Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Best People Voted for Trump

That's the truth. The 'best' people on my friends list voted Trump.

When I hear the indignation, read the philosophical lamentations trying to grasp what happened and hear the dripping condensation in the voices of those that feel the 'uneducated' have just burdened them with a racist, misogynistic neanderthal...

I think of my personal friends and acquaintances (367 to be exact). And how the very best of them --

the ones that give the most money to charity, who give of themselves and their own time to charity, who adopt children and take in foster kids (of any color) and pregnant teen moms (of any color), the ones who volunteer the most, shuttle other people's kids the most and the ones you would trust your kids with without a second though --

--on in my list of 50/50 politically mixed friends...all are Trump voters but one.

Many are women.

Most are college educated.

Many are Jewish.

Some are Black.

Some are gay.

One is transgender.

None are racist.


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Anonymous said...

Haverwilde: "Point to one famous American on the right that has suggested that someone ought to assassinate Obama, or Hillary. Yet you have Michael Moore doing that and it is just accepted.
Clean your own damned house before you criticize the right's house."

Ever hear of Ted Nugent?

Michael Moore never said that he wants to assassinate Trump.

rbb said...

rbb said...

Well well well Pepeistas, your precious gop has been having a grand old time the last week or so!

Let's check out a few swamp things, shall we?

OK, let's start!

Your great white grope's Dept. of Ed pick is being called out for not paying $5,300,000.00 in Election Law violations they were caught doing.

You gop run tax payer funded smear machine, known as the Benghazi Committee, who's successful smear job is over, just folded up without charging the Sec. of State with anything. MAGA


Can't leave out your great white grope's choice for National (that means America) Security (that alludes to keeping America safe) Adviser (The guy who will tell President Pooseagrabber what to do), wackjob Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, was taking meetings with the Nazi (yes, actually founded by an actual Nazi) party, ironically self-named The Freedom Party. That seems normal, right, or should I say, alt-right? hahahahhohohahaha MAGA


4 more gop appointees were indicted over their part in the poisoning of Flint's water supply and it just might be heading to the idiot gop gov's office before it's over. MAGA


rbb said...

Ya got your great white grope's children getting caught running a few pay to play schemes where buying access to the great white grope was offered. MAGA



Let's see now, ya got your Newtie telling ya that the great white grope's drain the swamp was a marketing gimmick that you all, of course, swallowed along with the lock her up scam lie. My but you people really are suckers, aren't you? MAGA



Of course, your great white grope's SC presidential campaign director was just indicted on 30 charges of the corruption type. Nothing really new there. It's what gop does. MAGA


As long as were in the corrupt gop line, let's take a good look at this 17 gop from Pennsylvania who made headlines by getting charged with illegal wiretaps, felony thefts, and kickbacks. Now that's real gop MAGA!


rbb said...

Could there possibly be more news from the swamp that is this modern gop, you ask?

OF COURSE, THERE IS MORE FROM THIS SWAMP CALLED gop! It's gop! That's what they do!

Ya got your great white grope's pick for Sec. of Interior exposed for his "Pattern of Fraud" while doing Seal Team 6! That's some gop MAGA right there!



And President-Elect Grabembythepoosea won in a landslide of -2,800,000 votes! MANDATE!


Nate said...


I agree with you. Communism is misguided and ignores human nature and will fail whenever and however implemented. However I don't agree with laissez-faire capitalism either, since it encourages negative externalities like pollution and natural monopolies and oligopolies. The latter results in human suffering due to profit maximizing rather than competition. The former results in human suffering by sickness and disease from drinking polluted water or breathing polluted air. Perhaps you guys have other solutions, but a regulatory authority sponsored by the government seems to be the logical mitigation to the excesses of capitalism. However I don't see the debate in the US as being between capitalism and communism. The population that espouses communism is quite small and generally ignored. I see the debate as being between those that feel that the government can and should play a role in assuring outcomes for consumers and those that think that the market will correct abuses. My opinion is that the government should indeed play a role in correcting excesses and that will result in better outcomes for most people.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rbb- thank you for the latest update on the corrupt Trump crime family, he and Putin will make Bush and Cheney look very innocent.

Meanwhile, Hillary won by 3 MILLION VOTES. Just like with Gore, the people have spoken but are not allowed to have who they want as POTUS.

When will republicans wise up about their tax dollars being wasted on witch hunts?

Meanwhile, it will cost TRILLIONS to protect the con man and his greedy family by the time he is impeached.

Foxy Wizard said...

Bye bye Pajama Boy.

CrabbyOldMan said...

You missed an important additional flaw in Communism/socialism, whatever it is called. A centrally controlled economy, has never worked remotely as well as a market economy.

Government regulation is a bad idea unless there is a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, which analysis has been lacking.

I strongly disagree that the part of the population espousing communism is quite small and generally ignored. Does not the left wing of the Democrat party espouse income "redistribution" and government control and/or government ownership of the means of production?

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye America.

Foxy Wizard said...

Move to Cuba.

CrabbyOldMan said...

And soon!

Foxy Wizard said...

Merry Christmas, everybody.

Anonymous said...

I believe I would have to marry someone from Cuba to move there. -and why should I have to leave? I pay my taxes....

Just saw this:

2016 took David Bowie, Prince and George Michael and gave us Trump, so depressing.

Foxy Wizard said...


CrabbyOldMan said...

Everyone should read this. I greatly admire Dr. Sowell.


Nate said...


I define communism as a government that prohibits private property. In an extreme implementation, wealth redistribution could de-facto be communism, however we are pretty far from discussing anything in that ballpark. The most extreme proposal toward wealth redistribution I've heard proposed is universal income, which assures a minimum income rather than enforces a maximum. Some on the right love this idea since it would be simple to administer and thus decrease bureaucratic overhead. Others like it because it minimizes incentives not to work.

Vis-a-vis central planned economies: I've not any discussion on nationalizing companies in the U.S. The closest thing I can think of is a single payer health care system that would annihilate demand for health insurance companies. Even the derided yet loved Obamacare simply creates a marketplace for existing healthcare companies to sell insurance.

Government regulatory agencies are indeed doing cost benefit analysis and working to the best of their abilities to fulfill their obligations. However you have to imagine how difficult of a task this is and particularly with sequester, government shutdowns, hiring freezes, and unfunded mandates.

Anonymous said...

My brother has been in the hospital for two months and is now being sent to rehab for daily physical therapy. He almost lost his leg and would have if not for Obamacare -- it isn't perfect but it has saved millions of lives. Thank you President Obama.

Foxy Wizard said...

I hear Cuba has amazing healthcare.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I have a friend whose wife is originally from China. We keep hearing that China has universal "free" health care. My friend will tell you that the last thing you want is to receive treatment from THAT system. He said "don't let them stick you with any needles or perform any kind of surgery. Just get to Hong Kong or Japan as fast as you can."

Nate said...

It is funny that she brings up Japan, where healthcare is largely socialized. Fees are strictly regulated by the government. Hospitals must be non-profits by law. Patients pay between 10% and 30% of the medical fees and the government pays the remainder. The horror!

I couldn't find much information on HK's system.

I'm sure you can find plenty of horror stories about healthcare in every country though, so I'd pay less attention to individual stories and may more attention to the metrics that indicate that Americans pay too much and the outcomes don't justify the cost.

Haverwilde said...

Foxy and Crabby,

We know how well the Government runs health care in this country.

They do an amazing job, just ask all the dead vets, or the ones still on Veterans Hospitals' waiting lists. Why it is a clear model for what the rest of us will get if Trump doesn't succeed in changing Obamacare!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Havers - Trump and everyone else in D.C. will continue to have gold star medical care, and that's the only people they want to have it.

Also--Research REPUBLICAN voting records on benefits for VETERANS --look it up, it's pretty dismal. My father, a WWII Vet, has been complaining about this for years and would never vote for a republican for that reason alone.

Foxy- why should we have to move to Cuba for good healthcare?

Crabby- that right wing Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, FOX news talking point is really tiresome. SO, you can't have affordable care here without caps and pre-existing conditions because there's one hospital in China that isn't clean?

Many countries do it very well and their citizens don't have to declare bankruptcy over medical bills. My daughter was ill in London last year and went to several doctors and hospitals--she doesn't even live there and it was all FREE.

Several years ago my friend took Bush/Cheney's advice and went to the ER when he had cancer, that is what Bush said we could all do (as well as save up$$$ and pay your own medical bills) -- how do you think that turned out??

Meanwhile- your hard earned tax dollars will go to protect a con man in his gilded tower--millions a day$$$

CrabbyOldMan said...

Patients pay between 10% and 30% of the medical fees and the government pays the remainder. The horror!

In our country, the government gets its' money by taking it from tax payers. Apparently the Japanese government has money trees. Do you think they will send us some seeds?

Anonymous said...

“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!” --Trump wrote hours before the end of 2016.

Maybe DTs New Years Resolution should be to try and behave like the POTUS and not a 5 year old...unbelievable.

Any chance Obama can just stay...?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Any chance Obama can just stay...?

There must have been someone who said that about polio.

Anonymous said...

The economy has "tanked under Obama" except everywhere you go there is building and development, non stop construction...Huh- and unemployment is at an all time low...

Now we get to go back to a depression, record deficits and something new! -- more nuclear weapons!! and endless tweets from an imbecile.

Happy New Year?

rbb said...

Howyadoin Pepeistas!
Looks like your gop is MAGAing in the wrong direction, again!
House gops just voted to pull the hose out of the drain the swamp sump pump.

***House Republicans vote to gut independent ethics office

WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a secret vote held behind closed doors Monday night, House Republicans on Monday voted to eviscerate the Office of Congressional Ethics, the independent body created in 2008 to investigate allegations of misconduct by lawmakers after several bribery and corruption scandals sent members to prison.*** http://1410wizm.com/index.php/item/29221-house-republicans-vote-to-gut-independent-ethics-office

Ooohhhh closed-door gop caballing just weeks before Mr. Confict of Intrest Grabembythepussy clown is sworn in. That's not very MAGA is it, Pepeistas? Is it?

In related closed door gop news, didja read all about your boy Nixon colluding with the South Vietnamese, "monkey wrenching" a promising peace talk and getting 28,000+ more Americans killed in that war?


I guess it's true, you idiots vote for scumbags who get us killed while making the rich richer.

rbb said...

Hey Pepeistas, didja see where your #1 source for fake news admitted it was a source for fake news?

***Fox News retracts claim food stamp fraud at 'all-time high'


Oh yeah, they were trying to get you low infos to believe there was $70,000,000,000.00 of food stamp (Blacks) fraud.

Turns out they only missed the truth by $69,147.000,000.00!


Anonymous said...

Wow, RBB- thanks for latest update on imbecile and sneaky GOP. They really are something, but they do seem to get away with anything. We have proof of that with 9/11 and stolen elections.

Maybe FOX should do a story on the real fraud that is happening, just for a change, they could maybe report the truth?

rbb said...

Anon, gotta thank this new gop for #1 showing what douchenozzles they truly are by voting to gut the independent ethics committee and #2 showing that even though they're now in control of America's government, backlash from Americans over their nozzleness makes them cower, turn and run in full retreat.

Real Americans, not cowardly douchenozzle gops keep America great.

Nate said...

In our country, the government gets its' money by taking it from tax payers. Apparently the Japanese government has money trees. Do you think they will send us some seeds?

It seems a rather common phenomenon that governments around the world have decided that healthcare is something that should be subsidized and regulated for its citizenry. Looking at the metrics, it seems like the results are typically better than what we achieved in the U.S., and much cheaper. Go take a look at percentage of GDP spent on healthcare for developed country and the relative health markers and it becomes obvious that our system is expensive and ineffective.

Haverwilde said...


I assume you are going back to focusing on your home life.
Thanks again for resurrecting your Blonde Sage-ness for these eventful months.
I will check back every couple of weeks for a while.
God Bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

rbb- I agree- 100%.. They are a bunch of cowards and have done a great job convincing some people that a billionaire is going to make their lives better -- by taking away our healthcare, dismantling every social safety net, as well as public schools, giving us more guns and possibly another made-up war for profit. -- I guess we'll learn about what is happening daily through twitter, unbelievable.

Haver--I don't think ALa has had anything positive to post about Trump so...

Everyone should watch Where To Invade Next by Michael Moore to see how well preventative healthcare works in Italy -- Kids are fed real food in school-and taught about nutrition! People are given vacations! There is one scene in the movie where a family that owns a clothing business talks about how they want their employees to be happy- and healthy! They all drive home for a homemade lunch, they don't waddle to the vending machine for a 10 minute break.

Walk around a Wal-Mart sometime..we clearly need to change. -and we're going to get it, Ivanka is pushing ConAgra food in plastic microwavable baggies for big profit for her and her daddy.

rbb said...

First of all, WTF, Pepeistas, racists, nutters, bigots, America haters, WTF?

Secondly, it must fill your hard hearts with pride to know that your Grabembythepoosea guy's message is, ah, um, taking hold.

gop criminal #741

***Cops: Greenwich Republican Insulted Town Worker, Then Pinched Her Groin

GREENWICH, Conn. — A well-known Greenwich Republican called a town worker "nothing but a bloodsucking lazy union employee" and later reached in from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinch her in the groin area, according to the police arrest warrant. ***


Grab some today and don't forget to MAGA!

Anonymous said...

I just got to watch Trump's first press conference- OMG. This can't be real. What an idiot. I can imagine the bits from it that SNL and Alec Baldwin will be using tomorrow night. What a big disgrace to the U.S. to have this pea brain as POTUS.

What U.S. President would seriously say to the camera this:

Gimme a break.

I could run my company and the company (oops) country.

-Here's the funny part:

Trump seriously thinks that if he got questions ahead of time he wouldn't be president?? What a joke! Look at what this idiot has gotten away with and he got away with stealing the presidency!

Why can't a billionaire do something with that orange face and hair, good grief.

rbb said...

Good morning Pepeistas, racists, bigots, Trumpers and alt-whities!

Quick question, what kind of Piece o Shite, what kind of a-hole, what kind of jackass goes after our American hero, Mr. John Lewis?

In related news, didja see where Ringling Brothers Circus is shutting down now that there is a new ass-hat clown show in town?


Anonymous said...

Yes, rbb -- we are now the tortured ones, the Ringling elephants have escaped. How many days until Hell begins and will the idiot actually be able to focus long enough to be sworn in?

Foxy Wizard said...


Anonymous said...


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