Sunday, June 30, 2013

"A Word to Rioting Muslims"

Crabby Old Man thinks this is Free0352 with a British accent...

(You can find the transcript here)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Guest Post by Crabby Old Man

There has been commentary about what a great deal Social Security recipients are getting for the Social Security Taxes they and their employers contributed.

I will use my own case as an example and let the readers decide for themselves.

I started to receive $2,103.00 per month in January 2010 at age 66. My life expectancy was age 83, or another 17 years at the time.

I paid a total of $99,366.00 in Social Security Taxes over the 50 year period from 1959 through 2009. My employers had to match that same amount, so the total interest free loan to the government was twice what I paid or $198,732.00. If we continue to ignore the time value of money (interest), that pays for about eight years of my pension payments.


I used the return rates for the Dow (an average rate of 7.12%) and applied them to what I and my employers had paid and came up with $757, 572.19!!!!

Some comparisons to my $2,103.00 per month:

$757,572.19 divided by $2,103.00 = 360 months or 30 years.

7.12% of $757,572.19 is $53, 939.14 annually or $4,494.43 per month leaving my estate with the original $757,572.19

4.42% (7.12% less 2.7% inflation rate) of $757,572.19 is $33,484.69 annually or $2,790.39 per month leaving my estate with the original $757,572.19 plus growth at the assumed inflation rate.

$757,572.19 amortized at 7.12% over 17 years = $6,413.50 per month.

$757,572.19 amortized at 7.12% over 50 years = $4,627.93 per month.

I think that it should be pretty clear that Social Security has been a bad deal. The differences are so great that it is not worth the time to factor in the nickel/dime cost of living adjustments.

Here are my sources:

My personal information is from the information I received from the Social Security administration.

The interest calculations come from Microsoft Excel interest functions and my HP12C Financial Calculator.

Source Dow Returns ---

Mortality tables ---

Inflation rate:

2.7 average rate 1999-2012

The details of my interest calculations are in the following table:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Shark or Shirt?

One of my friends 'shared' her friend's video on FB the other day. I actually watched it because it was a 15'+ Great White spotting in New Jersey. The FB video is only of the shark and never shows any of the fishermen, so when I heard the video was going viral, I had no idea that had nothing to do with the shark...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Talking points score sheet for Left Wing Trolls:

In the interest of public service, I have devised a scoring mechanism for our beloved Trolls. This is to allow them to sharpen their skills and make them serve their masters better. We love them and want them to succeed.

Bush reference 5 points
Chaney reference 5 points
Rush reference 5 points
Beck reference 5 points
Palin reference 4 points
Reagan reference 4 points
Romney 4 points
Ryan 4 points
Koch Brothers 4 points
Republican 2 points
insults, name calling 3 points

Add one point for each deliberately misspelled name or word. For example “Ray-gun” adds one point to Reagan. (5+1)

Add one point for posting drivel as “anonymous”.

Add one point for assertions made with no references.

Subtract one point for points with credible references.

Now, let's take a typical burp from one of our resident Trolls. By the way, this score sheet does not apply to non-Trolls (regulars) unless they are trolling on Liberal sites. Fair is fair.

Here goes:

Anonymous Anonymous (1) said...

Democrats are not afraid to criticize Democrats, and that is something you will never find a Repubic (4+1) doing. George (5) and Dick (5) starting illegal wars (1) did not bring one ounce of criticism (1) from the Ditto heads (5+1) or anyone else.

Stop pretending that the party of losers (3) are for small government, you're not fooling anyone (1). How is dumping trillions into the military small government? (1) You can stop waving your flag (3), that doesn't mean you are a patriot, (1) and no one believes that you are "believers in the Constitution" (3) ha! what a laugh (3). The biggest laugh is how all of you living in trailers (3) become livid at the thought of the wealthy paying their taxes. That is so unfair!

I'm thrilled that the IRS went after the Koch brothers (5) tea party groups (5), why should billionaires living on Park Ave. be tax exempt? (1)

Thanks again foxy for showing what a racist you are (3), and for the good laugh.(3)

Such outrage at made-up scandals (1) but no outrage for the chicken-hawk (3) Dick (5) and Bush (5) that should be behind bars.(1)

Just because the cry baby (3) Beck (5) says Christians are being targeted doesn't make it true.

Maybe you and big mouth (3), big gulp drinker (3) Palin (5) can start your own state. Then, like all the other hypocrites (3) in your party, when there is a hurricane or any other disaster you can come running and begging to the federal government for help.

Keep um coming dumbo. (3)

So, I score an 98 for this Troll. He managed to get almost all the talking points, unsubstantiated assertions and insults into one post. He's definitely a keeper.

Your welcome,

Foxy Wizard

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Antichrist

I woke up at 3am to a special about the Antichrist on the History Channel. The various theologians and scientists on the show were methodically detailing the Biblical and secular end of the world prophecies that deal with the coming of the antichrist.

He will entice the world with a movie star charisma and a Humanistic message and (most importantly) will create a world government and a world currency.

No, this isn't a post about how I think Obama is the Antichrist.

But, instead it is a simple observation that none of the scientists or theologians said out loud. Doesn't it seem to be a glaring omission to discuss how the Antichrist will take over the world, yet never discuss his political ideology?

The Antichrist will not be a Libertarian. Will not be a Conservative. Won't even be a Republican. Those on the Right cherish sovereignty. Cherish separation. Have bumper sticker that say 'God Bless America," not "God Bless the Whole World." Can't stomach the UN, let alone a world government.

That would be our brethren on the other side of the aisle. These are all strictly Left Wing ideals.

Should he actually come to fruition, the Antichrist will be a liberal.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

It must be getting pretty bad for this Administration when Rachel Maddow, from MSNBC, has a scathing critique of it's policies. MSLSD has been carrying water for Obama for six years.

But don't worry, Rachel, the enemy, according to this administration, are not "terrorists". In fact, the word terrorist has been stricken from our vocabulary. The real enemy, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, are Christians, believers in the Constitution, believers in small government, Tea Party activists, and Patriots. Maybe rich people (families who earn over $250,000 a year) who want to keep their wealth. (and don't kiss the Royal Ring)

If you are a radical Muslim, you can blow away 13 co-workers while yelling Allah Akbar. This will be called "workplace violence", and you will be paid over $250,000 a year while awaiting Court Martial. (see Fort Hood shooting) If you are black and physically threaten white voters, dressed in military garb, holding a baton, your case will be dismissed. (see New Black Panthers case in Philadelphia). If you are killed, in the line of duty, with guns purposefully sold to drug dealers, you will never see justice. (see Fast and Furious) If you are defending an embassy, by international law sovereign territory you will be left to die. (see Benghazi)

But if you believe government spends too much, and is getting too powerful, and congregate to say so, you will be labeled racist and denied tax exempt status. If you are a Christian, and request tax exempt status, you will be demanded to provide information impossible to provide, including the content of your prayers. (see IRS scandal)

This is the "fundamentally transformed" America I am asked to accept. No thanks.

Foxy Wizard