Friday, February 21, 2014


  1. obsolescent: in the process of becoming obsolete
  2. dying: nearly dead

Our gracious hostess has been distracted with family issues, however, where is everyone else? 2014 got everbody down in the dumps what with the constant ineptitude from DC, the lousy scorching glowball warmening freezing weather, and the frestering impotence of the USA under this circus of an administration in the face of world wide upset and the vacuum of leadership besides Putin, Kim, and various mullahs?

Well, snap out of it! Here are some topics to write about: Torturing puppies: I'm all for it! No, wait, that was an old SNL skit.

How about the effect of Obamacare on anyone? Janet Yellen continuing the Fed program of Keynes and QE. Losing to Canada in hockey...again. Kiev aflame and Obama's pip sqeek yammering and stammering about "consequences."

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Proud of Seattle, happy about the Hawks!

Over 750,000 people descended on Seattle, a city of 630,000, in 20 degree weather for the Seahawks parade, and beside overflowing trash containers and some transit delays, about which we were warned extensively, every business jammed and busy, and the occasional bit of mild frostbite, the day was grand and joyous. Beautiful clear blue sky, quite unusual this time of year, with only a mild breeze. See more here:

Best of all, not a lick of trouble. No arrests, no uncontrolled crowds. I can think of a number of cities that would have experienced violence and some level of riot.

I attribute this, partly, to Seattle being a pretty laid back city. But also, this was not an alcohol-based event. Everyone was out and about, not sitting in bars, homes, or the stadium pounding back beer. The riots will just have to wait for another time.

Monday, February 03, 2014

The Legion of Boom did it, and BIG!

Almost felt bad for Mann....naaahhhhh. From the first screwed up snap through all the fumbles and inteceptions, well, the song all over the radio today is, "Weeeeee arrrre the chammmmmppppionnnnsss, of the wooooorrrrlllllldddddd!"
Now to go to work downtown and try to get through the drifts of Starbucks cups in the gutters...

Sunday, February 02, 2014

If we win, there will be a Seattle riot.

And a Seattle riot is a terrible thing to behold. Not like The Battle in Seattle during the WTO in '99. No, those were anarchists from Eugene, Or who came to fight. A Seattle riot is a different animal. People will toss their venti and grande sized Starbucks cups into the gutter instead of a recycle bin. Drivers will honk their horns more than twice! They may even fail to stop completely at 4-way stops. Tsk tsk. Some scallywags have even suggled plastic shopping bags into town and are using them at some stores. Pepole will yell loudly after midnight. It is even rumored that some radicals might drink Budweiser instead of one of our great Pacific Northwest ales or IPAs! Awful. I was going to go downtown but, on consideration, I will just stay in my neighborhood and hope for the best!

Yeah, right. GO HAWKS!