Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Low Information Voters"


Mootay said...

My standard response when I see these things is, "And I am supposed to pay for these people's healthcare."

At least there were four or five people who knew what was going on.

jim marquis said...

And there are no low information conservative voters?

jim marquis said...

Besides, you're assuming all these people are Democrats. I guarantee you the two dweebs with the bow ties belong to either the College Young Republicans and/or the Tucker Carlson fan club.

rbb said...

If the continuation of the bush program were actually a scandal, a few more people might know who our AG is.

What we don't see in videos like this is how many people knew who Eric Holder is.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

I thought Eric Clapton was in F&F. Or he sang its theme. Or something. Right?

Roboto said...

And there are no low information conservative voters?

I didn't see it stated ANYWHERE the political philosophy of these people. You assumed that they were 'progressives'. (A safe bet, as clueless as they were, but not a sure thing.)

If the continuation of the bush program were actually a scandal, a few more people might know who our AG is.

By that logic, since many don't know who Dick Cheney is, he didn't do anything wrong, either. (and he was a little higher than AG!)

Actually, most of these folks probably would draw a blank on Benedict Arnold as well.

jim marquis said...

I assumed they were being presented as progressives because this is a conservative-oriented blog and "low information voters" is a very prevalent GOP talking point (especially since the last election).

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Benedict Arnold. Kind of an egg dish. Right?

F&F has nothing to do with the Bush era program, itself a dumb idea. No guns went over the boarder, cartels did not get any, no thousdans of Mexican and one or two Americans were not killed by them, and nobody used those guns to gin up the lie about some huge percentage of cartel weapons coming from America.

Other than that, yeah, the two programs were just alike.

Facts are conservative.

Haverwilde said...

Jim M. and rbb, you slime spreading reprobates are at it again. If the facts show the left in a bad light then you just slime the republicans.
The vile corruption of the democrats and the self-serving statist republicans continue their combine efforts to destroy this once great nation. But you just keep spreading your shit around. It gains nothing, and blinds you to the truly evil nature of your president and his party.

jim marquis said...

Wow...hyperbole much?

Oh, and statist is another popular conservative buzzword now too. You guys are so cute when you get a new word or phrase to bandy about. Reminds me of when kids in our middle school all started saying "gross".

Haverwilde said...

What's the matter Jim?
You can't stand the truth about your vile party. (That is not hyperbole, stand back take a look at the disasters they have wrecked upon this nation.)

Statist is a great word. It fits the GOP ruling class quite clearly. Just the way that Corrupt fits Obama and the democratic party.

Statist is hardly a 'conservative' word. It is used far more frequently by the libertarian, or classic liberal type folks. It is opposite of what we hold dear.

So go ahead and change the subject again and spread a little more of your condescending shit.

Steve said...

What I find interesting is that, when things go bad for Republicans, we tend to police our own and hold the politician accountable for what he's accountable for.

When liberals are likewise caught (or as 'jim' is insinuating, accused)- then it's all "Well, it wasn't us! Blame someone else!"

(Here's a question that will never be answered, but I'll ask it anyway. Obama has been POTUS for 4½ years. When does he own what this country has been going through?)

11 comments (mine is the 12th), and rbb brought up "Fast & Furious" was President Bush's idea. Try again- this was a policy of Obama's. It's past time for liberals to accept that fact.

Facts. Such pesky things.

-- Steve

Zelda said...

Fast and Furious was all Obama. And I still don't know what the point of it was.

And not to change the subject, but Anthony Weiner is ahead in NYC. It's funny how Lefties have never met a womanizer they didn't want to elect.

rbb said...

Oh Steve, you've never read about wide reviver, bush's fast a furious program, have you?

Too much Pox, I guess.

rbb said...

Please tell us about dapper diaper Davey Vitter, Z.

I understand he got a rousing standing ovation from is fellow gops after his public confession of doing hookers. Didn't his wife look great standing next to him in that leopard print?

free0352 said...

I would bet every one of these moron kids are self identifying as Democrats.

100% of them.

"Obama, hope and change dude."

That's all they know.

Low information voters is just what they are. Period. And the State is what they depend on, without welfare they would all die. These kids will all grow up to sponge off entitlements because without them the food chain would select them out.

Sadly we don't let the food chain work anymore.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

rbb, you pass on lies, yet again.

Wide Receiver was ATF, not part of the Bush WH or DOJ. It was to interdict the guns BEFORE they got into Mexico (which mostly worked), put RFID trackers into weapons (which failed), and had aerial surveillance (which was thwarted). It ran out of Tucson and only 450 or so guns got into Mexico. It was shut down in less than a year.

F&F used no tracking or surveillance, rather the DOJ ran interference for the cartels against local law enforcement. Fed agents were not PERMITTED to interdict the weapons. F&F purposely allowed over 2000 weapons to get to the Sinaloa cartel, and operating out of 10 cities including Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Indiana, Tampa allowed over 12,000 guns to get into the hands of the cartels.

Why do this? To put some hardware behind the long debunked lie that most cartel guns come from America, and use that as a pretext to harden gun control. Most of those guns come from the old revolutionary and communist wars in the south, or are stolen by Mexican military from arsenals.

So, you do have one thing right, rbb, I have NOT read about Wide Reviver.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Perhaps rbb is talking about Operation Wide Receiver- the one where less than 500 guns were sold, and those guns did not lead to the death of Brian Terry or over 300 Mexican nationals.

As I said before in a previous post, this is blaming things on the previous administration and not taking ownership. Operation Fast & Furious was under Obama, not President Bush. (But of course, it's all Bush's fault- even though Operation Wide Receiver was shut down prior to the swearing in of Obama.)

Asking again, to a chorus of crickets- When will Democrats start to take ownership?

(edited from previous post to include the 300 Mexican Nationals killed.)

-- Steve

Zelda said...

No. Why don't you tell me about Bill Clinton? You idiots still love him.

Foxy Wizard said...

I guarantee every one of those who voted, voted for Obama.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I see that Malarkey and Reliably Blathers Bilge are still spouting malarkey and reliably blathering bilge.
There are some constants in the world.
Happily, they get challenged.

KayInMaine said...

Aaron Hernandez's only crime is being brown in white AmeriKKKa!


free0352 said...

The attack line the Obama administration was going to use in 2009 to ban guns was that the guns from America were going to arm Mexican cartels.

Never mind they get hand grenades, full automatic belt fed machine guns, and rockets. Clearly not available in your average American gun store. But whatever.

Anyway, the problem was American guns were NOT finding their way into the hands of Mexican cartels in significant numbers to alarm anyone.

SO Eric holder made American gun stores sell Cartel members guns. That simple. The intent was to then sell those gun stores out, and then exclaim "Look, American gun stores sell guns to terrorists! We'd better ban transfer!"

Well, too bad the gun store owners were a little too slick, and kept records and blew the whistle.

When they tracked where those guns went, they found out they had killed US law enforcement and it set back Obama's gun control effort by about four years.

The end.

Haverwilde said...

You know that is just paranoid, and no one will believe you. And all the leftist will laugh and say how ridiculous, "You are just a paranoid right wing Tea Party fanatic/terrorist"

It is just too bad that you are absolutely correct!

The Obama Administration is the most corrupt and vile administration in American history.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

rbb, want to try to defend your obsequious obama butt-kissing statements now that light has been shed on them and shown the lies? No? How about more distracting non sequitur spew about Rethuglicans, tea baggers, bu$hitler, rove, cheney? C'mon, son, keep us entertained.

KayInMaine said...

I made the news in Philly!

DevilMadeMeDoIt said...

KayInMaine is looking unusually attractive in Philly. I do hope she had a good time on the park bench.