Friday, August 09, 2013

Best Places for Conservatives to Call Home?

There are certain aspects about where I live that I LOVE. I enjoy having 4 seasons and no extreme weather. I don't know what I'd do without all the amazing restaurants that I currently have access too. I love the fashion forward aspect of the East Coast and I need access to an ocean to regroup a few times a year.

But, I fantasize about having land. With a pond. That freezes. And Maple trees. And my own chickens. And room for more than herbs, tomatoes and squash (my current 'crop'). I long to live around like-minded people and under like-minded laws and tax structures.

So, I after I Googled "Conservative communities in New England" to find NOTHING (why am I not surprised?!), I Googled "Best Places in the US for a Conservative to live" and JACKPOT:

America's Top 10 Conservative-Friendly Counties (Actually, there is a TOP 100)

"If you’ve dreamed of fleeing your NPR-besotted, blue-state neighborhood for more sympathetic environs, but you’re not ready to take to the woods, we may have a solution.

The Daily Caller is ranking the 100 conservative friendliest counties in America. The rankings were determined using the following criteria:

How counties have voted in the past two presidential elections
Median household income, factoring in cost of living
Home ownership percentage
Married family percentage
Civilian veteran percentage
State unionization laws, whether a right-to-work state or mandatory union state
State tax burden–state income taxes, factoring in available deductions
State concealed weapons laws, ease of carrying weapon legally
State weekly religious attendance, as measured by Pew
State abortion laws, as measured by Americans United for Life
Intangibles, such things as a long conservative history, an ingrained military culture, prominent right-wing politicians

There are two qualifications:

A “county” must be a county-level unit, which includes parishes in Louisiana, independent cities in Virginia and boroughs/municipalities in Alaska

The population must be over 50,000 as of 2008.

Here is part one, Numbers 100 to 81 (click to view the slideshow). The Daily Caller will be counting down 20 counties every day this week. On Friday, we will reveal the top 20 conservative-friendly counties in the nation."

The Number 1 place to live? Williamson County, Tenn. Largest city: Franklin and following close behind are Forsyth County, Ga. and Montgomery County, Texas.

I think it's safe to say that none of these locations have freezing ponds, so we'll have to go a bit further down the list...

Four and Five are Shelby County, Ala. and Hamilton County, Ind.. Alaska would certainly provide the frozen pond, but, well, that's just not gonna happen. Indiana might also have the ponds, but a little too land-locked. And then we're back to the South...Texas and Georgia again, Virginia and Kentucky.

And, I have to think that after growing up on the East Coast our entire mowhawk having, tongue pierced, tattoo sleeved, Philadelphia Flyer worshiping family might just be too damn 'weird' (or dare I say 'Liberal') for many of these aforementioned communities...

I guess my search continues...


Bram said...

I dream of retiring to a small farm in New Hampshire. There is a serious strain of Libertarianism running through the state. It is the last refuge of the old, mind-your-own business, Yankees. As long as they aren't overrun by Massholes fleeing their own stupid voting habits, it's were I want to be. No state income tax, no sales tax.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Maricopa County, AZ being in the top 100 list. That sounds like old stats to me. Sheriff Joe Arpaio aside, we laughingly refer to all of the Phoenix area as "The People's Republic of Maricopa".

CrabbyOldMan said...

my mohawk having, tongue pierced, tattoo sleeved, Philadelphia Flyer worshiping family might just be too damn 'weird' (or dare I say 'Liberal') for many of these aforementioned communities... is probably true.

Several people who comment here have described the areas where they live. I have been surprised that anyone would live there. To each his own I guess.

Haverwilde said...

"The population must be over 50,000 as of 2008."

That is a non-starter for me. Most counties/boroughs I want to live in aren't that big.

Zelda said...

I don't want to live in either a conservative or liberal city. I actually want (real) diversity.

Fearthuinn min an Saille said...

Forsyth Co has frozen ponds in winter. They regularly get snow fall, as they're not too far from Appalachia's foothills.

Freemom said...

Williamson County Tennessee will have frozen ponds two or three times a year...but no ocean. There are two very big lakes nearby....Old Hickory and Percy Priest.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Zelda, what are the the benefits of "diversity"?
It is something that the left says is desirable and that we should expend lots of effort to achieve it. The main targets seem to be housing and schools.
I can't think of anything that that "diversity" does for us. Can anyone point to some advantages that make it worth more than the other things we could do with all the public time and money?

free0352 said...

I lived near Franklin TN for a short time. Nice area. where I lived in Wilson County I much more preferred. where I live now has 3 seasons, july/august and winter. But where else can I get two and a half acres of land and 1900 square feet for a house built in 1997,that is surrounded by farmland, cost $125,000 and has no police department. not to mention relatively low taxes, and yes a small pond. Though it's too small to play hockey. But it's probably not for you, because as a Flyers fan you would be murdered by all the Red Wings fans here.

Old Marine said...

My home, Cameron County, Pennsylvania, is the best but dosen't meet your first criteria. Population for the county is under 6,000.

ALa said...

OM: I googled "Cameron County, PA hockey" and AGHHH! This came up:

haha...Bad first impression :)

Observer said...

"But, I fantasize about having land. With a pond. That freezes. And Maple trees. And my own chickens. And room for more than herbs, tomatoes and squash (my current 'crop'). I long to live around like-minded people and under like-minded laws and tax structures."

I've found just the place for you, Sussex County, DE, perhaps 2 hours drive south of Philly, by far the most conservative county of the three in DE. This place would satisfy all of your requirements.

You can live within 15 minutes of the beach, yet have the land and pond to give you the ambiance you seem to desire. Plus, you're still not very far from your hometown to make day trips for visits and activities with friends.

Oh, and btw, like you, I am from Philly, and live right here in Lewes, DE. I suggest you look into this area.

ALa said...

I will definitely look into it (we drive through on Rt 1 on the way to OBX every year...will be driving through in 2 weeks actually). :)

free0352 said...

All I can say for me, is 2.7 acres, 1900 square feet, new house with 2 guest bedrooms and a master suite, 2 full baths -one with a jacuzzi tub - fireplace in the living room, a den, full half finished basement, medium sized deck, small fish pond w/ waterfall, 1800 a year in property taxes with fairly low state income tax, 125,000 a year. I'm 35 minutes from the state capital, 50 minutes from liberal hell hole -and college town- Ann Arbor, and 70 miles from third world country... I mean Detroit.

I'll regret it my next -15 day this February, but I'll remember again in May why I moved back. Also, we are recently a right to work state who through the grace of bankruptcy court has cast off the chains of the people's republic of Detroit. We have a Republican majority in the legislature and a governor who makes Rachel Maddow's head explode.

And we also have the Detroit Redwings, and that alone makes where I live the shit! Oh, and the Tigers are 10 and motherfucking 0!

Anonymous said...

I live in Waukesha Co., WI (#27, and right next ro Washington Co, #74) and have to say, I love it. Close enough to the metro area (Milwaukee) without the liberal BS of a major metropolitan area. I would like to see where we rank now that WI has passed concealed carry.

The only downside of living here is everything Gov. Walker has done here in the last couple of years has been blocked by the liberal courts in the People's Republic of Madison. We just need to wait for everything to work through the courts, which takes forever. Plus, our taxes are ridiculous. But I keep telling myself, baby steps.

And it's only a short drive to see NHL hockey in Chicago (a little longer if you want to go see Detroit or Minnesota). We still have four seasons and plenty to do outdoors in all of them.

Hoss said...

I live in Hamilton County, Indiana. Somebody get us to hell off that list before the libs come here for the great schools, low crime, and overall great standard-of-living and fuck it up.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Apparently the motorcycle rallies have introduced the Black Hills of South Dakota to the Californians. I understand that many have migrated to the Hills with the hope of turning that place into a toilet too.
Ditto parts of Wyoming and Montana.

T. Paine said...

I live in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. I would prefer to live in a much smaller town, but overall it fits me well. I can be downtown to see a NBA game in 20 minutes or ride the Harley up Provo Canyon to a great trout stream in 30 minutes in the other direction. Overall, the people are conservative and the state is well managed. And as I am a testament to it, you don't have to be Mormon and happy to live here.

That said, I found an interesting site that helps you find where you might be best suited to live. Most of the top 20 it recommended for me were small towns in the pacific northwest and Alaska. Seemed right on the money for what I want.

Zelda said...

Crabby - I don't consider government manufactured diversity to actually be diverse. Mostly it's just white progressives painting murals of ethnic minorities on government buildings or ethnic minorities being transported out of their neighborhoods for a few hours a day so white progressives can marvel at them. Kind of stupid.

The diversity I like is a natural occurrence brought about by successful businesses attracting bright people from all over the world. Like Houston. I don't have any particular culture I feel any loyalty towards, so that gives me some freedom to explore. Cool stuff happens in an international city that has nothing to do with politics.

questionmann said...

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CrabbyOldMan said...

Questionman, you have heard the expression about people who live in glass houses, haven't you?
By the way, if I were a Disciple, I would want to steer the conversation away from the Messiah's blunders as much as possible too.

Zelda said...

It is ALWAYS funny when crazy people deconstruct internet chatter.

Roboto said...

It is ALWAYS funny when crazy people deconstruct internet chatter.

Especially with poorly written cut-and-paste diatribes.

RonF said...

Shelby County, Ala. is in Alabama, not Alaska.

Noni-Ayanna Roach said...

I just did the same thing and ended up at the same website! That is so funny. But, I want to stay in New England. There has got to be a place for conservatives here somewhere!!!

Noni-Ayanna Roach said...

oh and for the thread, true diversity isn't forcing people to think like you or do things the way you do. True diversity is accepting people as they really are. Someone should never be discriminated against for holding to traditional values if true diversity is what you seek. Sorry. Pet peeve of mine. Had to say it.