Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Move Along. No Story Here.

One of the main reasons I felt I needed to walk away from writing about politics, was I didn't want to just keep writing "What if Bush would have done this?!" over and over.

The hypocrisy of journalists, commentators, lawmakers and even my friends is more than I can bear at times.

Imagine George Bush seduced his barely legal intern and there's a red dress and the Right collectively insists it's not a story. That it's not our business. That we don't care. Imagine Ken Starr leads the denials and dismissals. Would their heads explode right off their bodies? Well, that's how I have felt for the past six years. And yes, I feel it's been that blatant at times.

One of those times. Benghazi.

This article was one of those head exploding moments for me: Worldview: Benghazi committee a waste of time, but lucrative for GOP
by Trudy Rubin

Then, if the penned version wasn't maddening enough, I made the mistake of listening to her on Dick Morris' show yesterday.

Here's the crux of her argument (and I quote): "Did the administration deliberately do something to cause the deaths?" (emphasis hers) And if they didn't, "there is no story."

So, sorry, but I have to go there. Did Bush deliberately do anything to cause deaths during Katrina? If I recall, that was a pretty big story with lots of blame. And he didn't have Condoleeza Rice go out and blame the storm on the Nation of Islam's hoovering Mother Ship for two weeks.

In fact, I decided to look up what Ms. Rubin had to say about Katrina and the non-deliberate deaths and was expecting to find nothing, right? No story there, right? Wrong. She actually wrote a huge Blame Bush OpEd entitled Katrina debacle flattens America's image abroad

Ms. Rubin wrapped up her maddening interview (she was right to go into journalism, as her voice was reminiscent of SNL's Coffee Talk with Linda Richman) by saying that the Administration story that Benghazi was caused by a demonstration that started over a movie "was not a lie, but spin." And that "the American people don't care about any of this."

Dear Trudy, Please don't ever presume to speak for me again. I am the "American people" and I DO care about this. If you think a "slow response" to a natural disaster "flattened America's image," what do you think no response to deliberate deaths by an impotent President did to America's image?


T. Paine said...

I absolutely concur with your sentiments Ala.

From Solyndra to Fast & Furious, to Benghazi, to the IRS scandals, to even appointing a tax cheat to head the Treasury Department are all things that would have doomed a Republican presidency and resulted in hearings and probably impeachment procedings.

With this administration and the lapdog sycophantic mainstream media, all of those things are simply annoyances drummed up by racists that hate our Dear Leader because of the color of his skin.

The irony is the left long ago abandoned any sense of morality and objectivity. They have destroyed Dr. King's dream and instead have looked specifically at the color of the president's skin instead of the content of his character, and then they have the audacity to call us on the right "racist".

The world is truly upside down.

Zelda said...

What bothers me most about the Benghazi scandal was their instinct to blame a stupid video for the actions of psychotic Islamists. The fact that it was a lie in Benghazi only compounds it, but there were riots and deaths that did occur in other places because of the movie, and that kind of response isn't any more acceptable than a planned attack. Yet the administration acts as if the Islamists had a right to murder people over it.

Bram said...

Did you see Trey Gowdy embarrass the press? He gives me some hope that the real questions mike get asked this time.

CrabbyOldMan said...

The explanation is actually very simple. The leftards dominate both the news and the entertainment media.
The Communists => Marxists => Socialists => Progressives => New Left => Progressives (again) believe themselves to possess absolute truth and absolute virtue. They are convinced that their goals are the inevitable result of a historic process. The leftards see it as their sacred religious duty to do everything in their power to speed the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven, even though it will come eventually without their help. Because they are trying to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven, all means are justified. Period.
Notice any similarity to the Spanish Inquisitors? The Jihadists?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Foxy Wizard said...

Hello, ALa.

Haven't been to your site in awhile. Glad to see you're posting again.

I have missed you.

And, yes, I have been flabbergasted/dismayed/infuriated by the media and Hollywood. I can't really say it any better than you or TPaine said it.

I read mark Levin's book "The Liberty Amendments", and as far as I can tell, his solution is our only hope, and a fleeting hope at that.

Nate said...

Until you start covering issues in a balanced and fair manner, I don't think you have any room to complain.

Haverwilde said...

Nate, Balanced, Fair???
Those are two concepts beyond your ken.
You like all of the left, have the ability to swallow outrageous falsehoods and hypocrisy.

You and your ilk are not just misguided souls who swallowed the indoctrination of our educational system. You are willingly blind, gullible fools who would rather live in a fantasy world forever, even as the real world crumbles around you, than ponder a single idea contrary to your leftist dogma.

Nate said...

Ad Hominem, because I'm right.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Nit should have said "Blasphemy, because it has been so written and I am a follower of the true faith”.

Nate said...

You aren't helping your cause by insulting the guy who just called out the personal attacks. Never let the facts get in the way of a good insult....

Haverwilde said...

Yes Nate, it is about you.
As to your being 'right,' that is more of the 'up is down,' 'black is white,' 'war is peace,' crap.
You are the opposite of 'right' you are both left and wrong.
That is not an emotional response, that is a factual one. And yes it is aimed at you. You fail to support factually anything you say.

Zelda said...

Nate is single-mindedly focused on remaining ignorant of the differences between a journalist and an editorialist.