Friday, October 24, 2014

Yet again, and the mob howls

There are gun-related 2 bills up for a vote here in Washington.

I-591 would forbid gun confiscation without due process and would restrict state background checks to simply conform to federal law. It is supported by law enforcement, shooting associations, and gun rights groups.

I-594, touted as simply requiring background checks for gun sales, would require background checks on any "transfer" of a gun from one person to another. The way this bill is written, if my neighbor, whom I’ve known for decades, wants to show me the pistol he got off of a dead NVA officer in Vietnam, we would have to go to a gun shop, get a background check on me, and only if I passed could he hand the gun to me to look at. THEN, to hand it back, by the strict letter of the law, we'd have to reverse the process. It is supported by Bloomberg, various anti-rights groups, and most leftist politicians who have the courage to comment, thoiugh many will not touch gun rights issues.

Lately the Seattle Times has run a series on lead poisoning at local gun ranges. I know that is a big issue, but the pieces are written to make the ranges look as bad as possible. Thing is, the online articles are mal-formatted so that comments, while allowed, are not possible. This was a multi-part series over a number of days, and the mal-formatting continued with each installment.

Now this shooting.

Before we knew ANYTHING about the details, the pro I-594 crowd was howling that we need to pass that bill and that anyone against it was in favor of dead kids. Of course, nobody could detail how the bill would have prevented this atrocity. Simply, it likely would not have, as has been the case for pretty much all these shootings, not to mention the Islamists in Canada lately.

Bottom line to me is this:

The way we have raised kids for decades, and the policies we have implemented, have bred many monsters. The answer, to the fools, is to first blame those who advocate different ways of child rearing and different policies, and call names. Then, enact additional laws and policies that perpetuate the failure, but have faith that this time, things will be different and will work out well.

So far, the shooter, 14, and another student are dead, three others in very bad shape. The shooter’s tweets make him to look like a sex crazed, angry kid. Over the next weeks, we’ll get to know much more about this kid, his family life, and background.
Teach your children well and hold them close.