Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You Can't Have It Both Ways, Ladies.

Admittedly, I am not the girliest of girls. I spend 90% of my life in a hockey rink somewhere or other on the east coast and the other 10% in a car with smelly hockey equipment and a gaggle of boys driving to the rink du jour.

So, maybe I'm missing some gene that apparently causes other women to be so easily offended?

Trump specifically offends women? Women clamor for equality, and when they get treated equally they are offended? Are we offended because he called Rosie O'Donnell a pig? Rosie O'Donnell IS a pig. Because he was snarky with MegYn Kelly? He was snarky with every reporter that tried to do a hit piece on him. Because he said Carly didn't have a face for the Presidency? I said the same exact thing about Ted Cruz...from the get go I said he had a face for SCOTUS. Am I a man hater?

Trump is the ONLY candidate that could win against Hillary specifically because he won't pussyfoot because she's a woman. The ONLY candidate that would have the balls to use Bill's dalliances as a counter punch to the Left's fabricated Republican war on women. I like Trump BECAUSE he doesn't temper his talk dependent on gender. I like him BECAUSE he is POLITICALLY INCORRECT. BECAUSE he will get down and dirty (I am waiting with baited breath to hear what he has to say about Debbie Wasserman Schultz's hair!)

Forget the 'act Presidential' bullshit. What is Presidential? A blue dress? A selfie stick in the Oval Office? The first lady dabbing in the rose garden. Please. F Presidential. WIN. Just win.


Zelda said...

It's not Trump's political incorrectness that turns me off. He is terribly entertaining, and God knows the GOP needs to go extremely negative against Hillary and the Democrats in order to win. And I have to say that calling Elizabeth Warren "goofy" was hilarious. My problem is that he's unfocused and he's tapped into unfocused anger. There is no plan. I hated that Obama and his minions had no plan and their guiding philosophy was just a vague "punish white people" theme.

But I feel like Trump's is almost the same, except that he wants to punish illegals. IMO, this is not what is needed. We need a serious economic plan that ignores the excesses of the EPA and every other government institution established to control free enterprise. The government is corrupt and out of control, but Trump doesn't seem to understand that any better than Hillary Clinton.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I think that there are far more women in ALa's and Zelda's camp than is generally believed.
I also think that Trump's platitudes are an important part of his strategy.
International policy: It would be silly to undermine our future strength by showing the cards before the betting starts.
Domestic policy: The longer Trump remains vague, the less time the Democrats have to attack, and this keeps the focus on Hillary's warts and blemishes at the same time.
As a general matter, conditions constantly change, so what may sound good today might be a bad idea tomorrow. Consider how fast the isolationist and pacifist sentiments of the late 1930s became bad ideas on December 8, 1941.

rbb said...

If you people put Trump in the White House, and he fails miserably, and he will, will you promise to either give up your voting rights or move back to where your family came from?

Haverwilde said...

rbb, after putting Obama in the White house, are you still here? Why?

You had he have so damaged this nation it is hard to see how we are going to get back to a balanced budget, a booming economy and a rule of Law, and constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Trump can not possibly do a worse job than Obama.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I enjoyed your great smack down!

Zelda said...

I just have to say it is GREAT to see everyone again. Thanks for bringing her back, ALa!

rbb said...

Not sure if you're getting any real news coverage where ever you are, wildie, but under President Obama there have been over 14,000,000 jobs created

our deficit has been cut by about 60%

corporate profits are up 166%

wages are up about 4%

Should we chat about what the free market has done since his inauguration?

15,000,000 more Americans have health care and more Americans are being protected from bigoted bigots who bigot bigotly

he's kept us safer than the last guy ever did

he got Bin Laden killed, pirates too

his GM investment actually made the US money

unemployment is under it's historic average

we've had 74 months of private sector job growth - yes that's something that's never been done by any President, ever.

There has been the start of banking reform, including an agreement with Swiss banks allowing access to their records to hunt down criminal tax evaders

Lowered taxes for middle class to 1950's level

Ended bush's horrible stop-loss enslavement of Vets which forced them to serve beyond their enlistment contract

He banned the disgusting bush era torture

In short, he made America great again.

Haverwilde said...

Wages up 4%? Inflation is up by government reporting by about 20% real inflation is up by well over 30%.

The percent unemployed or not looking for work exceeds the levels of the great depression.

Just cherry pick your numbers and make the 'worst-president-ever' into something that almost looks good but is unrecognizable to the country.

The wealthy got wealthier, the Obama bundlers got rich, the poor got poorer, the blacks suffered more than whites. Stagnation is the state of most communities.

Obama has amassed more debt than all the other presidents combined.

America is almost beyond redemption. And is far from great.

rbb said...

Wow wildie, you actually got some of those points right.
But alas, you fail miserably overall.

Take inflation for example.

-The average yearly rise under Obama of 1.9 percent is less than half the post-World War II average, according to BLS figures. Between 1946 and 2008 the average yearly rise in the CPI was 4 percent, measured from December to December. In the most recent 12 months, the CPI has gone up only a little more than 0.2 percent.-

President Obama made America great again.
Thank God for President Obama.

Haverwilde said...


Yup you got me. The government says that in the last 8 years there was only a little over 10% inflation.

And I was wrong about the real inflation. Using the older methodology the real rate of inflation for the last 8 years is not 30% percent but closer to 50%. Indeed, the last year alone it approaches 10%.

Obama's economy is smoke, mirrors and depression. The foundations of our vibrant economy of 30 years ago has been destroyed by progressives like you and your president.

rbb said...

wildie, thanks for a perfect example what you believe to be true vs. what is actually true.

What you believe to be true: "our vibrant economy of 30 years ago", you say?

Ah, OK.

The truth:

THE economy has been almost stagnant since the early summer of 1984, reflecting the adverse effects of both high real interest rates and the overvalued dollar. Although the sharp increase in the basic money supply (M-1) during the last 10 months is fueling hopes of renewed, vigorous economic growth, such a conclusion is almost certainly unwarranted. More likely, sustained strong growth will elude us this year and in 1986, with only a modest acceleration the best we can expect.

Ya know the best way to debunk a nutter's wild claim?

That's right, simply look it up.

Haverwilde said...

rbb, ALa's absence has not altered your state of being any, you are still as big an ass as you before.

"What I believe to be true versus the truth:"

Industrial production index: 1986: 340; 2008: 630; 2016: 570!

Inflation rate using 1990 methodology averaging 1.9%
Inflation rate using 1980 methodology averaging 4.5% with a high of 9%.

'Modest growth' would be wonderful compared to the current decline. The growth rate of 3% annually doesn't even keep up with the inflation rate.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Like I said, he keeps reliably blathering bilge. He always will.
I would love to know what what he does for a living, what his educational background is, where he grew up, what his parents did for a living and his financial status (i.e. inherited wealth or earned wealth or government lawyer or scratches for a living or pauper).

Zelda said...

Haverwilde is correct. The growth rate has not kept up with the inflation rate, and the economy has shrunk. The fewest number of people are working since the Depression. The employment rate is meaningless in that light. I'm perfectly willing to blame Republicans as much as Democrats, but to say Obama has "done a good job" is laughable. He doesn't know what he's doing, and he doesn't care. He's a golfer.

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