Thursday, July 17, 2014

Children Crossing the Border Crisis: SOLVED

The latest statistic I read, regarding the 'waiting list' for adoption in the United States, stated that there were 36 couples waiting for every one baby that was placed for adoption. I don't know what that translates to in terms of years waiting.

So, I'm thinking. We have children being sent across our border in the hands of some extremely shady folks. No matter what the discussions cover, the government will never send them back. The chances of finding their families is most likely slim to none. This means the government will end up putting them in our system and shouldering the load.

Why does bureaucracy never solve two problems at once? Hire adoption specialists and background checkers and set up right there on the border. Let perspective adoptive families come, adopt and assume financial responsibility. This helps them by cutting down their waiting time substantially, taking away exorbitant international adoption fees (US adoption averages $34,000 and International Adoption averages $44,000) and helps the American people by placing children in a loving home and relieving the states and federal government of the financial burden.

I know this is too common sense to actually get done. But, I like it.


CrabbyOldMan said...

placing children in a loving home requires that the prospective parents be carefully screened. There have been horror stories in Minnesota about some real horseshit foster parents.
Your idea would attract all kinds of people whose motives are not pure. I don't think the idea is all that simple. Also, there are some question marks over the "children" themselves. From what I understand most are males in their mid to late teens. Who would want them?

Tater said...

Kinda agree Crabby, most of 'em wouldn't be "adoptable". Also agree with Ala, we’ll never get rid of these scum. Instead me and the other 49% of the population that pays Federal income tax, will spend the rest of our lives feeding, clothing, housing and providing medical care for these leeches. They of course will thank us by voting Democrat so that they can get even more free shit.

As I’ve often said, the 21st century will be to America, what the 20th century was to Britain, start out a superpower, finish up a has-been.

Pity your kids, they’ll be fine for now, but will die in a third-world Latin American shit-hole.


ALa said...

I agree and meant to say kids 8 and under and people that had already gone through adoption process and were just waiting...

KayInMaine said...

Yeah just try to ignore the obvious Faux Jews lovers - PLANE WAS BROUGHT DOWN BY CHAINEY! Khaluha Lumper is one of the inlightened nations with a warrant out for Bush Chainey for war crimes and rascism. Of course the facist and his CIA will attack this inlightened country, especially because its all brown people!

CrabbyOldMan said...

I'd bet the farm KayInMaine is white.
I have no idea if she is in a state or private institution. Does anyone else know?

Foxy Wizard said...

I have a friend who works in the oil field and goes to Kuala Lumpur on a regular basis. His compound is surrounded by razor wire, and the natives still practice cannibalism. I guess that would be enlightened by KayInMaine's standards.

Foxy Wizard said...

KayInMaine has been drinking too much Khaluha.

Bram said...

Who would adapt a kid that old with living parents who could show up at anytime?

No thanks.

Zelda said...

Foxy, it's "inlightened." And with "Khaluha Lamper," KayInMaine is now the single greatest parody troll on the internet.

Foxy Wizard said...

I love her. She always gets a cackle out of me.

Tater said...

Just keeps getting better, now Obozo is gonna send down folks to hear alien kids IN THEIR COUNTRY to determine refugee status! That way we can fly them here AT TAXPAYER'S expense!!

All by executive power of course, who need Congress, or a boarder...


Foxy Wizard said...

That's a hell of a slumber party.

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