Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Best People Voted for Trump

That's the truth. The 'best' people on my friends list voted Trump.

When I hear the indignation, read the philosophical lamentations trying to grasp what happened and hear the dripping condensation in the voices of those that feel the 'uneducated' have just burdened them with a racist, misogynistic neanderthal...

I think of my personal friends and acquaintances (367 to be exact). And how the very best of them --

the ones that give the most money to charity, who give of themselves and their own time to charity, who adopt children and take in foster kids (of any color) and pregnant teen moms (of any color), the ones who volunteer the most, shuttle other people's kids the most and the ones you would trust your kids with without a second though --

--on in my list of 50/50 politically mixed friends...all are Trump voters but one.

Many are women.

Most are college educated.

Many are Jewish.

Some are Black.

Some are gay.

One is transgender.

None are racist.


rbb said...

Hey racist Pepeistas, do a little homework on that picture and find out what it really is.

Zelda said...

I didn't vote for Trump, but some of the best people I know did. I hope so much that their optimism is as justified as their faith that he would win. The rbbs have lost their collective shit, and that is always a good sign.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Collectivism is always shit. And yes, ribbit's snide shit flying all over is certainly good to see.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Perhaps you can put down you pint of bile and illuminate us?

Haverwilde said...

I have voted in every election since 1966. I have only voted three times for the winning President.

I came to regret helping George W. win, twice.

I will probably come to regret helping Trump win this time.

However, I will never regret helping to defeat Hillary. She is the embodiment of all things wrong with this nation. The worst possible candidate. She would steal the title of 'Worst Presidents Ever' from the two current holders: Jimmy (the peanut) Carter, and the Obamanation.

(I also do not regret helping defeat those other two losers that ran against GWB.)

rbb said...

Great news whitie white racist Pepeistas great white grope supporters!
Your legions are on the march, punching wimins in thair faces and some are even colored!

***Man punches woman in the face after argument about Trump at Boerum Hill bistro

...The guy paid his check and exited the restaurant at 6:50 pm, but then dashed back in again — nearly knocking over a kid on his way — and slugged one of the ladies in the face, according to the manager.***


***Capital student says she was attacked by 2 Trump supporters

...One man wore a "Make America Great Again" hat and the other a "Trump-Pence" sweatshirt.

She said the sweatshirted man grabbed her arm and told her, "Don't you worry, honey. President Trump says this is OK." He then punched her in the face and the arm. She fell, hit her head on the pavement and blacked out.***

***Hillsboro woman recalls racist attack: ‘I don’t deserve this’

...“I heard someone yell ‘Stupid n***** b****,'” she said. “Then they yelled ‘Are you scared? Are you scared now? Because you should be,’ and then they said ‘Now we got a president who finally feels how we feel.'”***


Rickvid in Seattle said...

Hillsboro? Like the God Hates Fags inbreds? the family run by the old man who was a Gore delegate? Who has been active in Democratic politics for decades? Oh, yeah, a Trumper for sure. Dimwit.

rbb said...

What's that you say, Ricky, sure beating wimins in thair faces is fine for rookie Pepeists racist great white grope supporters, but where are the Nazi racist Pepeista Trump supporters?

W e l l w a i t no more racists nazi Pepeista Trump supporters!

***This Indiana church was defaced with ‘HEIL TRUMP’ graffiti — and is keeping it

...“HEIL TRUMP,” read one message.

Another piece of graffiti included a gay slur. [A Pepeist wrote: FAG CHURCH! Pretty good, huh!]

Also, there was a swastika. [Of course]***


CrabbyOldMan said...

Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge, Nit, and their ilk, and above all, Hillary, are the biggest reason that Trump won. Furthermore, I am gleefully watching all those twelve-year-olds-in-adult-bodies "protestors" keep driving more nails in the Democrat coffin. It ought to be great when they make Keith Ellison DNC chair. Keith and Bernie are really going to add support from the middle. Yup.

rbb said...

Good morning racist Trump Pepeistas alt-right racists!

And what a good morning it is as one of your fellow racist Trump Pepeista alt- right racists resigns for being such a racist Trump supporter and goes full moocher on us!

***Former deputy director will receive county benefits despite racist Facebook posts

“the KKK is more American than the illegal president”

"If TRUMP wins and obummer cannot start martial law, he will run to his new mansions in thaArab world to hide. Hopefully the Muslims will eliminate him and mooshelle as queers."

...On Tuesday, Barber submitted his resignation.***


Anonymous said...

LMAO. This reminds me of Bridget Jones: 'we need all our best, top people' This isn't a movie and Happy Days was a sitcom,Chachi. The sad thing is the red states (highest number of abortions and welfare recipients) don't even know they've been duped. They voted for more of the same but worse. Have they even heard of Breitbart? --you know things are bad when Glenn Beck is afraid.

I think Pamela Ramsey Taylor pretty much sums up the average Trump supporter.

They wanted "change" --- Nosferatu and Bannon don't care about jobs (Coal? lol) infrastructure and clean water. Oh- and Bannon hates Jews - wonder if Trump's SIL has gotten the memo on that with his latest security briefing?

If I had a child with chronic liver disease I would be terrified of deregulation.

rbb said...

Hey Pepe Rickie, did you find enough courage to look up the truth about that picture wherein Daddy has a medal hanging around his neck?

Did any of you toads find the courage?
Old Man? Ala? Z?

Tater said...

Although you & I share the same view of Trump, I did vote for him. Unlike you, I live in deeply divided FL. South part of the state is all transplanted Yankees and Hispanics (blue), north side is traditional Southern (red). So if we don't GOTV in the north, the state will go blue. Just couldn't afford to sit out and let Hillary win. Note the polls here run 7am-7pm EST for most of the state, but 7-7pm CST for the panhandle where I live (on CST). When the polls closed in the East, the polls were still open in the panhandle for another hour. When the polls closed in the east, Hillary was ahead, but by the time the panhandle vote came in Trump pulled out into the lead winning 29 EV. BL if we panhandle folks don't GOTV, the state will go blue. So I voted Trump, mostly against Hillary, but I voted.

Wish I had your luxury to choise! But I don't.

Cheers Dawlin!

Haverwilde said...

I have been watching the various meltdowns going on daily here in 'Murica. As I laugh at the ongoing antics of the hate-filled left, I continued browsing various blogs. I found this lovely quote I wanted to share:

"..we have actually suffered under eight years of the actual consequences of having an actual hateful, arrogant, racist, incompetent motherfucker as president for 8 years."

It has the correct subtle slightly nuanced sense of my own feelings.

Nate said...

Methinks Ala sounds a little guilty for voting for a misogynist that won an election trumpeting messages of fear and xenophobia.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I take this opportunity to thank Nit and Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge for continuing to create Republican support in the next election (and they have no clue they are doing this).

rbb said...

Here's some of the never ending stories about other Bestest Trump racist bigoted Trump Voters!

****Man reportedly echoes Trump in verbal assault of UGA student

...at the downtown Athens Waffle House early Saturday when she heard some males in a booth behind her making racial comments about Mexicans.

When the student turned to face the group of young white men, one of them reportedly stated that “he was going to grab (the student) by the pussy,” according to a police report.****

Ya see, the reason he said that is because your great white dope said it! Ya know, grab em by the pussy. I know! What a real man, am I right!

My oh my, what a great influence this great white grope of yours is having on Amerca!

What's next? Some random whitie truck driving Pepeista driving a truck covered in Trump stickers and flying a Confederate flag chasing a black guy with baseball bat?

rbb said...

Racist Pepistas, this just in: Some random whitie truck driving Pepeista driving a truck covered in Trump stickers and flying a Confederate flag was caught chasing a black guy with baseball bat!

***Trump Supporter Waving Confederate Flag Caught on Video Attacking Black Kids, Drivers in Florida

...“This morning on my way back from Daytona Beach I witnessed something very disturbing,” Jenner wrote. “A pickup truck covered with Trump bumper stickers, flying a large confederate flag weaving in traffic.”***


Yes, yes there is video and your racist Trump supporter toad is supporting a nice set of moobs.

But big deal right!

Am I right?

It's not like a bunch of whitie whites chanting Trump Trump Trump told some nice black kids to go sit in the back of the bus where they belong.

rbb said...

Oopsie, racist Pepeista Trump supporting racist toads, some whitie white racist Trump supporting racist kids told some nice black kids to go sit in the back of the bus where they belong.

***Two Ladue students disciplined after chanting 'Trump,' saying black students belong in back of bus


Foxy Wizard said...

Wow. I haven't been to this site for several years. It's like tuning into Cheers! All my old friends are here, and the inevitable too drunk to drive trolls, as well!

Anonymous said...

rbb- all the above racists that supported Trump will continue to deny all the hate crimes that are happening because of their president select and will instead call people crazy when they mention them. So predictable.

BTW-how much is it going to cost the American taxpayers to support the Trump family enterprises? Trump Towers alone, ca-ching$$$$

Trump isn't taking a salary...how big of him. ^^^

Ivanka already using product placement on 60 Minutes with her cheesy jewelry, that didn't take long. They are using the POTUS as just another one of their money making scheme franchise. The November surprise!

Rickvid in Seattle said...

The crazy continues
Ivanka wears her own jewlry line and the dimbulbs go apeshit. Maybe she should have worn something from Chateu Walmart?
And I will post the link tomorrow, but I confirmed my recolection tjat the Nazi Party USA endorsed Obama over McCain in 2008. Well, go figure The socialist workers party supported Barry. Hmmm, that would really blow their lil minds on the protest/riot lines.

rbb said...

Thanks for bringing up your Pepeist toad brethren Rickie.

Here's their web site:


Here's what your leader said:

***American Nazi Party leader sees 'a real opportunity' with a Trump presidency

“Now, if Trump does win, OK, it’s going to be a real opportunity for people like white nationalists, acting intelligently to build upon that,”...

“It doesn’t have to be anti, like the movement’s been for decades, so much as it has to be pro-white. It’s kinda hard to go and call us bigots, if we don’t go around and act like a bigot. That’s what the movement should contemplate. All right.”***


Keep plugging for your compatriot Pepe Nazis, Rickie!

Nate said...

@LOM, I thought the GOP proved that obstructionism and disrespecting of the POTUS was a tenable political strategy over the last 8 years.

rbb said...

OK OK, I'll admit it. I've gone too far with the whitie whites Pepeista racist Trump supporting racist stuff.

It's not like there's a whitie white Trump supporting racist Pepeista caught on video screaming at Starbuckers about anti-white discrimination, slow coffee making and yelling 'I voted for Trump Trump Trump'.

That would be crazy and certainly show everyone that racist Trump supporters are crazy racists.

Am I right or what?

rbb said...

This just in: Whitie white Trump supporting racist Pepeista caught on video screaming at Starbuckers about anti-white discrimination, slow coffee making and yelling 'I voted for Trump Trump Trump'.

***Video: Miami Man Screams "Trump!" at Black Starbucks Employee, Claims "White Discrimination"


Tater said...

Welcome back Foxy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to our new president select on your latest franchise.

I just watched the Starbucks video. Why are middle aged angry white male Trump supporters so afraid of black women? and an employee trying to survive on minimum wage? Why are you so threatened?

How will we listen to the Trump family franchise with their gigantic capped,bonded teeth for 4 years?

CrabbyOldMan said...

I'm glad to see you back too Foxy.

rbb said...

Hey racist Pepeista Trump alt-white racists!
Your people are Trumping up everything getting ready for European Identity racists to start doing their racism everywhere! No Skittles here!

Oh look! Here's a good one!

***'This is Our Nation, Now Get the F--- Out': Anti-Muslim Note Left to Woman With Lupus in Fremont

...she was wearing a bandana over her head, not because she is religious, but because she is protecting her scalp from the sun because has lupus, an inflammatory autoimmune disease that can damage tissues and organs.***


Good job racist Pepeista Trump toads!
Can't wait to see what you Trump racists have for us tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


rbb said...

Good morning racist Pepeista toads!

Your great white grope isn't even a President yet and he's already costing your fellow racist Trump supporters good Amerca jobs!

City manager: Talladega police officer fired for sharing racist posts on Facebook


ALa said...

Sorry Nate, you thinks wrong -- I wasn't a reluctant Trump voter or a lesser of two evils Trump voter. I wasn't torn or tormented. I didn't find this election season crass or worse than normal. Trump doesn't offend me even a tiny little bit. I have been on the Trump train from the beginning and also voted for him in the primary.

CrabbyOldMan said...

ALa, when has Nit been right? "Often wrong, but never in doubt" fits him almost perfectly. I think "Often" should be changed to "Nearly always".

Anonymous said...

Your president fraud select has agreed to pay out 25 million for his fake fraudulent *university* --- what a scammer. Those poor people went bankrupt because of this hog and they won't even get half of what they paid into his fake school.

He is beyond "offensive" Ala.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sessions. God. Help. Us.

rbb said...

Great news racist Trump supporting racist Pepeistas!

Looks like your racism is now attacking cabbies, in their cabs, with the racist Trump supporter going full moocher!

***Cab driver describes beating from man yelling 'Trump'

...The man yelled "Trump, Trump, Trump" as he was using both hands to punch Adem in the early morning hours of Saturday, Nov. 12, the cab driver said.

...He then asked to be taken to a Leonard Street location and wanted to give Adem $10 for both fares.

Adem told him it wouldn't be enough money and the man became angry.

"The first punch, I was surprised," he said, recounting the attack. "I've never experienced this from a fare. Five years now and I've never had an issue.

"When I heard that Trump word, I knew this was something different," he said.***



Anonymous said...

Our deplorable president select has given people permission to beat people up, he said this many time on the campaign trail.

Pence gets booed, I love it:


I'm giving them the same respect that Trump has given Obama the past 8 years--zero.

Anonymous said...

-and Joe Scarborough tweeting that NYC needs to give the new VP respect? Ha. Rep. Joe Wilson stood up and called Obama a liar during his 2009 state of the union speech.

I would say the cast of Hamilton and NYC was more than respectful to our new bigoted hog VP.

rbb said...

Good morning out there on the Storm Front Pepeista racist Trump supporters!

Your people were busy the other day doing Nazi all over dead Jew's!

Ain't that sumtin? Oh how proud you racists must be now!

Dead Jews, and your racist, Jew hating Pepe toad amigos are out in force and with spray paint no less!

Swastikas, 'Go Trump!' slogan deface Adam Yauch Park playground in Brooklyn



Haverwilde said...

The democrats: the party of hate, the party of corruption, the party of racism, the party of lies and smears, the party that encourages and condones physical violence. They continue their sad, obnoxious, evil activities. Even here we get a daily dose of their putrid-ness.

There is never any need to read any of the crap. It is just a reflection of the writers vileness.

rbb said...

Yes, wilde, cutting and pasting actual accounts of racist Pepe altright racism from the interwebs is a reflection, of racist Pepe altright racism.

Have you done your Trump racism today yet?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Havirwilde, I say Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge is like one of those dolls with a pull string in the back of the head. Pull the string and sounds come out. The doll, like Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge, has no brain at all. It performs a mechanical process, just like cutting and pasting.

Anonymous said...

Haverwilde, you voted for Trump so you condone vileness. There have been hundreds of hate crimes committed in the name of the dumpster since the election but you get upset when you have to read about what you voted for--hate.

But that's okay- beating people up while screaming that you voted for Trump is normal to middle aged racist white trump supporters.

What isn't okay: The cast of Hamilton politely asking the bigoted Pence to not be himself. Getting booed, also not okay! What a bunch

OH- and don't think I have forgotten what VILE AWFUL things you have called Michelle, Barack and their daughters over the years--you're only fooling yourself.

Anonymous said...

Your president select can't even handle a musical but he's going to take on ISIS #trumpfraudwimpgiganticbabyisn'tfittorunadaycare

Hillary way up in the popular vote!!

Foxy Wizard said...

UT gained more yards than Kansas but they still lost! They should be awarded the win! Waaaah! Let's riot!

Anonymous said...

Trump attacking Hamilton and SNL (again, he def. won't be able to handle ISIS), what a great distraction for the fraud who decided to settle for the first time in his life out of 4000 cases of fraud. 25 million -- it's driving him so crazy that he's been on twitter non-stop.

First time in history that a newly elected president had to settle court cases for fraud before entering the WH.

Only the "best" from the GOP.

Nate said...

Ala, Trump actively questions a judge's competence on the basis of his race. He calls Mexican illegal immigrants "rapists and murders". He sexually assaulted women and bragged about it on tape. This should sow doubt in a reasonable person's mind. Why doesn't this concern you?

Haver, You can write it as many times as you want, however that doesn't make it true.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I'm not sure what Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge is TRYING to accomplish. I think what it ACTUALLY accomplishes is backlash that goes to create more support for the Trump camp. Nit isn't any more effective.
They and all the "protestors" and "demonstrators" are gifts to the Trump camp because they don't realize their childishness is disgusting to everyone else.
I hope they keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Calling out bigotry and hatred isn't childish or disgusting to normal people, Crabby.

-and don't worry, this is just the beginning. We were near Trump Towers and the protesters are continuing to exercise their rights, I love it.

First president in history to have to settle a case (one of 4000!) before entering the WH, why is this normal to you? You voted for a man that took life savings from people, as much as 40k - they will then get a few thousand back. Trump is a fraud and a criminal, the absolute worst and should be behind bars. You have been duped, dummy.

Anonymous said...

It's going to cost us - the U.S. taxpayers - ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY to protect Trump. Just more frivolous government spending, thought ya'll couldn't stand that....?

rbb said...

Good morning racist Trump alt-white racist Pepe toads!

And what a great morning it is! Rejoice as another Trump racist has been gloriously video taped saying what so many of you have been thinking!

I spy a Senate candidate in your future! MAGA!

***In the footage, he can be heard calling the Uber driver an "Arab", a "terrorist" and and "loser."

He is heard swearing as he shouts: “Trump is president, (expletive)! So you can kiss your f***ing visa goodbye, scumbag.

“They’ll deport you soon. Don’t worry, you f***ing terrorist.”***


rbb said...

MAGA, racist racists! Here's the fully redacted transcription of your fellow racist Trump swallower advising an Uberer about his future in the land of the free:

***You [fword]' Arab [word for doing sex with your Mother], terrorist [fword] [felatio doer]. I don't care, bro, video. You're a loser. You don't even—from here, you [word for doing sex with your Mother]. [fword] loser. [fword] you and your family, you terrorist [word for doing sex with your Mother]. Video all you want. You're a loser. You're an Arab. You're a [fword] loser. Sand [word for people who live in the Middle East but can be vilely disrespected by adding the Nword in front of the word sand] . Exactly, video. What is that gonna do? What is that gonna do? Trump is president, [hole where poop comes from], so you can kiss your [conjugate fword] ' visa goodbye, scumbag. We'll deport you soon, don't worry, you [conjugate fword]' terrorist. Oh my god, I'm so scared. What'd ya, steal it? You [conjugate fword]' Arab [fword]. ***



Anonymous said...

Omg, Trump supporters are such angry, hateful people. Why are they so mad- is it guilt from another stolen election by a racist thug?

ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY TO DESTROY THE U.S.A. - that is what we have to pay to have this fascist as POTUS>

Oh, and he's already making secret deals on his private phone and emails. FRAUD.

rbb said...

There is great news from the MAGA storm front coming out of Texasland this week, Pepeistas!

A judge has blocked the big government, job killing, Democrat Party plantation, Obama Reid Pelosi, Kenyan Socialist scheme to pay people more money for their overtime work! Paying people more if they do extra work? What a crazy job killing idea that was, am I right?

Shame on you if you even wanted that job killing extra overtime money for doing extra work. Shame on you, you don’t deserve it, moocher.

Besides, think of the time you’ll save not having to do IRS on all those overtime Socialistical dollars you would have had to report for actually working more than 40 hours a week. Not to mention trying to find a place to store all those things you might have purchased using those Socialistical dollars, like shoes for your children, or food for Christmas dinner.

Nope, that just won’t fly in Trump's new America, and neither will you, because you are now liberated from the burden of overtime pay that might have gone towards a vacation or something Socialistic like that.

So just sit back and watch Makers make millions of new jobs with overtime pay they don’t have to give you and money you’re going to give them through tax cuts and be glad you’re helping MAGA!

***Judge blocks Obama overtime rule, putting it in jeopardy***


rbb said...

Hey Pepeista toads, what makes you more proud about your blind fealty to the great white grope, that he's flip flopped on putting Sec. Clinton in jail, that he's doing a slow flip flop on climate change, or that he's disavowed your racist alt-white Pepe movement?


Anonymous said...

Betsy DeVos- another hater of Americans and education, she has tried to dismantle public schools for years so it makes sense that the hog would choose her.

Duped again! Wrong! - Trump is not here to help you but he is going to bring "change" no doubt about that. Those poor coal miners and auto workers and their children - totally screwed.

Update: Hillary over 2 million votes ahead. I was also wrong about how much the U.S. taxpayers have to pay daily for Nazi-- TWO MILLION A DAY!

Tomorrow will cost us 7 MILLION to protect the fascist and his homely family.

Foxy Wizard said...

Looks like the feces throwing monkeys have won.

rbb said...

Happy Thanksgiving racist Trump supporting racists Pepeista toads, and a big congrats as your racist Trump supporting racism has inspired someone to do a KKK Trump on a cheerleader's interweb picture!


rbb said...

Betsy DeVos, crazed wacko religionist power hunger right wing extremist billionaire, is funding a right wing extremist think tank, The Acton Institute, which offers this to American youth:


***Bring back child labor: Work is a gift our kids can handle

...Whatever else you want to say about this, it’s an exciting life. You can talk about the dangers of coal mining or selling newspapers on the street. But let’s not pretend that danger is something that every young teen wants to avoid. If you doubt it, head over the stadium for the middle school football game in your local community, or have a look at the wrestling or gymnastic team’s antics at the gym.***


Good times ahead, ALa!

Send your children down in the mines, It's exciting! MAGA!

rbb said...


Billionaire Betsy is the sister of Eric "what massacre?" Prince.


CrabbyOldMan said...

I judge politicians/political appointees by who supports them and who opposes them.
Judging by the way the leftards are coming unglued, Trump must be making some GREAT picks.
There will be some fantastic fireworks when we see Trump's Supreme Courts nominee in January!
I imagine we can buy the ones the Democrats didn't use pretty cheap.

Haverwilde said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALa, Crabby, Foxy, Tater, Ricvid! The season of celebration and thanksgiving began with the defeat of the corrupt crooked witch. It continues now as we approach the Holy Season of Christmas.
The rejoicing and thanksgiving this year has so far been better than any time in the last couple of decades.
Even the humor of watching the 'butthurts' here, has its positive side.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this:

Obama had 5 children from 3 different (2) immigrant wives.

The FBI had worked with Obama to hand him more votes.

Obama said he could grab women by the p***y because he's a star.

Obama had a fake university that scammed people out of millions of dollars.

Obama had 4000 lawsuits.

Obama put small business owners out of business with endless scams.

Obama had a fake charity.

Obama raised money for vets and bought paintings instead of donating the money.

If Obama had an autistic son.

Obama didn't pay his taxes.

Obama never completed a sentence and could barely read.

Obama said Mexicans were rapists.

Michelle had been a nude centerfold model.

Obama picked a VP that wanted conversion therapy for homosexuals.

Obama picked a VP that wanted HIV funding cut off.

Obama's VP was homosexual.

Obama came unhinged on twitter 24/7

Chelsea Clinton had gone over to Russia to help them steal the election for her mother.

Obama was BF with Putin.

Republicans had been hacked by Russians but the FBI ignored it.

Obama and his family would cost us BILLIONS to protect him.

Now imagine if Donald Trump was ahead of Hillary by almost THREE MILLION VOTES..we know what the gigantic fraud baby would be doing right now--he would be on twitter whining.

-oh, one more- if Obama and his kids had come out with a Thanksgiving message to America before he was even in the WH- Trump is really an arrogant uppity hog, and again- he can barely read. This is going to be a painful 4 years.

Foxy Wizard said...

Thank you, Haverwilde. I am enjoying my holidays, with the sweet taste of Liberal tears in my mouth. Mmm! Like candy!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at SiteHoundSniffs.com.

Anonymous said...

Amway & Blackwater..gets a little worse every minute...and it'll cost billions to have this hog, thanks GOP!

Anonymous said...

Hillary ahead by 3 million votes. Trump said he would not have conceded and she shouldn't have either. Russia did everything they could to get Trump elected, if any of you had any reasoning or logic you might be concerned. Duped again.

rbb said...

Good morning racist Trump supporting racists!

Here's a little story about real Americans defending a nice lady against a racist, you know, like your typical alt-whitie, in store, just buying things!

***Picture captures person accosting woman wearing hijab at Smith’s

...“I went down the aisle to go get sodas and then all of a sudden I hear somebody starting to yell at her,” he recalls, “And they’re saying things like ‘Get out of our country, you don’t belong here, you’re a terrorist!'”

At that point, Lopez says, practically everyone in the store stopped what they were doing and ran to the defense of the woman in hijab.


Now that's real MAGA!

One question, alt-whities, to whom would you have run to?

Anonymous said...

Just near Trump Towers, so glad to see there are some normal Americans out there that seem to be afraid of fascism.

How did Trump get more votes in Wisconsin than actual votes???

Democrats are idiots if they allow yet another election to be stolen. I guess since you're all 'armed to the teeth' then it might get ugly if Hillary is allowed to win the election that she actually won, by over 3 million votes.

Gigantic racist baby could be impeached but then we get the calm liar, Pence.

Anonymous said...


^^^just another daily occurrence in our new president selects hate filled America. This is what he endorsed during his campaign.

Why are Trump voters so filled with hate? Must be guilt.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Check you hose Enemous (a/k/a Reliably Blathers Bilge)!

rbb said...

Well, well well, one of your Pepeista Dirty Daddy Don toads went all in on 'Aholes On A Plane', didn't he!

Secretly, you know you loved it and that makes you, what, Aholes on the ground?

Trump Support Screams on Flight and Calls Women "Hillary Bit*[ch]*es"


rbb said...

Hey racist Dirty Daddy Don Pepeista toads, looks like another racist Dirty Daddy Don swallowers has been screaming SHE VOTED FOR TRUMP so stop discriminating against white screamy ladies who voted for Trump racists!


Sig White Privilege Beeches!

rbb said...

Well just looky here, a Homasexul hating Dirty Daddy Don swallower, and a yuge Dirty Don suport, who can typewrite on a computer machine with Jew hate and homasexul hate, in the same typewrite and to a homasexul Jew also too!


Here's a bit of what your fellow Pepeista Toad wrote:

***...I love Donald Trump because he is anti-semitic and anti-islamic. He is also xenophobic.

...A former Prairie School Student and Huge Donald Trump Support



Haverwilde said...

See what happens you talk to this/these incontinent assholes? They take it as permission to spray its fecal matter all over the comments.
You can't read it, it's not even worth anything as fertilizer. It just hides the intelligent comments.

rbb said...

wilde, if cutting and pasting the fecal your fellow racist Trump supporting Pepeist toad racists are spraying, now all over the world, upsets you so, just ask them to stop spraying racist Trump support all over the world.

Oh, look, here's a racist Pence racist who's jumped in telling Chinese women to go back to Japan!

***Mike Pence Fan Arrested In NYC Diner After Alleged Racist Tirade & Pepper Spray Attack

"He said, 'You guys can move if you want. Go back to Tokyo,'" recalled Jen. "And from there it just escalated. He used a lot of misogynistic slurs.... He called us bitches, sluts, cunt-whores, cunts." ***



Anonymous said...

Trump wants people that exercise their rights under our constitution to be put in jail for a year or kicked out. Wow, so, Melenia or KellyAnne can't take his phone away?

Ya'll pretend to want the constitution upheld, so where is your outrage?

Why didn't the security or police show up at Michael's when the crazy racist white woman started screaming across the store "like an animal" -- we all know if she wasn't white she would have been tasered or shot.

rbb said...

Great news racist Trump racist supporters who love adultery and American betrayal, your Dirty Daddy Don was "was very impressed" with America betrayer and adulterer Gen. Betryaus, today.


Looks like the swamp is being filled with Wall Streeters and big govamint insiders also too!


Anonymous said...

Hope everyone on this blog will be okay without their social security and healthcare that allows pre-existing conditions & caps -- esp those of you with family with chronic illness ..yikes.

Oh well, while you were at Cracker Barrel last night *the man of the people* dined on frog legs with Mittens (big hypocrite) -- and they are laughing at how gullible you all are.

We want change! Washington "outsiders"? Trump & his billionaire cabinet.

Anonymous said...

OMG! He ate Pepe?!

Anonymous said...

How many billionaire corporate hogs will it take to fill Trump's swamp?

rbb said...

Great News tax paying Dirty Daddy Don Pepe racist supporters!
Dirty Daddy Don only had to give away $7,000,000.00 of America's dollars to "save" a few jobs and he's not even a President yet!

$7,000,000.00 giveaway to greedy mooching 1%ers who will send jobs to the Mexico (before the Great Wall) anyway! MAGA!

Anonymous said...

I know--Trump & Pence are destroying America and they're not even in office yet. Duped again righties.

Foxy Wizard said...

Watching reruns of election night coverage is still hilarious. I laugh out loud as Liberals CRY and VENT and SPUTTER as they watch the Deplorables take back their country. Oh, what a great day for America!

Last night, I enjoyed our outgoing ManChild President strutting around the stage making fun of Trump's promise to keep Carrier in the good ole USA, saying "Does he think there is a magic wand?" Har har... and then Trump's gracious speech where he announced that Carrier is staying! He must HAVE a magic wand!

And the train of wimps who never thought Trump could be elected walking hat in hand into Trump tower to beg for a crumb after trashing him on the campaign trail? Awesome! Romney and Ryan kissing his ass...pure joy.

Oh, and the way he played the Liberal media to say ok, ok, off the record! Yes! while they thought they'd ambush him, only to find themselves being told what a bunch of sniveling cowards they are, and not being able to do anything but hear the truth! Ahhh...

And then to watch the total meltdown, and Trump appoints expert after expert, I mean people who actually understand their fields, to cabinet positions. The HORROR! Jeff Sessions! Nice... Wait! Watch the heads explode!

It is a great time to be an American.

Trolls, I enjoy reading your desperate rants, but I especially love your tears. I save them, and have them with my morning coffee. Thank you! for daily posting your neutered cut and paste! I laugh and laugh as I picture you crying at your altar before your Fidel poster, safe from the elements in your Mommie's basement room.

Make America Great Again! And May God Bless Donald Trump!

Haverwilde said...

Thanks for the post Foxy.

It is a truly wonderful surprise I was ready for a long depressing few years, both personal and financial. We are not out of the woods yet, but at least we have a leader who will not take us further into a socialist/fascist nightmare future.

CrabbyOldMan said...

My thanks too, Foxy!

I couldn't agree with "We are not out of the woods yet, but at least we have a leader who will not take us further into a socialist/fascist nightmare future."

Nate said...

Just remember that Clinton is currently 2.5M votes ahead of Trump. You are a minority and a shrinking one at that. Progress is inexorable and you will be on the losing side of history.

Foxy Wizard said...

Good thing that is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my bad. I didn't know that Foxy, Havers and Crabs were all in the top 1%.

Although one kept commenting about how they work hard and liberals on this blog don't - wait- how can they have jobs if Obama took them all away? So confusing.

FOXY- Where is this liberal media? I've never heard of them.

The cheeseball doesn't have a mandate. Aw, KellyAnne doesn't like that! Now she has to lie even more..does she get paid per lie? Hmm.

Obama as a child would have had a greater mind and vocabulary then the dumpster has as a 70 yr. old, who has zero intellect.

Foxy Wizard said...

General James "Mad Dog" Mattis!

Another GREAT pick!

Trump continues to dazzle.

Anonymous said...

Trump continues to pick more billionaire racist cronies. You wanted "change" FOXY, yer gonna get it. You didn't answer my question about the corporate owned/controlled media..how is it liberal?-- They handed you the president select after all. Although, he's still behind by about 3 million votes, no mandate for the dumpster.

Kellyanne continues to lie to the corporate right wing media all day long and they let her. Her and Melinia share stylists.

Foxy Wizard said...

Nate said...
Just remember that Clinton is currently 2.5M votes ahead of Trump. You are a minority and a shrinking one at that. Progress is inexorable and you will be on the losing side of history.


Electoral Votes
Trump 306
Klinton 232

Repubs 52
Donks 48

Repubs 238
Donks 194

Repubs 33
Donks 15

(CNSNews.com) – Republicans added to their historic 2014 gains in the nation’s state legislatures with the addition of five state House chambers and two state Senate chambers in last week’s election, while Democratic control was reduced to levels not seen since the Civil War.

Republicans are now in control of a record 67 (68 percent) of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers in the nation, more than twice the number (31) in which Democrats have a majority, according to the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

Get that Nate? Republicans have not controlled this many State legislatures SINCE THE CIVIL WAR! That, by the way, is when the Republicans FREED THE SLAVES, much to the dismay of the always racist Democrat Party.

Facts are tricky things.

Anonymous said...

*Black guy adds 40,000 jobs a week and you call him a failure.
White guy bribes and pays millions to make 800 jobs and he's a savior*

^^^yep, ya'll and the republic party are racists.

Now that we know literally anyone can steal the WH I'm pushing for Leonardo DiCaprio--maybe he can save our environment- and he isn't a fascist.

It's amazing what can happen when votes are purged, voter suppression at the polls, shortening voting time and actual voting stations are removed.

And yet, the people have spoken--Hillary is ahead by millions of votes, I can't stop laughing.

Funny thing about MICHIGAN- all the republican rural areas around Ann Arbor went overwhelmingly for CLINTON not the DUMPSTER.

Can't you people ever "win" anything the honest way?

rbb said...

An excerpt from a conversation with Dirty Don's Brain:

KAC: How come you lamestream medias didn't do outrage when the Kenyan Socialistical Mooslim President called the Taiwan? Huh? Why? Huh? Why? Huh?

AC: Um, ah, because he didn't.


rbb said...

Hey Pepeista Dirty Daddy Don racist supporters, need more evidence your gop has been and is nothing more than a mindless bucket of spit? You do? Well, today's your lucky day!

Your precious gop, after have 6 years, that what I said, 6 years, to come up with a plan, any plan, to replace the ACA, is now rumored to be contemplating, wait for it, wait...repeal and delay! Yep, they truly are ball-less stump suckers who have no idea what they're doing or how to even do what they've promised they'd do.

*** GOP may delay Obamacare replacement for years

...They’re crossing their fingers that the delay will help them***



rbb said...

G O O D M O R N I N G racist Daddy Trump supporting racists!
You're racist people cohorts are still out there racistly supporting your racist Dirty Grabembythepussy Daddy Don!

This just in from the SubWays of NY!

***Men Screaming 'Donald Trump' Attacked Woman Wearing Hijab On The Subway

A Muslim woman was attacked and harassed by three men who called her a terrorist and repeatedly shouted "Donald Trump!" at her on the subway yesterday.

Police say the incident happened around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, when the 18-year-old victim

...The men then followed the unnamed victim onto the train, where they continued yelling Trump's name and called her a "fucking terrorist." They allegedly screamed other xenophobic things as well, including, "get the hell out of the country," and "you don’t belong here." Police say they ripped her purse off her shoulder, breaking the strap, then tried to remove her Hijab off of her head. ***

Good job racist Trump supporting racist Dirty Daddy Don Pepeistas attacking teenage girls. Sounds about right. Considering you're all cowards anyway. Not a ball between the bunch of you.


Foxy Wizard said...

Sing it, Liberals!

And now my bitter hands
cradle broken glass
of what was everything
All the pictures have
all been washed in black,
tattooed everything...

All the love gone bad turned my world to black
Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be... yeah...!

Now turn to your Hillary poster (right next to your poster of El Comandante) Go ahead...let the tears come. Clutch your teddy bear if you need to. It's ok. Sing it with feeling.

Some day you'll have a beautiful life
Someday you'll be the Sun
In somebody else's sky
But why?
Can't it be MINE!!!???

There there...thank Gaea for your safe space.

Don't you feel better?

rbb said...

Oh hey racist Pepeista Dirty Daddy Don racist supporters, here is a little bit more from the story of the woman your racist pals attacked in the subway!

“I born and raised in this country,” she told The News. “I’m an American, you know?”



Foxy Wizard said...

(Scene from my Christmas party last night...)

Guest: Mmmm...these are DELICIOUS! What are they??!!!

Me: Those are Fresh Liberal Tears. You like 'em?


Me: Me, neither. (Num num)

Guest: I must have the recipe!

Me: Oh, well, go to ALa's blog...Blonde Sagacity? There are some delicious ones there. Yeah...some real cryers. Fresh ones every day.


Foxy Wizard said...

I'm partial to the bitter ones.

Haverwilde said...

Foxy, You are a riot!

Haverwilde said...

Salty, bitter tears, mixed with their sour disposition, makes for a sweet addition to my day. And it is non-fattening.

Foxy Wizard said...

I must admit I'm partial to the Millennium brand. You can get those at the Klinton Coronation on YouTube. I also like the aged variety. MSLSD and KNN have some of the old crusty variety. Kris thrill up my leg Matthews is a good brand. If you like the kreepy kind, though, you can't beat the blogs like ALa's. There, they can vent and threaten, safe in their mommy's basement room. That's where their real flavor develops.

Anonymous said...

Foxy- thank you for that, you epitomize a dumpster supporter.

PS- why are you all so terrified of recounts...?

What are you afraid of them finding out?

Why are republics filing lawsuits to prevent recounts?

rbb said...

Good Morning racist Pepeisata Dirty Daddy racist supporters and what a good morning it is as your racist clubs are reporting an increase in membership now that your great white grope will soon be leader of the free world!

***Ku Klux Klan supporters give Nazi salute at North Carolina rally in support of Donald Trump

...Amanda Barker, part of the husband and wife team that runs the KKK’s North Carolina chapter, said members wanted to be part of Mr Trump’s win.

“I thought when Trump was elected the membership would drop because the white people got a white president,” she said. “But that wasn’t the case.

“People are waking up, thinking ‘I’m not hiding away, I can be proud to be white once more.”

She said they planned to hold a cross burning ceremony in the evening if the wind died down...***



Anonymous said...

The dumpster sure gets riled up over SNL. Republics comrades have selected this incredibly thin skinned "man" to fight ISIS, lol. How will the U.S. ever bounce back from this?

Wasn't it enough that the SCOTUS forced Bush on us? Why do repubes want to destroy the U.S.?

Hillary ahead by 3 million votes, I love it! No mandate for the chicken hawk.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Gawd! I smell sewer gas!

Anonymous said...

Crabby -- me too, and it's coming from Trump Towers.

CrabbyOldMan said...

What are you doing at Trump Towers?

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at our nasty POTUS select, and you, Crabby- it'll only cost 5 million a day to have the dumpster in the WH, along with his homely kids. The dumpster is so thin skinned that he can't take an actor making fun of him!! The dumpster ran away from Vietnam because he is a chicken hawk. Now he has hired Ben Carson, who has admitted that he knows nothing about running anything connected with government!! BC only ran for president to up his speaking fees! Now we're stuck with another loser.

Next up for hire: Ted Nugent.

Nate said...

Foxy -- Interestingly enough, Repubs have lost the popular vote in nationwide votes for the house too. It seems like the primary way Repubs win political power is by denying the will of the people via the electoral college, gerrymandering and voter suppression. The tyranny of the minority is real.

I find it a little sad how much hatred you have for your fellow Americans. Is this new, or just new to me?

Anonymous said...

^^^It's the only way repubs can win. Democrats want everyone to have the right and chance to vote because we can win elections honestly (Hillary ahead by millions) -- this isn't the case of the "Tricky Dicky" party.

rbb said...

Howdeeeeeeeeee racist racist Dirty Daddy Don supporters!

Looks like one of your own got hissef a wee bit to trumpy before his KKK Trump victory parade the other day and just stabbed a racist KKK Trump supporting brother in robes. What a shame, he probly hadta miss da hole paraid.

*** California KKK leader arrested in stabbing in North Carolina just before Trump victory parade

...many Klan members had traveled to North Carolina to participate in the pro-Trump rally. ***


Oh well, MAGA!

Anonymous said...

Yes, MAGA! Why doesn't the non-existent liberal media report about the cost of protecting the dumpster? NYC has already spent $35million in security protecting HOG TOWERS.

Alec Baldwin said he will stop taunting hog if he releases his tax returns...why is hog with hair so afraid?

rbb said...

Good morning racist Daddy Donny racist supporters!

Let's leave Trump supporter's racism out of this comment, shall we?

Let's just chat about how your racist great white grope supporters are such Aholes! Ya know, Aholes, like you Aholes that swallowed the pizzagate Aholie lie and your fellow Ahole who went there with a gun because your Ahole media pushed an Ahole lie about, well, you know. What a bunch of Aholes the alt-white lunatic fringe is, really, A H O L E S.

But MAGA!, Aholes!

Nate said...

To the other lefties who post on this blog -- lets stop with the name calling. No matter what Trump means to you and no matter how repulsive his behavior may be, he is now president-elect and we demean the office and ourselves by using insults rather than rational arguments to undermine his agenda.

rbb said...

I know where you're coming from Nate, but, no, calling the grabembythepussy guy out for what he is, demeans the grabembythepussy guy, not the office.

So grabembythepussy, Daddy Don! Let's get tired of all that winnin'!

CrabbyOldMan said...

Nit, for your information I hope Reliably Blathers Bilge/Enemous continues as he has until now. I think Trump owes much of his success to clowns like that and to the "demonstrators" and "protestors" and other twelve-year-olds-in-adult-bodies.
Frankly, based on what you have come up with before, I think "rational arguments to undermine his agenda" will be preaching to the dim wit choir and convince no one else.

Nate said...

Hypocrite, your name is Leeching Old Man. You've yet to say anything cogent on any of these threads.