Friday, February 21, 2014


  1. obsolescent: in the process of becoming obsolete
  2. dying: nearly dead

Our gracious hostess has been distracted with family issues, however, where is everyone else? 2014 got everbody down in the dumps what with the constant ineptitude from DC, the lousy scorching glowball warmening freezing weather, and the frestering impotence of the USA under this circus of an administration in the face of world wide upset and the vacuum of leadership besides Putin, Kim, and various mullahs?

Well, snap out of it! Here are some topics to write about: Torturing puppies: I'm all for it! No, wait, that was an old SNL skit.

How about the effect of Obamacare on anyone? Janet Yellen continuing the Fed program of Keynes and QE. Losing to Canada in hockey...again. Kiev aflame and Obama's pip sqeek yammering and stammering about "consequences."


Haverwilde said...

Well Rickvid, I must take exception to your description of D.C. as inept. I find them to be extremely talented and adept at getting what they want. The progress toward establishing a fascist state has progressed with amazing speed. The machinery of government is now in place to stomp out almost all objections to the movement toward a totalitarian socialist regime.
I am in awe of just how corrupt they are and how they keep on fucking over America.
It has been an awful few years, and it looks like it will be getting worse.
May God damn them all.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Your just a racist holocaust denying hateful hater who racistly denies and hates! Probly thinks global warming is NOT responsible for the raging heat that causes freezing weather, too!

Rickvid in Seattle said...

On a sane level, I do not see Obama as being Machiavellian enough to pull this off. He is lazy, a sluggard, and a dullard who has benefitted from the race card without having to play it; self loathing whites have done that for him. Jarret on the other hand is rather House of Cards like. A nobody who yanks the strings of the Obama puppet.

Haverwilde said...

Well, Obama is just one of the Hydra's heads; and probably the most ineffective one. His head is due to be cut off in a couple of years, but the body politic of the beast, is another matter.

My Alaska had a very good globull worming year. It was beautiful. I hope you all will burn lots of carbon so I can have another one this year. Alas, February sucks. I had to run to Arizona, to partake of the worming. The rest of the country froze, but Phoenix had a record breaking heatwave, so I escaped to Sheriff Joe's land for a few days. Now I get to freeze my arse off again, until the globull worming can catch up with me.

As for racists: we really should define racism as what only a white person can exhibit. If we did that we would cut the national racism by about 95%.

CrabbyOldMan said...

The incredibly stupid and the thieves are well represented among Minnesota public office holders.
I have believed for years that the stupid are puppets whose strings are pulled from behind the scenes by the rascals that actually run things.
The thieves are smarter and have to be bought.
The results are not to the betterment of the average taxpayer.
I think the root of the problem is that the Marxocrats have had to tack a coalition together over many decades. They have done so very skillfully inasmuch as the various groups that comprise the base don’t really like each other. Labor Union people are actually cool to the “progressives” (fna Marxists, Communists, Socialists etc.), and dislike the pacifists, sexual deviates and other misfits and parasites in the Democrat base.
The Conservatives have not got their act together as the lunatic fringe most definitely has. The latter has demonstrated resolve, planning, organization and discipline. The political right has not.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I have serious question directed to anyone who will answer: What is the definition of “bullying”?
There seems to be no end of quacking about “bullying” and the need to eliminate it, but I have never seen the term defined.
I doubt that anyone disagrees that a big kid taking a little kid’s lunch money or just beating the latter up for the fun of it constitutes bullying. On the other hand, it seems that there are those who want to include making a snarky remark about someone picking their nose in class or having bad body odor as “bullying”. I see this as being in the same category as someone freaking out over a cap gun, but maybe I am wrong.

SoLow said...

These days bullying is defined as anything that takes place between 2 people when 1 of the participants is bothered by it and at the same time too much of a pussy to stop it from happening.

My definition is probably similar to yours.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I have said several times that I consider myself lucky to have lived during this country’s high water mark (I was born in 1944). I consider myself unlucky to see our decline. I am very frustrated because there seems to be little that one can do to stop the knaves and fools who are causing our decline.
Much of the problem comes from the average person’s lack of interest in history and just as much because the history that does get to the sheeple is at variance with what actually happened.
A glaring current example is the global warming hoax. The warming proponents don’t mention the global COOLING hoax that preceded it, or that the earth’s temperature has varied considerably throughout its’ existence.
I remember very well (though it is no longer mentioned) when the root of the social pathologies of the words was due almost entirely to segregation, particularly in the schools, and those pathologies would disappear within a few years of there being integration. Oops!
I remember just as well that poverty could be greatly diminished, if not eliminated, by the government providing housing and food to the poor along with social workers to set them on the righteous path. As we all know, the crime rate has plummeted, there are no longer hungry or neglected children, and none of our tax dollars are being spent on gambling or drugs or bling.
I remember when politicians were able to point to the Romans as an example of where heavy taxation, devaluing the currency and bread and circuses for the masses will eventually lead. Our leaders doing so now would only get blank stares in response.
I remember when the country was mindful of the bloody lessons of the two world wars. I don’t think there are very many now who have more than the most superficial knowledge of those wars and, accordingly, why current public policies make a repeat performance inevitable.