Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Do You Feel My Pain?

"The CIA’s top officer in Kabul was exposed Saturday by the White House when his name was inadvertently included on a list provided to news organizations of senior U.S. officials participating in President Obama’s surprise visit with U.S. troops.

The White House recognized the mistake and quickly issued a revised list that did not include the individual, who had been identified on the initial release as the “Chief of Station” in Kabul, a designation used by the CIA for its highest-ranking spy in a country.

The disclosure marked a rare instance in which a CIA officer working overseas had his cover — the secrecy meant to protect his actual identity — pierced by his own government." (source)

In Afghanistan. A real operative. An undercover operative in real, eminent danger.

A "top officer" no less.

Not a paper pusher at a desk at Langley.

Here we go again.

"One of the main reasons I felt I needed to walk away from writing about politics, was I didn't want to just keep writing "What if Bush would have done this?!" over and over.

The hypocrisy of journalists, commentators, lawmakers and even my friends is more than I can bear at times." (source: here. a few days ago)

What? Valerie Plame could not be reached for comment?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

CBFTW has an OpEd about the VA in the NYT:

Thank You for Being Expendable by Colby Buzzell
"Keep this in mind: If I’m calling the V.A., it’s because I’m in really bad shape. But when I’d tell them I really needed to see somebody ASAP, sooner than that, they’d always tell me the same exact thing: “Sorry. But that’s the earliest we can see you.” I’ve since learned that when things are really bad, it’s better to just show up at the V.A. emergency room."

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wise words, and no sniveling protesting "free speech as long as I approve of it" leftist brats whining and mewing

Obama's slogan "Hope and Change" was always meaningless drivel for the non-thinking masses. Hope for what? What kind of change? Obama, after calling America the greatest nation in history, invited his sycophantic hoards to join him in fundamentally changing it!" When I asked my lefty Obama-supporting friends what "fundamental change" meant, I got no answers. They had no idea. "Get rid of congress?" I asked. Some understandable laughter and agreement followed, but, no, not that. "No more juries, just selected judges hearing and deciding cases?" Nope. "Maybe have panels to approve speech?" Aw, jeez, Vid, that would never happen.

Admiral McRaven, at the University of Texas, gave a commencement speech that addresses how to actually change the world. And it is notable that no "free speech" brats tried to force cancellation of someone they disagreed with. I guess some universities are populated with adults.

He asked, "What will the world look like after you change it?" This is something the Obama-ites never seem to consider. It will be...better. Fine for leading the peasants to charge the gun emplacements during the la revolucion, but not for leading a country. It will all be rainbows, happiness and free stuff - that is the vision of most people I know who support Obama and crew. Free health care, oh wait, "quality" health care. Cars that run clean and for free. Disability and food stamps, all for free. Well, Adm. McRaven advances reality, not delusions, with his speech, largely based in his time in SEAL basic training. Wisdom, not the jabbering platitudes and falsehoods dripping from Obama and his vile followers.

Read it and hear it here.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Atheist Chaplains...Oh, and Yetis

Please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong....but isn't an "Atheist Chaplain" basically a counselor?

Even though the group pressing the cash-strapped military to add the Non-God-Believing Chaplains have now changed the name to "Humanist Chaplain," that's still just a counselor, right? And the military already has those?

And isn't the definition of said Chaplain "a minister, such as a priest, pastor, rabbi, imam or lay representative of a religious tradition."

My head hurts.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Move Along. No Story Here.

One of the main reasons I felt I needed to walk away from writing about politics, was I didn't want to just keep writing "What if Bush would have done this?!" over and over.

The hypocrisy of journalists, commentators, lawmakers and even my friends is more than I can bear at times.

Imagine George Bush seduced his barely legal intern and there's a red dress and the Right collectively insists it's not a story. That it's not our business. That we don't care. Imagine Ken Starr leads the denials and dismissals. Would their heads explode right off their bodies? Well, that's how I have felt for the past six years. And yes, I feel it's been that blatant at times.

One of those times. Benghazi.

This article was one of those head exploding moments for me: Worldview: Benghazi committee a waste of time, but lucrative for GOP
by Trudy Rubin

Then, if the penned version wasn't maddening enough, I made the mistake of listening to her on Dick Morris' show yesterday.

Here's the crux of her argument (and I quote): "Did the administration deliberately do something to cause the deaths?" (emphasis hers) And if they didn't, "there is no story."

So, sorry, but I have to go there. Did Bush deliberately do anything to cause deaths during Katrina? If I recall, that was a pretty big story with lots of blame. And he didn't have Condoleeza Rice go out and blame the storm on the Nation of Islam's hoovering Mother Ship for two weeks.

In fact, I decided to look up what Ms. Rubin had to say about Katrina and the non-deliberate deaths and was expecting to find nothing, right? No story there, right? Wrong. She actually wrote a huge Blame Bush OpEd entitled Katrina debacle flattens America's image abroad

Ms. Rubin wrapped up her maddening interview (she was right to go into journalism, as her voice was reminiscent of SNL's Coffee Talk with Linda Richman) by saying that the Administration story that Benghazi was caused by a demonstration that started over a movie "was not a lie, but spin." And that "the American people don't care about any of this."

Dear Trudy, Please don't ever presume to speak for me again. I am the "American people" and I DO care about this. If you think a "slow response" to a natural disaster "flattened America's image," what do you think no response to deliberate deaths by an impotent President did to America's image?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jumping Right In

So, in the comments of the last post Haverwilde wrote:

"Rand Paul, hmm, 90% "right on!" and 10% "WTF?!"

And that is the perfect jumping off point I think.

What do we know about him. What are the things we really like. What are the things that give us pause, but most important what will the MSM exploit to discredit him when he starts to gain traction?

I haven't been excited about a candidate since Fred Thompson let me down hard. I feel like I could get excited about Rand. Curly hair and all.

Figured if I gave him a little Google, I'd find out pretty quick if the Left felt as if he were a contender/threat:

First off, they all seem to use this terrible picture of him:

(Though, I use terrible pictures of my political undesirables too, so I won't be hypocritical and call them out about that....)

But, there really wasn't that much. A lot about him being against Voter IDs. A few about Rick Santorum "not being on the Rand Paul bandwagon," but that's okay with me. And a few insinuating he doesn't have the pull some think he does as a candidate he backed didn't win.

(Lead picture is from a Vogue pictorial & profile on Senator Paul and his family)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lazarus Blog?

So, I feel like I've been gone forever. Like a lifetime has passed since I was a stay-at-home mom of two little boys searching desperately for a voice and some intellectual stimulation. I like to think that I found both here. Can you believe that was 10 years ago?!

But, the boys got older and another one joined them. My stay-at-home mom status turned into a Work-from-Home status as I was able to use all the things I learned here and turn them into a wee little web business that now has me running the websites and social media for a small cadre of clients. Nothing huge, but enough to allow The Man to only do side work when we have a friend in dire need of his mechanical skills.

We have now evolved into 100% hockey parents. Anyone that has children that play travel ice hockey know what this means. Five to seven days in a rink if you have one playing...we have three. This means seven days a week and most days inhabiting multiple rinks. Our oldest lettered in Varsity Ice Hockey for his school this year. He's only a Freshman, so this was huge. A 14 year old out there playing AA varsity hockey. Our 13 year old goalie went to an international tournament in Lake Placid this season and had the most saves in his entire division and third most in the tournament. He was also awarded MVP. The five year old is already dangling, deking and scoring top shelf. I even started a women's hockey program at our rink and now look forward to my own ice time each week. This is the entirety of our lives right now.

That's the good stuff that has kept me away. Unfortunately, the good has been tempered with some very bad.

My precious, amazing, resilient, 13 year old goalie has been diagnosed with a rare (12 pediatric cases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia), incurable liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (Walter Payton died of a cancer that was a side effect of this disease). Ten years ago, his life expectancy would have been 12 years from his diagnosis -even with a transplant that would most likely develop the same disease. Now, a doctor that I feel eternally debited to, Dr. Kenneth Cox of the Stanford University School of Medicine, has discovered that an antibiotic used for C-Diff taken in a high dose every day removes all trace of the disease. It's not a cure, but it's a hope. And it is working for my goalie. His liver functions have been perfect since beginning the $6,000/mo drug that (THANK GOD!) our insurance company is covering. They first thought he had leukemia, so I guess we should be grateful it's PSC. Through all of this sickness, testing (liver biopsy two days before Christmas) and missed school --his all honors schedule replete with French and violin, never suffered. Not even a slight drop in his all A's. Not to mention, the kid never missed even one game or even practice. What an inspiration he is. Not once feeling sorry for himself or using it as an excuse.

I don't have the strength he has. I was in a very dark place. I didn't dwell on the 'why my kid,' because why anyone's kid? Or 'why the kid that never does anything wrong,' because it seems to always be that amazing kid that has to deal with the worst stuff. I just felt incapacitated with the weight of the sadness. Wondering how I would parent normally with that hanging over my head.

But one day it hit me. I can't live like that. I owe it to him, and my entire family, to make everything as normal as possible. To truly live each day to the fullest and not just give that mantra lip service. So that's what I've resolved to do.

I've also resolved to rejoin the political world. I've dropped out the past few years because I was just too disillusioned. Too disgusted with the people around me. But, I've felt convicted to reengage.

I'm pretty sure this means vigorous campaigning for Rand Paul.

I'm glad I didn't delete you little blog. I am not promising you will ever regain your former modest glory...but I hope to regain at least a fraction of my political voice.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Why Don't They Understand This?

I already prefer the self checkout as I am much more efficient in sorting and bagging than any 17 year old...