Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some Post-Sandy Levity

A poetic submission via RickVid in Seattle. He calls this one "An Original Poem that I swiped:"

Barack be nimble,
Barack be quick,
Barack be history
November 6th.

And sent from 92alpha:

And if you're in a crappy mood from the storm and not up for a chuckle, you can watch MoveOn.org & Michael Moore new NOT WORK SAFE political ad. What an embarrassment.

If you need me, I'll be out raking and bundling sticks...


Fearthuinn min an Saille said...


jim marquis said...

How about this:

Romney is scheduled to express an opinion about the government's handling of Hurricane Sandy at 11am eastern. Then he'll reverse himself at noon and then finally go back to his first opinion at one. The public is being asked to try and keep up.

Zelda said...

And then Obama will suck at something, say we shouldn't make it political, and then make it political.

CrabbyOldMan said...


CrabbyOldMan said...

"I'll betcha that honkey Rommney put the turd in the punch bowel!"

Haverwilde said...

Crabby, Shame on you!
Romney definitely did NOT put Obama in that punch bowl!

Hoss said...

I can't believe Jim is sticking with the Romney flip-flopper meme after we've experienced almost four years of Obama constantly changing direction. Goes along with their hypocrisy on Gitmo, the wars, Presidents playing golf, drone strikes,....

JRob said...

Barak be nimble
Barak be quick
If Barak jumps this one
'twill be quite a trick

Rickvid in Seattle said...

That Mikie "Ineedmorefood!" Moore and "Everybody but us needs to MoveOn.org" ad is dispicable. Combine that with all the other idiot ads - your first fuck, uh, vote should be Obama, or the Hey kids, let's all say Fuck! screed from Jackson. Gutter garbage. Just what the hell are these prople about? Imagine the vile world we'd have patterning it after these wretched people. Do our resident Dems approve? Really?

Ray said...

In his dreams - THE FUTURE EMPEROR AND EMPRESS OF THE NEWLY FORMED USSA (Unites Socialist States of America. Such a handsome couple.

Jpck20 said...

People give Brobama him waaaay too much credit. The dude is an empty suit. Honestly Obama couldn't run a socialist state any more than he can run what we have now.

That would require him to actually do something. I mean being a dictator is no easy task, you have to keep on top of everything to make sure you are keeping your people in check, rule with an iron fist over your secret police force to instill terror in your subjects, etc etc.

I imagine most dicators over the years have been paranoid micro-managers when it comes to the actual management style running of their states.

Now Hillary?

Yes. She could do it.

Lester Liberalmann said...

*Shakes left fist* All Fired UP!
*Shakes right fist* Ready To Go!
*Shakes left fist* All Fired UP!
*Shakes right fist* Ready To Go!
*Shakes left fist* All Fired UP!
*Shakes right fist* Ready To Go!
*Shakes left fist* All Fired UP!
*Shakes right fist* Ready To Go!
*Shakes left fist* All Fired UP!
*Shakes right fist* Ready To Go!

*Screams and Points* FOWARD!

Zelda said...

Jpck, that was hilarious. I agree. The problem with O, though, is that he puts in place the mechanisms for a dictator (like Hilary) to take power. Bypassing Congress without any accountability may not mean much with a silly puppet in charge, but it could be devastating with someone like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

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