Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Okay, Obama did it. By hook or by crook, he is in for 4 more years. We will get radical leftist SCOTUS appointments and with the Dem holding the Senate, and Reid already moving to gut any opposition to his maniacal dreams of total control, nothing can stop that. We will have a not simply left leaning, but actively leftist SCOTUS for decades. Even if a Republican gets in in 2016, the damage will last for years; no sure retirements for a good while.

Obama's agenda is summed up in this image. He represents the envious, the self indulgent, the clueless, and the vain. He and his have taken advantage of decades of Howard Zinn "Hate Amerika" history texts and social and civic studies that take the proctologist view of America - hey, everyone has an asshole, but to see the entire person (with some notable exceptions) as an asshole is masturbatory fantasy.

These sorts reject "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." They reject actual giving and self sacrifice. They walk the path of "I ask what the hell my country can do for ME and when the hell are they gonna do it!"

They are victims, the aggrieved, the "down trodden," the "disenfranchised,"  the disaffected.

And. They. Want. Revenge.


free0352 said...

And they are going to get it, and its going to hurt.

But the beauty of it is socialism fails and this country is broke. Pretty soon, after Obama has to bring on the austerity because he can't borrow another buck from the FED and people figure out "the rich" don't have enough to take the whole house of cards comes down.

Anonymous said...

A strong leader for the Senate Republicans would do what the Dems did to Bush and block any Supreme Court appointments that was at all left of center.

Bram said...

You are over-analyzing voter motivations. People are just dumb, that's all. They vote on looks, catch phrases and slogans, feelings and other dumb shit. Very few actually pay attention to policy.

We re-elected FDR how many times during the Depression? His policies were complete failures and were obviously making the economy worse. But he sounded nice on the radio, so he got 4 terms.

Jpck20 said...

We have the House. Our only line of defense right now. Gridlocking Barry for at least 2 years is what we have to shoot for and try to wrest control of the senate in 2014.

As far as SCOTUS, hopefully no one dies.

CrabbyOldMan said...

I agree with Bram and Jpck20.
I agree with Free0352 except for the implied conclusion that the country will then reject Marxocrat policies (and embrace Libertarianism?).
You have to consider the fact that more than half the population is brain dead now, and it will get worse.
When things are really in the shitter, the Marxocrats will convince the country that salvation can come ONLY by more socialism.
The last I know, the market is down 300 points since the election.
I want to thank Free0352 and his fellow Libertarians once again for their service to the rest of us.
By the way, does anyone else think that voter fraud played a bigger part than the Libertarian "boycott" did in the Marxocrat victory?

Kraft1963 said...

We are headed for collapse, but what will happen next? Most likely it will be random violence and chaos. We will see brigandage, with petty dictatorships in many local areas and war between and among them. Foreign powers will try to dominate certain areas and we will be too torn with internal strife to resist. We won't see it next year or the year after, but it is the ultimate goal and destination of these policies.

Zelda said...

All of the coming misery has to be pinned on Obama. This Christmas is going to be awful. Start calling it an Obama Christmas.

Ray said...

Hell, all the Republicans need in 2016 is movie star or rock star who has been married and divorced five times, smokes pot, has a gay boyfriend and isn't afraid to say the word "fuck" on TV. He would bury Hillary. Is this a great country or what?

Anonymous said...

Nah, just stick to the drug addict Limbaugh, but I think he's been married more than 5 times...thank GOD we don't have to worry about the evil Mittens shipping every last job to China so he can profit. The lying flip-flopper can ride off into the sunset with Ann on their million dollar horses.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Tsk, tsk...
A LEFTARD criticizing drug use?!?!?

Outlaw3 said...

2016 Executive Order putting leftist Supreme Court Justices out on the street, appointing new ones. Let them sue, it will take YEARS to get the case heard.