Friday, November 29, 2013

From a Veteran's Perspective...

Happened across this article:

Navy Veteran Gives Thanks This Holiday Season
"I hate to be a Debbie Downer, and I can appreciate how most citizens are happy to stick their heads in the sand, but at what point do we demand a stop to the madness? The complacency, née apathy, has seemingly removed our collective sense of responsibility and our ability to be truly thankful. Gone is the day of a collective movement against wrongdoing. Now, we have a collective of “acceptance” and boy, do we accept a lot..."

Read the whole article

Loved reading this an reminiscing about when I had that same passion... Wish I could conjure it (and the hope it takes to kindle it) again.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More FB Stupidity...

It pains me that someone I am 'friends' with on Facebook found this profound enough to 'share.' Ugh. Yeah, honey, because one night to buy a flat screen and a few weeks of trash, urine and rapes are comparable...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our rotten broken healthcare system...

Some of you may recall that a few years ago I tore a shoulder muscle during a 3 on 1 fight in my Krav Maga class (you shoulda seen the remains of the other three!). I had hoped it was strained, but after a few days it was clear that something else was up. I called my doc on a Friday morning and saw her that afternoon. She had me get x-rayed right away and, nothing broken, set up an MRI for Monday, one working day. A surgery about a week later, a few weeks on the mend, and back to class.
Well, a few weeks ago I broke up a real fight (note to self - stop that!) and may have injured things again. Well, the deterioration in our lousy healthcare system since a few years ago tells me that we have to tear it down and get the government in to make things right!
This time I contacted my doctor on Wednesday afternoon but could not get in to see him (different doc) until Thursday afternoon! I mean, WTF, right? And he said he thought it was only a rotator cuff strain and asked me which I would prefer, some physical therapy to see if things get better, or an MRI? I mean, really! How the hell do I know what is best for me? Ed Shultz on MSCNBCN knows that we are all too friggin' stupid to decide anything for ourselves. The doc needs to tell me what I have to do. He's the doc, right? I don't know skwat about docterin' stuff. So, anyhow, I mull it over, and called for an MRI yesterday morning (Thursday,) and I can't even get in until Monday afternoon! Two whole working days! Can you believe it? Jeez, that is twice as long a wait as I had before!
See, if it was government run, they'd have taken me right away, and it would be for FREE! Now, with this bum system, I might have to pay a co-pay of $30 or something.
So, viva Obamacare! Bring it!

Friday, November 08, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Why I post about politics.

Yesterday, one of my well meaning friends wrote this on my Facebook Page: "Foxy Wizard, stop posting about politics. It makes no difference. Go to lunch with a friend, and don't discuss politics for an hour." This "friend" is a person I have seen once in the past 28 years.

I wrote back: "I will post ON MY WALL, whatever I feel like posting." She wrote this condescending remark: "Wondering what will make you happy..." I unfriended her.

But it has set me to thinking about Facebook, and blogs, and what I post.

I post about politics because politics are important to me. It matters very much to me which way my country goes. I see our freedoms taken away day by day. I see a crushing debt being foisted on my grand-children, with no consent on their part, and I see a populace being led down a path that Greece is already experiencing. I see a complicit media who blatantly lies about what is happening, and a people too busy surviving to dig a little deeper and find the truth. The house is on fire, and I guess I am supposed to post about puppies or enchilada recipes. I cannot do that. Over the past 3 years since I have been on Facebook, I have sworn off posting about politics several times cuz people get their feathers ruffled. I have always resumed posting about politics because what I see is too important to ignore.

Facebook has been a curious experience for me. When I first got on, I was involved with the Tea Party. I'd just like to say that each and every rally I have ever attended was peaceful, certainly not racist (some of the best speakers were not white) and clean as a whistle. The main topic was our economy, our spending and our debt, and the implications of these issues on the future of America, the one we are leaving our kids and grand kids. These rallies were about as sinister as a church picnic. I shared about the experience on Facebook, and was called a racist!. At one point, a man I consider a good friend defended me, but he didn't say I wasn't racist. Rather, he pointed out that I had a right to believe what I believed and even though he disagreed with me, maybe if he had walked in my shoes awhile he might be as mistaken as I was. I was flabbergasted at the condescension in his argument, and clear he was not even aware of how positional HE was being. No where in his defense of me was even a glimmer of acknowledgement that maybe I was right in my beliefs- only that he understood why I might have these WRONG beliefs. I gave up on the conversation.

So my posts on Facebook and blogs such as this one have to do with my concern about preserving our freedom and the freedom of our children. And I believe economic issues are a huge threat to our freedom. And when you consider that if you add our national debt to the unfunded liabilities (promises we've made and are on the hook for in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) our debt exceeds $90 trillion. That number is staggeringly high. THERE ARE NOT $90 TRILLION DOLLARS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! In other words, the world economy is way less than $90 trillion dollars. And when I divide that number by 300 million people in the US, it comes to a whopping $300,000 for every man, woman and child in this country. So Maddie, my beautiful 5 year old grand daughter, has a debt of over a quarter million dollars, and so do my other 12 grand kids. And I don't see how the path we are on is sustainable, and incidentally, neither do the people who run these government agencies, nor do the credit rating agencies. And by the way, this number does not include Obamacare. No one has any idea how much that is gonna cost.

And yet, I have yet to hear a single person on the opposite side of my politics even engage in that debate- they simply won't talk about it. The best answer I get is something like: "I can't believe a Republican is suddenly concerned about the debt". Well, first of all, I am not a Republican, I am a Libertarian. But aside from that, what about it? How is this gonna work? None of my Liberal friends will tell me. They simply won't discuss it. The discussion turns to racism or sexism or greed or "you just wanna push grandma over the cliff" or "you just want to give huge bonuses to corporate CEOs" or "you're just a rich white guy and don't understand" or some other such nonsense.

Now I think that deep down inside each one of us is a commitment to have the world work for everyone. I know I do. And I understand that many of my Liberal friends have a similar commitment, and that we simply disagree on How To Solve the Problem. And I accept that, and that is why I have many, many Liberal friends. But folks,do you see someone, really, who just wants our kids to drink dirty water? Really?

So to close this rather long commentary, I'd just like to say that freedom is the most important gift my parents and grand parents gave to me, and I am committed to preserving it for my kids and grand kids, and that is why I post.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Thought I'd share the pumpkin my friend's husband it's the scariest thing I've seen this year...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

I hate to beat a dead horse, but really, this one isn't dead! And it is killing our jobs, our economy and the best healthcare system in the world. And, it hasn't even been fully implemented. Employers aren't hiring, because, as we speak, new regulations are being written. How can a company plan for that? No one knows what these new policies will cost, but those who have found out have been shocked. Not at how much they are able to save. NO. At how much more they will be forced to pay. The Obama Administration is closely guarding how many people have actually enrolled. Can you guess why? I can't. I can only assume it is because a) people aren't able to navigate the system well enough to enroll, or b) once people see what these new policies are gonna cost, they simply do not enroll. Either way, the news can't be good.

So, the Affordable Care Act is NOT affordable, and more people are losing access to Care than are gaining it as a result of this law. (see article below) This is not about politics. This is about the general welfare of the American People.
A scant three weeks ago, Ted Cruz made his heroic 21 hour speech on the Senate floor, detailing the catastrophe this law would be for the American people. For this, he was called a terrorist, a traitor, and anarchist, a loony bird, a suicide bomber, and more. He has received death threats from the more fevered brains on the left. He has been excoriated as much by the establishment Republicans as he has by the Democrats.
After proposing to defund Obamacare, and having that go nowhere, the Republicans proposed to Obama and the Democrats two things: that the personal mandate be delayed one year, and the Congress, Staff, Labor Unions and President submit themselves to the same laws they are forcing on us, the American People.

We can't do that! We can't be subjected to this kind of tactics! This is extortion! Terrorism! Why, we want a CLEAN resolution!, they bellowed. And Harry Reid wouldn't even allow it to be debated.
Fast forward to today. Senator Joe Manchin, D, proposed a one year delay. Secretary Sebilius signaled (your favorite word, Nate) that maybe it should be delayed. Oh, what forward thinkers they are! See how much they care?

The Titanic has just scraped the iceberg. Most are still laughing and joking. The Captain is playing it down. Everyone knows the Titanic is unsinkable! Rearrange the deck chairs! Have a drink! But a few of us are looking at reality, and it isn't looking good. Maybe it's time some of you Libs to slap yourselves and start waking up. This will be a disaster. For all of us. You, too.

Health insurance cancellation notices soar above Obamacare enrollment rates

Thursday, October 24, 2013

But, There's No Hockey in Georgia!

"Using personality test data from over one million people, researchers have identified three distinct personality regions in the country. Here, each state is colored by the region it belongs to and shaded according to how strongly its personality matches that profile.

Want to know where you belong on this map? Click "Take the Test" and answer the 10-question survey to see which state most closely matches your personality. Results are not recorded or reported to any third party."


Apparently, I live in one of the most neurotic states in the country... That explains a lot.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

I must confess I am perplexed by the indifference of Christians in America to the plight of Christians worldwide. Here in America, Christians seem to be very pro-Israel, which I am as well. But when you actually read up on the subject, it is clear there is a world-wide genocide raging against Christians, with nary a peep about it in the Christian community. I Googled "violence against Christians" and got 28,600,000 hits. In Syria, entire Christian villages are being destroyed. Iraq has seen a mass exodus of Christians since 1990. Many villages in these two countries speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus. What a precious group.

Perhaps there is much to learn from them, since Western Christianity has been filtered through many different cultures and languages; Greek, Latin, Old English, and finally, American English, in the case of American Christians. Having read the Peshetta Bible, translated by Dr. Lamsas, a Bible scholar raised speaking the Aramaic language, I can tell you there are many passages that are difficult to understand in the King James Version are clear in that Bible. For example, in Aramaic, the word for camel and for rope are one and the same, providing for much needed clarity in the passage where Jesus says: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. KJV" If you read "rope" instead of "camel" the passage makes more sense. And no, it wasn't a small gate into Jerusalem.

By the way, I am also opposed to the genocide and destruction of Buddhist temples and culture around the world. Can't we just all get along?

Rand Paul Tells Christians To Fight Global Persecution Step one: Pray. Step two: For the love of all that's holy, stop contributing to the problem.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Move Over, Bush...It's All Ted Cruz's Fault

Right Wing Obamacare Myths DEBUNKED

"Man, I hate these stupid, crazy, tea bagging right wingers. So foolish, so uncivilized. They run around screaming like crazed anarchists about how they want to stop Obamacare. Damned idiots don’t realize that the government needs to be involved in our health care decisions; we’re too helpless and feeble to handle it ourselves — unless we’re making the “medical” choice to get an abortion, in which case, THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, YOU GOVERNMENT PIGS. GET OUT! I mean, leave your wallet on the table, ’cause I’m gonna need you to pay for this, but then GET OUT, JERK.

There are many scare tactics being used by the tea baggers in an effort to discredit Obamacare. Personally, I hate scare tactics. You should never let anyone scare you away from supporting socialized medicine, mostly because without it every poor person in the country will get sick and die. Anyway, like I said, I disapprove of scare tactics..."

Read the rest of the piece at The Matt Walsh Blog

"According to an April survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 41% of 603 small business owners said they have delayed hiring because of the federal healthcare law. One in five already cut hours, while 20% have reduced payroll..."
Read the whole story: With Eye on ObamaCare, Companies Move to Cut Workers’ Hours

Monday, September 16, 2013

Downward Spiral.

"A bill that would allow non-physicians to perform abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy is awaiting signature by Gov. Jerry Brown of California by Sep. 30. The bill, AB 154, passed both houses of the state legislature with strong support from Planned Parenthood and pro-choice groups. Planned Parenthood stands to benefit most directly from the bill, as non-physician staff at its clinics would be able to obtain abortion licenses."

Read the entire story.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Okay, race crime, race pimps, and the fecless blatherings of the terminally deranged left aside, what do we do about Syria? What do y'all think?

While a bullet to the head would be a satisfactory end for Lil' Assad, we do have a rule about that. Gentlemen simply do not go about assassinating national leaders. Not so it can be pinned on them, at any rate.

We should do something about poison gas, nuclear material, and other actual WMDs, IMHO. Assad got a nice haul in 2003 from Iraq, and he seems to have used them. Now, do we risk a shooting war? Do we smack his knuckles and crow about how we "did something to stop the evil?" I have an idea.

Ever since the Serbian war, I have wondered how it is that the west is so easily bamboozled and simply does not recognize a major truth about these thugs and bastards like Milosevic, Radovich, Hussein, Assad, Imin (okay, he goes back a bit)or the Kims? We treat these guys like they run a legitimate government. They do not. They are more like an organized crime ring. They run a criminal enterprise. As such, we need to treat them like that.

Usually there are families. The Top Thug, supported by his extended family. Then there are lower level thugs and their families, who all support the Top Thug. This can go down quite a few layers. At each layer, booty rolls up, and largess roles down. Top Thug and his family get the lion’s share, in aggregate, and each layer down gets some, too. What does this create? Assets. Nobody keeps the goodies in the upstairs bed mattress. They put it into bank accounts, businesses, villas, cars, boats, estates, investments. In other words, they turn it into things that can be gotten to.

So, Grand Leader lives in a palace, skis as his villa in Gestadt, takes the waters at his humble 20 room cottage at the Hot Springs, relaxes at his dacha in the woods, counts his money in his Caymans account, relishes his extensive wine cellars, etc.

What if, when GL starts something big, he gets an e-mail with the address of his boat slip at the marina in the Seychelles say off Eden island, with a suggestion that he stop preparing to do naughty things, within 24 hours. Then, phoosh, his custom 56m Perini Navi yacht mysteriously burns. Next day, another e-mail - a bank asset disappears. Day by day, more stuff is destroyed. Do the same with the supporting families, maybe 3 or 4 at a time.

How long until the Grand Leader stops or is deposed by the ever more impoverished favored families?

I’ll bet it could work. No shots fired. Total deniability, or else we blame France.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Where's the Outrage? Al? Oprah? Jesse?

The five pictured below the couple car-jacked then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!

Channon Christian was beaten and gang-raped in many ways for four days by all of them, while they took turns urinating on her. They cut off her breasts and put chemicals in her mouth... And then murdered her.

Knoxville (WVLT) - The District Attorney General of Knox County announced the list of charges facing now five suspects in the double murderof Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

The District Attorney General Randy Nichols is not saying whether or not he will seek the death penalty, but he does say the State will seek conviction for all charges filed in a 24-page indictment from the Knox County Grand Jury. Lemaricus Davidson, 25, faces a total of 46 charges.. Letalvis Cobbins, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. George Thomas, 24 , faces a total of 46 charges. Vanessa Coleman, 18 , faces 40 Tennessee state charges. Eric Boyd, 24 , also arrested in connection with the fatal car jacking, only faces federal charges as an accessory after the fact.

SO!!!!! Where's Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson? Are they providing counsel and help to the families of the victims?

Why hasn't this received National coverage by the news media like the Trayvon Martin case in Florida?

Why hasn't the NAACP, ACLU, New York Times etc., called for an investigation?

Why hasn't the FBI been called in to investigate this as a hate crime?


If two white people are tortured, raped, and murdered it barely gets a blip in the news?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Impossible to shake 'em off.

Some things, no matter your best intentions at the beginning, just need to be dumped. If possible. But sometimes...

Over the years my policy on charitable donations has been to support a few regularly, and to donate to a few more for a year, then move on to others the next year. This engenders a few consequences.

For one, filling out the deductions for income tax gets more complicated yearly. I begin to wonder if the government would just rather we did not give to charities, and maybe just leave it to the bureaucracy to take care of things.

Another is calendars. I have more calendars than I could possibly use. I take them to the gym and stick them into the magazine rack, from where people love to take them. I leave them on the bus. I can't get rid of them fast enough. Years and years after the last time I donated to a charity, I still get ... calendars.

Another issue is blogs. I have subscribed to many over the years, but after not reading one for a time, I unsubscribe. Or, at least, I try to. Like those little fuzzy flat seeds that cling to your pants when you walk through a field, you think you have ridded yourself of them, but then there they are again! I try to put them into the "Add Sender to Blocked Senders List," but to no avail. Somehow the little buggers keep coming back. Grassfire, Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, Black Sphere, USCCA, a few others.

Now, both may have the same motive - to get value from me. The charities, of course, want me to donate money. The web sites want hits, and some of them sell stuff, too.

What to do? Be more judicious selecting web sites? Yes. Maybe I will just ask them to change my e-mail address to which they send their junk. rbb, what's your address again?

Update: Not blogs, rather e-mail "alerts." Blogs one can ignore, but e-mails just keep coming, despite spam filtering, unsubscribing, etc...

Friday, August 09, 2013

Best Places for Conservatives to Call Home?

There are certain aspects about where I live that I LOVE. I enjoy having 4 seasons and no extreme weather. I don't know what I'd do without all the amazing restaurants that I currently have access too. I love the fashion forward aspect of the East Coast and I need access to an ocean to regroup a few times a year.

But, I fantasize about having land. With a pond. That freezes. And Maple trees. And my own chickens. And room for more than herbs, tomatoes and squash (my current 'crop'). I long to live around like-minded people and under like-minded laws and tax structures.

So, I after I Googled "Conservative communities in New England" to find NOTHING (why am I not surprised?!), I Googled "Best Places in the US for a Conservative to live" and JACKPOT:

America's Top 10 Conservative-Friendly Counties (Actually, there is a TOP 100)

"If you’ve dreamed of fleeing your NPR-besotted, blue-state neighborhood for more sympathetic environs, but you’re not ready to take to the woods, we may have a solution.

The Daily Caller is ranking the 100 conservative friendliest counties in America. The rankings were determined using the following criteria:

How counties have voted in the past two presidential elections
Median household income, factoring in cost of living
Home ownership percentage
Married family percentage
Civilian veteran percentage
State unionization laws, whether a right-to-work state or mandatory union state
State tax burden–state income taxes, factoring in available deductions
State concealed weapons laws, ease of carrying weapon legally
State weekly religious attendance, as measured by Pew
State abortion laws, as measured by Americans United for Life
Intangibles, such things as a long conservative history, an ingrained military culture, prominent right-wing politicians

There are two qualifications:

A “county” must be a county-level unit, which includes parishes in Louisiana, independent cities in Virginia and boroughs/municipalities in Alaska

The population must be over 50,000 as of 2008.

Here is part one, Numbers 100 to 81 (click to view the slideshow). The Daily Caller will be counting down 20 counties every day this week. On Friday, we will reveal the top 20 conservative-friendly counties in the nation."

The Number 1 place to live? Williamson County, Tenn. Largest city: Franklin and following close behind are Forsyth County, Ga. and Montgomery County, Texas.

I think it's safe to say that none of these locations have freezing ponds, so we'll have to go a bit further down the list...

Four and Five are Shelby County, Ala. and Hamilton County, Ind.. Alaska would certainly provide the frozen pond, but, well, that's just not gonna happen. Indiana might also have the ponds, but a little too land-locked. And then we're back to the South...Texas and Georgia again, Virginia and Kentucky.

And, I have to think that after growing up on the East Coast our entire mowhawk having, tongue pierced, tattoo sleeved, Philadelphia Flyer worshiping family might just be too damn 'weird' (or dare I say 'Liberal') for many of these aforementioned communities...

I guess my search continues...

Friday, August 02, 2013

Guest Post by SoLow


I grew up in the Philly metro area, did my time as one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, and eventually made my way to North Portland, Oregon (where I live now). Needless to say, I’ve been around people of all races for my entire life, and I’ve appreciated certain people from all races at one time or another as well. I’ve also met people from all races that were stupid/ignorant or otherwise unpleasant to be around. I’ve never personally cared about an individual’s ethnic background – either I like you or I don’t. But this I don’t understand (and I’m not exaggerating – this entire story literally took place within the past 24 hours).

While most of the neighborhood that I live in has become somewhat trendy/yuppy-fied over the past decade, there are still certain places that are a bit rundown. I stopped for smokes on my way home from work last night and it just so happens that the place where I buy my oxygen therapy at is in one of the more rundown areas. There’s almost always a homeless person or some type of hustler standing around in the parking lot. As I was coming outside from the store I noticed 2 black men engaging in conversation. The 1st part of the conversation that I heard was, “Whaddup nigger?” I minded my business, as usual. But it certainly wasn’t the 1st time I’ve heard it...

At home, not more than 15 or 20 minutes later I was in my front yard tending to my veggie garden. 3 black teenagers (apparently teens – at least they looked like it) were milling around on bicycles in the street/on the sidewalk just outside my place. I heard them reference each other with the word, “nigger” 4 times inside of 5 minutes. “Hey nigger, get over here!” “Hey nigger, when do you have to be home?” You get the idea...

So this morning it’s now all over the news that Riley Cooper – Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver who happens to be white – made the mistake of getting caught on cell phone video with the quote, “...I’ll jump that fence and fight all those niggers.” It was honestly 50% of the news that I heard this morning – SportsCenter, Mike & Mike on ESPN radio, Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio, even on the local morning news that I watch every day. Everybody is talking about it. And they’re not painting it as a pretty picture. Some of the adjectives I heard used to describe it were – "disgusting," "uncalled for," "Neanderthal," "absolutely unacceptable," "offensive," etc.

Call me stupid, but I guess I just don’t get it. I mean, sure, the word itself hearkens back to slavery which, of course, is a bad piece of our history. But if it’s that horrible of a word, why do black people refer to other black people as niggers? And if it’s NOT that horrible of a word, why is it so newsworthy when people of other races use it? Why is Riley Cooper vilified by the media (including at least 1 person I heard who also called for him to be suspended) AND fined by his employer for using a slur that’s so commonly used already? Don’t get me wrong – I don’t feel the need to use the word and I also don’t get why anyone would. But what I REALLY don’t get is what seems to be such a GLARING double standard...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama Deck?

Dear President Obama:

I am one of the oft-referenced 'middle class' folks that you politicians are constantly claiming you are going to help out. You know, those of us that have enough to get all our bills paid, but since we pay all our bills we don't have much left after that.

We had too much money to get a free ride to college, but not enough money to dig ourselves out of that student loan debt.

We have good enough jobs to have health care, but we have to pay into it so that takes up the little that is left over after we pay our student loans.

We have enough money to have to buy all our own milk, cheese and food in general. But food has gotten so expensive that after student loans, health insurance and grocery shopping...we are pretty much tapped out.

So, since we didn't get the free ride to college, and we don't qualify for MedicAid, and we don't get food stamps (Hell, we can't even partake in the Obama-phones!)...

And, since it's our money that is providing all these things to people other than ourselves...

We have nothing left.

So, I got to thinking... Since I saved you $80K on college, tons on Medicaid, even more in food stamps and even forfeiting my Obama phone... I want a deck. It's a simple request. Actually, how about just some Obama Wood to make the deck. Because of your policies, we have no money to go out and this way we can enjoy ourselves at home. We have no money to eat we can BBQ on the deck. We don't have money to send our kids to camps to keep them busy over the they can hang with their friends on the deck.

So, what do you say...can I expect my delivery of Obama Wood?


Mr. President?



P.S. This is dedicated to all my Republican friends that have been slowly slipping into the "I gotta get mine too" mindset. I don't care if they're all doing it. It's wrong.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

News Flash: Republicans Still Suck.

Why, oh why, have Republicans let Hillary skulk into the shadows after the Benghazi debacle?! Why are they letting her lick her wounds, mend and regroup?! And why am I ALWAYS questioning the "leadership" decisions of the GOP these days?

This is why I have been so frustrated. There really is no party that represents me.

The Liberals are like a Borderline Personality Disorder group therapy session.

The Democrats are basically Rush's much-talked-about "Low Information Voters" that refuse to see their party is being run by the BPD group.

The Libertarians have pretty much jumped the shark with the Conspiracy crap.

And, the Republicans have become master appeasers trapped in the group think bubble they always accuse Democrats of being in.


Hillary should have been summarily taken out of the 2016 talk immediately after Benghazi. There is NO excuse why the Secretary of State that had Americans die on her watch (orders?) (because of secret CIA gun trade?) should be in the 2016 discussion!!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to live somewhere that had a pond in the back yard that freezes and now...what's the difference between the US and Canada...? Well, except free ice time for my kids...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Together and Armed...

So, not only did AB get to meet and share a meal with Free0352, FreeWIFE and FreeMOM last time she was in Michigan, this week she got to go shooting with Free:

And guys, if these pics were not intended for public consumption...ooops. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Truthful Talk About Race

I couldn't help but shake my head as I stood in my kitchen the other day and watched Obama's remarks, in response to the Trevon Martin verdict, about women clutching their purses.

I'm not going to get in to the case...only into Obama's proclamations that ranged from his would-be son "looking like Trevon" to him actually being Trevon at one point.

I am quite sure that I have been in more Trevon-ish neighborhoods than Obama has. If you compare my childhood and his...where I went to school and where he did...I am pretty sure I come out on top in Street Cred.

I grew up in a family with 5 children and countless foster children all living on a Philadelphia fireman's salary. As you can imagine, funds were not abundant. I took public transportation (SEPTA) to school through neighborhoods that I am pretty sure have no Hawaiian equivalent. The Hood, if you will.

Women don't grip their purses when they see a Black teen in the neighborhoods I traveled through because, well, everyone was Black.

In 8th grade I used to take 3 buses to get to school. My second transfer was at Broad & Olney. Each day I would walk by a group of Nation of Islam 'evangelists' equipped with a bull horn. EVERY SINGLE DAY as I walked by them, they yelled into the bullhorn, "THERE SHE GOES. THE WHITE DEVIL. THE BLONDE HAIRED, BLUE EYED, WHITE DEVIL. TAKE HEED MY BLACK BROTHERS!" I was 14.

How's that for a terrifying race experience for a young teen, Mr. President?

In a Popeye's Chicken not too terribly far from my house, my mother and I were refused service. Because we were white. And we were told so.

Would that ever happen to a Black mother and daughter in 2013?

Despite these and many similar incidents, I have never blamed any race for the ignorance of a few.

It was not the remarks booming through a bullhorn or two racist cashiers at a chicken joint that ever prompted me to lump "Blacks" together as a group. It was the reaction to the Zimmerman trial and Obama's ensuing remarks that finally pushed me to go there...

To go to the "THEY."

"THEY" will stand behind anyone that's Black. Thug or no. Murderer or no. And that IS a difference between us.

And that's sad. No, of course not all, but the majority.

Don't celebrate Trevon.

There are TONS of WORTHY Black teens that deserve that recognition. Give it to them, not Trevon.

Celebrate Temar Boggs and Chris Garcia:

That's what has been the biggest travesty of this trial/debate for me...Well, that and the complete media black out on the actual facts of the case...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Always Love to Hear Bill Whittle's Take on Things...

My 14 year old knew all about this...I had never heard of it...

From Urban Dictionary: Lean

To create Lean, a popular drink originated from Houston Texas, you require the following for the original formula:

-Promethazine w/Codeine VC <- Sizzurp (active ingredient) -Original Sprite Soda <- Mixing ingredient (although different flavors of sprite are now used, such as sprite remix) -Jolly rancher candy <- Flavor additive Put it all in a styrofoam cup and enjoy. The codeine is mainly responsible for the euphoric feeling after drinking lean. Promethazine causes motor skill impairment, lethargy, extreme drowsiness, as well as a disassociative feeling from all other parts of the body, specifically the stomach and digestive system. If it doesn't have promethazine w/ Codeine, it isn't real sizzurp. The mixed drink combination known as "lean", is normally the color purple, due the added ingredient sizzurp, which is originally a dark purple syrup. There are other colors of sizzurp which can be added to create lean, but the purple is the true sizurp Lean does not contain ANY form of alcohol, crushed pills, or other liquids in general. Dat lean got my thoed.

Dat lean got my swervin.

"Mayne... hol' up... I got too much lean in my cup..." -Quoted from a popular song found in the south

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Helen Thomas 1920-2013

Republished from July 02, 2009

The Left Turns on Helen Thomas

I'm no fan of Helen Thomas. I think she's crass and rude and she looks like a crazy cat woman... (Though I have to admit to finding the HBO documentary about her, Thank you Mr. President, Helen Thomas at the White House, quite interesting...)

That being said, she's been a member of the White House press corpse since Washington was president and (even though she's an avowed Lefty) is pretty consistent about posing tough questions regardless of the political affiliation of the current administration. At the beginning of the era of O it looked like there was a Prez that might have smitten even Helen...

But yesterday, in light of the fact that Obama's latest "town Hall" meeting was STAGED (and chessmom, even the NYT says so!), Helen Thomas actually challenged the administrations claims of transparency (along with CBS's Chip Reid).

"Following a testy exchange during today’s briefing with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas told that not even Richard Nixon tried to control the press the way President Obama is trying to control the press.

“Nixon didn’t try to do that,” Thomas said. “They couldn’t control (the media). They didn’t try.

“What the hell do they think we are, puppets?” Thomas said. “They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants. We pay them.”

Thomas said she was especially concerned about the arrangement between the Obama Administration and a writer from the liberal Huffington Post Web site. The writer was invited by the White House to President Obama’s press conference last week on the understanding that he would ask Obama a question about Iran from among questions that had been sent to him by people in Iran.

“When you call the reporter the night before you know damn well what they are going to ask to control you,” Thomas said.

“I’m not saying there has never been managed news before, but this is carried to fare-thee-well--for the town halls, for the press conferences,” she said. “It’s blatant. They don’t give a damn if you know it or not. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame.” (source)

As would be expected, the Kos Kids are turning on her for daring to throw the Nico Pitney (HuffPo) controversy into the mix...

Who would have thought that it would be ol' Helen Thomas that would have ignited a tiny spark of respect for journalism in the Era of 'O'...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Post by Crabby Old Man

Learn From the Enemy

I have expressed my extreme annoyance before with conservative ideological purists who vote for some third party candidate that they should know cannot win the election or else throw a tantrum and not vote at all.

I remain convinced that we conservatives need to follow Bill Buckley’s advice and always vigorously support the most conservative ELECTABLE candidate.

I leave my reaction to the reader’s imagination when we got the final (probably fraudulent) results of the November 4, 2008 Minnesota Senate Election Results:

Al Franken, Democrat, 1,212,629 (41.99%)

Norm Coleman, Republican, 1,212,317 (41.98%)

Dean Barkley, Independence, 437,505 (15.15%)

The November 3, 1992 Presidential Election Results made me pull my hair out:

Bill Clinton, Democrat, 44,909,806 (43.0%)

George H.W. Bush, Republican, 39,104,550 (37.5%)

Ross Perot, Independent, 19,743,821 (18.9%)

And then there were the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election Results:

Barack Obama, Democrat, 65,899,660 (51.1%)

Mitt Romney, Republican, 60,932,152 (47.2%) (3.9% loss)

Some farmer math:

2008 turnout 61.6% - 2012 turnout 58.2% = 3.4% difference

3.4% + 58.2% = 61.6% (tie?) (higher turnout = win??)

It may run against the grain of a lot of people to vote for the least of evils, but look at what throwing the election to the worst of evils has got us! Look at all the damage the clowns currently controlling the executive branch have done. Consider the left wing hacks Clinton and Obama have appointed to the judiciary. Is there anyone who thinks that the military has been improved by having had Slick Willie and Comrade Hussein as Commander in Chief? How much has the conservative agenda been advanced by handing the country over to the left rather than the moderates? The conservatives have leverage with the moderates. They have none with the left, particularly the far left.

The belief that the country will experience a conservative epiphany after suffering under leftist rule is beyond ridiculous.

No one doubts that the Democrats bicker among themselves, but they demonstrated that they have the party discipline to unite behind their candidates and WIN. The Republicans need to learn from the enemy and do likewise.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Guest Post by Crabby Old Man

I have long favored decentralized government rather than the larger, centralized one favored by the political left. I’d say that the history of the schools is an example supporting the idea that small and decentralized is better.

The Federal involvement in running the schools started gathering steam in the 1960s. Prior to that, schools were funded and controlled at the state and local level, with the local school board looming very large in the scheme of things.

Does anyone think that the cost of schools has not increased very dramatically since the 1960s? Does anyone think that the ratio of administrators and other staff people has not greatly increased relative to classroom teachers? Does anyone think that the average level of student achievement has improved in proportion to the increased cost? Most importantly, does anyone think that student achievement has improved at all? HOW MANY THINK THAT STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT HAS ACTUALLY DIMINISHED?

I did not provide sources. There is a lot of material available. I thought it much simpler for those who do not agree to say so and provide the sources that support their position.

I can think of other examples of why one should be extremely skeptical of larger and more intrusive government generally. For one thing, there is mission creep. For another, the programs NEVER go away. Here are a couple of examples:

First Example: Income Taxes

In response, Congress proposed the Sixteenth Amendment (ratified by the requisite number of states in 1913)…


This should caution anyone listening to an argument that the cost of whatever will be borne only by the “rich” who can easily afford it. It will be “free” to everyone else. Note that the 2013 tax rate for the lowest category is higher than the 1913 rate for the richest category, and has been since 1941.

Second Example: Farm Price Supports


“In other words, consumers are paying $1,650 in order to benefit producers $550. For this reason, price supports are considered inefficient.”

This Source together with this Source illustrate how good intentions can create very costly government dependent constituencies that NEVER go away.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guest Post by Free0352

On the George Zimmerman trial.

You never know what a jury is going to do. I sat through nearly a hundred jury trials when I was a court bailiff. Most lawyers never sit through that many trials. And I got a better seat in the trial than the lawyers because I was the bailiff. I got to hear what the jury said during deliberations. The lawyers don’t get to hear that through the door like I did. Heck, even the judge doesn’t get to hear that. And speaking of judges, I got to hear what they thought too. Most judges talk to the bailiff, we're their right hand men after all. The lawyers and the jury would kill to hear that, but they can’t. Only the bailiff hears it all. Because of that, short of hiring a jury consultant I’d say court bailiffs are your best experts on juries and judges there are. So let me tell you the one thing I learned about juries in the three years I sat outside listening to them.

You can’t predict what the hell they are going to do.

Juries are made up of people. And people are random, arbitrary and often dumb.

When you hear the screwed up stuff juries decide cases on, you often start to question the jury system. After you see a guy convicted because the jury wanted out of deliberations to go watch the playoffs or a person acquitted because they didn’t like the victim’s wife, you get a little concerned for the criminal justice system. And yes, I saw both those jury findings happen in my time.

But try as I might, I can’t think of a better system and nobody else can either. 12 - or in the case of Florida’s non-capital cases 6 - random people selected out of a pool by the attorneys that represent the parties to the case are the best anybody can come up with. I’ve seen what a system where judges decide guilt looks like. Japan has a 99.8% conviction rate. No thanks to that system. So what’s left if not professional judges? 12 (or 6) random citizens is who. And I’ve yet to find a way to ever predict what those 12 random people are going to do.

I’ve also learned something else. It is not a court of justice it is a court of laws. Let’s say that together.

It’s not a court of justice it’s a court of laws.

Justice is something that occasionally happens in a court. If you’re looking for justice in court, keep looking. You won’t find it. It is not about the way you think it should be. It’s not about being fair, it’s not about making people happy. It’s about the law. It’s a system by lawyers, for lawyers. The only decision makers in the process who aren't lawyers are the jurors, and that is precisely why they are there.

So this post is about the Trevon Martin, George Zimmerman case better known as The People of Florida vs. George Zimmerman. I wrote a while back that I wanted to see a trial before I made up my mind either way. And now I’ve seen the trial. I’ve seen the evidence the jury saw. As usual I have no idea what those 6 women are going to do. But I do figure that since I said I’d say what I thought when the time came, I’d better go ahead and share my conclusions for what they are worth. You might agree, you might not. That’s fine either way. Law isn’t a popularity contest, and I’m telling you the truth about law. Contrary to popular belief, the truth doesn’t always set you free; sometimes it just hurts.

So we’ll look at what we’ve seen or at least what I saw. What I saw, is that both the Defendant (Zimmerman) and the Victim (Martin) used deadly force in this incident. Deadly force defined by law is “That force which to a reasonable person would be enough force to cause death or great bodily harm.” That is a cut and dried legal definition and both victim and defendant met it. Zimmerman is an obvious case. Shooting someone is always considered deadly force. It’s a little more complicated on Martin’s part. But he did meet it. We have eye witness testimony that Martin was on top of Zimmerman, and we have the pictures to prove Zimmerman got his ass kicked. Now you might say –especially my Army and Marine Corps buddies– that simply having a person down on the ground whooping their ass isn’t tantamount to shooting them. You could say that, and under the law you would be wrong. Your personal opinion of this is of total irrelevance. It isn’t a court of justice, it’s a court of law remember?

Case law specifically states that if an assailant has a person in a helpless position that prevents the victim from escaping - such as performing a ground-and-pound on them – then that is deadly force and that deadly force in turn is legally acceptable. The definition is worded so that the attacker doesn’t have to kill the victim or even injure them. There must only be THE POTENTIAL of killing or seriously harming. If you’ve ever kicked someone while they were down, or held someone pinned and then hit them, under the law that is tantamount to shooting them. That's aggravated assault and battery at minimum, and at most attempted murder. Courts have even ruled that a person restrained by the seat belt in their car is by definition held in a helpless position just as if they were tied to the seat with a rope. Bear that in mind the next time you punch somebody repeatedly who is buckled up because at that point they can legally shoot you dead.

So – like it or not – both the defendant and the victim used deadly force. So now... as far as law is concerned, it goes back to little kid rules. We have to ask who started it just like your second grade teacher used to. Just with a lot more at stake. Deadly force is sometimes authorized by law. Sometimes that is cut and dried. Like when a 300 pound axe murder is kicking down a 120 pound woman’s door and she puts both barrels of the shot gun into him. And sometimes it’s not so cut and dried as in the Zimmerman case. If Zimmerman didn’t have a scratch on him, this would be open and shut murder or at least manslaughter. But at some point before Martin’s death Zimmerman got struck over and over by Martin while he was down on the ground. We have eye witness testimony to that fact and the wound forensics on Zimmerman to back that narrative up. That is both eye witness and physical evidence. So the crux of this thing becomes; Who initiated force? That is the guilty party and determines Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence.

Some have said that Zimmerman carrying a gun equates to motive. Sorry it just doesn’t. Concealed carry is legal in Florida with a permit and Zimmerman had one. Following someone too - even against the advice of 911 dispatchers - is not a criminal act. For deadly force to be ruled self defense it has to be shown that the attacker was an eminent threat to the defender’s life. Unlike shooting someone or pounding their head on the side walk, following someone never killed them. Someone following you may indeed by creepy; it isn’t tantamount to pulling a gun out and pointing it at you which indeed would be grounds.

So we are left with the question, who initiated deadly force? Martin or Zimmerman? Here’s the deal. After all the testimony and evidence… We. Don’t. Know.

There are no witnesses or evidence as to who threw the first punch so to speak. The evidence hasn't shown us if Zimmerman drew down on Martin and Martin was reasonably defending himself. It hasn't shown us if Martin saw Zimmerman get out of his truck to look around and confronted him physically for following him. In short, nobody knows for sure who started it except George Zimmerman, and he didn’t testify one way or another.

And that my friends, is the definition of reasonable doubt.

Like it or not, we have a presumption of innocence in our criminal justice system. When in doubt, a jury is instructed to side with innocence because we PRESUME the Defendant is innocent unless it’s beyond a reasonable doubt he is guilty.

Now if I were talking to George Zimmerman, I’d slap his silly ass and call him the moron he is. He got himself into a lot of trouble, somebody died that didn’t need to, and he didn’t do concealed carry advocates like myself any favors. I think the man was an overzealous prick. But if I were on his jury, that reasonable doubt would be staring me in the face. And it’s not a court of justice guys it’s a court of laws. So I would vote to acquit with a very bad taste in my mouth.

Will this jury of 6 random women vote the law or not? Part of the answer to that is another reason we have a jury system. The jurors can totally discard the law if they feel it is too unjust. There are no grounds for appeal because the jury didn’t go your way on the law. Will this jury of 6 random women do that? I have no idea. I’m not the bailiff listening outside the door on this one. But if it were me - all I can say is I believe in reasonable doubt and the presumption of innocence. So I couldn’t vote any other way, no matter how I feel about George Zimmerman. And before you complain too loudly about it, remember that same presumption of innocence and standard or reasonable doubt in criminal trials protects YOU just like its protecting George Zimmerman. Before you suggest we throw it away, remember you might need it some day.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest Post by Zelda

It's Not About Your Vaginae (NSFW)

In case it has escaped notice, much of the pro-abortion argument is focused on vaginas (or vaginae for the Latin-minded). And it must be. For to couch it in anything other than the most introspective of terms (and really, can you get any more introspective than your own internal genitalia?) means that we must confront human rights abuses too gruesome to even contemplate. So despite appearances:

It is far easier to preserve one's sanity by dancing around in vagina costumes, chanting "Hail Satan," and reciting bad poetry to the ill-used orifices than to acknowledge the stark reality that this:

Is Not A Vagina.

And this?

Also Not A Vagina.

And this?

Again, Not A Vagina.

The above Not A Vagina is actually Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist convicted of murdering the little girl in the picture above his. He was also convicted of killing a woman and rather savagely injuring some vaginas. He was also allowed to operate for decades without regulation in spite of multiple complaints. And in an age of ever increasing government regulation and surveillance, this might make one pause to ask whether the entire debate is actually about women's health.

Because that is, of course, the predominant argument for legalized abortion. Women's health. Now pardon me if I've missed something, but Gosnell's abortion clinic doesn't strike me as particularly healthy. Landfills are cleaner.

So when a bill comes up for consideration that would prevent legal back alley butchers like Gosnell from killing women and murdering children in conditions that would make Sub-Saharan Africa blush, you'd think the pro-abortion supporters would joyfully don their vagina costumes and do the traditional Dance of the Twittering Labia, but. . . well . . . no. No. It seems they are upset about this. It's better for women to go to fiends like Gosnell because otherwise they might have to go to fiends like Gosnell. Logic! Science! Evolution! Vagiiiiiiiiiiinas!

So here is the truth. No one cares about your poor, sad vaginas. No one. Do with them what you like. Use them, abuse them, pet them, poke them, take them out for steak dinner at the Elk's Club. No one cares, except for nice religious people who think you are of such intrinsic value to Almighty God that you ought treat yourself with respect and care where every aspect of your life, including your fertility, is concerned. But they're deluded.

No one else cares what you do with your vagina. Just don't kill babies.

Monday, July 08, 2013

The Meeting...

All of you old timers will appreciate this...

As I type this, Free0352 and AB (my sis) are finally meeting face to face. There is a restaurant in Michigan right now that is housing the blog twins... I have to say, I'm a bit jealous.

(Can't believe this happened in 2005!)


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard


In 2009, I was working as an Admissions Representative for a private college in Houston. This small institution was part of a large, publicly traded chain of schools. Part of my benefits package was a health care plan.

I was reasonably healthy, so, when the national rates went up, yet again, I decided to opt out. My rates for a single man were about $600/ month and rising. My deductible was $3000, so even when I used the plan for doctor visits I had to pay out of pocket because of the high deduction.

Just for kicks, one day I went on-line to shop for health care. I was amazed there were scores of plans ranging from $120/month to $500/month. All had a much lower deductible, accepted pre-existing conditions, and were with well known companies, like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, etc.

How can this be, I thought? How can I buy cheaper health insurance on my own than through my company?

The answer is Texas has Tort Laws in place, which limit the amount of a settlement in a malpractice case. Also, Texas has a frivolous lawsuit law, which forces the person who files the lawsuit to pay the legal expenses for both parties if they lose that suit. Add to that the fact that insurance companies cannot sell insurance across state lines, and you can see how these companies were able to offer me affordable rates.

Enter the Affordable Care Act. On Christmas eve, 2009, while you and I were busy with family and friends, this monstrosity was passed. Remember, Obama said we would be able to keep our health plan if we so desired, we would balance the budget, and our rates would actually go down. However, by June of 2010 there were no more affordable plans. My rates skyrocketed to $900/month within half a year. Then the school closed and I was laid off.

Now we come to the present. No one even pretends that you will be able to keep your health care plan. Millions have already lost their plans. No one pretends costs won't go up. Costs have already skyrocketed and are projected to go up even more. Certainly, with Obama running $1.5 trillion deficits, no one is pretending it will balance the budget.

So, we are told to take our medicine, so to speak, cuz if we don't, we're racists. Or something.

And, according to a recent report issued by the IRS, the least expensive family plan will be in excess of $20,000/year. My question is this: what will happen when millions of Americans discover they simply cannot comply with the new law?

Foxy Wizard

(The Washington Post: Democrats are trying to suppress the confusion and hide the cost of ObamaCare)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

"A Word to Rioting Muslims"

Crabby Old Man thinks this is Free0352 with a British accent...

(You can find the transcript here)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Guest Post by Crabby Old Man

There has been commentary about what a great deal Social Security recipients are getting for the Social Security Taxes they and their employers contributed.

I will use my own case as an example and let the readers decide for themselves.

I started to receive $2,103.00 per month in January 2010 at age 66. My life expectancy was age 83, or another 17 years at the time.

I paid a total of $99,366.00 in Social Security Taxes over the 50 year period from 1959 through 2009. My employers had to match that same amount, so the total interest free loan to the government was twice what I paid or $198,732.00. If we continue to ignore the time value of money (interest), that pays for about eight years of my pension payments.


I used the return rates for the Dow (an average rate of 7.12%) and applied them to what I and my employers had paid and came up with $757, 572.19!!!!

Some comparisons to my $2,103.00 per month:

$757,572.19 divided by $2,103.00 = 360 months or 30 years.

7.12% of $757,572.19 is $53, 939.14 annually or $4,494.43 per month leaving my estate with the original $757,572.19

4.42% (7.12% less 2.7% inflation rate) of $757,572.19 is $33,484.69 annually or $2,790.39 per month leaving my estate with the original $757,572.19 plus growth at the assumed inflation rate.

$757,572.19 amortized at 7.12% over 17 years = $6,413.50 per month.

$757,572.19 amortized at 7.12% over 50 years = $4,627.93 per month.

I think that it should be pretty clear that Social Security has been a bad deal. The differences are so great that it is not worth the time to factor in the nickel/dime cost of living adjustments.

Here are my sources:

My personal information is from the information I received from the Social Security administration.

The interest calculations come from Microsoft Excel interest functions and my HP12C Financial Calculator.

Source Dow Returns ---

Mortality tables ---

Inflation rate:

2.7 average rate 1999-2012

The details of my interest calculations are in the following table:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Shark or Shirt?

One of my friends 'shared' her friend's video on FB the other day. I actually watched it because it was a 15'+ Great White spotting in New Jersey. The FB video is only of the shark and never shows any of the fishermen, so when I heard the video was going viral, I had no idea that had nothing to do with the shark...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

Talking points score sheet for Left Wing Trolls:

In the interest of public service, I have devised a scoring mechanism for our beloved Trolls. This is to allow them to sharpen their skills and make them serve their masters better. We love them and want them to succeed.

Bush reference 5 points
Chaney reference 5 points
Rush reference 5 points
Beck reference 5 points
Palin reference 4 points
Reagan reference 4 points
Romney 4 points
Ryan 4 points
Koch Brothers 4 points
Republican 2 points
insults, name calling 3 points

Add one point for each deliberately misspelled name or word. For example “Ray-gun” adds one point to Reagan. (5+1)

Add one point for posting drivel as “anonymous”.

Add one point for assertions made with no references.

Subtract one point for points with credible references.

Now, let's take a typical burp from one of our resident Trolls. By the way, this score sheet does not apply to non-Trolls (regulars) unless they are trolling on Liberal sites. Fair is fair.

Here goes:

Anonymous Anonymous (1) said...

Democrats are not afraid to criticize Democrats, and that is something you will never find a Repubic (4+1) doing. George (5) and Dick (5) starting illegal wars (1) did not bring one ounce of criticism (1) from the Ditto heads (5+1) or anyone else.

Stop pretending that the party of losers (3) are for small government, you're not fooling anyone (1). How is dumping trillions into the military small government? (1) You can stop waving your flag (3), that doesn't mean you are a patriot, (1) and no one believes that you are "believers in the Constitution" (3) ha! what a laugh (3). The biggest laugh is how all of you living in trailers (3) become livid at the thought of the wealthy paying their taxes. That is so unfair!

I'm thrilled that the IRS went after the Koch brothers (5) tea party groups (5), why should billionaires living on Park Ave. be tax exempt? (1)

Thanks again foxy for showing what a racist you are (3), and for the good laugh.(3)

Such outrage at made-up scandals (1) but no outrage for the chicken-hawk (3) Dick (5) and Bush (5) that should be behind bars.(1)

Just because the cry baby (3) Beck (5) says Christians are being targeted doesn't make it true.

Maybe you and big mouth (3), big gulp drinker (3) Palin (5) can start your own state. Then, like all the other hypocrites (3) in your party, when there is a hurricane or any other disaster you can come running and begging to the federal government for help.

Keep um coming dumbo. (3)

So, I score an 98 for this Troll. He managed to get almost all the talking points, unsubstantiated assertions and insults into one post. He's definitely a keeper.

Your welcome,

Foxy Wizard

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Antichrist

I woke up at 3am to a special about the Antichrist on the History Channel. The various theologians and scientists on the show were methodically detailing the Biblical and secular end of the world prophecies that deal with the coming of the antichrist.

He will entice the world with a movie star charisma and a Humanistic message and (most importantly) will create a world government and a world currency.

No, this isn't a post about how I think Obama is the Antichrist.

But, instead it is a simple observation that none of the scientists or theologians said out loud. Doesn't it seem to be a glaring omission to discuss how the Antichrist will take over the world, yet never discuss his political ideology?

The Antichrist will not be a Libertarian. Will not be a Conservative. Won't even be a Republican. Those on the Right cherish sovereignty. Cherish separation. Have bumper sticker that say 'God Bless America," not "God Bless the Whole World." Can't stomach the UN, let alone a world government.

That would be our brethren on the other side of the aisle. These are all strictly Left Wing ideals.

Should he actually come to fruition, the Antichrist will be a liberal.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Post by Foxy Wizard

It must be getting pretty bad for this Administration when Rachel Maddow, from MSNBC, has a scathing critique of it's policies. MSLSD has been carrying water for Obama for six years.

But don't worry, Rachel, the enemy, according to this administration, are not "terrorists". In fact, the word terrorist has been stricken from our vocabulary. The real enemy, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, are Christians, believers in the Constitution, believers in small government, Tea Party activists, and Patriots. Maybe rich people (families who earn over $250,000 a year) who want to keep their wealth. (and don't kiss the Royal Ring)

If you are a radical Muslim, you can blow away 13 co-workers while yelling Allah Akbar. This will be called "workplace violence", and you will be paid over $250,000 a year while awaiting Court Martial. (see Fort Hood shooting) If you are black and physically threaten white voters, dressed in military garb, holding a baton, your case will be dismissed. (see New Black Panthers case in Philadelphia). If you are killed, in the line of duty, with guns purposefully sold to drug dealers, you will never see justice. (see Fast and Furious) If you are defending an embassy, by international law sovereign territory you will be left to die. (see Benghazi)

But if you believe government spends too much, and is getting too powerful, and congregate to say so, you will be labeled racist and denied tax exempt status. If you are a Christian, and request tax exempt status, you will be demanded to provide information impossible to provide, including the content of your prayers. (see IRS scandal)

This is the "fundamentally transformed" America I am asked to accept. No thanks.

Foxy Wizard

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Um, well, gonna be away for a bit.

I'll get this fixed. Really. Uh, talk amongst yourselves....