Monday, November 05, 2012

Our Fate is a Day Away

Right Wing News polled Conservative Bloggers to ask who they thought would win tomorrow and for whom they would be voting.

1) Who do you think is going to win the election?

Mitt Romney 87.9% (58 votes)
Barack Obama 12.1% (8 votes)

Full poll results and list of participating Bloggers can be found here.

As I was looking at RWN's poll this morning, I was interested that it was so close to our poll here:

And, how the hell did I miss Barack's endorsement by the Communist Party?! This isn't "right wing scare tactics"'s right there on the Communist Party USA's website. Does the average Joe & Jane know this if I didn't...? I really despise the American media.

Lastly, someone in the comments asked what I think about my State moving into "swing state" status. Well, the truth is, they tell us this every election. They always have some reason they think Pennsylvania can be won by the GOP. Personally, I think PA is just too union corrupt (much like NY & NJ) to ever go red again. I hope I'm wrong and Mitt being here last night speaks volumes about what the campaign thinks its chances are here because a candidate has never been in PA this late in the game. My picture with McCain was on September 2, 2008 and that was his last foray into the keystone state. So, fingers crossed but I'm not overly hopeful...

Almost forgot...I wanted to share something that happened the other day:

I was walking my dog around my neighborhood and noticed a "Romney/Ryan" sign on the front lawn of a 30-something guy that has spent his working life in Local 690...the plumbers' union. He happened to be walking out to his truck and I couldn't help questioning the wisdom of placing the sign so prominently in his yard.
"Are you trying to get fired?" I teased.
"What? What do you mean?" he looked honestly perplexed.
"A Romney sign? In plain view? You're union, dude."
"I'm American first."

WooHoo! Made my week.

Ooops. One more thing. Google "Benghazi" and Media Matters headline about "right wing myth" gets top billing!? *sigh*


Zelda said...

Love that screencap. Yeah. Obama didn't abandon them. They're all alive in a secret bunker somewhere.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

In the same sooper sekrit bunker with the passengers from the 911 airliners. And the guys who flew the missle into the Pentagon. And Judge Crater. And Mayor Daley. And Emilia Ehrhart. And John Kennedy. IT'S ALL A CON'SPIRCY!

CrabbyOldMan said...

I had a very casual acquaintence volunteer that he did not like Omarx this morning because he was concerned about the enormous national debt being passed to his grandchildren. He was one of several who did this within the past few days.
Minnesota is a very liberal state, so I keep wondering if there actually IS something just below the surface that the polls are not picking up.

free0352 said...

We'll see day after tomorrow. Obama will win Ohio, so unless there is some epic upset in PA Obama wins this election. Romney may win the popular vote, but that doesn't mean anything.

Bram said...

I think Romney has PA - and we'll be talking about how Obama didn't realize he was losing the state until too late.

kerner said...

Until about 2 years ago, Wisconsin was considered a pretty solid blue state: firmly in the grip of the public employee unions and entitlement types. But we've been beating them back for the last two years, and we have some hope of making more gains today. If there was hope for us there s hope for PA.

free0352 said...

Well, what do ya think of my calls now?

CrabbyOldMan said...

Free0352: You turned out to be right about Michigan and Ohio and the overall election results.
However, I would be careful not to gloat.
If the Libertarians did in fact prevent Romney from winning, they opted to go down with the ship. The objectives the Libertarians pursue became LESS likely than before.
Your only “achievement” is childish temper tantrum venting.
Let us all know when it finally dawns on you that you and your ilk got suckered into doing the Marxocrat’s work for them and got NOTHING in return.