Sunday, July 31, 2016




Haverwilde said...

and Satan and Hillary want only what is best for the country................

Someone is off her meds again...... Come on rbb, this is your saint hillary...

Elect her and the decent into hell is only a few short years away........

CrabbyOldMan said...

The really scary thing is that the idiot 40% of the voters buy into the Wicked Witch's bilge.

rbb said...

Khizr and Ghazala Khan

rbb said...

Capt. Humayan Khan

rbb said...

Ghazala Khan: Our son sacrificed his life keeping America safe

GWD: I sacrificed a lot too! I "built great structures. I’ve done― I’ve had― I’ve had tremendous success. I think I’ve done a lot.”

CrabbyOldMan said...

Are you EVER going to blather about the e-mails and the Clinton's "finances"?
I am sure that we will be treated to all sorts of bilge about every imaginable Trump misdeed - anything to change the subject.
Your problem is that no one thinks spitting on the sidewalk is equivalent to Benghazi or the bribes ("contributions") to the Clinton Foundation.
With most of the entertainment and news media pulling for the Democrat Party, does anyone think the Wizard of Oz will be aired before the election?

rbb said...

This just in from the great white dope's spokesman:

Donald hates Mooslums so much that of course he would ban them from our great white country if he had been our president for the last 40 years, that way they wouldn't be able to volunteer to protect us and get blowd up and then be a like some white hero or something because everybody knows heroes are white, like Donald, who is white.

rbb said...

Hey Crabs, I know you like to keep up the all the great white dope's new news, but didja didja see where your great white dope was forced by the Lamestream Clinton News Network to admit our country does better under Dems than gop and it has nothing to do with Cremora!

Oh those forces who force over at the Lamestream driveby commie liberal biased agenda, just who do they think they are anyway!

Maybe his video will get someone elected!

CrabbyOldMan said...

I wonder how many Europeans are glad that they have so many Mooslums (sic) and wish that they had more.
Ditto for Americans who live in areas where Mooslums(sic)are concentrated.

Whatever the ratio of acceptable to bad apples actually is among Mooslums (sic), there doesn't have to be very many bad ones to cause lots of problems, so why take the risk in the first place? Not letting any in who cannot be adequately screened is not an unreasonable approach at all. In fact, the screening requirement is a generous compromise.


rbb said...

More oral diarrhea from the great white dope:

***"And I said, 'Man that's like big stuff. I've always wanted to get the real Purple Heart.' This was much easier"***


***STERN: Now getting back to dating, and when you got to say to a woman, you gotta go to my personal doctor and I'm gonna have you checked out, is that a tough thing to say to a woman?

TRUMP: It's amazing, I can't even believe it. I've been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there. It's like Vietnam, sort of.

STERN: Hey it's your personal Vietnam isn't it?

TRUMP: It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier!***

The great white dope is obviously a very disgusting man, but what does that say about the people who support him?

An asshat is driving your gop clown car. When will you get out?
What else does he have to say for you to turn your backs on him?

Which will come first, Pence drops out, or a real gop steps up and runs as an Independent?

Your great white dope is a skid mark in America's shorts.
You know it.
I know it.

When will you finally grow a pair and stand up in opposition to the your great white dope?

CrabbyOldMan said...

I just want to know if you are going to blather e-mail and bribe bilge or not.

I don't think the distraction strategy will work with the middle of the roaders. Most of the scarecrows will buy that sewage. None of the Trump people will. I think it very questionable the undecided will. Ms. Hamilton is just too ugly a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Crabby- hundreds of thousands of emails were erased from an RNC server after 9/11 and NOT ONE PEEP came out of the corporate media--or you, I'm guessing. FOUR were killed in Benghazi, SIXTY were killed at embassies under previous administrations--again, NOT ONE WORD. Why do you hate Hillary so much? Why are you so afraid of a woman becoming president? I would love it if Obama and his precious family could stay in the WH but will gladly welcome the brilliant HRC as well.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Clearly, you need a much larger hose.