Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Talking points score sheet for Left Wing Trolls:

In the interest of public service, I have devised a scoring mechanism for our beloved Trolls. This is to allow them to sharpen their skills and make them serve their masters better. We love them and want them to succeed.

Bush reference 5 points
Chaney reference 5 points
Rush reference 5 points
Beck reference 5 points
Palin reference 4 points
Reagan reference 4 points
Romney 4 points
Ryan 4 points
Koch Brothers 4 points
Republican 2 points
insults, name calling 3 points

Add one point for each deliberately misspelled name or word. For example “Ray-gun” adds one point to Reagan. (5+1)

Add one point for posting drivel as “anonymous”.

Add one point for assertions made with no references.

Subtract one point for points with credible references.

Now, let's take a typical burp from one of our resident Trolls. By the way, this score sheet does not apply to non-Trolls (regulars) unless they are trolling on Liberal sites. Fair is fair.

Here goes:

Anonymous Anonymous (1) said...

Democrats are not afraid to criticize Democrats, and that is something you will never find a Repubic (4+1) doing. George (5) and Dick (5) starting illegal wars (1) did not bring one ounce of criticism (1) from the Ditto heads (5+1) or anyone else.

Stop pretending that the party of losers (3) are for small government, you're not fooling anyone (1). How is dumping trillions into the military small government? (1) You can stop waving your flag (3), that doesn't mean you are a patriot, (1) and no one believes that you are "believers in the Constitution" (3) ha! what a laugh (3). The biggest laugh is how all of you living in trailers (3) become livid at the thought of the wealthy paying their taxes. That is so unfair!

I'm thrilled that the IRS went after the Koch brothers (5) tea party groups (5), why should billionaires living on Park Ave. be tax exempt? (1)

Thanks again foxy for showing what a racist you are (3), and for the good laugh.(3)

Such outrage at made-up scandals (1) but no outrage for the chicken-hawk (3) Dick (5) and Bush (5) that should be behind bars.(1)

Just because the cry baby (3) Beck (5) says Christians are being targeted doesn't make it true.

Maybe you and big mouth (3), big gulp drinker (3) Palin (5) can start your own state. Then, like all the other hypocrites (3) in your party, when there is a hurricane or any other disaster you can come running and begging to the federal government for help.

Keep um coming dumbo. (3)

So, I score an 98 for this Troll. He managed to get almost all the talking points, unsubstantiated assertions and insults into one post. He's definitely a keeper.

Your welcome,

Foxy Wizard


Bram said...

Awesome post. Maybe we can get him to comment this evening and play it as a drinking game.

rbb said...

Great job, Wiz!

How many points for linking to yet another gop criminal? (#238)

Richard G. Renzi, 55, of Burke, Va., was found guilty of 17 felony offenses including conspiracy, honest services wire fraud, extortion under color of official right, racketeering, money laundering and making false statements to insurance regulators.

Read more:

Big Gulp said...

How many points for a "preacher" that obviously has waaay too much time on his hands? Shouldn't you be attending your flock? A minister that loves/defends Bush-Dick wars? Weird.

BTW, it isn't a Democrat on this blog that, even when corrected, spells Cheney,'s a repube.

How old are you? Grow up.

free0352 said...

This is funny as hell.

Nice job Foxy!

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Your (inadvertant 1) just racist! (3+1) And paid by the Kock (4+1) rethugs (2+1+1)and Bu$hitlerburton (5+1+5) front groups! (1) All konservatives (1) are evil (3+1) and racist (3+1) and kissing Karl Rove's fat butt! (1)

Anonymous (1)

Hmmm, seems we could add to the list. Rove - 5, Hitler - 4 (after all, Bush and Cheney are more evil than him, right? Doh, I just did a 5+5+4+3+1! Whoo hoo!) Big Oil/Banks/Corp/Pharma - 4, Ayn Rand - 4

Damn fine work, Foxy.

Tater said...

LOL! Funny as hell Foxy! I only have one problem with it, to score a troll, I'd have to ACTUALLY READ what the troll wrote. I don't do that, I have to deal with enough stupid people in my life already! Don't need to add anymore.


Steve said...

How many points do I get for rebutting the troll in the last post? ;)

-- Steve

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Steve, that is incalculable!

Foxy Wizard said...

Thanks, Free. High praise coming from a one of the best smack down artists I know.

Rikvid, unlike the US Constitution, my post is a "living document". Feel free to add to it!

Tater, I do read the trolls. They amuse me.

Steve, thanks for putting on the HAZMAT suit and going under the bridge for these trolls.

Big Gulp, thanks for being my spell checker, that last refuge of the speechless. Oh, and for being concerned about my flock. It is very touching.

rbb...well...there are no words...

Foxy Wizard said...

Bram, rbb's blog IS his drinking game.

free0352 said...

I propose any "insert republican equal or equivalent to Hitler" is at last 3 points. Or should we just call this name calling? I look forward to scoring trolls in the future.

Hoss said...

I miss the days when a Halliburton reference would have scored a nice hit, especially a bushhitlerhalliburtoncheney reference. The good old days. BigOil has to be worth something.

Proof said...

Great list, FW! Did you really hack NutteRBoB's email to get that example? The NSA doesn't like competition, you know!

Foxy Wizard said...

No, that was Big Gulp's response to an earlier post. Classic, wasn't it?

Proof said...

"Big Gulp"? From swallowing the Kool-Aid, no doubt! Heh.

Zelda said...

Excellent, Foxy. I wish we find a way to award points for sanctimony, but perhaps that's like judging figure skating for artistry.

Anonymous said...

Miss Big Gulp herself (Sarah Palin) has definitely "swallowed the Kool-Aid" Big time don't ya know.

Foxy Wizard said...

Anonymous said... (1)

Miss Big Gulp herself (Sarah Palin) (5+1) has definitely "swallowed the Kool-Aid" Big time don't ya know. (1)

I score that one an eight.

You're Big Gulp, and that was weak.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I'd say that Foxy Wizard has come up with one of the best ideas ever!

Anonymous said...

Let the points begin:

The "Preacher" has a lot of time on his hands away from his "flock".

So, you are finally admitting that all the insults, swearing and name calling and lack of substance by posters like Zelda Queen of BS (oops! gained some points there) Crabs, (more points) and others has been wrong all these years. Good. You are all making progress toward being humans. (Oops! More points! Oh, dear). So are you all going to start using your own names so you are not anonymous--or are you Rev. Foxy Wizard? Too funny.

Let the points begin:

ChEney-- You should have learned how to spell his name after all these years! Are points given for that even though it was substantive because you were taught the correct spelling.

Rush Limbaugh - The lemmings love getting their marching order from a drug addict.

Palin - Ms. Big Gulp rides again on Fox "News". A perfect match of two liars needing each other. Where else is she going to find a paycheck?

Reagan - Hiked taxes on Americans at least 11 times and and Republicans still genuflect to him.

Romney - A Mormon who people like the "Preacher" says is not a Christian. BTW, are he and Ann still on their crying tour?

Ryan - In love with Ayn Rand who was an atheist and hated religion. Doesn't bode well for the "Preacher" if he were ever to become President. (Guffaw)

Koch Brothers: Head of the "grass roots" Tea Partiers who want special tax status from the government they hate so they can launder the Koch Brothers money through their "civic welfare" groups. Scam!!

Sorry you are such babies you can't stand to hear about all the constructs and personalities that make up your sick society or whiners--don't blame you one bit for trying to bury it all. More points.

Do you all have out your calculators? Is the "Preacher" going to be able to take time out from his "flock to add up the numbers? Probably racked up a lot of points.

Yes, when you see all their names together, it is easy to see why you don't want the creep parade mentioned. It's your proud history though--own it!

Now, remember, you are not allowed to insult anyone in your response so that should make Zelda Queen of BS' head explode!

Great system and game, by the way!

CrabbyOldMan said...

Enemas, I have come to the conclusion that you really DON'T know how bad you look.

Big Gulp said...

COM- Did you even read the posting by Foxy? You couldn't possibly have gone through and read this lame posting about a point system and then tell anon. they look bad. Seriously? You are a republican, you support people that look bad every single day of life...and do really bad things.

CrabbyOldMan said...


Foxy Wizard said...

The rules were clearly stated at the outset. Quote: "By the way, this score sheet does not apply to non-Trolls (regulars) unless they are trolling on Liberal sites. Fair is fair."

Zelda said...

Hahaha! I'm living in it's head rent free. It's become totally obsessed and now it's scoring itself. It's too easy to send it off the deep end.

Big Gulp said...

Zelda-you need to stop talking like you're in a video game, who are you referring to anyway, Foxy?

Nate said...

I think we should apply a very similar standard to everyone that comments here. Obviously, we'd need to consider the similar tactics for the right (Obummer anyone?), or empty suit? Clinton! Shrillary?

This could be fun!

Big Gulp said...

Nate-EXACTLY! Double points for all the racist names they call the Obamas.

Zelda said...

Obviously, we'd need to consider the similar tactics for the right (Obummer anyone?), or empty suit? Clinton! Shrillary?

No, Tits. The trolls shouldn't get to make any rules. Why don't you start your own blog and then you can make all the rules you want?

Foxy Wizard said...

Nate, you're not a Troll. You have been on these pages for years, and although I almost always disagree with your views, you actually argue your points--try to back them up with facts. try to have a true discussion about them. Same with Jim. I always disagree with him, but he will argue his points.

I have always been curious, though, Nate, about why you hang out here. Clearly, your views are not agreed with here by almost anyone. It is a Conservative Blog, after all. I really am asking the question. I mean, I don't hang out on Liberal sites at all. Can you enlighten me?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Nit, how can it be an insult if it is true?
Big Gulp (of what?), can you give an example of a "racist" name?

Zelda said...

Fair enough, Foxy. Tits isn't exactly a troll. But he's really prissy and no one wants the prissy one to make rules.

Foxy wizard said...

True. I already said up front scoring only applies when Conservatives go to Liberal sites. The Trolls are welcome to steal my entire idea to grade conservatives on their idiotic sites. I doubt any of us visit them. Why would we? Liberal site comments sections are kind of like teen age circle jerks. Adults hang out here. Well, except the trolls.

Zelda said...

I can't imagine anything less enjoyable than trolling Lefty blogs. They never want to have an honest debate anyway. All they do is attack conservatives with their "feeeeeelings."

Foxy Wizard said...

The honest debate part is spot on. I have a very dear friend who loves Obama. We were discussing the NSA spying scandal, and she says; "Oh, Obama probably didn't even know about it!" I gave up. There is no arguing with a true believer.

big said...

COM- I would say calling Michelle Obama a baboon racist.

Zelda- "They never want to have an honest debate anyway. All they do is attack conservatives with their "feeeeeelings."

This is a lie, it's impossible to have an honest debate w/a conservative because they make up their own facts. It's also hard to have a conversation with people that ignore the facts on climate change, global warming or whatever the drugster wants to call it, worship Reagan (why?), defend billionaires who don't pay their taxes, pretend to be patriotic while hating government, say they don't need government until their state has a disaster...etc. etc. etc.

PS you would be crushed on "lefty" blogs, when conservatives on "lefty" blogs are losing the argument (all day long) they just can't reply with "sucks to be you"....

CrabbyOldMan said...

Big Gulp (of what?):
What if it is true?
conservative(s)...make up their own facts...ignore facts...worship Reagan...defend billionaires who don't pay their too laughable to respond to .
pretend to be patriotic while hating the government is what one would have expected to hear from Goebbels.
I can honestly say that I have never visited a lefty blog. I have no desire to argue with ignorant neurotics who either choose not to or are unable to think for themselves or use actual facts and logic.

Big Gulp said...

I see you are not denying that you all call MO a baboon, I guess that is one fact you can't argue about.

"conservative(s)...make up their own facts...ignore facts...worship Reagan...defend billionaires who don't pay their too laughable to respond to ."

I guess you find the truth laughable.

Zelda said...

Hey Foxy - How many points for the trolls proving you right?

CrabbyOldMan said...

I guess you find the truth laughable.

When someone's "truth" incorporates vampires and zombies really existing and the sun revolving around an earth that is just 4000 years old, I find it laughable. I also find it laughable that some people believe in witchcraft and magic. I find it the most laughable that anyone but a low grade moron would buy the snake oil Comrade Hussein and his Commissars peddle, let alone Al Gore’s.

Foxy Wizard said...

This troll is really reaching. I re-read the thread. The only person who even referred to Michelle Obama at all is the troll, and he/she/it called her a baboon.

Gulper, keep it up, really.

Steve said...

Good evening, Blonde Sagacity commenters! Sorry I've been away- celebrated my 44th on Thursday, and took the remainder of the week off of the internet.

Now that I'm back, though, I'm going to thoroughly disabuse Anonymous Big of his notions. Strap on a helmet, Big; this is going to hurt.


Anonymous big said...
This is a lie, it's impossible to have an honest debate w/a conservative because they make up their own facts.

Oh, really? Please- I see why they want you around- you're comic relief.

It's also hard to have a conversation with people that ignore the facts on climate change, global warming or whatever the drugster wants to call it,


Let's see the "science" of Global Cooling (1975 term) / Global Warming (2000 term) / Climate Change (2010 term).

So glad that Scientists know it all... I mean, they've been politicizing this vast change in temperature now since... well, way before Al Gore started to pretend to be still relevant.


Current models by the AGW fanatics do not use "raw" data, but carefully cooked data. If you take a look at the 1930's, you will find it interesting that in the winter of 1930-31, there were 3 days in Washington DC that had temperatures below freezing. 1936-37 had only one day with below-freezing temperatures. Yet, if you look at all of the 'models' used to predict temperature changes, the 1930s are surprisingly... stable. No dust bowl or temperature spikes at all. (Source:

Second- no CO2 models currently out there can explain why the ice caps are melting. On Mars. Are we exporting our excess CO2 to our neighboring planet? (

Third- plants grow much better at higher concentrations of CO2; 475–600 ppm increases leaf photosynthetic rates by an average of 40%. From what I have heard, the 'optimal' plant/CO2 concentration is closer to 1200-1400 ppm. We're nowhere near that. Considering Darwin's Laws, you would think that foliage would grow better in a much lower concentration of CO2 gasses than what we currently have. (Source:

Fourth- the "Concensus" that (insert current politically correct temperature variation here) that it's a "Settled Science" is just so much hogwash- considering the books HAD to be cooked to reach the 97% figure. (Source:

Shall I continue to destroy AGW here? Do you somehow still think that Conservatives make up their own facts? (Or do Liberals just whitewash history and change facts to their liking?)


worship Reagan (why?)

Worship may be a strong word. Whatever. President Reagan is, was, and will continue to be the best President this country has had in the last 50 years, bringing us out of the complete and utter miasma that Democrat Carter left us in. He turned around Carter's economy within 18 months, and average median income rose more than $4k across the board. We're going on more than 50 months of Obama's "Recovery" (/sarc), and average median income has gone down by $4k. You do the math.

Steve said...

defend billionaires who don't pay their taxes

The top 10% of earners in this country pay 70% of the taxes collected. The bottom 50% pay 2.25% collected. WHO doesn't pay their taxes? Please.


pretend to be patriotic while hating government,

I am patriotic. I am also a living, breathing adult male who can make his own decisions. I do not need to be coddled, I do not need to be told I shouldn't drink 32 ounces of soda, I don't believe for a minute that any law talked about as a result of Sandy Hook could have possibly PREVENTED Sandy Hook, I do not need Government Assistance to THINK and make up my OWN mind on how, where, and when I can live my life (as long as I am not impose on someone else's God-given right to exactly the same.) I also do not want the money that I've worked for necessarily given to those whose livelihood consists of living from birth to death on the government teat. THAT is the Freedom that the Constitution of the United States refers to, son. You may want to look at it.

Conservatives BELIEVE in Freedom. Liberals WANT to continue to enslave the population (be it Welfare, Health Care, Subsidized Housing, Quotas on hiring, etc. al.)


say they don't need government until their state has a disaster...etc. etc. etc.

Interesting fact- Hurricane Sandy, the Federal Government was saying "get OUT of New Orleans". The Governor and the City Mayer (both Democrats) didn't mobilize their residents. And then they turned around and blamed President Bush for fact that people were swimming in their own feces in the stadium down there.

Now, what else did you mean by etc. etc. etc. that I can thoroughly destroy?

-- Steve

CrabbyOldMan said...

Sounds from the background: Gulp, gulp, gurgle, cough, choke...