Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Close the Books on the Clintons.

What a night!

This wasn't about Trump.

This was an FU.

To the media.

To the establishment -left and right.

To Globalism.

To political correctness.

To political coronations.

To pollsters.

To quid pro quo and status quo.

To social justice warriors.

To delicate snowflakes.

And to Obama.

And, if nothing else, a HUGE win for SCOTUS.



Nate said...

And a huge loss for democracy. A demagogue just lied his way into the presidency. I hope that someone can put a leash on this monster.

Haverwilde said...

No the demagogue was seen for what she is. That monster has been leashed.
Trump needs no leash. He is facing a congress of democrats who despise him, a large group of establishment republicans who also despise him, and a media that will hound him until he is out of office. If Obama had faced that set of obstacles our country would be in far better shape.
Even with those impediments, I have hope that he can make substantial, positive change in the nation. We are so in need of a change in direction.

Anonymous said...

Huge loss for democracy, yes. This is like a business to Trump, he won't let go of this--this is a franchise to him. Fascists don't let go of power--next will be Trump Jr, then Ivanka.

An FU to whom, btw? You complained about the status quo and then elected more of the same. The media propped him up, he should be thanking them.

Newt, Giuiliani, Ted Nugent--possibly even Dick will be brought out of his cave to advise dumbo.

We are going from the best these past 8 years to the worst.

I guess Chris Christie will be off the hook now, as well as Trump "university" -

Will Trump trade secrets with Putin..?

We're giving a lunatic our secrets..intelligence is terrified.

Don't gloat so soon--it's going to be bad.

-and how does a man on welfare that has never worked a day in his life, gone bankrupt 4x run the USA? laughable but terrifying.

Nate said...

Did I forget that he has been accused by no less than 10 women of sexual assault? Oh, after bragging on tape about doing exactly that? 59M people voted for a sexual predator for president. I really can't comprehend it. I thought some you folks had some decency. I thought we were better. I believed that as a country we wouldn't respond a message of fear, anger and base instincts. I was wrong.

I'm so disappointed in this country I can barely stand it. I'm having trouble imagining raising my kids here. Screw everyone over that you can. Treat women like your toys. Tell the world that it is ok to call your daughter a fine piece of ass. Trump is a flat out creep.

Anonymous said...

-and Michigan! After Obama bailed out and saved the auto industry--it should be a landslide there for HRC.

As far as basket of deplorables- this was ONE insult (but not really) that Hillary had to apologize for repeatedly.
Trump said far worse everyday - about WOMEN especially- and you didn't care.

My daughter was embarrassed and ashamed of our country today, as she should be.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Havirwilde demonstrates a grasp of the situation.
Nate and Enemous/Reliably Blathers Bilge both regurgitate the usual Democrat drivel.

Anonymous said...

Here we go: clearly more than an FU to Obama--this is the level we can expect from your president--

Crabby- oh, we grasp the severity of this situation all too well.

Nate said...


Keep putting your fingers in your ears and ignoring the reality that doesn't fit into your team's narrative. Oh and then blame the media for reporting things you don't want to hear or not reporting on things when you stopped listening years ago. It would be quite hilarious if it weren't so sad.

rbb said...

When do you Pepistas start rounding up Mexicans and Mooslums and make them build a wall?
Good time to buy busses! And White Robes!

Betcha can't wait for your great white grope to start doing the torturing again.

Grab some poosee, chow down a trump steak and deport your housekeepers!

Zelda said...

Calm down, Nate. We just elected Bill Clinton again instead of Hillary. She really was a dreadful candidate.

Anonymous said...

..but Hillary has class...question: How is Melinia going to continue to get her botox and tweaks without the entire world knowing?-and are the American taxpayers expected to foot the bill on all this upkeep? The rhino & implants might need tweaking. We've never had a centerfold model as First Lady, $$$