Monday, January 14, 2013


I should have never watched 2016: Obama's America. I feel like I've had a little pit of dread in my stomach since that day. It's not overwhelming my life or anything, but it's there. And, now, all the things that people claimed we were "nutters" to suggest...are coming to fruition.

In 2004, I felt as if Bloggers could effect change. Citizen journalists exposing what the MSM would not.

In 2013, I feel like nothing can help the trajectory this country is on.

I admitted to The Man yesterday that I feel as if we should have some sort of fire arm in our possession...and, though I hate to feel like I have a tin foil hat on, preferably one that doesn't need to be registered by Big Brother.

He admitted that he was starting to wonder about some jobs he's been doing on National Guard sites and some strange goings-on he's seen...

Paranoid? Maybe, but it seems as if there's pretty good reason for that. Obama is a catalyst for my house anyway. He's also a life-sucker from this site...leaving me bereft of my normal fire.


free0352 said...

Well, you happen to know a handy, dandy fire arms instructor and consultant who would happy to help you in your fire-arms purchase.

You got me on facebook, hit me up.

And its okay to be a little paranoid. If you're wrong? So what? If you're right. Well its better to have a plan and not need it than need a plan and not have it.

Bram said...

You also know somebody who shoots at a range in western NJ. Let me know if you want to try a few different rifles & pistols.

My club does kids' classes on Friday nights (parents don't have to be a member). The fist time is nothing but a long safety lecture and test they have to pass before touching a rifle.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

You're only paranoid because they are out to get you. The administrators will administer your lives, telling you how you shall live. No salt in cooking, no transfats, no large sodas, no platic bags at grocery stores, fewer pain killers at hospitals, and by the way, you will be vulnerable to vicious killers by law as they restrict where you may carry weapons, and soon when they are taken away by force.

It is amazing how easily people just roll over to these sorts of things. I never thought I'd call NYC reidents wusses, but they are by letting clowns like Bloomburg treat them like children.

jim marquis said...

And over the emotional cliff we go...

Haverwilde said...

"And over the emotional cliff we go..."

Yup, You are in ecstasy over the creation of the Obama fascist state, and we are depressed over the destruction of these once great United States.

Let me know when your ecstasy finally crashes and you realize you helped destroy the greatness that once was our country.

Anonymous said...

"And over the emotional cliff we go..."

You're right. We should be more concerned about the economic failures, unemployment, new taxes on over 70% of the population including the middle class, the Benghazi cover up, and every complete failure of this president.

Zelda said...

"And over the emotional cliff we go..."

Oh come now. The NYT did an entire article on the depression and therapy sought by the Bush haters after his reelection. Don't go pretending that you libbies are just chock full of good mental health.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I'm considering buying a slug gun (shotgun sawed down to the legal limit) rather than a heavy caliber pistol.
My conern with military type rifles and heavy caliber pistols is that of shooting through my neighbor's walls besides my own.
If one does NOT use buckshot, I think the danger of shooting a neighbor is greatly diminished, assuming that I would have to fire within my own house.
A 20 guage is very handy and I think the Mrs. would not have problems using it. On the other hand, the 12 guage would have a bigger pattern and more stopping power.
I would appreciate your thoughts.

Bram said...

Crabby - if I understand your comment, you intend to use shotgun slugs for home defense? Those slugs will over-penetrate more than else.

How about a carbine (9mm, .40, or .45) loaded Glaser Safety Slugs? Accurate, does lots of damage, and won't go through walls.

Beretta, Kel-Tec, even Hi-Point make reliable carbines.

free0352 said...

Bram is right. Slugs will go through 12 pieces of green board and 2 layers of plywood. Buckshot will penetrate 8 pieces of green board and an 1 layer of plywood. Translation, you can shoot through your entire house.

However, if you load a rifle with frangible ammunition your round will do very decent damage to a human target, but only penetrate 2 layers AT Most of greed board or one layer of plywood.

As for pistol ammunition, I once shot a .38 hollow point through two rooms, an outer wall, across the street and embed in a brick wall across that street. All of this I've seen in the US, in the shoddy building codes of Iraq rounds penetrate much further.

Given that information, a rifle or carbine loaded with frangible ammunition is the least penetrative option, and is the most accurate. You can find yourself in situations where the patterning of the shot will hit a bystander if that bystander is too close to the target. In home defense, that may well be a loved one.

Be that as it may Crabby, if you have your heart set on a shotgun - and there is nothing wrong with that, just know the pro's and con's -, never EVER saw it off as that is both a legal in most states (even at legal length) and safety issue. Instead, buy a Remington 870 Express or Mossberg 500, and purchase a home defense barrel to go with it that is cut to the required length. Not only is this much safer, but it leaves the sights intact. A home defense shotgun should run ghost ring type sights instead of a bead. I did a Mossberg 500 home defense gun with all the bells and whistles for under 400 dollars.

free0352 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
free0352 said...

And over the emotional cliff we go...

Well, maybe. Last time that happened nearly 650,000 Americans died. I'd rather not repeat that history. I think liberals should stop scaring their fellow citizens, but they really don't care if they frighten you Conservatives. They care if they frighten captured Al'Queda terrorists with a little water and a towel. You? Quake in your booties. They love it.

BigD said...

Personally, I like frags for home defense. Less evidence to worry about.

BigD said...

On a more serious note, and on topic... I keep finding myself going back the similarities between Obama and Romney, et al. The real problem is that, even if Romney had been elected we would be having many discussions of at least a similar nature. There is was an OpEd in the WSJ by Gordon Crovitz: Google's $25 Million Bargain. It describes how Google figured out a few years ago that they would end up facing Anti-trust charges and began lobbying ahead of time, and it worked. This really just amounts to bribery under a different name. This whole load of crap needs to change!

jim marquis said...

Liberals are scaring their fellow citizens? Maybe you didn't see the meltdown on Piers Morgan the other night or the video of the Tennessee gun dealer. That's the stuff that gives regular people nightmares and the drive to push our society toward some kind of sanity on this issue.

free0352 said...

For a long time fringe people have said Obama was the boogie man.

Now a lot of main stream conservatives like ALa are starting to become afraid of this president. Heck, I'm starting to fear what he will do.

You want sanity? Don't scare 48% of this country. And damn sure don't give them affirmation and justification for the fear.

A lot of people are starting to think Obama is becoming at best an imperial president and at worst a tyrant. Things like that lead to civil war. If I were liberals, I'd demand Obama back off this executive order stuff, come to the negotiation table over the debt ceiling and quit with the gun control. Otherwise, I don't see it ending peaceably. At best I see another OKC bombing and worst I see insurrection.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Free0352 and Bram:
I am NOT considering loading a shotgun with slugs.
"Slug gun" is a term used by the sales clerk to describe shotguns some use to shoot slugs at deer with. These shotguns have the shortest barrel that is still legal.
I would NEVER consider buying a shotgun and sawing it off myself.
I would use the shot size that is the next size (or perhaps two sizes) smaller than buck shot to avoid the penetration problem.
I see the weapon as strictly a short range one. I'd think that it would be much easier to hit a close target (blunderbuss).

rbb said...

Nutters crack me up.

CrabbyOldMan said...

The Messiah and His Disciples are doing just what all the other Communists have done.
He is getting more confident and will therefore be more aggressive.
However, he runs the risk of overplaying his hand. For instance, will the National Guard obey illegal or marginally legal orders? "...defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic."

free0352 said...

I don't have a magic ball to gaze into to predict the future. I don't believe Obama is the kinda guy who would just take power. This thing is more of an incremental slide. The more government does, the more it screws up, hence the more problems government has to "fix."

As for Conservative fear, I don't share it right now. The House will hold back the gun control, and if they stay strong can force Barry to the negotiating table. Much more of this executive order stuff will being the SCOTUS down on Barry's head. So I'm not that scared.

My main fear right now is another OKC bombing type attack. I don't like terrorism in any guise, even if I agree with some of the things the terrorist says.

I can't for the life of me understand why liberals just keep pushing this stuff. Its dangerous. Look at what's going on in Mexico right now. That level of violence. We don't need that here. Just let it go liberals, its not worth it.

jim marquis said...

What about the (at least) half of the country that wants Obama to do something about gun violence? In spite of your side's continual paranoid proclamations I have to believe this is NOT a fight he wanted to take on. There's been a massive amount of pressure put on the government by regular citizens.

free0352 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
free0352 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
free0352 said...

I have to believe this is NOT a fight he wanted to take on.

Oh please. Its obvious he was waiting till after his first term Hell, he didn't even wait till his swearing after the election. He took the first "crisis" he could get his hands on and isn't letting it go to waste. We told you this would happen years ago and here it is. I knew this would happen back in 2008, and said so many times. We all did. Who do you think you are fooling? Or are you just fooled?

The only pressure on Obama is from the massive weight of Piers Morgan's massive ego. According to the December 26th USA Today/Gallop poll on a Brady type ban, only 43% of Americans support a ban on semi auto rifles and the numbers decline from there. If 43% are for another so called "assault weapons ban" that has to mean 57% are for assault weapons... making assault weapons more politically popular than Barack Obama himself who holds a 46% approval rating as of today. So using your logic, if we're going to ban things based on popularity we should start with banning Barack Obama.

All this President is doing, is succeeding in terrifying the majority of American citizens that their government has become a monster. Even Harry Reid won't support this President's efforts. Its over reach, its dangerous, and its totally pointless.

So its right up Obama's alley.

Anonymous said...

This fight that he didn't want to take on is causing an unbelievable spike in gun sales. More guns, ammunition, and high capacity magazines are in the hands of private citizens because of the FEAR of gun control. Gun control advocates are the reason behind increased gun sales. If gun control advocates would just keep their mouths shut, and/or Obama would just state that he is not going to go for gun bans, the gun shelves would still have an abundant supply of UNSOLD firearms, high capacity magazines, ammunition, etc. in NOT in the hands of private citizens.

I'm actually thinking that gun control advocates actually want more assault rifles on the streets as long as they FEEL good about themselves instead of actually doing something that would effectively get more guns off the streets.

Bram said...

jim marquis - Gee Jim, maybe that's why we have a Federal system. You lefties do whatever you want to your own states.

This is a Republic not a Democratic Dictatorship.

Bram said...

Crabby - That will work. #1 or #2 shotgun shells are harder to find but are probably adequate.

Hoss said...

For a guy that hates guns, nobody has ever been better at selling them than Obama.

Maybe the half of this country that wants to do something about gun violence should step up and tell the black community to get their shit together. Maybe they should stop creating a social climate that is okay with government dependency, single parenthood (ill-prepared parenthood at that), and a notion that it's okay if you act like a senseless thug because you've always been a "victim" of some bullshit or another. Too fucking bad if half of this country doesn't like guns, don't buy one. I don't even think the lefties will deny that if they could, they'd come confiscate every gun in America. Never happen, Free is money when he says there be an insurrection. Molon Labe.

Fearthuinn min an Saille said...

Well, I know you love your state and your city, but you're always welcome in GA. Our economy is starting to pick up, and gun positive laws are going on the books (you won't see odd goings on on NG bases down here, unless it's setting up to defend the state from the feds). Wyoming is good, too, so is Texas (and they don't have a state income tax - GA is sliding in that direction, slowly).

CrabbyOldMan said...

"There's been a massive amount of pressure put on the government by regular citizens." is NOT accurate.

Substitute "the anti-gun lobby (who sees an oppportunity)" for "regular citiizens". Then your statement will be accurate.

Never let a crisis or a tragedy go to waste, that's the Chicago way.

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