Tuesday, June 03, 2014

What if it wasn't Bowe Bergdahl?

Look at the headlines above... You know Obama must be floundering if even CNN, Time and Newsweek aren't backing his latest foible.

I'm fairly sure we'll all agree that this is a disaster. That the fact that six soldiers died on missions searching for what appears to be a deserter (not to mention enemy sympathizer) is bad enough, but to know that FIVE top operatives were released that could orchestrate the deaths of many, many more...is virtually unbelievable.

But, my question is...what if it wasn't Bowe Bergdahl (Weird dad a Ziggy Stardust fan or just can't spell?)?

What if if were Matt Maupin (RIP) or Pat Tillman (RIP)? What if it were an honorable, American loving soldier that was serving and fighting for their country with pride. And we knew they were being tortured or their health was in jeopardy.

I know it's easy to say we don't negotiate with terrorists, but I am also not a hypocrite and I know if it were my son, I'd want anything to be done to get him back.

And I know people say this opens the door to military members being kidnapped for money --but I think I'd rather them kept alive for the hope of money than decapitated fro the glory of Allah...


kalipornia said...

tough call. i mean, who wants to get into the business of judging the patriotism of a POW before deciding whether or not to negotiate?

SoLow said...

20 years ago as an active duty Marine I would have been appalled and disgusted by the CIC negotiating with terrorists like this, even if he was negotiating my own release. On the flipside, now that I have sons of my own, I can't decide which side of the fence I fall on. I think I would have rather seen them fully investigate the allegations of desertion prior to freeing 5 terrorists in exchange for him. If it was confirmed as deserting, why should we go to any trouble (not to mention putting more troops at risk) to free him from where he presumably wanted to be?

CrabbyOldMan said...

As terrible as it sounds, I have to say that swapping five high level enemies for one low level guy is a very bad idea for lots of reasons, even if our guy were the epitome of a good soldier.
From what I have seen so far, however, it looks like Bergdahl is a looser.
I think that Jug Ears (and accordingly all the rest of us) got his dick handed to him on a plate. I also think the message sent will result in a lot of people being kidnapped.
Nope! No difference at all!

Anonymous said...

Barry trades 5 of his Islamic bros. back for a KNOWN loser? Who could have seen that coming??? This whole thing was contrived and orchestrated well before hand.
But...but....the released terrorist have to stay in Qater! Yup, that will happen.

free0352 said...

If it were my own daughter I wouldn't support it.

Xavier said...

Yeah, there had to be a better way of getting this done but this was clearly too much for too little. This woulda only made sense if there was some hollywood shtick involved that would caused the baddies hearts to explode if they ever left Qatar. Ya know?

Proof said...

I've thought about taking Bergdahl out of the equation, and it still doesn't fly. What if the Taliban had asked for drone technology? Stealth technology? Stinger missiles?? How about machine guns???

As much as we would want to see the freedom of any American, that desire must be balanced against the potential for harm to other Americans and the principle of not negotiating with terrorists. In that, this doesn't pass the smell test.

And what was the exigent circumstance claimed by Obama, to violate the law and bypass Congress to make this questionable deal?

Good luck getting any straight answers out of the "most transparent" administration in history!

free0352 said...

If it was my own daughter, I wouldn't be for putting more Americans at risk by negotiating with terrorists just because I'd want my kind back.

I'm not willing to see more Americans die because I like my own kid. That's fucked up.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Just heard an interview with his team leader who lives near here. Everyone in his outfit had to sign confidentiality agreements to not discuss the matter as long as Bergdhal was held. But now, they can speak, and it is clear that, from the beginning, they knew he deserted. The lies concocted that he fell behind his patrol, we don't know what happened, whatever, were just that - lies. And Susan Rice adds to her history of being a lying shill for Obama by her crap about his "serving with honor and distinction." Soldiers take the risk of capture, and we know the pigs of Allah (piss be upon him) are vile scum with captives. But Bergdahl walked off and joined them. After he did, the local Taliban attacks became much more pointed and deadly. Unless there is something really big we are missing, Bergdahl took up arms against his nation and fellow soldiers. I would not trade a sick goat for him.

Zelda said...

I would feel far differently if he hadn't renounced his citizenship. But the price was too high for a traitor.

I understand not negotiating with terrorists. I support that as our official policy. But I understand wheeling and dealing behind the scenes to get back good people from barbarians because the beheadings and murders of our troops or other citizens do not make for good tv.

Anonymous said...

We have the Lil sh*t back from enemy hands now let's get busy and give him a fair trial and execution here at home. Damned deserter.