Saturday, August 31, 2013

Okay, race crime, race pimps, and the fecless blatherings of the terminally deranged left aside, what do we do about Syria? What do y'all think?

While a bullet to the head would be a satisfactory end for Lil' Assad, we do have a rule about that. Gentlemen simply do not go about assassinating national leaders. Not so it can be pinned on them, at any rate.

We should do something about poison gas, nuclear material, and other actual WMDs, IMHO. Assad got a nice haul in 2003 from Iraq, and he seems to have used them. Now, do we risk a shooting war? Do we smack his knuckles and crow about how we "did something to stop the evil?" I have an idea.

Ever since the Serbian war, I have wondered how it is that the west is so easily bamboozled and simply does not recognize a major truth about these thugs and bastards like Milosevic, Radovich, Hussein, Assad, Imin (okay, he goes back a bit)or the Kims? We treat these guys like they run a legitimate government. They do not. They are more like an organized crime ring. They run a criminal enterprise. As such, we need to treat them like that.

Usually there are families. The Top Thug, supported by his extended family. Then there are lower level thugs and their families, who all support the Top Thug. This can go down quite a few layers. At each layer, booty rolls up, and largess roles down. Top Thug and his family get the lion’s share, in aggregate, and each layer down gets some, too. What does this create? Assets. Nobody keeps the goodies in the upstairs bed mattress. They put it into bank accounts, businesses, villas, cars, boats, estates, investments. In other words, they turn it into things that can be gotten to.

So, Grand Leader lives in a palace, skis as his villa in Gestadt, takes the waters at his humble 20 room cottage at the Hot Springs, relaxes at his dacha in the woods, counts his money in his Caymans account, relishes his extensive wine cellars, etc.

What if, when GL starts something big, he gets an e-mail with the address of his boat slip at the marina in the Seychelles say off Eden island, with a suggestion that he stop preparing to do naughty things, within 24 hours. Then, phoosh, his custom 56m Perini Navi yacht mysteriously burns. Next day, another e-mail - a bank asset disappears. Day by day, more stuff is destroyed. Do the same with the supporting families, maybe 3 or 4 at a time.

How long until the Grand Leader stops or is deposed by the ever more impoverished favored families?

I’ll bet it could work. No shots fired. Total deniability, or else we blame France.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Where's the Outrage? Al? Oprah? Jesse?

The five pictured below the couple car-jacked then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!

Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. They cut off her breasts and put chemicals in her mouth... And then murdered her.

Knoxville (WVLT) - The District Attorney General of Knox County announced the list of charges facing now five suspects in the double murderof Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty, but he does say the State will seek conviction for all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from the Knox County Grand Jury. Lemaricus Davidson, 25, faces a total of 46 charges.. Letalvis Cobbins, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. George Thomas, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. Vanessa Coleman, 18 , faces 40 Tennessee state charges. Eric Boyd, 24 , also arrested in connection with the fatal car jacking, only faces federal charges as an accessory after the fact.

SO!!!!! Where's Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson? Are they providing counsel and help to the families of the victims?

Why hasn't this received National coverage by the news media like the Trayvon Martin case in Florida?

Why hasn't the NAACP, ACLU, New York Times etc., called for an investigation?

Why hasn't the FBI been called in to investigate this as a hate crime?


If two white people are tortured, raped, and murdered it barely gets a blip in the news?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Impossible to shake 'em off.

Some things, no matter your best intentions at the beginning, just need to be dumped. If possible. But sometimes...

Over the years my policy on charitable donations has been to support a few regularly, and to donate to a few more for a year, then move on to others the next year. This engenders a few consequences.

For one, filling out the deductions for income tax gets more complicated yearly. I begin to wonder if the government would just rather we did not give to charities, and maybe just leave it to the bureaucracy to take care of things.

Another is calendars. I have more calendars than I could possibly use. I take them to the gym and stick them into the magazine rack, from where people love to take them. I leave them on the bus. I can't get rid of them fast enough. Years and years after the last time I donated to a charity, I still get ... calendars.

Another issue is blogs. I have subscribed to many over the years, but after not reading one for a time, I unsubscribe. Or, at least, I try to. Like those little fuzzy flat seeds that cling to your pants when you walk through a field, you think you have ridded yourself of them, but then there they are again! I try to put them into the "Add Sender to Blocked Senders List," but to no avail. Somehow the little buggers keep coming back. Grassfire, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, Black Sphere, USCCA, a few others.

Now, both may have the same motive - to get value from me. The charities, of course, want me to donate money. The web sites want hits, and some of them sell stuff, too.

What to do? Be more judicious selecting web sites? Yes. Maybe I will just ask them to change my e-mail address to which they send their junk. rbb, what's your address again?

Update: Not blogs, rather e-mail "alerts." Blogs one can ignore, but e-mails just keep coming, despite spam filtering, unsubscribing, etc...

Friday, August 09, 2013

Best Places for Conservatives to Call Home?

There are certain aspects about where I live that I LOVE. I enjoy having 4 seasons and no extreme weather. I don't know what I'd do without all the amazing restaurants that I currently have access too. I love the fashion forward aspect of the East Coast and I need access to an ocean to regroup a few times a year.

But, I fantasize about having land. With a pond. That freezes. And Maple trees. And my own chickens. And room for more than herbs, tomatoes and squash (my current 'crop'). I long to live around like-minded people and under like-minded laws and tax structures.

So, I after I Googled "Conservative communities in New England" to find NOTHING (why am I not surprised?!), I Googled "Best Places in the US for a Conservative to live" and JACKPOT:

America's Top 10 Conservative-Friendly Counties (Actually, there is a TOP 100)

"If you’ve dreamed of fleeing your NPR-besotted, blue-state neighborhood for more sympathetic environs, but you’re not ready to take to the woods, we may have a solution.

The Daily Caller is ranking the 100 conservative friendliest counties in America. The rankings were determined using the following criteria:

How counties have voted in the past two presidential elections
Median household income, factoring in cost of living
Home ownership percentage
Married family percentage
Civilian veteran percentage
State unionization laws, whether a right-to-work state or mandatory union state
State tax burden–state income taxes, factoring in available deductions
State concealed weapons laws, ease of carrying weapon legally
State weekly religious attendance, as measured by Pew
State abortion laws, as measured by Americans United for Life
Intangibles, such things as a long conservative history, an ingrained military culture, prominent right-wing politicians

There are two qualifications:

A “county” must be a county-level unit, which includes parishes in Louisiana, independent cities in Virginia and boroughs/municipalities in Alaska

The population must be over 50,000 as of 2008.

Here is part one, Numbers 100 to 81 (click to view the slideshow). The Daily Caller will be counting down 20 counties every day this week. On Friday, we will reveal the top 20 conservative-friendly counties in the nation."

The Number 1 place to live? Williamson County, Tenn. Largest city: Franklin and following close behind are Forsyth County, Ga. and Montgomery County, Texas.

I think it's safe to say that none of these locations have freezing ponds, so we'll have to go a bit further down the list...

Four and Five are Shelby County, Ala. and Hamilton County, Ind.. Alaska would certainly provide the frozen pond, but, well, that's just not gonna happen. Indiana might also have the ponds, but a little too land-locked. And then we're back to the South...Texas and Georgia again, Virginia and Kentucky.

And, I have to think that after growing up on the East Coast our entire mowhawk having, tongue pierced, tattoo sleeved, Philadelphia Flyer worshiping family might just be too damn 'weird' (or dare I say 'Liberal') for many of these aforementioned communities...

I guess my search continues...

Friday, August 02, 2013

Guest Post by SoLow


I grew up in the Philly metro area, did my time as one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, and eventually made my way to North Portland, Oregon (where I live now). Needless to say, I’ve been around people of all races for my entire life, and I’ve appreciated certain people from all races at one time or another as well. I’ve also met people from all races that were stupid/ignorant or otherwise unpleasant to be around. I’ve never personally cared about an individual’s ethnic background – either I like you or I don’t. But this I don’t understand (and I’m not exaggerating – this entire story literally took place within the past 24 hours).

While most of the neighborhood that I live in has become somewhat trendy/yuppy-fied over the past decade, there are still certain places that are a bit rundown. I stopped for smokes on my way home from work last night and it just so happens that the place where I buy my oxygen therapy at is in one of the more rundown areas. There’s almost always a homeless person or some type of hustler standing around in the parking lot. As I was coming outside from the store I noticed 2 black men engaging in conversation. The 1st part of the conversation that I heard was, “Whaddup nigger?” I minded my business, as usual. But it certainly wasn’t the 1st time I’ve heard it...

At home, not more than 15 or 20 minutes later I was in my front yard tending to my veggie garden. 3 black teenagers (apparently teens – at least they looked like it) were milling around on bicycles in the street/on the sidewalk just outside my place. I heard them reference each other with the word, “nigger” 4 times inside of 5 minutes. “Hey nigger, get over here!” “Hey nigger, when do you have to be home?” You get the idea...

So this morning it’s now all over the news that Riley Cooper – Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver who happens to be white – made the mistake of getting caught on cell phone video with the quote, “...I’ll jump that fence and fight all those niggers.” It was honestly 50% of the news that I heard this morning – SportsCenter, Mike & Mike on ESPN radio, Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio, even on the local morning news that I watch every day. Everybody is talking about it. And they’re not painting it as a pretty picture. Some of the adjectives I heard used to describe it were – "disgusting," "uncalled for," "Neanderthal," "absolutely unacceptable," "offensive," etc.

Call me stupid, but I guess I just don’t get it. I mean, sure, the word itself hearkens back to slavery which, of course, is a bad piece of our history. But if it’s that horrible of a word, why do black people refer to other black people as niggers? And if it’s NOT that horrible of a word, why is it so newsworthy when people of other races use it? Why is Riley Cooper vilified by the media (including at least 1 person I heard who also called for him to be suspended) AND fined by his employer for using a slur that’s so commonly used already? Don’t get me wrong – I don’t feel the need to use the word and I also don’t get why anyone would. But what I REALLY don’t get is what seems to be such a GLARING double standard...