Wednesday, June 04, 2014

From the Loins of the Father

So, I definitely wouldn't be classified as a "birther." I took a slight interest in the citizenship of the President before he entered the Oval Office, but I pretty much set that aside once Winston Churchill's bust was hastily shipped back to 10 Downing Street. I won't lie....when these photos surface on my Facebook timeline, I can't help but to click the link...

But, out of pure entertainment.

I was and am much more interested in the psychology of a Muslim being elected to office post 9/11. No, I am also not one of those folks that claims Barack Husein Obama is secretly kneeling facing Mecca from the White House. Truthfully, I think Obama only worships at the alter of Obama, is a humanist and disdains all religion as the crutch of the weak minded. BUT, I also know that as Judaism is from the womb of the Mother --that Muslims are beget from the loins of their Fathers. My contention has always been that whether President Obama professes or practices Islam is irrelevant --in the eyes of the "Arab Street" (that we're always so concerned about), he IS a Muslim. His Father was a Muslim. His loins were Muslim. They beget a Muslim.

I never could understand how people could argue with this. I feel it's beyond debate.

Why am I thinking about this again in 2014?

Because of Mariam Yahya Ibrahim.

"Ibrahim was condemned to die by hanging after she declined to profess she is a Muslim, the religion of her father. Sharia law considers her a Muslim and does not recognize her marriage to a Christian. She is unlikely to change her mind despite giving birth in prison, says her husband Daniel Wani, who also is a Christian.

The court convicted her of apostasy and adultery two weeks ago. At the time, she was eight months pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl this week at a Khartoum prison, where she's detained with Martin, her 20-month-old son.

Despite languishing in prison with two infants, she's holding firm to her beliefs, according to her husband.

"There is pressure on her from Muslim religious leaders that she should return to the faith," Wani told CNN in a TV exclusive. "She said, 'How can I return when I never was a Muslim? Yes, my father was a Muslim, but I was brought up by my mother.' "
Christian sentenced to death
Will Sudan execute jailed young mother?
Husband: All I can do is pray

Wani said his wife is a practicing Christian, more so than him, and even had their son baptized." (source)

In the eyes of Shari law, she is a Muslim regardless of her own beliefs because her FATHER is a Muslim.

If anyone should be rushing to do something about this, it's Obama! Her husband is an American and her children are therefore American and she is slotted to become and American due to those things... Yet our President, that could find himself sentenced to the same fate given his lineage, does nothing.


Haverwilde said...

There have been blood thirsty tyrants. The last century was noted for many such. But through the lens of history, none can hold a candle to the carnage and slaughter by Muslims.
It is more of the 'up is down,' 'black is white,' 'war is peace,' alteration in language by the fascist leftist that it goes by the moniker 'religion of peace.'

CrabbyOldMan said...

I don't think that we can deal with the Muslims of the world in any way other than by having superior force and leaving no doubt that we will use it.
The Romans operated under the principle of "they do not love us, so let them fear us".
I read someplace not long ago that the safest thing that one could be in anciient times was a Roman, because whoever maltreated any Roman could expect the Roman army to show up and do terrrible things.
Here we are, letting a gang of rag heads with a seventh century mentality treat an American citizen like this!

Fearthuinn min an Saille said...

I've been wondering about the State Dept, too, considering the husband is also in jail (since their marriage isn't recognized, sex out of wedlock). Where is Kerry?

Zelda said...

I really don't know why we are tolerating this treatment of our citizens by these tribal primitives.

Foxy Wizard said...

Obama HATES Americans.

Anonymous said...

I don't live under Shahira so law. Why should I agree with its stupid idea that its passed through the father???

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