Thursday, November 15, 2012

Too Harsh...?

Found this over at Hummers and Cigarettes. My first reaction was that it might be too harsh, too soon. Not saying that I'm not incredibly frustrated over the bumbling, the lies, the distractions and the fact that the general public still seems to be clueless...but...something about this does make me uncomfortable. Am I just being a bit wussy?


Navig8r said...

It should make you uncomfortable. Good people should never be comfortable with incompetence and lies.

Bram said...

I have the same reaction. I hate being lied to - and these were really huge lies not the little ones politicians tell constantly.

The absolute lack of curiosity by the mainstream media is beyond infuriating.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

The Obamunists put out that vile corrupt image of the flag polluted to worship the one they say will "lead us." Well, The Leader and his sycophants can just STFU when that scurrilous image is used to wrap them in their lies and the moral bankruptcy of their actions.

Dr Jazz said...

Michelle once calld attention to once again being proud of her country. After Obama's reelection, I am, for the first time, ashamed of my country.

Mark said...

A liberal friend of mine had this to say on Twitter last night:

"Even if Benghazi is a cover up, I honestly don’t give a crap."

"But in all honesty, Benghazi is not a cover up, and nothing even remotely interesting is occurring there, or has."

"I just… I’m a 34 year-old grown-ass man. I just don’t do conspiracy theories. And this coming from a dude who’s encountered flying saucers."

"Benghazi is a non-story. We aren’t exactly popular in the Middle East. We get attacked. It really sucks. Maybe we should leave?"

That first line is telling - he doesn't care. Just like most liberals don't care - about Benghazi, about abortion, about people on the dole, about anything except other people having more money than them.

Roils my stomach, it does.

Zelda said...

I'm not ashamed of my country, but I am ashamed of the Obama administration. Benghazi is the last, and possibly the worst, in a series of breathtaking scandals that would have been the undoing of any other president had the press cared to report them.

That post is discomfiting, but I think it needs to be out there. Obama has blood on his hands and is in denial about the mentality of Islamists.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Zelda,I don't know if you are old enough to remember Watergate.
The press absolutely freaked over a scandle having a fraction of the substance this one has. I personally have thought that the "outrage" was pay back for Vice President Agnew going after the media (it was just as biased then as now).
Comrade Obama makes the media's pee pee twitch as much as JFK did. The media will confer "greatness on this looser just as they did the other.
I think Benghazi will get covered up no matter what anybody does.

Nate said...

I read an explanation that the Administration's response was flavored by the CIA's request to protect sources, and that Republicans are aware of this. Seems rather convenient.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I would love to sell Nate a used car.

Nate said...


I'd hate to have to convince you that the planet is round.

Zelda said...

I read an explanation that the Administration's response was flavored by the CIA's request to protect sources, and that Republicans are aware of this. Seems rather convenient.

It seems more convenient for the administration to try to blame their Watergate eclipsing fuck up on the CIA. The administration let Americans die, stripped all reference to terrorism out of the CIA reports, blamed the first amendment for Islamist violence, told their surrogate to lie, all at the request of the CIA to protect "sources?" Try to remember that this is the administration that is allowing their "source" to be tortured in some Pakistani prison for helping them get bin Laden. They don't care about sources. They don't care about the first amendment. They only care about themselves.

CrabbyOldMan said...

But, but, but Zelda!
The Messiah would never lie! Neither would any of the Disciples!The Chicagocrats would never throw anyone under the bus once their usefullnes to the Faith had ended!