Friday, November 08, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Why I post about politics.

Yesterday, one of my well meaning friends wrote this on my Facebook Page: "Foxy Wizard, stop posting about politics. It makes no difference. Go to lunch with a friend, and don't discuss politics for an hour." This "friend" is a person I have seen once in the past 28 years.

I wrote back: "I will post ON MY WALL, whatever I feel like posting." She wrote this condescending remark: "Wondering what will make you happy..." I unfriended her.

But it has set me to thinking about Facebook, and blogs, and what I post.

I post about politics because politics are important to me. It matters very much to me which way my country goes. I see our freedoms taken away day by day. I see a crushing debt being foisted on my grand-children, with no consent on their part, and I see a populace being led down a path that Greece is already experiencing. I see a complicit media who blatantly lies about what is happening, and a people too busy surviving to dig a little deeper and find the truth. The house is on fire, and I guess I am supposed to post about puppies or enchilada recipes. I cannot do that. Over the past 3 years since I have been on Facebook, I have sworn off posting about politics several times cuz people get their feathers ruffled. I have always resumed posting about politics because what I see is too important to ignore.

Facebook has been a curious experience for me. When I first got on, I was involved with the Tea Party. I'd just like to say that each and every rally I have ever attended was peaceful, certainly not racist (some of the best speakers were not white) and clean as a whistle. The main topic was our economy, our spending and our debt, and the implications of these issues on the future of America, the one we are leaving our kids and grand kids. These rallies were about as sinister as a church picnic. I shared about the experience on Facebook, and was called a racist!. At one point, a man I consider a good friend defended me, but he didn't say I wasn't racist. Rather, he pointed out that I had a right to believe what I believed and even though he disagreed with me, maybe if he had walked in my shoes awhile he might be as mistaken as I was. I was flabbergasted at the condescension in his argument, and clear he was not even aware of how positional HE was being. No where in his defense of me was even a glimmer of acknowledgement that maybe I was right in my beliefs- only that he understood why I might have these WRONG beliefs. I gave up on the conversation.

So my posts on Facebook and blogs such as this one have to do with my concern about preserving our freedom and the freedom of our children. And I believe economic issues are a huge threat to our freedom. And when you consider that if you add our national debt to the unfunded liabilities (promises we've made and are on the hook for in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) our debt exceeds $90 trillion. That number is staggeringly high. THERE ARE NOT $90 TRILLION DOLLARS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! In other words, the world economy is way less than $90 trillion dollars. And when I divide that number by 300 million people in the US, it comes to a whopping $300,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. So Maddie, my beautiful 5 year old grand daughter, has a debt of over a quarter million dollars, and so do my other 12 grand kids. And I don't see how the path we are on is sustainable, and incidentally, neither do the people who run these government agencies, nor do the credit rating agencies. And by the way, this number does not include Obamacare. No one has any idea how much that is gonna cost.

And yet, I have yet to hear a single person on the opposite side of my politics even engage in that debate- they simply won't talk about it. The best answer I get is something like: "I can't believe a Republican is suddenly concerned about the debt". Well, first of all, I am not a Republican, I am a Libertarian. But aside from that, what about it? How is this gonna work? None of my Liberal friends will tell me. They simply won't discuss it. The discussion turns to racism or sexism or greed or "you just wanna push grandma over the cliff" or "you just want to give huge bonuses to corporate CEOs" or "you're just a rich white guy and don't understand" or some other such nonsense.

Now I think that deep down inside each one of us is a commitment to have the world work for everyone. I know I do. And I understand that many of my Liberal friends have a similar commitment, and that we simply disagree on How To Solve the Problem. And I accept that, and that is why I have many, many Liberal friends. But folks,do you see someone, really, who just wants our kids to drink dirty water? Really?

So to close this rather long commentary, I'd just like to say that freedom is the most important gift my parents and grand parents gave to me, and I am committed to preserving it for my kids and grand kids, and that is why I post.


Bram said...

1. Not on Facebook - just not interested.

2. The Tea Party is just people across the political spectrum who can do math. Once you do the math, you have to become fiscally conservative if you care about the future.

3. I too have been to Tea Party events and never saw the least bit of racism. In fact one of the big speakers happened to be a black conservative. heard nothing except applause from the crowd for his speech.

jim marquis said...

Well, I guess if you went to Tea Party events and nobody acted racist then it must have never happened anywhere. Hey, you know what...I've never been in a movie theatre where somebody pulled out a gun and shot people. So I guess that's also never happened anywhere ever.

Bram said...

So, if somebody somewhere showed up at a Tea Party with a racist sign - they ALL must be racist.

Strange logic from the party of Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, Bull Connor, George Wallace, etc...

T. Paine said...

Great post, Foxy Wizard. You summarized exactly why I post political things on FB and often tick off my liberal friends, and family members.

Ticking them off isn't the point. Trying to remove blinders before we go over that irreversible threshold is the point.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I agree completely. I also get into trouble and loose friends from time to time because of my political rants. This infuriates my wife, surprise, surprise.
I watched the Krauthammer profile on Fox News a week or so ago. He said something like "nearly everything is a political issue in the end, and that is why I am so into politics".
I see it that way too.
Like you Foxy, I could just puke when I hear the stupidity that passes for thought among so much of the population.
I would not care if the shit for brains crowd didn't drag everyone else into the dumper with them. But they do.
Malarkey's comments are proof that they have no idea how stupid they are.

Zelda said...

I don't post about politics on facebook. It's my rule. If someone else is stupid enough to do it, then they might get my opinion, but for me it's a place where I get to share pictures of my kids and the funny/weird/interesting stuff in my life with people I care about. I've never defriended (unfriended?) anyone over their politics, but people have done that to me. Always leftwingers. They're a little insane.

Also, I've been to Tea Party events. They are not racist. I've never seen a sign so much as mentioning race. The hysteria is all on the part of the media who don't seem to want to discuss economics.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Jim, you disappoint. I have seen those Obama with a hitler 'stach signs in Tea Party rally photos. But those are ALL Lyndon LaRouche idiots. The simple fact is that the Tea Party is not a racist organization. It is open to all who support a very broad and general set of conservative/libertarianish beliefs. Unlike the Congressional Black Caucus who refused to membership to a white congressman elected to represent a very heavily black populated district simply because he is white. Who are the racists?
Facebook, like Z I keep up with friends and family. I am sorely tempted, at times, to chime in on some post by truly intelligent people who say the dumest things, I do confess.

Hoss said...

It's funny that the "racists" at the TEA party events the left tried to get the most mileage out of ended up being busted as leftist plants. But, you democrats just keep your little meme going if it makes you happy.

Or here, I've never been to a TEA party event that had racist signs or actions, but if a leftist says it happened it must be true.

Hilarious coming from the party that called Powell and Rice house niggers, Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, etc.

Foxy Wizard said...

Folk, I swear I didn't pay Jim to come in and completely underscore my point, but thanks, Jim.

So Jim, by your logic, if someone once shot someone in a movie theater, all people who go to movies are murderers? Weird.

And of course you won't discuss the matters I brought up, like the debt, the economy, how the borrowing is gonna work, etc., like I said you wouldn't cuz you have no argument. So you prove that point, as well.

And of course you have been eerily absent from commenting on the last post cuz you have no argument to justify the unbelievable disaster that Obamacare is, either.

Haverwilde said...

JimM continues his racist, scumbag, corrupt ways. He continues to support the most racist, corrupt administration in American history. So the only avenue left to him and those of his ilk is to attack the most responsible, and least racist political organization.

Threads said...

I couldn't have said it better... I too have been unfriended over posting conservative views. Their loss, not mine.

Foxy Wizard said...

Jim, have you ever been to a Tea Party rally? You know what? Those people would probably treat you with respect you don't deserve.

free0352 said...

Well, I guess if you went to Tea Party events and nobody acted racist then it must have never happened anywhere.

And you would know, having been to exactly zero tea party events.

Then again in Jim's world, disagreeing with Obama is racist.

Zelda said...

And like I should have to take any responsibility for what some nutcase does. I know why I support the tea party and it has nothing to do with race. Anyone who tries to make it about race, one way or the other, misses the point.

Liberalmann said...

I loves me my Michael Moore! Now more than ever!

Rickvid in Seattle said...

L-mann, there are those who see a cloud behind every silver lining, the nearly full glass as partly empty, and complain that the candle's light burns. But Mickey "Burrrrrrp" Moore seems to find a way to shit on anything good and decent. What a pathetic creature. I cannot imagine that anyone in his life is in any way actually happy. Wonder what his wife and kids are like?

Zelda said...

Michael Moore is extremely obese and disgusting.

Haverwilde said...

Zelda, Your comment on M. Moore is along a the lines of:

the ocean is damp;
a typhoon is kind of windy;
the arctic is cool this time of year;
Islam is not necessarily a religion of peace; and
Obama has a mild problem with truth telling.

free0352 said...

I refuse to take seriously statements on the Tea Party from anyone who has not gone to a Tea Party meeting. I had to check out Occupy for myself (and then wash off the stank) so do the same and see for yourself. I went, I saw it - and the message of Occupy was "Someone should pay for my college. And that someone should be very rich." I've been to Tea Party rallies as well, the message of which was "I'm tired of paying for the smelly Occupy kid's college with my tax dollars... among many other things I'm sick of my tax dollars paying for. Get a fucking job hippie!"

Till you do what I did, you're just believing what someone else told you. Go baaaaah somehwere else.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Loud applause in the background after
Haverwilde and Free0352 added their two cents worth.

Zelda said...

I am a firm believer in understatement. :-)

Zelda said...

@free - funnily enough, the anti war protests were exactly the same.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

The Keystone Cop In Chief lurches yet again from pillar to post. Now we can keep our insurance plans, but only until 2014. Like 1January or 31 December? Then what? The same high cost high deductible scatter gun policies they want to foist on us now? GIGO! More later.

Jpck20 said...

Lol speaking of Occupy, where are all those idiots now? Still living in their parents basements I assume.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I think it is premature to say that ShamWowCare is collapsing, but the timbers are definatly creaking and groaning.
It won't take too much of a push now.

Zelda said...

Obamacare can't collapse because it was never built. But the myth of it, and its hapless namesake sure can.