Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Romney T-Shirt Girl Returns to School Today

I have yet to see the story of Samantha Pawlucy being told her Romney/Ryan shirt was akin to a KKK robe by her Geometry teacher on national news, but it certainly made its rounds online.

Pawlucy has been getting threats from classmates and strangers since the incident. (HuffPo -surprise, surprise- is also reporting that the abusive teacher in question, Lynette Gaymon, is also receiving threats.)

Before 8am this morning, a large crowd gathered in front of Charles Carroll High in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia to support Samantha's return. Not surprisingly, it was mostly veterans.

"The demonstration began outside Port Richmond's Charles Carroll High about 7:45 a.m. with the singing of the national anthem. Pawlucy then took part in the reading of the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence and the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Shouts of "Go, Sam!" and "You're great, Sam!" followed a group recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

With no speeches prolonging the event, about 8 a.m. she went inside. Police helped keep the sidewalks clear as students continued to arrive.

Most of the two dozen or so dozen participants were veterans, judging from their military decorations and signs, such as "I'm a veteran and Samantha is my hero."

Tom Manns, 74, of Olney, said before the rally, "We should stand up for our rights, and she has a perfect right to wear the shirt."

Samantha's mother, Kristine Pawlucy, said to a reporter, "It's overwhelming. I'm just trying to take it all in. . . . A lot of great people in the community - the whole country - have shown a lot of support and I think that's really helped."

Louis Harris Jr. said his four grandchildren took part in reading the First Amendment with Samantha to show that African Americans also support her right to free speech."

My thoughts really go out to this girl today...now that she's inside the walls of the school with no supporters by her side...


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of liberal DUMB BLACKS. They don't want to be characterized as being secondary humans but show me ONE liberal black that doesn't think like a total asshole. They say that conservative blacks are Uncle Toms, cracker whores, and recently they told an interracial TV star she isn't 'black enough'. They support the political party that founded the KKK and war against the Republicans which started the NAACP, United Negro College Fund, several amendments which classified them as HUMANS, CITIZENS and gave them the right to vote. WHY ARE THE LIBERAL BLACKS SUCH ASS HOLES, is it genetic?

Rickvid in Seattle said...

"Police helped keep the sidewalks clear" I guess Democrats haven't learned much since they tried to stop liberty in 1964. Ruby Bridges and Samantha Pawlucy, two unlikely heroes for freedom and American liberties in the face of hate and repression, no matter the color of that vile face.


Shawna said...

The story is in the washington post today.

KayInMaine said...



CrabbyOldMan said...

I have thought for a long time that the percentage of the white population with issues might be ten or twenty percent. Whatever it actually is, the ratio seems to be reversed for the words. That is, the percentage of the word population that does NOT have issues is ten or twenty percent.
I'd say it is irrelevant if the cause is genetic or social or a combination of both.
I would bet the farm that the decent words have far more disdain for the idiot majority than most whites do.

Rickvid in Seattle said...

But KiM, Hill is waaay more skumpdildillyumpshus!

ALa said...

This is great:

"Note to Pawlucy: You know what's great? You're not even of voting age, yet you conducted your own research on the presidential candidates and donned your tee after concluding that Mitt Romney best reflects your values.

I know adults twice your age who take less care at the ballot box.

Note to geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon, who started the trouble when she deemed Pawlucy's political leanings unacceptable: You know what's sad? You didn't see before you a great kid who was civically engaged enough to wear her heart on her chest. Instead, you saw a threat to your own political beliefs and you exploited your authority to counter it.

That's unconscionable."


Hoss said...

If the bitch teacher that humiliated this little girl is still employed by the school district it tells you all you need to know that it's about the teachers and their union, and not about the kids. If you pulled some shit like this at work you would be clearing your desk out two minutes later. Hostile work environment, harassment, whatever, you would be terminated. Once again the left shows us how truly tolerant they are and what a bunch of bullies they are when they can get away with it.

SoLow said...

Who is this KimInMaine and what is she drinking???

ALa said...

With YOUR track record...KiminMaine is your next fling! hahahahahaha....

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