Friday, November 29, 2013

From a Veteran's Perspective...

Happened across this article:

Navy Veteran Gives Thanks This Holiday Season
"I hate to be a Debbie Downer, and I can appreciate how most citizens are happy to stick their heads in the sand, but at what point do we demand a stop to the madness? The complacency, née apathy, has seemingly removed our collective sense of responsibility and our ability to be truly thankful. Gone is the day of a collective movement against wrongdoing. Now, we have a collective of “acceptance” and boy, do we accept a lot..."

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Loved reading this an reminiscing about when I had that same passion... Wish I could conjure it (and the hope it takes to kindle it) again.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More FB Stupidity...

It pains me that someone I am 'friends' with on Facebook found this profound enough to 'share.' Ugh. Yeah, honey, because one night to buy a flat screen and a few weeks of trash, urine and rapes are comparable...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our rotten broken healthcare system...

Some of you may recall that a few years ago I tore a shoulder muscle during a 3 on 1 fight in my Krav Maga class (you shoulda seen the remains of the other three!). I had hoped it was strained, but after a few days it was clear that something else was up. I called my doc on a Friday morning and saw her that afternoon. She had me get x-rayed right away and, nothing broken, set up an MRI for Monday, one working day. A surgery about a week later, a few weeks on the mend, and back to class.
Well, a few weeks ago I broke up a real fight (note to self - stop that!) and may have injured things again. Well, the deterioration in our lousy healthcare system since a few years ago tells me that we have to tear it down and get the government in to make things right!
This time I contacted my doctor on Wednesday afternoon but could not get in to see him (different doc) until Thursday afternoon! I mean, WTF, right? And he said he thought it was only a rotator cuff strain and asked me which I would prefer, some physical therapy to see if things get better, or an MRI? I mean, really! How the hell do I know what is best for me? Ed Shultz on MSCNBCN knows that we are all too friggin' stupid to decide anything for ourselves. The doc needs to tell me what I have to do. He's the doc, right? I don't know skwat about docterin' stuff. So, anyhow, I mull it over, and called for an MRI yesterday morning (Thursday,) and I can't even get in until Monday afternoon! Two whole working days! Can you believe it? Jeez, that is twice as long a wait as I had before!
See, if it was government run, they'd have taken me right away, and it would be for FREE! Now, with this bum system, I might have to pay a co-pay of $30 or something.
So, viva Obamacare! Bring it!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Why I post about politics.

Yesterday, one of my well meaning friends wrote this on my Facebook Page: "Foxy Wizard, stop posting about politics. It makes no difference. Go to lunch with a friend, and don't discuss politics for an hour." This "friend" is a person I have seen once in the past 28 years.

I wrote back: "I will post ON MY WALL, whatever I feel like posting." She wrote this condescending remark: "Wondering what will make you happy..." I unfriended her.

But it has set me to thinking about Facebook, and blogs, and what I post.

I post about politics because politics are important to me. It matters very much to me which way my country goes. I see our freedoms taken away day by day. I see a crushing debt being foisted on my grand-children, with no consent on their part, and I see a populace being led down a path that Greece is already experiencing. I see a complicit media who blatantly lies about what is happening, and a people too busy surviving to dig a little deeper and find the truth. The house is on fire, and I guess I am supposed to post about puppies or enchilada recipes. I cannot do that. Over the past 3 years since I have been on Facebook, I have sworn off posting about politics several times cuz people get their feathers ruffled. I have always resumed posting about politics because what I see is too important to ignore.

Facebook has been a curious experience for me. When I first got on, I was involved with the Tea Party. I'd just like to say that each and every rally I have ever attended was peaceful, certainly not racist (some of the best speakers were not white) and clean as a whistle. The main topic was our economy, our spending and our debt, and the implications of these issues on the future of America, the one we are leaving our kids and grand kids. These rallies were about as sinister as a church picnic. I shared about the experience on Facebook, and was called a racist!. At one point, a man I consider a good friend defended me, but he didn't say I wasn't racist. Rather, he pointed out that I had a right to believe what I believed and even though he disagreed with me, maybe if he had walked in my shoes awhile he might be as mistaken as I was. I was flabbergasted at the condescension in his argument, and clear he was not even aware of how positional HE was being. No where in his defense of me was even a glimmer of acknowledgement that maybe I was right in my beliefs- only that he understood why I might have these WRONG beliefs. I gave up on the conversation.

So my posts on Facebook and blogs such as this one have to do with my concern about preserving our freedom and the freedom of our children. And I believe economic issues are a huge threat to our freedom. And when you consider that if you add our national debt to the unfunded liabilities (promises we've made and are on the hook for in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) our debt exceeds $90 trillion. That number is staggeringly high. THERE ARE NOT $90 TRILLION DOLLARS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! In other words, the world economy is way less than $90 trillion dollars. And when I divide that number by 300 million people in the US, it comes to a whopping $300,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. So Maddie, my beautiful 5 year old grand daughter, has a debt of over a quarter million dollars, and so do my other 12 grand kids. And I don't see how the path we are on is sustainable, and incidentally, neither do the people who run these government agencies, nor do the credit rating agencies. And by the way, this number does not include Obamacare. No one has any idea how much that is gonna cost.

And yet, I have yet to hear a single person on the opposite side of my politics even engage in that debate- they simply won't talk about it. The best answer I get is something like: "I can't believe a Republican is suddenly concerned about the debt". Well, first of all, I am not a Republican, I am a Libertarian. But aside from that, what about it? How is this gonna work? None of my Liberal friends will tell me. They simply won't discuss it. The discussion turns to racism or sexism or greed or "you just wanna push grandma over the cliff" or "you just want to give huge bonuses to corporate CEOs" or "you're just a rich white guy and don't understand" or some other such nonsense.

Now I think that deep down inside each one of us is a commitment to have the world work for everyone. I know I do. And I understand that many of my Liberal friends have a similar commitment, and that we simply disagree on How To Solve the Problem. And I accept that, and that is why I have many, many Liberal friends. But folks,do you see someone, really, who just wants our kids to drink dirty water? Really?

So to close this rather long commentary, I'd just like to say that freedom is the most important gift my parents and grand parents gave to me, and I am committed to preserving it for my kids and grand kids, and that is why I post.