Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Best People Voted for Trump

That's the truth. The 'best' people on my friends list voted Trump.

When I hear the indignation, read the philosophical lamentations trying to grasp what happened and hear the dripping condensation in the voices of those that feel the 'uneducated' have just burdened them with a racist, misogynistic neanderthal...

I think of my personal friends and acquaintances (367 to be exact). And how the very best of them --

the ones that give the most money to charity, who give of themselves and their own time to charity, who adopt children and take in foster kids (of any color) and pregnant teen moms (of any color), the ones who volunteer the most, shuttle other people's kids the most and the ones you would trust your kids with without a second though --

--on in my list of 50/50 politically mixed friends...all are Trump voters but one.

Many are women.

Most are college educated.

Many are Jewish.

Some are Black.

Some are gay.

One is transgender.

None are racist.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

That Moment When You Know You're Raising Your Kids Right...

Two things lifted from my just-turned-16-year-old's Facebook:

"So one argument I've heard quite a bit against Trump and his supporters is that he's running this "Nationalist" movement, and that all of his supporters are these absolutely horrifying "Nationalists." I'm just confused why that's a problem. Apparently I'm the bad guy for loving my country. I'm the bad guy for wanting the best for my country. I'm the bad guy for putting my country first. According to the left, you aren't an American unless you put the good being of every other country first. If you have the nerve to believe that maybe, just maybe, America should be protecting American lives first then you're the bad guy, and you're the problem. Being a patriot is an absurd concept to them. Some would even go as far as to say that this "Nationalism" is deplorable. This country is changing and it's about time. When loving your country is worthy of shame, while openly disrespecting it is praised, something clearly needs to be fixed..."

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

None more surprised than me, and good on me

Well then, there ya’ go. The big FU? Yes. But many of us are not all that enchanted with a lot of what Trump said and we will definitely be watching him every bit as closely as we’d have watched Hillary. The rule of law and the American way are the standards, and he’d best not get cocky.
The left, expectably, is already perverting the good sense that should prevail. The old saying, “In victory, magnanimity; in defeat, graciousness” instantly became, “In defeat, RIOT!”  Capitol Hill here in Seattle erupted into riots last night. The mob was out and destruction and mayhem followed. Social media has blown a fuse with thousands of tweets calling for Trump to be murdered. Sure as shit no high ground for the leftists there, eh?
The usual crop of leftist morons, and I use that term pointedly, are again vomiting up their worthless garbage. This is the big FU to them.
No, RBB, Anonymous, Nate, we are NOT racists just because we opposed Obama’s policies. That in and of itself is a racist attitude. You say that just because we are white we do not have legitimate policy differences with Obama, we have only knee-jerk racist reactions. Bullshit on that and shame on you (yeah, as if you could experience that). For that to be in any way near rational, the situation would have to be that if it was John Kerry or another white guy who would do what Obama has done, we’d be all for it. Do you believe that? No, I think not.
Racist because we want the laws enforced regarding illegal immigration? You are full of shit. Nobody is going to be rounding up millions of Mexicans (and others by the way) and loading them up and running them down to the boarder. Shove it. Hell, we are not even going to treat them the wretched way the Mexican government treats illegals coming into Mexico from Central and South America.
Anonymous laughably blathered, “This is like a business to Trump, he won't let go of this--this is a franchise to him. Fascists don't let go of power--next will be Trump Jr, then Ivanka.” You and yours jabbered the same about a Bush “dynasty,” then tried to establish a Clinton one. Will you reject Chelsea if Clinton Inc. runs her in a few years? No, that would take integrity and constancy; you guys are not capable of either.
Trump is not our savior. But, we understand that. No little kids being coached by biased teachers to sing “Yes, we can!” in public schools. No crowds of youths singing “Trump is going to lead us!” No crowds of fainting people. Just enthusiasm and, dare I say it, real hope. Not some amorphous hope that the newly anointed god-king will make it better by waving his majick unicorn horn, but by getting the hell out of the way of growth, liberty, and the chance to succeed, or fail, as individuals in a society of liberality and simple, plain justice.
Not justice, as defined by the Social Justice idiots, meaning that the favored group gets it. Not justice meaning that if you are not in the protected classes you get the IRS scrutiny, the DOJ coming down on you like a ton of bricks. Not justice that means one thing today, but another tomorrow, but rather the law being applied with standards on the large scale, and mercy on the personal scale.
Yes, this is harsh-toned. And I apologize if it reflects in any way badly on our gracious hostess, especially in this upsetting hour for her good family. But, I for one, am just damned fed up with putting up with the hate-spew from ignorant leftists whose entire approach is hate, projection, lies, irrationality, and venom. So, yes, the Big FU to all y’all. And it does feel good.

Close the Books on the Clintons.

What a night!

This wasn't about Trump.

This was an FU.

To the media.

To the establishment -left and right.

To Globalism.

To political correctness.

To political coronations.

To pollsters.

To quid pro quo and status quo.

To social justice warriors.

To delicate snowflakes.

And to Obama.

And, if nothing else, a HUGE win for SCOTUS.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Make America Great Again


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

False Media Narrative

There are so many of them, I know the title doesn't elucidate what the post will contain. Hands Up Don't Shoot is top FMN, nut second is Trump's racism...

According to darling of the Left, Jesse Jackson, Trump has always embraced the underserved and minority's...

And receiving the Elise Island Medal of Honor with ROSA PARKS and Muhammad Ali:

"The Ellis Island Medal of Honor is an American award founded by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) which pays homage to the immigrant experience and the contribution made to America by immigrants and their children. The medals are awarded to native-born and naturalized U.S. citizens."


Saturday, August 27, 2016

TFW the Whole World is Turned UpSideDown

The head of the New Black Panther Party is encouraging Black voters to take a look at Trump...

While a Grand Dragon of the KKK endorses Hillary (and we find they have donated $20K to her campaign):

Update: Now, it seems the leader of Black Men for Bernie (<--we'll let that complete and utter double standard slide) is campaigning against Hillary (SOURCE)


Friday, August 26, 2016

The Vast Alt-Right Conspiracy...

I am not surprised in the least that Hillary would cast the ever-growing alt-right as a far right, racist, hate group, but Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld?

The simple fact is, that's a lie.

When my middle child became obsessed with r/the_donald I delved into the page for an education on it's posters, terms and causes. I have been reading the site for months and have yet to come across a single racist comment or quote. --Unless of course racist is now stating uncomfortable facts --like "80% of women crossing the border illegally are raped" or that "Blacks make up 13% of the population but commit 52% of the homicides." if this is racist, then I guess they are...

I was thinking that Hillary, Dana and Greg should all be given a quick quiz before they can comment --Who is Pepe? What are tendies? What is a Centipede? What is a cuck? Why would you get someone a coat? Who is Daddy? Who is Milo?

If they can't answer these questions, we will know they have never read the site.

For years I have lamented the lack of technological savvy and 'coolness' on the right. Now we have a bunch of mostly millennials that *I* envision as mostly D&D types, but are vicious (effective) attack dogs with good senses of humor. These kids were brought up at 4Chan --a site that is mainly creating and posting memes with a mean bent-- and have moved to Reddit. They are adamant about #NeverHillary, stopping the influx of illegals, bringing jobs back to America, stopping the scourge of political correctness, and protecting the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They are anti-globalism and anti-feminism (<-not anti-woman). My main concern is, (apparently even with The Five) it's okay for an actual racist group (i.e. Black Lives Matter) that actually kills people to not only support Hillary, but to have a place on her convention stage, but if there's a group that supports Trump that primary is known for posting mean memes about people--they are evil and racist???

AND FOX! falling into the calling people racist crap! Jesus, and in the same story where they are talking about the fact that EVERY GOP candidate has been wrongfully called racist. It's the left's thing. Ya know who was racist?! LBJ!
"The first black members of the US House and Senate were Republicans. The first civil rights legislation came from Republicans. Democrats gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests, and failed policies like the “Great Society.”

Republican President Eisenhower ordered troops to enforce school desegregation. Republican Senator Everett Dirksen enabled the 1964 civil rights legislation to pass, in opposition to Democrat Senators Robert Byrd (KKK Grand Wizard) and Al Gore, Sr.

As a matter of fact, it was Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson who stated, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years” as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs." (Col. Allen B West)

Ya know who paid $20,000 to Play Golf in All-White Club? Bill Clinton! DO you know who fought to include Blacks and Jews at his Palm Beach Golf Club? Trump.

So, Dana and Greg, I know this anti-establishment movement scares the crap out of you...but the 4chan 'boys' are the attack force you would never employ on the past. It's a tactic the left has successfully used for years--one that the Grand Old Party never had the stomach to deploy. Well, now they're deployed. If someone crosses or opposes you --destroy them. If you really were Conservtive, you wouldn't join in in disparaging the alt-right, but you'd point out that 9 of the 12 Breitbart articles, that Hillary named as examples of the evil alt-right, were written by Milo Yiannopoulos...an openly gay (flamboyantly gay even) defacto leader of the alt-right. So, instead of infighting, you should be calling out Hillary for being ANTI-GAY...because that's what the left would be doing...


Thursday, August 25, 2016

#NeverTrump or #NeverHillary- You Can Only Pick One

This cartoon made me think of something Bill Bennett said recently:

“[Donald Trump] does not need to speak to the ‘Never Trumpers,’ some of my friends — or maybe former friends — who suffer from a terrible case of moral superiority and put their own vanity and taste above the interest of the country,” Mr. Bennett said, Hot Air reported. “But he can speak to the middle and he can speak to the problems as he spoke in Milwaukee. And he can speak as he does to some audiences, particularly Martha. A lot of that Milwaukee address was to black America. I think that is something that he should do again.”


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Democrat Inconvenient Truths...

"John McCain needs to release his medical records," they said.
"Why did Nixon delete those 18 minutes," they said.
"Bush didn't visit on the ground," they said.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Deal Him Out

#r/the-donald #neverhillary #maga

*This is a submission for an r/the_donald photoshop contest. #centipedes #godemporer #daddy

Donald Trump's First Presidential Ad Buy

Only 3% of Trump's $$$ has come from Super PACS compared to 29% of Hillay's money (She's BOUGHT & Paid for!)
28% are of Trump's donors are $200 or less donations as opposed to 19% of Hillary's (the regular people are for Trump!)

Ad spending as of yesterday (Even Jill Stein and Gary Johnson -who?!- have spent more than Trump!)
Hillary Clinton (Democratic): $61 million
Jill Stein (Green): $189,000
Gary Johnson (Libertarian): $15,000
Donald Trump (Republican): $0

#neverhillary #hillaryshealth #MAGA

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Like Minds No Longer Think Alike

If you had a dime for every "I hate politicians" and "politicians are liars/crooks" memes your friends have posted on social media or emailed you...how rich would you be?

Just from my #NeverTrump friends alone, I would be laden in dimes...

Enter non-politician Trump. No script. Honest. Not bought.

And they hate him?

And they complain that he makes gaffes. Yeah, because he's not scripted. What you said you wanted.

And not bought. What you said you wanted.

And not saying things based on teleprompter, scripts or polls. What you said you wanted.

He's all they said they wanted for years.

But they didn't really want it.

They want the scripts and the polls.

The safe.

When it comes down to it, they are much more comfortable with the Quid pro quo politics.

Not the anti-establishment they thought they were or wanted to be.

And if this election is lost, it will rest on their shoulders. The anti-gun judges, the dirty globalists, the pro-choice judges. All on them. Trump brought out RECORD new voters. The most ever. And Union guys that have never voted (R) are solidly (and secretly) behind Trump --if the base was united behind him, he would be ahead by double digits.

But, but..he says means things!

But, but, he insulted John McCain.

So did all of you when he was running. RINO, remember. And as for the hero for being captured thing. I have heard more than one veteran say that about POWs on the down low...

But, but, he ATTACKED a Gold Star family! Kahn? Please. More of my 'conservative' friends posted about that than my lib friends and more have posted about that then have posted about Hillary's criminal activities. The dad IS NOT a hero. The son was. And I would bet one of my offspring that Mr and Mrs Kahn OBJECTED to the war and were not happy son went--and now they want praise. And mom couldn't talk because so upset --BS! It was 12 years ago. You are not that veclempt. Sean Smith's mom was pretty damn articulate and she just lost him in Benghazi. And Hillary called her a liar, but please let's all talk about how Trump said Mrs. Kahn wasn't allowed to speak and somehow that was "an attack." EVERYONE was thinking the same damn thing. But, let's keep talking about it...

So now you're taking your dolls and dishes and voting for pro-choice and anti-gun Johnson and Weld?

I just don't get it.

People that I have always agreed with are adamantly Anti-Trump. I think Zelda and I have very rarely disagreed on anything (possibly Terry Shiavo) and Kali and I rarely disagree...until now.

And I can't understand how. These girls are not easily offended. How can we see this SO differently? How can these cool chicks be so offended by a candidate saying things we all say in our living rooms? I thought that was what we wanted? Real?

I stand by all the things I've said to my children...

Action DO speak louder than words.

Sticks and stones CAN break your bones and names can never hurt you.


Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

I am not a lesser of two evils girl. I am not torn. I voted Trump in the primary. This election was only ever about TWO things to me: IMMIGRATION and ENDING THE SCOURGE OF PC BULLSHIT.

And Daddy scored on both.

#NeverHillary & #MAGA

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Calls for Assasination, the Alt-Right and Some Damn Good Articles

So, I'm currently by the sea with a piss poor wifi connection, but...

1) What a hint/call for assassination actually sounds like:

FIRST: Hillary Clinton cited the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign to explain why she was remaining in the race despite long odds.

"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California," Clinton told the editorial board of a South Dakota newspaper. " I don't understand it," Clinton added, alluding to the calls for her to quit.

Clinton made the statement after pointing out that her husband didn't lock up the nomination until June of 1992, trying to point out that, by past history, it's not late in the campaign.

But Barack Obama received Secret Service protection one year ago, the earliest ever in presidential history, after reports of threats.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement: “Sen. Clinton's statement before the Argus Leader editorial board was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign." (http://www.snopes.com/hillary-clinton-rfk-comment/)

"Hillary Clinton strategist Bob Beckel appeared on on Fox calling for the assassination of Julian Assange — a blatant urge for violence against the Wikileaks founder in direct contradiction of every possible natural and government law.

“I mean, a dead man can’t leak stuff,” Beckel chillingly noted of Assange. “The guy’s a traitor, a treasonist, and … and he has broken every law in the United States. The guy ought to be — and I’m not for the death penalty — so, if I’m not for the death penalty, there’s only one way to do it, illegally shoot the son of a bitch.” (http://thefreethoughtproject.com/illegally-clinton-assange-assassinate/)

2) I LOVE this article (Thank you FreeMom): http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/08/08/if-youre-a-republican-whos-still-die-hard-anti-trump-youre-a-democrat-heres-why/?utm_source=Facebook

3) LOVE this one by Allen West too: http://www.allenbwest.com/allen/im-say-trump-gonna-make-folks-upset

4) If you don't know what alt-right is...or what a nimble navigator...or a centipede is...or what #FreeMilo is about...Read this: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/03/29/an-establishment-conservatives-guide-to-the-alt-right/ Understanding the alternative right is helpful in understanding the driving force behind the Trump movement. Their home is: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/

5) and THIS: http://planetxnews.com/2015/07/31/all-of-saul-alinskys-8-levels-of-control-are-now-operating-in-america/

#NeverHillary #MAGA #Obamaisthefounderofisis

Friday, August 05, 2016

Trump V. Johnson

Take the Survey

In other news---If the candidate in the OTHER PARTY can use anything you have said in one of their ads against your party's candidate, you are culpable if they lose. And you're probably a huge RINO. And an ass.

And furthermore, my 15 year old has promised me an article to prove to Mr Eastwood that the generation isn't doomed. There are some that care more about the country and the economy than evolving genders and safe spaces. developing...


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Gary Johnson? Nope.

I mean, aside from the whole giving your vote directly to Hillary because he'll never win thing...


Monday, July 25, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016


"According to Rasmussen: 60 percent of Likely U.S. Voters think race relations are worse since President Obama’s election nearly eight years ago. That’s an 18-point jump from 42 percent in late 2014 and up from 43 percent when we first asked the question in August 2013. Just nine percent believe race relations are better now, little changed from the previous survey, while 28 percent say they have stayed about the same." source

One of the most thought provoking articles stemming from BLM discussions:

Shocking statistics about black slavery liberals will NEVER admit by Allen West


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Third Party Delusion

For years, Conservatives have lamented the daft Perot voters that handed Bill Clinton the Presidency.

But, here we are.

Johnson can NEVER win, and we all know this.

What he can do is take 11% from ensuring we will never have another Clinton presidency.

We are mocking the Libs for going from anti-Wall Street Sanders to Two Million from Wall Street in two years Clinton --and many of us are planning on suspending common sense in the same manner. How can voting third party possibly assuage your conscience when you know with 100% historical certainly that a 3rd party candidate takes from the Republican and all but ensure a Hillary win?

And some of you that are so pro-life... #scotusappointmentsareforlife

Let's not parse realities. A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hillary. At least have the honesty to own it.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Unbelievable how many of my white Conservative friends are getting sucked into the false media narrative being perpetuated by Black Lives Matter. Nary a word about this BS from my Black friends. I know you are emotionally and mentally exhausted from all this (at least I am)--reading and debating about it. But, if you read nothing else, read this.

"The Black Lives Matter movement claims that white officers are especially prone to shooting innocent blacks due to racial bias, but this too is a myth. A March 2015 Justice Department report on the Philadelphia Police Department found that black and Hispanic officers were much more likely than white officers to shoot blacks based on “threat misperception”—that is, the mistaken belief that a civilian is armed.

A 2015 study by University of Pennsylvania criminologist Greg Ridgeway, formerly acting director of the National Institute of Justice, found that, at a crime scene where gunfire is involved, black officers in the New York City Police Department were 3.3 times more likely to discharge their weapons than other officers at the scene.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been stunningly successful in changing the subject from the realities of violent crime. The world knows the name of Michael Brown but not Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old black child lured into an alley and killed by gang members in Chicago last fall. Tyshawn was one of dozens of black children gunned down in America last year. The Baltimore Sun reported on Jan. 1: “Blood was shed in Baltimore at an unprecedented pace in 2015, with mostly young, black men shot to death in a near-daily crush of violence.”

Those were black lives that mattered, and it is a scandal that outrage is heaped less on the dysfunctional culture that produces so many victims than on the police officers who try to protect them."


Monday, June 27, 2016

My Head Hurts

Seeing this picture on Facebook this morning has literally ruined my day.

The worst part--

Yes, aside from the fact that Omar Mateen was a registered Democrat and Hillary supporter.
And aside from the fact that carried out this atrocity in the name of ISIS, ALLAH and ISLAM.

--is that these people are VOTERS.


Friday, June 24, 2016


So, I can't even write right now. Seeing the most important SCOTUS votes all tied up, elucidating how urgent it is that Hillary get NO WHERE NEAR the White House. And, listening to Hillary's last speech where she used all Republican's words against Trump is making me hate the Trump hold outs more than the Bernie and Hillary people and I am trying not to let myself fully go there...

Thursday, June 09, 2016

The Veep Game

So, I think discussing possible VP picks might be my favorite part of Presidential elections. Deliberating over the merits of various potentials and who would actually enhance the ticket and influence voters.

So, for those (R)'s that haven't yet committed to Trump --Is there someone that would ease your mind a bit in the VP spot? I know I would love to see Newt fill the spot, but Condi Rice or Joni Ernst might be the more politic choice.

if Hillary is smart, she'll steer clear of Pocahontas and Crazy Bernie and go for a business minded male...though I hope she goes for Warren.

I have to say, I'll be annoyed if Trump goes the Kaisch or Christy RINO route...

Who would you like to see?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Late Term Abortion Advocate's Ridiculous New Ad

For a woman that would advocate for abortions until a baby is 24 weeks* and one that is said to have had numerous of her own abortions, to criticize someone for saying that pregnancies were inconvenient for businesses seems a bit Twilight Zone-ish...

The ad: Trump said during a 2004 interview with NBC, “Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for the woman; it’s a wonderful thing for the husband. It’s certainly an inconvenience for a business.”

Dear Hillary: Not sure who is advising you these days, but attempting to impugn someone for saying pregnancy is inconvenient to business while you don't believe that a pregnant woman is even carrying a child or has any obligation to that child until it could survive on it's own seems beyond disingenuous.

*The Socialist Sanders would allow an abortion until the second a baby was born--he actually said 'no restrictions' so perhaps even after birth--a swift kick, or a smashing the skull...


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Down & Dirty from the Grip

And this, my friends and rivals, is why I am a Trump-ette. FINALLY, an (R) with cojones! BILL Cosby being in the news for the same reason right now is fortuitous. A MSNBC host actually messed up and said Bill Clinton instead of Cosby the other day. Talk about taking away ANY power of the fictitious War on Women... This is so refreshing after watching Romney play nice guy with Obama last time around.

The cigar, Hillary's cackle. Brilliant.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

#TBT Caption It!

It's Throw Back Thursday and I say we celebrate the strong SCOTUS potentials Trump released yesterday and latest polls showing The Donald ahead of Crooked Hillary with a return to levity and a good old fashioned Blonde Sagacity Caption It...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Social Issues Secondary This Time Around

So, I keep wondering why I am not tortured about pulling the lever for Trump like so many of my Conservative brethren. Hell, far from tortured...I voted for him in the primary. It's odd because I know for a fact that I am much more Conservative than many of these tortured souls. So I've been trying to put my finger on what it is about the Donald that makes me feel an ease in voting for him.

Out of the primary gate, my first choice was Rand Paul. However, that was pretty short lived.

To me, the Libertarian Party is like that hot guy you meet that dresses well and seems so perfect--and then you find out he's a little non-committal on ideas you feel should be a matter of steadfast morals, and then you find out he's a crier. Kind words, movies, cards...cries at the drop of a hat. Unacceptable (to me).

Like the Libertarian party in general, Rand was a little too wussy for me. The vaccine thing didn't help matters either.

So, about the time Rand was letting me down, The Man and I went to see Ann Coulter on her "Adios America" book tour and the statistics about jobs and crime due to illegals was staggering. Her contention --if the Dems allow the never ending influx of illegals it will change the entire voter base making it impossible for a Republican to win the Oval Office (and the SCOTUS implications of that). It was right then and there that I decided that for the first election in my life I would put aside all social issues that were important to me and vote purely on a candidate's response to illegal (and legal to an extent) immigration.

Enter Donald Trump.

The two things crippling our country right now are illegal immigration (please read Coulter's book) and political correctness. Earlier this year one of my boys was harassed for months because he had the audacity to imply Caitlyn Jenner might not actually be a woman. I am talking threats of being beat up! I was just reading that a new study showed that this generation is the MOST POLITICALLY CORRECT in the history of the nation. It needs to stop. We need someone that has the balls to stand up to it.

Enter Donald Trump.

Here's the thing. No other choice was viable for me. ALL of the primary candidates were play-dough soft on immigration until Trump escalated the conversation. Regardless of what many of his fans think, Cruz could NEVER win the White House and his new statement saying he wouldn't want to be on SCOTUS makes me think he wasn't as smart as his resume purported. Even if Trump appoints a right leaning moderate to SCOTUS that comes far from filling Scalia's shoes --that person will still be FORTY MILLION times better than anyone Shrillary would appoint.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

An Open Letter to 41 & 43

Perhaps I am wrong, but I feel that two ballots cast for each of you (more if you include primaries) and donations to Presidential libraries, gives me the right to be heard. I'll be brief.

I realize Trump eviscerated your son/brother. I understand that had to be tough to watch, since I am sure Jeb is a fine son/brother. But, you are both seasoned politicians. You know this was business even when it sounded personal. We all knew Jeb was set up to receive a GOP coronation. We also knew a Bush would NEVER win the Presidency again. He needed to be taken out of the race quickly and swiftly -and in a manner that made it impossible for him to come back. Ever.

We have all had that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that just wouldn't take a hint. Wouldn't go away gracefully. That one we didn't necessarily hate, but ended up having to be pretty cruel to (ultimately for their own good) so they understood it was really done. Forever. That was Jeb --and the entire Bush family by extension.

The country broke up with you, but you didn't seem to know it. The prospect of Clinton V. Bush in 2016 was terrifying to everyone but your family and the party elite that are used to handing the nomination to the next in line and not the person that can win...

So, though it was a bit painful to watch your son/brother have his manhood systematically stripped away on national television (even for us)--it needed to be done. We NEED to win in November and Jeb just wasn't going to get it done.

"It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

You Can't Have It Both Ways, Ladies.

Admittedly, I am not the girliest of girls. I spend 90% of my life in a hockey rink somewhere or other on the east coast and the other 10% in a car with smelly hockey equipment and a gaggle of boys driving to the rink du jour.

So, maybe I'm missing some gene that apparently causes other women to be so easily offended?

Trump specifically offends women? Women clamor for equality, and when they get treated equally they are offended? Are we offended because he called Rosie O'Donnell a pig? Rosie O'Donnell IS a pig. Because he was snarky with MegYn Kelly? He was snarky with every reporter that tried to do a hit piece on him. Because he said Carly didn't have a face for the Presidency? I said the same exact thing about Ted Cruz...from the get go I said he had a face for SCOTUS. Am I a man hater?

Trump is the ONLY candidate that could win against Hillary specifically because he won't pussyfoot because she's a woman. The ONLY candidate that would have the balls to use Bill's dalliances as a counter punch to the Left's fabricated Republican war on women. I like Trump BECAUSE he doesn't temper his talk dependent on gender. I like him BECAUSE he is POLITICALLY INCORRECT. BECAUSE he will get down and dirty (I am waiting with baited breath to hear what he has to say about Debbie Wasserman Schultz's hair!)

Forget the 'act Presidential' bullshit. What is Presidential? A blue dress? A selfie stick in the Oval Office? The first lady dabbing in the rose garden. Please. F Presidential. WIN. Just win.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Bankruptcies, Outsourcing and Layoffs...Oh My.

One of the main draws of The Donald is his business background. Someone that has hired and fired. Someone that made billions from a million. Someone that understands how jobs are created and jobs are lost. Ironically, this is also one of the complaints against Trump, that despite his successes, he's had three businesses that have undergone Chapter 11 re-organization (though he has never personally filed for bankruptcy).

This from the left-leaning Daily Beast: "Yes, in the early 1990s he was nearly insolvent, he was involved in a messy divorce, and his casinos were heading toward bankruptcy. Not a great place to be, and based on my experience covering business and finance, executives in that position rarely rebuild both their wealth and their career.

But Trump did, and his pivot was brilliant: He understood that his best attribute wasn’t as a land speculator—in fact, that’s what got him in trouble. But as a showman and brand manager, he’s near genius. By utilizing those skills, he began to rebuild the Trump brand piece by piece, first through books and then through relentless hype on television. Yes, he can be a blowhard and a nasty chauvinistic prick. But a lot of people who got to know him also liked the image he began to cultivate: that of a man who spoke straight and exuded wealth even if he had lost nearly all of it."

So, the #HillarysArmy wing of the Republican party are saying he is a failed businessman--while they voted for Romney and cheered for Carly Fiorina. Just to be clear, I have no animosity toward Carly (though the singing at the press conference was quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable political moments in recent history). However, the reality is 30,000 people lost their jobs under her watch at HP. 30,000 lost jobs and she walked away from being fired a VERY rich woman. "Fiorina pocketed over $100 million in compensation for her short reign—including a $65 million signing bonus and a $21 million severance." (source)

Romney's business past is riddled with bankruptcies, outsourcing and layoffs, yet he leads the charge to rise up a third party candidate against Trump.

Am I implying that Trump is without blemish? Of course not, just pointing out the flaw of touting Trump's 'failed businesses" after you pulled the Lever for Mitt 'Bain' Romney and raved when Cruz trotted out Carly 'HP' Fiorina.


Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Statesmen, the Holdouts and the A-holes

Since I don't do politics on Facebook (every once in a while I indulge myself by posting something and then quickly deleting it), the last year has been rough. Sitting quietly by, commenting thoughtfully on something only to delete it before it's ever read or published and basically presenting myself as a person that is unaffected by politics.

That's probably why I find myself back here. Write or explode. Gosh, it's been so long I still had Glenn Beck at the top of the links --obviously before he lost his friggn' mind...

So, in real life, I have been trying not to judge the #nevertrumpers (hereby know as #HillarysArmy) too harshly. Just three short years ago, I was a pre-hashtag NeverRomney-er. I was pissed. I was adamant. And, I wasn't a total asshole that would walk away from a chance at unseating Obama, so I put on my red big girl pants and voted for a lib in coiffed Mormon's clothing.

I'm hoping the current crop of hurt and angry Cruz supporters will do the same in November. Once some time has passed. Because, once again I reiterate, Mitt was a way worse candidate than Trump.

The good news, hearing that ALL of my personal political favs are behind Trump to defeat Hillary gave me a bit of faith in the establishment-- Cheney, Huckabee, Herman Cain (if you are not following him on Facebook, you should be! LOVE this man.), Newt Gingrich, and Rand Paul. True statesman, all.

Yes, there will be those that refrain from voting. But they'll be the same a-holes that gave us eight years of Obama. The same holdouts that stood on an imagined moral high ground that facilitated the country's moral decay with the beginnings of a far left SCOTUS. There is no reasoning with someone that doesn't possess common sense.


Wednesday, May 04, 2016

#NeverTrump, SCOTUS and Get Over Yourself

I held my nose and voted for McCain and really gagged while I voted for Mitt Romney. I HATED the thought of Romney being President. I thought he was as douchey as you think Trump is. He was Romneycare. He put his dog on his roof. He was made of plastic--a hollow, uninspiring person.

But I voted. I voted to avoid a second term of Obama. I voted to avoid Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court. I voted to stop the soaring costs of Obamacare.

And I will vote for Trump --truthfully, much easier than I voted for Mitt.

And if those same holdouts want to cost us two more SCOTUS seats---then the sins of the father will certainly be visited on the sons...

It's time for #nevertrump to grow the hell up and be #neverhillary.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It was a raging success

The fundraiser was spectacular. Hizhonor, Lil Eddie Murray was there politicking, which was appropriate to get folks all excited. The line to the bar for the Phoenix was long, but I ran into my ol' pal Chicago Jimmy who had a table so we got waitress service. Her name was Reese, and she knew the Terminator reference. Very bouncy, happy, while running her butt off. Good to get that sort of professional service.

By the time we left they had tapped 8 kegs of the stuff, and that was about 10 pm with hours to go! That's about $2000 I have been told but I am not gonna bet the bank on it.

I quote De Tocqueville:

The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.

In this instance, the people came together, well outside the constraints of government, to lift up our fellow citizens. Quiet rare enough in Seattle.

More to come, by popular request.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Going to the 'splodie site this evening

A local brewery and taproom is holding a fundraiser; it is just a block or so away. All proceeds from drinking Greenwood Phoenix Golden Ale (“we will rise again!”) will go to the fund. Plan to take a gawk at the mess.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

KA-BLOOEY! Case anyone was wondering

Yeah, baby, woke me right up in the wee hours. I was just a block away on Friday night. The gyro place was a favorite of mine. Man, ya' just never know!