Monday, December 03, 2012

I Know I Shouldn't Let It Get to Me...

(H/T: MsgSgtKeith)


CrabbyOldMan said...

It's very simple. The Marxocrats DON"T HAVE any arguments that stand up. That is why the Marxocrat base consists of "low information" clods, parasites and fools educated way beyond their actual abilities.
If you don't believe that, just re-read what Enemas, Malarky, Nate and their ilk have posted until now.

Bram said...

Why? Because it works!

What are you going to say? "I have black friends"?

The proper response is a 15 minute string of expletives.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

This putty-brained lie will morph over the next few years from simple minded "your (sic) racist" blather, used to cover the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the left, to the lie now gaining some traction - that Republicans/conservatives want to bring back slavery of black people. As incredible as that claim seems, it is percolating out there.
From Slo Joe Biden's "They gonna put y'all back in chains!" to a black woman’s testimony that she saw a young black child at her polling place on election day telling people to not vote for Romney because he’d “put us all back into slavery,” to a comment from a “very smart” White House aide who, commenting on the fiscal cliff negotiations, said that if it was up to “these Republicans,” they’d bring back slavery.
It s coming, and the bulk of leftists will believe it and tout it and accuse us of it. And when we point out the enslaving aspects of being a dependant statist, they will, of course, say, “Your racist!”

Jpck20 said...

It's a good time to own a gun.

Contrary to what that fucking blithering idiot Bob Costas has to say.

jim marquis said...

Maybe people consider Republicans racist because they hear and read the terms and phrases Republicans use:

"touching a tar baby"

"liberal plantation"

"Oreo cookie"


"Our blacks are better than theirs"

"Mrs. Yomamma"

"Food stamp president"

"laziest president ever"

Oh, and the fact several Southern states are talking secession...that wouldn't have anything to do with racism, right?

CrabbyOldMan said...

See what I said about Malarky and his ilk?

Bram said...

I guess he can't be the laziest President ever because he plays golf and takes lavish vacations instead of attending security and economic meetings?

My mother used to read Ber Rabbit stories to me - so I know what "touching a tar baby" means and it has nothing to do with race. Not sure why you do.

Zelda said...

LOL! All those phrases and not one of them attributed to an actual person, much less racism. The only thing you can attribute them to is paranoia.

Obama is the food stamp president, and I hope no one is intimidated enough to stop calling him that. He's a failure, he will continue to be a failure, and it has nothing to do with his race, just his politics.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Way back when, "Oreo" was a name the left used to describe black conservatives, "black on the outside, but white on the inside". That is hardly a name the Republicans would have come up with.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Oh, Jim, you wander into the briar patch deeper and deeper.

"touching a tar baby" An anti-literaturist, eh? Could have said ‘play with a shit bucket,” but that would be racist to a racialist like yourself.

"liberal plantation" Yes, keeping people dependant on the massa to feed, house, and clothe people is rather plantationist.

"Oreo cookie" You mean like what all black conservatives have been called by you “tolerant post racial” types?

"Uppityism" Says who? Oh, yeah, black Democrats who hate blacks who do not kow-tow to their control. Oh, kow-tow! I must be anti-Chinese or some such, eh?

"Our blacks are better than theirs" Says who?

"Mrs. Yomamma" Eh?

"Food stamp president" Getting millions and millions onto food stamps is NOT a positive achievement. Rally, try to believe me.

"laziest president ever" “I have a laziness in myself.” Obama is an anti-Obama racist! Who knew!

Oh, and the fact several Southern states are talking secession...that wouldn't have anything to do with racism, right? Secession? Dumb idea. That it is only over having a black president? That is a completely idiotic idea that only a racialist would tout. Oh, right, you do.

Anonymous said...

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ALa said...

A side from all the intellectual arguments that just get dismissed anyway --What I find amusing is that almost all the Lefties on here live in lily white (is that a racist term?) states... If I were racist, would I live here? A place where I am a minority? Wouldn't I have moved to Nebraska, Utah, Vermont or Seattle by now?

Anonymous said...

Ala, you've written dumber things than than. I can't remember when, but I'm sure you have.

jim marquis said...

Ala, I would never claim you're a racist. But I vehemently disagree with folks on your side who claim the party is devoid of racism.

Steve said...

Jim, no offense- but consider both sides. Conservatives judge people more on the content of a person's character. I know I do- I don't bother looking at the color of a person's skin, but rather who they ARE.

Meanwhile, your side tends to want to make things 'fair' for all (which usually means, based upon affirmative action, we don't have the best person for the job- but positions are filled simply to meet racial and sexual quotas.)

Personally, I'd prefer that the paramedic that comes for me in case of an emergency WOULD be the best person for the job, etc. al.

As far as some of the racist comments that you posted above- what I find interesting is that I've not heard of these phrases being uttered, even on some of the most unabashedly and unapologetically left-leaning sites. Where are you getting your information?

-- S.

Bram said...

Jim - You are trying to convince us that the Democrats are the anti-racist party, which is the opposite of the truth.

They are the party of Calhoun, Jefferson Davis and all the other 19th Century slavers. They were the party of the KKK and the hate-mongers who made sure the South was reconstructed racist. The party of Woodrow Wilson and the segregationists.

When they finally gave up the fight to preserve segregation, they came up with a new plan. The "War on Poverty" effectively destroyed the black family. Now use government payments and accusations of racism to keep them loyal voters.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Devoid of racism? Jim, you posit yet another lie and straw man. Nothing in human concern is devoid of negative things. Devoid? What claptrap. Hoped better from you. About as nonsensical as that idiot Anonymous post above.

Jpck20 said...

Lol Jim. If you dont think your party is full of the most blatant racist fucks there are you are goddam blind and ignorant.

Actually, you really are blind and ignorant.

So go fuck yourself.

CrabbyOldMan said...

It seems that Enemas used too much water at 9:05PM.
Malarky just keeps coming up with more malarky.

free0352 said...

What I find amusing is that almost all the Lefties on here live in lily white (is that a racist term?) states...

AMEN! I've been saying that for years. Some might get brave and live near a black neighborhood in college or something, but that is a phase. None of them have the balls to actually visit the shit holes their fucked in the head policy creates, let alone live there like I have.

I guess it would be like the slave master's kids visiting the slave cabins. Its easier to pretend they aren't there and brag how well you take care of the servants.

Zelda said...

Yup. What's even funnier is the flight of minorities from progressive, white enclaves like Austin and Portland. Turns out the only people who can stand white Progressives are other white Progressives. Normal people - regardless of race instinctively know there is something creepy and intrusive about them. Monochromatic progressivism, the Houston Press called it - which was hilarious. Even though everyone maligns the suburbs, they really are the most diverse neighborhoods. But in Lefty world, up is down, left is right, and everyone is racist.

Steve said...

Jpck20, however wrong his opinion appears to us, Jim *is* entitled to his opinion.

Telling him to go ---- himself is uncalled for, and really doesn't advance civil discussion, does it?

-- S.

George said...

So the KKK who use to be part of Democratic party left years ago and currently they vote Republican.

Not only that former KKK members (as if you can leave the hate behind) ran for office recently under Republican and conservative banners.

Are all Reps/Cons racist? No.
Are there racist Reps/Cons? Yes.
Did the racist make up reverse racism? Yes.

Anonymous said... near a black neighborhood in college or something, but that is a phase. None of them have the balls to actually visit the shit holes...

Black 'hoods = shit holes, I did not know that.

Zelda said...

Hey shit head:

If you're going to quote, quote the whole thing. That would be visit the shit holes their fucked in the head policy creates

Hopefully you missed the point because you're an idiot and not because you're a racist.

Anonymous said...

...quote the whole thing.

Whether it was Lefties or Righties who created the "shit hole" is irrelevant. Associating all black neighborhoods with shit holes was his point.

Black neighborhoods are not all shit holes.

I'm a crack-ho lazy mom...
Hopefully your local child protection agency will get involved. Bad mother?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Someone needs to put in another roll.
I think it safe to say that when someone says that they feel safe driving to work that everyone else understands that the person really means that there is a low (not zero) probability of coming to grief. If someone says that they feel unsafe driving to work, we all understand the person really means that there is a higher (not 100%) probability of grief.
Without such skipping over the waves, our conversations would be as dull as computer code.
Of the black neighborhoods you are familiar with, how many are nice and how many are shit holes?
You are the only one who does not think it relevant who created the shit hole in the first place.

Zelda said...

Associating all black neighborhoods with shit holes was his point.

Great. I'm being stalked by a retard. He never said "all" and you can't possibly argue that "all" black neighborhoods aren't shit holes. So go fuck yourself, racist.

Hoss said...

Straw man argument much? Who said the right is "devoid" of racism? That's retarded. But, as I said in another post, I'm not going to hear any type of lecture from the left in regards to racism when we only have to harken back to the days of Condi and Colin to hear all about house niggers/Aunt Jemima/Uncle Tom, etc., coming from the democrats. And if you really, really, really want to see modern racism in action, just visit a local union shop full of whiteys (Chrysler/GM/Delco). I'm surprised they don't have separate bathrooms and water fountains. Someone needs to compile the entire list of "codewords" the right has been accused of using as dog whistles (I remember "golf" and "apartments" were in there somewhere).

Bull Connor sends his regards.

free0352 said...

Do black neighborhoods equal shit holes? Fuck yes they do! You might know that if your likrly white ass had the balls to visit a place like south chicago, east detroit, englewood La, nearly half of new orleans, east st louis... Oh hell I could go on and on. They're fucking SHIT HOLES the center of which is PUBLIC HOUSING. HellN have you bothered to listen to any black leaders or slumed it on you IPOD and listened to rap music in the last 30 years? This FACT is no secret to blacks in those neighborhoods, but it seems it is to you, likely because your dumb hippie ass would be shot, robbed or worse if you wnet there after dark. Thjose places withot exception are 100 percent dem controlled so its clear whose fault that fucking tagedy is, you just can't admit your "safetu net" is a miserable failure that perpetuates said shit holes. For you, denial isn't just a river in eqypt. Get off your stupid soap box and join us in the real wprld. Oh and pick a name retard.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Free0352: What is wrong with "Enemas"? It fits very well.

Jpck20 said...


You are obviously new to these parts.

You get one pass.

Enjoy it.

Zelda said...

Well when you have the majority of black people from black neighborhoods complaining about what shit holes they are, it's hard not to take them at their word. But still. It is theoretically possible that there are black neighborhoods that are not shit holes.