Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Teflon President

Forget John Gotti...Nothing sticks to Obama. It's mind blowing. One Obama scandal alone would have been enough to put any other President under, but he just keep smiling his way along.

Fast and Furious. And Eric Holder still holding his position. And now rumors of a SCOTUS appointment for Holder should Obama win reelection?!!!

Solyndra. Barely a beep about this. How long did we have to have Haliburton drummed into our brains --and nothing untoward had even transpired there.

The Economy. Gas prices. Unemployment.
They keep talking about the inherited mess, but do they forget that GWB had to deal with the aftermath of 9/11? Nary a newscaster seems to remember that. We all thought the economy would tank after that...but it didn't. Not until Clinton's housing mess caught up with us.

Benghazi-Gate. The White House is still lying. Now blaming "playing politics" on Republicans when they obviously withheld purely because of politics. An ambassador raped, tortured and killed and three former SEALS killed in what must have been a horrific firefight --and instead of grieving and rallying...we're still wondering.

The Liberal Media. A media that refuses to as the President, or his minions, one hard hitting question. A media that blatantly makes up things that didn't happen and airs them. And an administration that ignores laws that bans them from campaigning and from collaborating with entities like Media Matters.

Even a person with politics Left of Bill Ayres would have to admit that no Republican President could have weathered one or two of these...let alone all of them...what is it with this guy?


Bram said...

A good list. You can add that he may be the laziest President in modern history. The skipped intel and economic meetings - including a bunch before the Bengazi attack. The big vacations and many, many rounds of golf.


Rickvid in Seattle said...

But, Bram, Bush played golf! Mikie "Buuurrraaappp" Moore told us so! See, Bush was worse. Or something.

jim marquis said...

These really arent's scandals. The only one that comes close is Fast and Furious and even that program started was put into place by the previous administration. Solyndra was just a program that failed and that was mostly because the Chinese decided to flood the market with their own product. The real scandal with the economy and unemployment was the fact the president has been saddled with obstructionist Republicans who would rather see the country suffer than him win a second term. Benghazi-Gate wasn't a "gate" but rather just a poor coordination of messaging. The liberal media is mostly just a conservative fever dream.

Bram said...

It has been thoroughly disproven that the Bush Administration had anything to do with Fast and Furious.

Good try with the old "Blame Bush".

Anonymous said...

Fast and Furious was not, in any way shape or form started under Bush. This program belongs to Holder 100%.

Solyndra was a bribe plain and simple. Every review prior to the issue of funds said it would fail, yet it was done anyway for a large kickback in campaign funds.

You had two years when "Obstructionist Republicans" were powerless, Yet you failed to address the economy.

"Poor messaging" does not last for weeks, and if it does, that is a clear sign of the incompetence of this administration.

Anonymous said...

The above was me.. RufussVa.

Further more,.. Fast and Furious only comes close to a scandal???????

How many fucking people have to die before its an issue?

Hey, Kay in Maine, You out there??
..Jim doesn't like brown people.

Hoss said...

Wow, the Republicans obstructed Obama from accomplishing anything positive with the economy as he was jamming and bribing Obamacare down everyone's throat with his veto-proof congress. is this the kind of revisionism that allows Obama to tell the Mexican press that he hasn't had the chance to do immigration reform. It's be hilarious if you weren't being serious (you were being serious, weren't you). Nice FAIL on Fast & Furious as well...won't even get into Solyndra and the rest of the payoffs to Obama bundlers.

Bram said...

Let's see if this works...

Obama's Scandals

free0352 said...

Fast & Furious is most definitely not a scandal its a damn crime. Los Zeta's is a terrorist organization by anyone's definition, and giving them automatic weapons is a federal crime. More over, the obvious implication was to frame the US gun industry for supplying Mexican drug cartels as a set up for more Democrat anti-gun legislation. Even worse is how many were killed?
President Bush had nothing like this going on, but good job blaming Bush - the standard Democrat line.

Benghazi isn't so much a scandal as it is just another example of Obama's weakness.

Solyndra and the economy is simply running the Keynesian playbook. One Republicans run too. While stupid, it is a little hypocritical to bitch about Obama writing Solyndra a check for what amounts to basically a fraudulent company after George Bush wrote a much bigger check to Goldman Sachs and Citi Bank.

Anonymous said...

Second verse same as the first:


So, again....what's the difference between them?

Nate said...

If you can't win the argument blame the media for phrasing the wrong question.

Mean Gene said...

President Reagan was a teflon president because no matter what trash the press would throw at him, the public saw through it and he remained a popular and effective leader. President Obama is a teflon president because the press protects him by downplaying any negative information. We need to recognize that difference.

Zelda said...

I need me some like buttons. RuFussVA is spot on. So is free. Jim is in the throes of crippling denial.

Quad ring said...

Well said.