Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh No, Chris Christie in 2016!

John Hawkins of Right Wing News recently did another poll of Conservative Bloggers regarding who they would like to see be the 2016 nominee.

Marco Rubio won pretty much every question, regardless of how it was worded. (Rand Paul was a close second)

But, what we know of the GOP establishment is that now Marco Rubio won't even be considered if it's who we want. Nor will Rand. They're too young and haven't previously been beat out for the nomination. That's how they roll. Or stagnate as it were.

This was the most interesting observation from Hawkins' poll (and previous polls):
"As a side note, want to see something scary?

In 2008, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…John McCain and Ron Paul.

In 2012, the least wanted candidates for bloggers were…Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

So, going by those results, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush would have to be considered the early favorites for 2016 based on the fact that conservative bloggers don’t want either of them as a nominee."

See the full poll results here

Shall we dispense with the formalities and just assume Hillary will win in 2016?


Zelda said...

At least if Hillary wins, the comics can recycle all the McCain jokes.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

No, a Hillary run would interfere with an Oh-bummer! third term.

Haverwilde said...

The last time the GOP nominated someone who was not part of the party elite, they nominated Ronald Reagan.

Just saying, it can happen.

Bram said...

The "GOP establishment" picks: HW Bush, Dole, Bush, McCain, Romney. If they pick the next nominee, they will lose even worse.

Chris Christie is the best Governor I'm going to get in NJ. He would be a terrible Presidential candidate.

Fearthuinn min an Saille said...

Honestly, at this point I'm not seeing anyone in the Republican party who stands out enough to consider them Presidential material. As for the Democrats, I'll honestly be surprised if Hillary runs. With the amount of bullshit Obama has heaped on her (and as good as it makes her look) I'd be surprised if she wanted to throw her hat in the race. I don't want to see another Bush, and given the backslap that the Tea Partiers have received, I don't see Rubio going anywhere. Rand might wait another round or two, and see what changes and name he can make for himself. He won't be able to run as the flame holder for his father.

That said, I did find it hilarious that she got the most polling vote for SecState than Kerry did, on a CNN/Gallup poll - what would actually be considered a landslide (not to be confused with the landslide that Obama won by).

free0352 said...

You need to understand ALa that you don't get to pick your nominee. The Republican system of elections is rigged. You get no vote in the matter and the primary election is a series of formalities.

THEY (RNC establishment) choose.

How else do you think guys like McCain and Romney get nominations and good people aren't even given the opportunity to oppose them? How else do you think 81% of Republicans had Mitt Romney as their least favorite candidate and yet he gets the nomination? This is not a coincidence.

The problem is, you guys call yourselves Republicans and yet you aren't Republicans. You just vote Republican. When was the last time you went to a county Republican meeting? Do you even know who your party precinct or ward delegate is? Have you ever held an internal Republican Party elected position?

I have. 99% of you if not 100% of you have not, you have no idea how the GOP works, and you don't want to. Go down there are start investing your time. You'll be surprised at the corrupt shit hole you find after you break through the initial veneer of propriety.

Oh, and Christie is the chosen one. No matter how you feel about him, he will be the nominee in 2016. You won't get to chose otherwise.

jim marquis said...

I don't know about that, Free. Christie will have two big strikes against him in 2016: he was nice to the president right before this last election and he (because his state just got hammered by it)believes in climate change.

Haverwilde said...

Up until I became fed up with the GOP, I attended the meetings and was a delegate once.
I continue to serve in local political offices.
But there is a world of difference between the local and the national scene.
When Reagan won here, it was a coup. Just as the Paul folks were able to take over the state apparatus for awhile.
Romney won because he had the establishment support, big money support, and an organization.
Jeb Bush is more likely the establishments guy right now.
Both Christie and Bush do not excite folks. Rubio is better. But look to the Big Money guys. See where the PACs and SuperPacs start developing. In 12 months we will know where the GOP is headed.
If it isn't in a more libertarian, less SoCon direction the GOP wlll lose again.

free0352 said...

I agree on the local side the GOP is a great party. But the RNC is pure evil, and being on the local scene alows you to see the estabishment scum.


These are the guys who selected candidates who gave us McCain fiengold and a freaking state health service... Are you kidding me?

Probably unlike a lot of you I still stand by Christy, but even then I won't support him if he won't win it honestly. As for Jeb, I'm sure they love him dearly but his brand is too damaged and they know that, he's out.

Anonymous said...

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SoLow said...

This conversation is akin to picking ones' team to win next years Super Bowl immediately after this one ends. Kinda pointless.

And with Obummer in charge, who knows if we'll still actually be America 4 years from now?

Me, I'd rather shop for good deals on firearms and ammo than debate the next Prez.

T. Paine said...

SoLow, shopping for firearms and ammo is probably a very smart thing to do right now.

I am not so sure that by 2016 it will matter one damned bit who runs for president. America will be bankrupt by then and all of the ignorant masses will look to the government to "save" them. They will give up more of their liberties and treasure to do so.
The most progressive candidate will win accordingly.

America, I am exceptionally sad to say, lied down on its death bed with the reelection of our Dear Leader Obama. It won't be long now before our great experiment in freedom is over.

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Hoss said...

Climate change hammered Jersey? That must be some tasty Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Cons need to go all in or just get out completely. All this bla bla RNC elites pick the nominee is just more sour grapes.

There are primaries.

Willard won. Get over it.

There was an election.

Willard lost. Get over it.

If cons don't get a con in position for the next general, it's no ones fault but their own.

Throw up Santorum or that idiot Alan West on the ticket and see how much America loves cons.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Enemas you should worry less about the "cons" in the next election and more about the soon to be con-victs in your own party.

And further more...wait I just had a bowel movement after 3 years. I feel free and can think clearly. God the Conservative movement is wrong. They rather see people who are weak or injured dead than give them 0.005% in tax help.

Jesus thanks for showing me the light. Also I will stop using Enemas instead of Anonymous. Sorry I was a bit obsessed with BM like most Cons.

free0352 said...

Santorum? Really? He's a liberal who loves Jesus. If that's your idea of an economic Conservative... well right there you know you're talking to an uninformed idiot who knows next to nothing about what Republicans think.

free0352 said...

Oh, and please spare me the dramatic "If we have a country by 2016 bullshit. You sound like a bleeding vagina if bleeding vagina's made sound. On this day in 1814 the white house and much of Washington DC lay in ruins after being burned to the ground by the British Army. In July 1863 46,000 Americans died in a few days fighting in Gettysburg alone, 23,000 of them dying in a failed attempt to repeat the British actions of 1814 and another 23,000 dying to save it. All told, nearly 700,000 Americans died in a time when America only had 30 million people. Republicans and Democrats fighting back then was surely a lot worse. On this day in 1941 we were on the verge of world wide conflict with the most powerful military machine ever amassed by mankind up till that point, and we were on the tail end of a much worse economic crisis. Back then our Army had a handful of guys who took 8 months to travel from Kansas to California and was still riding horses and they were about to face Hitler's Panzer Armies. This stuff today is no big deal. It ain't that bad. Toughen up. The sun will rise, the world will turn, and tomorrow is another day. Hoist up your nickers ladies and quit crying like a bunch of teenage girls.

Have some damn respect for yourselves. And more importantly some historical context.

Anonymous said...


There hasn't been a republican in office since Eisenhower. You know nothing about gop.

Bram said...

Can we invite a battalion of Royal Marines to burn DC down again? This time, don't leave anything alive there.

Jpck20 said...

Royal Marines wouldnt make it out of the bars to do anything in DC. Those fuckers are crazy.

And again, as I have said many times, Hillary wouldnt win.

There are far too many people who hate her guts and far too many women who would not vote for her just because she is... a woman. And you women dont want a she-bitch satan replica to be running things or telling you what to do.

You know it, I know it. You all just wont admit it in public.

SoLow said...

In all actuality I think you kinda proved my point, Free. Using a history lesson in an attempt to compare people fighting to defend America vs the current state of people fighting to get a handout from America tells me that this ain't really the same America anymore, which is what I meant in the 1st place. Are you saying that you think it'll be better after another 4 years of Obama?

And that doesn't have anything to do with me having a squeaky, bleeding vagina.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

"she-bitch satan replica" Michelle is gonna run?

CrabbyOldMan said...

I agree with SoLow completely.

CrabbyOldMan said...

The above comment of "CrabbyOldMan" at 3:16 am IS A HOAX.
Shame on you Enemas!
You just aren't bright enough to pull something like that off!
I can't stop using "Enemas" because it matches your utterings so well.

Bram said...

History? Read ancient Roman and Greek history. Before the Republic, the Roman kings would grind down rich men to pay off the mob (financially and with the satisfaction of seeing their betters brought low). It's been going on ever since. Sometimes I think Obama's speeches are direct translations from ancient Latin rabble-rouses.

free0352 said...

Is Obama's policy good for this country? Of course not. But is he as bad as The Axis? Hell no. We have even had far mor liberal presidents like FDR and LBJ. So let's get real here and quit being drama queens.

Freemom said...

Williard did NOT win primaries fair and square...look at the "lost votes" the last minute rule changes, etc. etc. Ordinary folks need to get involved at the local level and percolate on up,...It IS already happening - and ordinary folks need to DEMAND ethics up at the next level or CHALLENGE. Michigan kicked out the old RNC reps - and the new ones are genuine. Hopefully, they can stay that way.

CrabbyOldMan said...

The above comment of "CrabbyOldMan" at 3:00 pm IS A ALSO A HOAX.

Anonymous said...

Bring Anonymous means not knowing the true identity.

A name like "CrabbyOldMan" is anonymous so in his world also an Enemas.

But then again facts are not the Right's strongest points.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I love congratulating myself.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Enemas, you are making even less sense than you usually do.

Nate said...

I'm pretty proud of Free for accepting reality... Why doesn't everyone here take note...

free0352 said...

While I stand by my statement that Obama isn't the end of the world, Nate agreeing with me may be a sign of the apocalypse.

Zelda said...

Nate only agrees with you because Obama makes his heart flutter and he'll put on his little skirt and shake his pom poms in the hopes that you'll like him as much as he does. It's kind of gay.

free0352 said...

Oh o know :). The worst thing about Obama are his fan boys

free0352 said...

"It's kind of gay."

Like that is a bad thing?

free0352 said...

Ah how cute, someone is posting with our names to add to the confusion.

How vwry, very gay. What a fag.

Zelda said...

Ugh. The blogger default comments are gay.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Now do you see why I call him Ememas?

SoLow said...

So now I can post anything I want, and then say it wasn't me saying it, eh??? SWEET!!!

Hi, my name is SoLow and I approve the above message... :)