Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Like Minds No Longer Think Alike

If you had a dime for every "I hate politicians" and "politicians are liars/crooks" memes your friends have posted on social media or emailed rich would you be?

Just from my #NeverTrump friends alone, I would be laden in dimes...

Enter non-politician Trump. No script. Honest. Not bought.

And they hate him?

And they complain that he makes gaffes. Yeah, because he's not scripted. What you said you wanted.

And not bought. What you said you wanted.

And not saying things based on teleprompter, scripts or polls. What you said you wanted.

He's all they said they wanted for years.

But they didn't really want it.

They want the scripts and the polls.

The safe.

When it comes down to it, they are much more comfortable with the Quid pro quo politics.

Not the anti-establishment they thought they were or wanted to be.

And if this election is lost, it will rest on their shoulders. The anti-gun judges, the dirty globalists, the pro-choice judges. All on them. Trump brought out RECORD new voters. The most ever. And Union guys that have never voted (R) are solidly (and secretly) behind Trump --if the base was united behind him, he would be ahead by double digits.

But, but..he says means things!

But, but, he insulted John McCain.

So did all of you when he was running. RINO, remember. And as for the hero for being captured thing. I have heard more than one veteran say that about POWs on the down low...

But, but, he ATTACKED a Gold Star family! Kahn? Please. More of my 'conservative' friends posted about that than my lib friends and more have posted about that then have posted about Hillary's criminal activities. The dad IS NOT a hero. The son was. And I would bet one of my offspring that Mr and Mrs Kahn OBJECTED to the war and were not happy son went--and now they want praise. And mom couldn't talk because so upset --BS! It was 12 years ago. You are not that veclempt. Sean Smith's mom was pretty damn articulate and she just lost him in Benghazi. And Hillary called her a liar, but please let's all talk about how Trump said Mrs. Kahn wasn't allowed to speak and somehow that was "an attack." EVERYONE was thinking the same damn thing. But, let's keep talking about it...

So now you're taking your dolls and dishes and voting for pro-choice and anti-gun Johnson and Weld?

I just don't get it.

People that I have always agreed with are adamantly Anti-Trump. I think Zelda and I have very rarely disagreed on anything (possibly Terry Shiavo) and Kali and I rarely disagree...until now.

And I can't understand how. These girls are not easily offended. How can we see this SO differently? How can these cool chicks be so offended by a candidate saying things we all say in our living rooms? I thought that was what we wanted? Real?

I stand by all the things I've said to my children...

Action DO speak louder than words.

Sticks and stones CAN break your bones and names can never hurt you.


Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

I am not a lesser of two evils girl. I am not torn. I voted Trump in the primary. This election was only ever about TWO things to me: IMMIGRATION and ENDING THE SCOURGE OF PC BULLSHIT.

And Daddy scored on both.

#NeverHillary & #MAGA


ALa said...

I hope Zelda and Kali don't take this wrong, I wasn't meaning to call them out, but just elucidate the divide this election is causing --I truly am perplexed (as maybe they are too) and this was just a bit of stream of consciousness writing...not aimed at them by any means, directed at a composite of all my #NeverTrumpers.

Tater said...


'Twas one of your anti-McCain types, but always respected his heroics in Vietnam. Eventually held my nose and voted for him, but I was against his immigration stand, personally liked the man.

Trump I wanna punch in the face every time he opens his mouth! But I do hate Hillary, so I'll prolly hold my nose yet again and vote Trump. Don't think it'll do any good, he's down nearly double digits here in Fla, not doing well up in your neck of the woods, and he's barely hanging on to Texas--TEXAS!! A republican who can't take Texas is in a world of hurt!!

One final note, I don't think the GOPe types or the #neverTrumpers are gonna defeat Trump. Trump is gonna defeat Trump by pissing off so many folks in his base and independent types. Clinton should be the easiest win the GOP ever had, but she's way ahead and pulling away, looking like she'll take the Senate too.

I just pray we hold the House.


ALa said...

That's kind of my point though, Tater. What has he really done wrong? I haven't been mad once. That's what I am trying to figure out. Am I watching something else? Are you guys softening to the be offended crowd. I just don't know... I wouldn't put too much stock in the polls either... Like I said, the union boys are all about Trump but can't say it unless they want to lose their jobs... (think Amtrak)

rbb said...

If your great white dope loses, and loses big, (and I will concede there is a chance he could win) will any of you be able to take a good look at yourself and your beliefs, admit that your views are so far out there, so far out of the mainstream, rejected by the vast majority of Americans, that you desperately need to ______________________"

Who's dumping the great white dope today?

***Latina Former Bush Treasurer Endorses Clinton, Blasts Trump

...“There is too much at stake both domestically and abroad to have a thoughtless individual at the helm of the most important economy in the world.”***

At least the men who called the great white dope a "con man" and a "buffoon" are still in your clown car!

rbb said...

As people jump out of the great white dope's clown car, other people, inspired by the great white dope, jump in!

It's win win!

***Led by Nazi Apologist, Hitler Youth-Type Group Emerges: ‘Trump Youth’

A group for millennials supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump bears striking similarities to another youth movement — Hitler Youth.

Both the group’s name, “Trump Youth,” and its rhetoric evokes the Hitler Youth, a wing of Germany’s Nazi party.

In a video posted to the “Trump Youth” website, the group’s blond leader speaks of having to fight a worldwide “parasite” enemy, which he later identifies as “globalists.” Nazi propaganda likened Jews to parasites and condemned them for their perceived lack of loyalty to their “host” countries.

...Several prominent Trump supporters have neo-Nazi, white supremacist or anti-Semitic leanings.

The chairman of the American Nazi party recently said a Trump presidency would be “a real opportunity for people like white nationalists.” Former Ku Klux Klan leader and Holocaust denier David Duke has also endorsed Trump, portraying himself as the real estate mogul’s ideal running mate.***

Run Nazi boys, run!

Matthew 7:16-20

ALa said...

Not that you needed any more proof that Democrats are anti-police, but newly leaked documents show that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) attacked at least one candidate who they believed was too “pro-police” and not enough pro-Black Lives Matter.

Read more:

Tater said...


Trump keeps irritating me by the way he's running his campaign. He keeps saying stupid $hit! After the convention, I couldn't figure out who he was running against! All he did is bash Republicans or folks that don't matter. The press of course ate this up and any gaffe at all made headline news. Clinton has made several gaffes as well, but we never hear about them 'cause we all know the press is biased against the GOP. And that last line is why I get so irritated! He should realize that the only folks that will talk about Hillary's multiple flaws is Fox News, conservative radio, and if he had a brain TRUMP!! Quit bashing folk that are irrelevant and start bashing Obama/Hillary's record, plenty of ammo there. Mix in a couple policy speeches (last two were pretty good) and then hammer Hillary for the liar/criminal/worst SOS/terrorism/ME mess/etc!!

I feel like he's doesn't take his bid seriously and therefore tossing the White House/Senate/SCOTUS away. And that pisses me off.


CrabbyOldMan said...

I am firmly in ALa's camp.

Seriously, I can't figure out why Tater (who I agree with 99% of the time)would like to punch Trump in the mouth. I am also stumped by Zelda's dislike. I'd appreciate specifics from either or both.

Neither person strikes me as the sort of knot head who would get their undies in a bunch over Trump being "mean" to people who richly deserve it.

I can understand numb nutted hammer heads like Nit, rbb and Enemous hopping around on first one foot and then the other. I'm perplexed by Tater and Zelda.

ALa said...

Okay, so consider that maybe it's not Trump your mad at but the media. The media is telling you that people care if he goes off on the Khan's or McCain or Paul Ryan (personally, I laughed my ass off that Trump used Ryan's EXACT words -"not quite there yet" when not endorsing him) but I don't think actual anti-establishment folks give a rats ass. Because they don't like Ryan and all his broken promises and Jeb and his ridiculous liberal stand on illegals... I get it though --your panicking thinking that this all matters and HIllary will win. And even if she does win, it won't be because of can't blame Trump for not being a scripted, slimy politician when all we have wanted was a real champion of America and American values that wouldn't be beholden to this-istan and that-istan once in office.

If Hillary's emails out an Iranian-American spy and he is then hung in Iran and the media decides to spend the next day talking about a Trump rally speaking gaffe --who is that blame on? Trump? The Media? The low information voter?

Our system is fucked and hopefully Trump is not the man, but the catalyst to shake it the hell up!

CrabbyOldMan said...

ALa, I have caught myself reaching for the anti Trump bandwagon. Then the fact of the media Trump bashing being so very widespread reminded me that either Hitler or Goebbels had said "If you repeat a lie often enough people will come to believe it".

I want to see what I am missing. That is why I hope both Tater and Zelda respond to my post.

Later said...


I'm angry at Trump, not the media. I despise the media as is, but they are a known quantity. What's not known is what the hell is Trump gonna say next!! He should know by now that they'll spin every gaffe/off the cuff remark he makes against him, which keeps Hillary and her massive flaws out of the media. Only time anything bad about her makes the media (outside of Fox & radio) is when TRUMP HIMSELF is bashing her, then they have to report his criticism. Talk policy, trash Obama/Hillary's record--nothing else till the election is over. I personally don't give a shit about his views on the GOP or other irrelevant folks (Capt Kahn's folks) but its all fresh ammo to the lame stream media folks, and he should know that a long time ago. I'll grant you it's early, but his numbers are tanking fast.

Besides everyone knows Capt Kirk killed Capt Kahn!! (Star Trek II Movie;-)


ALa said...

Today's LA Times poll has Clinton up by ONE (

Pretty amazing given this:

Ad buys:
Hillary Clinton (Democratic): $61 million
Jill Stein (Green): $189,000
Gary Johnson (Libertarian): $15,000
Donald Trump (Republican): $0

Tater said...

RCP Average is +6 and climbing. He needs to get his act together. There's no way Hillary should be winning.


rbb said...

Who else is dumping your great white dope today, you ask!

Only the guy who wrote Benghazi Mom's speech, that's who!

*** GOP speechwriter may vote for Hillary Clinton

...I personally drafted the speech of the "Benghazi mom," Patricia Smith.

...But weeks after the end of the 2016 GOP convention, I am confronted by an inconvenient fact: Despite what I wrote in that nationally televised speech about Hillary Clinton, I may yet have to vote for her because of the epic deficiencies of my own party's nominee.

President Eisenhower would have never proposed banning Muslims from America. Nor would President Nixon. Nor would President Reagan. Donald Trump has betrayed and perverted their legacies. Consequently, I no longer recognize my party.

I have never voted for a Democrat for federal office, but when I hear the president criticize the GOP nominee, I can't honestly disagree with him.

...Regardless, the reality is, I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I could never vote for Donald Trump.

Ya feeling it yet, people?

Jump out now or be counted among the clowns of history who voted for the great white dope.

CrabbyOldMan said...

"Only time anything bad about her makes the media (outside of Fox & radio) is when TRUMP HIMSELF is bashing her, then they have to report his criticism."

I completely agree that Trump should focus on bashing the Cackler's character and the flawed Democrat policies.

rbb said...

Like Minds No Longer Think Alike?

Well let's find out, shall we?

Your great white dope likes him some torturing and even worse.
bush gave us the guy who wrote his torture memo what let him torture and even worse.

But the guy who wrote bush's torture memo of torture is tortured by the even the thought of a President great white dope, so, he's jumping!