Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama Deck?

Dear President Obama:

I am one of the oft-referenced 'middle class' folks that you politicians are constantly claiming you are going to help out. You know, those of us that have enough to get all our bills paid, but since we pay all our bills we don't have much left after that.

We had too much money to get a free ride to college, but not enough money to dig ourselves out of that student loan debt.

We have good enough jobs to have health care, but we have to pay into it so that takes up the little that is left over after we pay our student loans.

We have enough money to have to buy all our own milk, cheese and food in general. But food has gotten so expensive that after student loans, health insurance and grocery shopping...we are pretty much tapped out.

So, since we didn't get the free ride to college, and we don't qualify for MedicAid, and we don't get food stamps (Hell, we can't even partake in the Obama-phones!)...

And, since it's our money that is providing all these things to people other than ourselves...

We have nothing left.

So, I got to thinking... Since I saved you $80K on college, tons on Medicaid, even more in food stamps and even forfeiting my Obama phone... I want a deck. It's a simple request. Actually, how about just some Obama Wood to make the deck. Because of your policies, we have no money to go out and this way we can enjoy ourselves at home. We have no money to eat we can BBQ on the deck. We don't have money to send our kids to camps to keep them busy over the they can hang with their friends on the deck.

So, what do you say...can I expect my delivery of Obama Wood?


Mr. President?



P.S. This is dedicated to all my Republican friends that have been slowly slipping into the "I gotta get mine too" mindset. I don't care if they're all doing it. It's wrong.


free0352 said...
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free0352 said...

Dear ALa,

This is payback for generations of you nordic princesses enjoying that white privilege. Who's the massa now? Pay up, and shut up.



CrabbyOldMan said...

Dear Barry,

Free0352 is right.
Send the Panthers out to slap her face!

Rickvid in Seattle said...

ALa, I suport you 100%. Soon's I get some of the slop! Then, i am right there with you, kid!

Bram said...

The middle class always gets screwed when government grows. That's were the money is (when you take into account how many of us there are). The rich are too well connected and lawyer up to pay their "fair share."

The poor are worthless expect for using government money to buy their votes. So, it's all on us.

Foxy Wizard said...

ALa, you have the wrong President. Willy is the one who was always passing out free wood.

SoLow said...

I knew someone would jump on the use of the word, "wood". :)

jim marquis said...

Willy's probably on a plane to Pennsylvania even as we speak.

RecklessProcess said...

Obama could ship you some of the millions of dollars wood that he stole from Gibson Guitar to punish them for being conservative.