Thursday, February 07, 2013

Can You Imagine If...?!

DoJ memo: It’s legal to kill Americans with drones

Dear Obama Administration:

We that oppose you, are getting quite tired of being redundant. Please, oh please, if you are going to blatantly just do things you excoriated the Bush administration for doing (actually worse things) least publicly admit you were wrong about the threats we face and how to run a country. That would make us feel a wee bit better and would save us the now compulsory, "OH MY GOD!, Can you even imagine if Bush would have done this?!", that we all exclaim amongst like-minded people...

Dear Like Minded People:

Someone really should have jumped on an "Imagine of Bush Would Have Done This" Website years ago.. It might have been a profitable venture.

P.S. to all:

I am perfectly okay with killing al Qaeda types with drones, I am balking at the hypocrisy and the silence of the low information types. I am assuming someone would rather be waterboarded than obliterated?


Bram said...

I'm okay killing AQ in Afghanistan with drones. Using drones in Pakistan and other countries without permission = act of war - which I'm not okay with unless Congress approves.

The logic behind the justification for drone war and killing Americans is weak and flawed. It all boils down to the President can have anyone anywhere killed because they might do something bad in the future.

Fearthuinn min an Saille said...

What Bram said, and I'm not ok with the intended killing of Americans without due process. I don't care what evil things they've done to warrant it, or whether they can be caught. If they die while being arrested, that's one thing, but Obama doesn't even try, he just sends a drone to obliterate their car. He needs to come up with a better cover, like they just "happened to be in the area when the strike occurred, while they were targeting x member of Al Qaida."

And I really don't like this, given that they're being deployed here.

Anonymous said...

"But it’s Nobel Peace Prize shrapnel, so it’s okay. Not like the horrible Bush shrapnel."

- Glenn Reynolds

Rickvid in Seattle said...

We did not arrest Confederate soldiers - they were Americans in open armed rebellion against the United States. We did not arrest American Bund soldiers fighting for the Reich - they were in combat against the United States. These terrorists are in open armed combat against the United States. They cannot be arrested (really, arrested?), they can be killed face to face only at great risk. If captured, they are trained to know our laws and to lawyer up. You find them, you kill them. Period. Read here a thorough and thoughtful analysis of this issue.

Bram said...


I have no problems with drones in a combat zone, it is the "anywhere, any time, just because" killing that is worrisome.

Using the President's logic, the Chinese government can drone-kill a dissident in Seattle. And if some Americans nearby are killed too - tough shit.

Jpck20 said...

This has always been a gray area. My thought on it is:

1) Using drones to kill american citizens within the boundries of the United States no matter the reason: A criminal act perptrated by the white house and should be punishable as Capital Murder.

2) Using drones outside of the boundries of the US to kill american citizens who are in armed conflict against the US or who are aiding and supporting those who are by any means: Only in areas where we know that there is not a chance of the local government or lack thereof of having a chance to capture these fucking traitors.

IE: If a US citizen whom we know was involved in armed conflict against the IS is found in say, Germany. Thats a country we can reasonably expect the local government to have the ability to apprehend the piece of shit and turn over to us.

Afghanistan, Pakistan or the like... Drones all the way baby.

Yeah its still a gray but if we dont have a reasonable chance in apprehending these fuckers, then killing them is the best alternative. They chose to take up arms against us, tough shit.

Hoss said...

More crickets chirping from the hypocrites on the left. Just for God's sake don't waterboard anybody.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I'm 95% with Jpck20 and Hoss.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I meant to include Rickvid in Seattle.

By the way, I can't see any moral difference between a sniper and an unmanned drone.
I don't have a problem with either one.

rbb said...

When did you nutters start hating the killing of terrorists?

Oh yeah, it's a Democratic President, keeping us safer than the last guy ever did.

Tater said...

rbb said...
"When did you nutters start hating the killing of terrorists?

Oh yeah, it's a Democratic President, keeping us safer than the last guy ever did."

I'm sure Ambassador Stevens would agree to your blather rbb.


Nate said...

Wow, a reasoned and fairly rational argument by JPCK. I was completely shocked to read the author.

I'm more of the opinion of the author of this post. The term war is far too loosely thrown around to simply execute anyone considered "at war with the US". We've got wars on poverty, terrorism, drugs, obesity, and just about everything else that seems to bother someone.

Hoss said...

"When did you nutters start hating the killing of terrorists?"

Unlike your side, we've always been down for it. I guess we should ask when did your side become complicit with the prospect of Americans being killed at B. Hussein's whim (probably about the same time you tucked your tail between your legs on Gitmo, etc.) We're simply mocking you pussies for not saying the first word about Obama ramping-up drone strikes when you pissed and moaned incessantly when Bush used them. And now your boy will target Americans....I could only imagine the caterwauling. It would get even more spectacular if Obama finally got the balls to tell everyone that harsh interrogation measures really do work.

Bram said...

COB - The drones use anti-tank missiles which are more like the artillery shells than rifle bullets. Again - that's fine on a battlefield but not in a town.

The collateral damage so far includes 176 dead children in Pakistan. Oddly enough, the Pakistanis are starting to really hate us.

I don't like the casual way we are killing people. I don't like the flimsy justification for executing Americans nowhere near a battlefield. And I don't like the fact that drones are being deployed domestically now.

Zelda said...

I'm fine with Obama killing terrorists. I'm not fine with his horrifying double standard. He owes Bush an apology and a full exoneration. He also needs to go to Congress with his plans, just like Bush did.

free0352 said...

I agee with jpck as well, and last I checked that was government policy.

free0352 said...

My only concern is we are losing a lot of potential intelligence a snatch and grab would net. I think we use strikes too much. I think that not because I dont want to see terrorists killed, but because I think we could kill more with some human intel.

Anonymous said...

When did rbb start approving of killing terrorists, the ongoing war, the worsening economy, rising gas prices, increased taxes on the middle class, etc?

Oh yeah, a democrat president is in office.

Jpck20 said...

When did rbb unzip his female wookie suit to utter something out of his cum receptacle?

Nate... you dont get my good responses because you dont rate them. Like I said I enjoy treating you like the pussy you are. Now stop trying to kiss me.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I watched a WWII vet interview not long ago. The vet said that the US Army would bombard German villages from which there was resistence. Presumably, there were lots of civilian casualties.
I can't imagine that anyone thinks I like Jug Ears, but I can't criticize drone stikes outside the US, collateral damage or not. Also, I think they hate us anyway. The Roman expression "They do not love us, so let them fear us" seems to apply.

elspeth said...

Zelda, You know Obama can not apologize; his M.O. is to blame others, accepting no responsibility that might someday warrant an apology. They call it voting "present" in some places. I wonder why Congress is full of the spineless.

ALa, Do you see the contradiction when you say: "I am perfectly okay with killing al Qaeda types with drones ... I am assuming someone would rather be waterboarded than obliterated?"

Isn't al Qaeda comprised of people whose idea of heaven starts with martyrdom?

RufussVa said...

"watched a WWII vet interview not long ago. The vet said that the US Army would bombard German villages from which there was resistence. Presumably, there were lots of civilian casualties"

we did that to french villages too!

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CrabbyOldMan said...

Enemas! You forgot to wipe AGAIN.