Monday, March 24, 2014

Next IRS political operative shoe to drop

Okay, Obama and his crew have used the IRS to harass conservative political groups, delay their granting of tax deductible status while letting "progressive" groups sail thru, including Obama's half-brother’s sham organization, and generally broken many laws and all decency by these vile tactics. They have turned the IRS loose on personal critics like Sarah Palin's father and Dr. Ben Carson. Carson, you know, that black guy who is a fave rave of the raaaacccciiiisssst tea party. Yeh, that guy. Had the uppityness to point out the wrong headedness of leftist policies while Obama was on the podium.

Leftists simply shrug and yawn and dismiss the facts as lies (ala Harry Reid) or choose to not care. They know that a Republican administration is far less likely to scoff at the law, so when the Dems get the boot, they figure they have little to worry about. Probably right.

Next up, the IRS has been looking over conservative website and other social media to track comments and "likes" to select targets. It's coming down the pike and may break sooner rather than later. Sorce is a U.S. Congress critter who is in a position to know. Just call this a Monday tidbit of further corruption in the current regime.


Haverwilde said...

Is anyone surprised?
The most corrupt administration in American history is going to double down on corruption.... Wow


Have a nice day, all of you Leftist assholes who will not criticize, but instead support this corruption.

CrabbyOldMan said...

The fuehrer’s followers don’t give a damn about the corruption, either because: (a) the goodies they get; or, (b) all means are justified to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven, which particularly include stamping out heresy.

CrabbyOldMan said...

When Havirwilde called Saint Barry’s flock The most corrupt administration in American history he forgot to include INCOMPETENT.
It is very dangerous for this country to have become the laughing stock of the international community.
Anyone who is even a little bit familiar with the events in the months preceding WWI, the mid and late 1930s and the first couple years of the Kennedy administration is frightened by the realization that we are now in similar circumstances. That is, we have leadership that is nowhere near the caliber necessary to go toe to toe with the Russians, the Chinese or the Iranians, all of whom are emboldened every time one of our faith-healer-in-chief’s patients dies.

Haverwilde said...

Unfortunately Crabby, They are extremely competent in a narrow skill set.
They have turned M.L.King Jr. 'Dream' on its head. Now a man is judge by the color of his skin, so long as it is not white.
They have created the most racist administration in 100 years.
They have created all the trappings of a great national-socialist party, with armed storm troopers equipped with mini-tanks and a billion rounds of ammo.
They have destroyed the value of the American dollar by structural inflation that no subsequent administration can combat without a huge backlash.
They have almost destroyed the market economy that was the strength of this nation.
They have so perverted the election process that wholesale fraud is accepted.
They are extremely competent at the skills needed to destroy this once great nation.
God Damn they Leftist souls to the hell of their own making.

Haverwilde said...

What,no comment from Nate and the rest of the assholes on the Left!

CrabbyOldMan said...

Of course not.We both know why. So does everyone else.

CrabbyOldMan said...

This is a reader comment to an article in

There will be no putting it to rest as long as the Left sees Global Warming as a way to control other people's lives. If there comes a point where that seems no longer possible, the AGW crisis, just like the Nuclear Winter crisis, just like America Awash in Disposable Diapers crisis, just like the Heterosexual AIDS crisis, just like the Peak Oil crisis, just like the Population Bomb crisis, just like the Food Shortage crisis.....will disappear, and a new crisis will be proclaimed by the Democrats and Leftists.

I particularly enjoyed the comment because I remember every Goddamn one, plus some others.

The lefty faith, like the other wacko religions (proclaiming that the end is near so sign your property over to the church NOW) left me with sacrilegious thoughts after the red dye scare and full blown agnosticism after “ eggs will send you to a very early grave”.

Haverwilde said...

I just got a message about Obama being considered the 5th greatest president.

I wondered who the others were.
Well Jimmy Carter was in 4th place.
Then it was weird, 23 presidents were tied for 3rd.
Seventeen tied for 2nd.
And Lincoln and Reagan tied for 1st.
Stupid internet stuff, but the bottom two rankings were 'spot-on.'

CrabbyOldMan said...

Here is the source for awful sacrilege:

Is Obama's Inept Foreign Policy Incompetent Or Intentional?
By Thomas Sowell

CrabbyOldMan said...

I read about Communist strategy in my early high school days. Their aim is to destroy the existing order so that the reds can grab control in the chaos following a collapse.
A couple of the left’s major weapons are riot and sabotage. The objectives are provoking government security measures and creating economic problems that produce backlash against whoever is in control (those sinful “haves”).
The Communists have always dreamed of bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to the whole world. Accordingly, they will always support fellow missionaries, be their flocks large or small, either still trying to attract converts or having already established a state religion.
I think that the seeming contradiction of the left supporting those worst of Heretics, the Muslim fundamentalists, has an explanation. There is a bit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. There is mostly the matter of rule by religious fanatics being intolerable to most people in this day and age. The reds are betting that the Prophet’s most faithful will be eventually overthrown by the congregants using the organization and strategy the Communists will provide.
Guess who will hold all the levers of power at that point.
Note that the people of the flock, who the Saviors loudly claim to champion, are really all expendable as cannon fodder.
I am eager to have it explained why Comrade Hussein and His Commissars do not fit the pattern.

Zelda said...

If you want to know their plans, just listen to their accusations. It's pretty simple.