Monday, May 09, 2016

Bankruptcies, Outsourcing and Layoffs...Oh My.

One of the main draws of The Donald is his business background. Someone that has hired and fired. Someone that made billions from a million. Someone that understands how jobs are created and jobs are lost. Ironically, this is also one of the complaints against Trump, that despite his successes, he's had three businesses that have undergone Chapter 11 re-organization (though he has never personally filed for bankruptcy).

This from the left-leaning Daily Beast: "Yes, in the early 1990s he was nearly insolvent, he was involved in a messy divorce, and his casinos were heading toward bankruptcy. Not a great place to be, and based on my experience covering business and finance, executives in that position rarely rebuild both their wealth and their career.

But Trump did, and his pivot was brilliant: He understood that his best attribute wasn’t as a land speculator—in fact, that’s what got him in trouble. But as a showman and brand manager, he’s near genius. By utilizing those skills, he began to rebuild the Trump brand piece by piece, first through books and then through relentless hype on television. Yes, he can be a blowhard and a nasty chauvinistic prick. But a lot of people who got to know him also liked the image he began to cultivate: that of a man who spoke straight and exuded wealth even if he had lost nearly all of it."

So, the #HillarysArmy wing of the Republican party are saying he is a failed businessman--while they voted for Romney and cheered for Carly Fiorina. Just to be clear, I have no animosity toward Carly (though the singing at the press conference was quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable political moments in recent history). However, the reality is 30,000 people lost their jobs under her watch at HP. 30,000 lost jobs and she walked away from being fired a VERY rich woman. "Fiorina pocketed over $100 million in compensation for her short reign—including a $65 million signing bonus and a $21 million severance." (source)

Romney's business past is riddled with bankruptcies, outsourcing and layoffs, yet he leads the charge to rise up a third party candidate against Trump.

Am I implying that Trump is without blemish? Of course not, just pointing out the flaw of touting Trump's 'failed businesses" after you pulled the Lever for Mitt 'Bain' Romney and raved when Cruz trotted out Carly 'HP' Fiorina.



Haverwilde said...

Kasich is a lot like Romney. The both come off as 'nice' men, well spoken, pleasant, unexciting, but with policy flaws.

Trump's personality is the opposite of those two. He not particularly nice or pleasant, but boy is he exciting--I haven't seen this much excitement in a long time. He does elicit energy to the political sphere.

Policy? Other than on immigration and trade, I don't know where he will try to take America. But it can't be in a worse direction than the #anybodybutTrump crowd.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I remember it said that the Russians were terrified that Reagan was nuts after the "Evil Empire" speech. Accordingly, they backed down in instances where they really shouldn't have had to. Greatest.Bluff.Ever.

Does anyone besides me think that Trump threatening a trade war no one wants might make China and others a bit more conciliatory?

I don't think that Trump should say what what he will or will not do before he goes to the mat with the Muslims or the Russians or our trade competitors or our allies or whoever. Who besides the fools currently ruling us would?

I have long yearned for someone who will build a coalition of the 60% from the middle of the electorate and thereby crowd the two 20% extremes off the bed. I don't know if Trump is able to do that or not, but I continue to hope.

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