Saturday, March 23, 2013

For "Earth Hour" tonight

My humble abode will be lit up like a Christmas tree. Without the blinky lights. Or foil sparklie stuff. Or shiny balls and such. And no bubblers, except maybe from raising a toast to the benefits of our energy based society. And that energy, despite the hardest majikal wishes of the greenies, is largely carbon based. So, here's to Earth Hour - and a belief that humans are part of the "natural" world, that we are not a blight on the planet, that climate changes with little or no regard to us, that inexpensive energy is a major reason the world has advanced for the past 150 or so years, and that all those who want to diminish, withdraw, be less, shrink, fade away, and die off should go first and lead the way! Oof dah!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Yes, Man Made Glowball Warmening That Will Destroy The Planet And Kill Us All! (MMGWTWDTPAKUA!) has stuck here in Seattle! We. Are. Gonna. DIE! From all the heat trapped on the ground by the blanket of extreme CO2 emissions from humans! It is our fault and we deserve to die. Algore tells us so with a new call for carbon taxes. World governments will take that money and wisely invest it in green energy companies that will get us off of anything that emits CO2. Just as BHO has done for us under his wise guidance and leadership. We are so blessed (in a totally non religious and properly secular sort of way) to have his wisdom guiding our lives to such a brave new world where nothing emits CO2. Now, I gotta go stoke up the furnace; it's friggin' cold in this house.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Post by SoLow

The trigger-men risked everything

I got into a HEATED debate this weekend with 2 liberal friends over who should get the credit for the killing of bin Laden. Of course they were doing somersaults while heaping all of the praise on Obama and they were literally shocked that I wouldn’t agree with them.

We must have argued for 30 minutes – raised our voices at each other and everything. (Granted we were on an overnight trip, so plenty of booze had been flowing all evening.) They were talking about how much balls it took for him to make that decision. And I commented that it didn’t take any balls at all – his safety was never at risk. “What if he was wrong?”, they asked. “Big friggen deal – all he’s risking is the chance that he might not get re-elected.”

The trigger-men risked everything, and should be handsomely rewarded. The CIA guys (who probably waterboarded people for intel) deserve tons of credit as well, and don’t forget all of the support personnel that said mission required. As a former Grunt myself, maybe I just took it a little personally that the 1st person these guys wanted to give credit to was our beloved (cough) CIC. Or maybe part of me does dislike Obummer enough that I’d refuse to give him credit even if he deserved it. I just couldn’t help but be more than a bit taken aback by the way they were slobbing the knob of Obama without even giving a thought to the boots on the ground.

Am I wrong, or is this really the way our liberal neighbors view things?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Alvin Lee of Ten Years After died in Spain after "routine" surgery. I recall a great TYA song, I'd Love to Change the World that has recently been a touchstone for me about a central issue with statists. The song is about change, long before hopey changey guy. But there is this line in the song:

"Tax the rich,
Feed the poor,
'Till there are no
Rich no more."

Statists love that line. Make those eeevviiilll rich, who only have money because they stole it from others, or some such drivle, make them pay "therefairshare!" "Till there ain't no more stinkin' rich people.

Then I ask them, "Hey, stupid, if there are no rich no more, who the are you gonna tax then? The poor might have to starve or get off their duffs and work. Or maybe YOU'LL take up the rich man's burden? Not bloody likely."

Notice the line is NOT "'Till there are no poor no more." Statists don't care about the poor, but they are obsessed with the rich.

Anyhow, Bye Bye Alvin, Go Home!