiting up their worthless garbage. This is the big FU to them.
No, RBB, Anonymous, Nate, we are NOT racists just because we opposed Obama’s policies. That in and of itself is a racist attitude. You say that just because we are white we do not have legitimate policy differences with Obama, we have only knee-jerk racist reactions. Bullshit on that and shame on you (yeah, as if you could experience that). For that to be in any way near rational, the situation would have to be that if it was John Kerry or another white guy who would do what Obama has done, we’d be all for it. Do you believe that? No, I think not.
Racist because we want the laws enforced regarding illegal immigration? You are full of shit. Nobody is going to be rounding up millions of Mexicans (and others by the way) and loading them up and running them down to the boarder. Shove it. Hell, we are not even going to treat them the wretched way the Mexican government treats illegals coming into Mexico from Central and South America.
Anonymous laughably blathered, “This is like a business to Trump, he won't let go of this--this is a franchise to him. Fascists don't let go of power--next will be Trump Jr, then Ivanka.” You and yours jabbered the same about a Bush “dynasty,” then tried to establish a Clinton one. Will you reject Chelsea if Clinton Inc. runs her in a few years? No, that would take integrity and constancy; you guys are not capable of either.
Trump is not our savior. But, we understand that. No little kids being coached by biased teachers to sing “Yes, we can!” in public schools. No crowds of youths singing “Trump is going to lead us!” No crowds of fainting people. Just enthusiasm and, dare I say it, real hope. Not some amorphous hope that the newly anointed god-king will make it better by waving his majick unicorn horn, but by getting the hell out of the way of growth, liberty, and the chance to succeed, or fail, as individuals in a society of liberality and simple, plain justice.
Not justice, as defined by the Social Justice idiots, meaning that the favored group gets it. Not justice meaning that if you are not in the protected classes you get the IRS scrutiny, the DOJ coming down on you like a ton of bricks. Not justice that means one thing today, but another tomorrow, but rather the law being applied with standards on the large scale, and mercy on the personal scale.
Yes, this is harsh-toned. And I apologize if it reflects in any way badly on our gracious hostess, especially in this upsetting hour for her good family. But, I for one, am just damned fed up with putting up with the hate-spew from ignorant leftists whose entire approach is hate, projection, lies, irrationality, and venom. So, yes, the Big FU to all y’all. And it does feel good.


rbb said...

You support the "He's a Mexican" guy.
You support the "grab em by the pussy" guy.
You support the leader of "Obama is not an American" guy.
You support the guy who was sued for race discrimination twice and lost both times.
You support the guy who has give voice the racist alt-right slime.
You support the guy championed by the KKK.
You support the guy who admits to treating women disrespectfully.
You support the guy who has cheated on his wives.
You support the guy who openly brags that he will torture prisoners.
You support the guy who has screwed his employees and contractors out of their money.
You support the guy who used Chinese steel and now pretends to be a champion of steel workers.
You support the guy who belittled his female opponent's looks.
You support the guy who has failed miserably in most of his businesses.
You support the guy who admits to not paying federal taxes.
You support the guy who criticized the looks of his opponent's wife.
You support the guy who likes his daughter's boobs.
You support the guy who thinks he knows more than America's Generals.
You support the guy who believes women should be punished for having an abortion.
You support the guy who advocates shutting down Mosques.
You support the guy who slandered an American war hero.
You support the guy who criticized an American Gold Star family.
You support the guy who supports Putin.
You support the guy who has been named in over 2500 lawsuits.
You support the guy whose phony University is going on trial very soon.
You support the guy who proclaimed his opponent's father was in on killing JFK.
You support the guy who believes other nations should have nuclear weapons.
You support the guy who denies saying what he clearly said on video tape.
You support the guy who wanted the death penalty for guys who were exonerated.
You support the guy who wrote in his book that “laziness is a trait in blacks”.
You support the guy who put white power assholles on his CA delegation.
You support the guy who's put Breitbart alt-right scum in his inner circle.
You support the guy who's said if women don't like getting sexually harassed at work, they should find another job.
You support the guy whom the majority of American voters voted against.
You support the guy who disparaged our Vets who suffer from PTSD.
You support the guy who bragged about walking in on naked teenage girl's dressing room.

None of that his harsh-toned, Rick, unless, for you, truth is harsh.

But, I for one, am just damned fed up with putting up with the hate-spew from ignorant Pepeistas who willfully ignore their great white grope's actual history of hate, projection, lies, irrationality, and venom. So, yes, a Big FU to all y’all. And it does not feel good.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with all of the above so don't have much to add. I love that everyone was out rioting last night! It's funny how big you all are on the constitution until someone exercises their rights - then they are rioting thugs. Pretty skinned thin skinned and fake.

Rickvid- saying you weren't "enchanted with a lot of what Trump said" and you'll be watching him closely is a joke. *see rbbs comments above^^^you basically voted for Hitler--so he'll be beyond "cocky"- funny how you can use these little cutesy sayings about Trump.

All day long on social media the right was posting about how we need to heal. You all have got to be kidding. Obama has been trying to heal this country and reach out for EIGHT years--so sorry, we will never forget the horrible way you have spoken about the Obama's - some of you even referred to Michelle as a monkey, her looks were dragged through the mud..but don't worry, we won't attack Melinias tightly drawn plastic surgery botox face the same way.

Dems going high when republicans constantly go LOW- 30+years of HATE from Rush Limbaugh, convincing people that Hillary was evil and there is no choice. How you, Rickvid, can even write about "integrity" after voting for the worst fraud and racist to run is laughable.

I am worried about what this means for our country but also what this tacky bunch will do to the actual WH. I do believe that Trump is not beyond selling off art work and structurally changing it, he didn't have to release his tax returns and had the FBI help with him out with bringing up the fake email story again.

The difference between a Clinton and Trump dynasty is that the Clintons have brains and haven't run everything thing they've ever attempted into the ground. Again- intelligence has been saying they do not want to give this lunatic our secrets--what will someone that brags about groping women do with them? He has the mind of a child in many ways..God help us.

rbb said...

Rickvid: I'm not racist, I just pepper my 'I'm not a racist' diatribes with hints of racist memes, like magic negro variations, and I really believe myself!


Tater said...

AAAHHH, hearing the left-wing loons above, and the ones out in the streets last night, is music to my ears. Hearing the ranting and raving and the doom & gloom… I LOVE IT!! After eight miserable years under Obama, it’s more than time for the Libs here and elsewhere to be out in the cold. So keep all that bitching and complaining going there boys, I LIKE FEELING YOUR PAIN!!

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Got 'em jibbering, didn't I? It is to laugh at how easily they can be triggered. Must be running out of safe spaces. When you guys running off to Canada?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Reliably Blathers Bilge/Enemous and Nit and their ilk (the twelve year olds in adult bodies) are freaking out like their Wisconsin friends did after Scott Walker got elected governor. The brats aren’t bright enough to realize that they produce more opposition every time they throw another tantrum (see Wisconsin). I’d say the childishness is a result of Democrat control of the schools. Ditto for their inability to grasp the actual problems in the first place, let alone support workable solutions.

Nate said...

Leaching Old Man,

You shouldn't talk to the people that fund your retirement like that. Until Republicans decide that small government means no more entitlements. You'll be down SS and you are paying $4k a month for health insurance, since medicare will go the way of the dinosaur and health insurance companies will also be unencumbered from regulation and able to charge monopoly rates. However it'll still be the liberals fault because... Hillary had a foundation! I'll choose to look at the bright side. Tax policy that benefits Trump will also benefit me.

I often question if you guys really understand the policies that your candidates espouse. You are happy for the supreme court, but ignore that it was the conservative judges that voted that money is speech and thus enabled the extremely wealthy to spend billions on influencing our political system (Citizens United v Federal Electoral Commission). Likewise the tax breaks they promise disproportionately benefit the fat cats that you claim to dislike.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they do realize it..I have a friend that posted Veteran's will now get the funding they need under Trump..?? Obama had to threaten republicans to give benefits to vets, Trump claimed to have raised money a few months ago for them, but that was another scam.

-And yes, whatever blunders DT makes it will definitely be Obama or Hillary's fault. Do you think as POTUS he will be able to curb that nasty temper and late night tweeting? Perhaps he could hire a special aide to lock his phone up at bedtime.

More questions: what position will Ted Nugent hold in his cabinet and will he get along with Sarah Palin?

What an embarrassing thing to observe--our gracious President welcoming a very unsure Trump into the WH. Barack Obama was so magnanimous, what an amazing man. -and poor Michelle- after the way Trump and your party has spoken about her and her husband- wow. We'll never have such grace and dignity again..

Ok, now onto 'Keeping Up With The Trumps' -- is there a way Donald can have cameras in the WH so he can make more money?..I'm thinking he needs this gig.

Hillary won more votes #NotMyPresident

CrabbyOldMan said...

I went through the whole Social Security thing some time ago. I know you read it all because you had a couple stupid responses. Go look it up. Like I have said before, you have no idea what you are talking about. Similarly, you seem to have no idea about what you are talking about when there are other issues. You continue to make a fool of yourself.

Tater said...

"Hillary won more votes #NotMyPresident"

Who cares, but you are right, come the end of January she will indeed be #NotMyPresident

Later Looooooooser!!

Zelda said...

Congratulations, ALa!!! I am still absolutely shocked, but you had faith from the primaries up to now. You deserve every ounce of joy from this.

To all the Lefties, your butthurt whining is ambrosia and it has nothing to do with Trump. Cease these ridiculous machinations and look at your own party for the reasons why you lost.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Americans care, Tater, that's why Hillary got more votes, we didn't reject her policies, she got more votes, Trump doesn't have a mandate, she got more votes. Not just a few, thousands...Trump tweeted a few years ago against the electoral college, reckon he's changed his mind since he didn't win the most votes. I'll never let this go...

Does anyone know how much it will cost us to keep all of Trumps properties protected? We've never had a president like this so ca-ching$$$$$ to the American tax-payers. --how much have the dump trucks cost that have been surrounding his building in NY this entire week..$$$$$

Nate said...


If I had a party, I would. Instead I'm stuck between mean and kind spirited idiots.


For someone that accuses other people of being a teenager, you use an often lot of insults that could be taken from a sixth grader. You must mean that we are more mature than you are and we can agree on that.

As usual you state that someone is wrong without providing any evidence backing it up. I suppose evidence must be hard to come by when there isn't any. Another low information voter.

Anonymous said...


rbb said...

Hey Pepeistas, looks like your racist ways are taking yur racist youth by storm front!

***Maple Grove School Investigating Racist, Pro-Trump Graffiti

“Trump” was written along with “whites only” and “white America.” A more vulgar message was also included.

...He sent his mom pictures.

“All you ‘N’ go back to Africa,’ you know, ‘Now the white people are going to take over,'” Denise Karngbaye said.***

Good job racist supporting racist great white gropers!

rbb said...

News is flying in from all corners of the newly emboldened racist America, thanks to the likes of racist Pepeistas and their great white grope!

***KKK announces North Carolina ‘victory’ parade

While one report of Ku Klux Klan activity in North Carolina following Donald Trump’s election as president was debunked, the real KKK has announced a rally in the state.

...The website refers to it as a “Victory Klavalkade Klan Parade” and announces in all-caps that “Trump’s race united my people.”***

Tater said...

"Does anyone know how much it will cost us to keep all of Trumps properties protected? We've never had a president like this so ca-ching$$$$$ to the American tax-payers. --how much have the dump trucks cost that have been surrounding his building in NY this entire week..$$$$$"

Betcha it's less than the TEN TRILLION DOLLARS OBAMA COST US!


rbb said...

What's that you ask, racist Pepeistas, could there possibly more news about your brothers and sisters in the racist take over of America with your great white grope leading the way?

Why yes, yes there is!

***A short video taken by a 14-year-old student, Talianna Credille, at the school shows students holding a Trump sign, and voice can be heard saying "white power."***

And Yes! The video of your pride on the link! You're welcome, racists!

Just 2 days in and your people are making great racist strides.

Ya know, the great white grope was just saying what a lot of Pepeistas were thinking but just a little too embarrassed by their racism to say out loud.

Haverwilde said...

God, this is the best laugh I have had in years.
The lamentations these leftist woe-men is hysterical. Their idiocy and their Gestapo like tendency for 'group think,' 'group act,' is so yesterday's Leftist idiotology.

Yah, there are a lot of infantile folks enjoying Trumps victory. They are not the ones that elected Trump. Look to another area for that revelation, look at the poor 'white' area of Penn. that went for Obama 4 and 8 years ago, and that went for Trump this time. Every damned one of them must be a racist--right?

I will leave you with this link:

ERIC said...

Trump was not my first candidate and there were many issues that I thought he had terrible ideas or frankly did not know/understand the issues. Having that said Hillary is part of the political class that is all wrong with this country who would more likely open this country to the highest bidder without regard to any consequence. You'd think the Wikileaks findings would turn supporters as we continue to learn how terrible of a person she is.

I see wrongs from both side of the political spectrum. Trump supporters being attacked and beaten. Stupid Nazi or white supremacist graffiti. This is not the way our country should continue. President Obama urged for a peaceful transition. What makes this country great is the fact we don't have to offer blind obedience to a politician or political party. I'm curious as to who President Elect Trump will add to his cabinet. I'm also curious on how the under Trump our new standing in the world will be seen and what stances we will take.

Instead all I expect to see is circular reasoning, name calling and playground like mentality. Even if you hate Trump let's see what he can bring to the table. If you hate it make your voice known.

Anonymous said...

I think it's odd that women on this blog with daughters are congratulating one another on a "job well done" - the irony can speak for itself.

Rbb- this is just the beginning-- it's shocking but we can't blame children, their parents approve of the KKK so we can imagine the language they must hear daily at home.

Eric- the right is just better at being vicious, as I've been observing on this blog. Hillary made the mistake of not calling out Trump and his criminal record daily, now you've voted in a KKK supporter with 4000 court cases, I believe he paid off the rape victim, that one seems to have disappeared...but Hillary had a risotto recipe in her email.

Obama has to be gracious and meet with the racist hog that started the birther movement and called him and his family horrible names. I don't. Trump looked awfully sheepish yesterday and was fawning over Obama- he talks tough but is actually a wimp face to face.

I was screamed at yesterday by a white male trump supporter in a brand new Mercedes w/a handicapped sticker-I guess he hasn't seen the tape of Trump making fun of people with disabilities - and even the deaf. Yes, let's see what this tiny "man" with his limited vocabulary has to offer the world, lol.

His cabinet will be: Palin, Newt, Ted Nugent and Nosferatu.

Tater tot- aren't you worried about Trump lowering the minimum wage?

rbb said...

Good white morning racist Pepeistas!
Looks like your newly emboldened goon squads of deplorable racist Trumpettes are out, proud and takin thair contree bak!

***‘White Power’ Shouts and Assaults Reported on Day After Election

Less than a day after Donald Trump was named president-elect of the United States, some of his supporters reportedly celebrated by using racial slurs otherwise intimidating women and minorities, according to multiple accounts...

Trump supporters in Simi Valley, California, followed an Asian-American man into a convenience store asking him if he spoke English.

In Napa Valley, another man reportedly told an Asian woman pumping gas to “get the fuck out of my country.”

A group of white men tried to touch a woman inappropriately on the subway — when she screamed, they laughed.

At York Tech High School in Pennsylvania, students marched down the hallways holding Trump signs and chanting, “White power.”

Another student reportedly grabbed a girl’s breast yesterday and said it was “his right.”

Not even 24 hours yet. My friend's sister, who is Muslim, had a knife pulled on her by a Trump supporter while on the bus by UIUC campus.

I have a scarf on. Passed by someone on the platform today and he says, "Your time's up, girlie."

After work here in good ol' Bloomington, Indiana, me, a black woman trying to cross the street to go to a store got approached by white men in a truck. As they sped their truck up on me, they rolled their window down and yelled, "F*ck you nigger bitch. Trump is going to deport you back to Africa.***

Looks like you deplorables are living up to your low standards!

Anonymous said...

wow^^^I'm so sorry rbb. You won't get any sympathy-- Trump himself could murder you and he would be defended.

I'm heading into Manhattan to peacefully protest--before that right is also taken away from us.

Not a good day for America when our first black president has to hand over the WH to a man endorsed by the KKK.

Haverwilde said...

The echo chamber of the left.

For ever spouting the nastiness of the right, over and over,

But then suppressing the hatred, loathing, violence, lies, corruption, and verbal assaults coming from the left.

I thank god and my fellow Americans who have created a chance for America to be great again.