Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guest from the Left: J. Marquis

Baby Steps Toward Sanity

Interesting to see what different states are doing on the gun control issue. It will also be interesting to see how much the effort intensifies after the next mass shooting. Or the first episode where a gun owner is overwhelmed by his own paranoia and goes on a rampage.

States Take Action to Prevent Gun Violence

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ALa said...

First government attempt to disarm a people:

Anonymous said...

Or, the first episode where liberals are overwhelmed by their own paranoia and try to violate the 2nd amendment.

Oh wait, that's happening now.

Bram said...

It will be really interesting to see how voters (who overwhelmingly don't want more gun control in most states) punish Democrats in 2014 and 2016.

Rickvid in Seattle said...
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Rickvid in Seattle said...

Do gun owners get overwhelmed by paranoia and go on shooting sprees? No.All of the quivering cowardly and contemptuous predictions of blood in the streets if law abiding citizens have guns are lies.

Crackpots and drugged up kids - thanks lefty idiot schools and shrinks - do, however, go shooting where, by law, the leftist morally bankrupt politicians have declared that people should be vulnerable and die.

What we seldom hear about is how often people save lives using guns. We know about the Aurora theater shooting, but who knows about the Mayan Theater shooting in San Antonio? No? Of course not. And even when it is written up, some media go pretty far to cover up the "unacceptable truth," you might say.

Read this version first and think about the facts as presented. Crazed gunman, shooting up a theater, everyone saved when the police arrived.

Now, read this version and think how different it is. Why did the shooter start shooting? Where? Who saved the day? http://tinyurl.com/cbuo7la

Some incidents where guns saved lives: http://tinyurl.com/c7m5jb7

Finally, listen to this 911 call, if you have the guts, and then, rbb, anonymouse, Jim, Nate, et al, tell me that the caller should have just sat there waiting for the police to arrive. Tell me that if this was ALa on the phone huddled with her sons in a room, that they should just wait and die. If you have the guts, boys. http://tinyurl.com/cjpyyc

free0352 said...

They wouldnt care who it was. They'd tell you after the criminals killed her it was because theh didnt get enough wellfare, that it was bcause of white racism and a lack of "social justice" and that if we juet taxed the rich more thes see things wouldnt happen. Then they would blame George Bush somehow.

Truth is Obama is terrifying millions of Americans with his authoritarian leadership and disregard for the rights of Americans and these libs are cheering it on.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Free0352: AMEN!!!!

CrabbyOldMan said...

CrabbyOldMan fears that Obamler is trying to provoke some fool into providing him with his Reichstag fire.
Then the shit will really hit the fan, because the Leader has apparently had his old party comrades digging furiously to find ways of ruling by decree to handle the “emergency”.
Call me paranoid all you want, but keep in mind that we have an extremely shrewd politician in the White House, who is able to inspire irrational loyalty from the party faithful, and has demonstrated that he has very few scruples, if any at all. Worst still, Obamler has momentum and lots and lots of confidence.

Haverwilde said...


And none dare call it fascist.

Our president is busy establishing his Obama Reich, and he is unser F├╝hrer.

Heil Obama!