Thursday, October 04, 2012 Told Me So

I saw about the last half of the debate Wednesday. Seemed to be a Romney romp. Lots of punditry on Thursday concured. But I know now for sure that Obama got massively whooped, be-yond a doubt. How do I know this? Because told me so.

Well, not in so many words. MoveOn, the most inaptly named bunch of dimwits in politics, will always proclaim the grandeur of Obama and his righteousness in all things, regardless of the facts. But, not today. Here is a copy of the e-mail they sent out today, the day after the first presidential debate; a day with the cyber world, papers, and airwaves filled with debate commentary. Today, this group of childish twats send out an email about – Romney’s “lie” about when he left Bain Capital! 


No spin on the debate. No nuancing it. No dancing around the debacle. No wound licking and saying Obama would do better next time. Nope, none of that. Rather, they pull out a zombiefied attack on Romney that failed months ago.

I asked for an Obama sticker in '08 as part of an op to drain money from these clowns. Never got the thing. MoveOn has been about worthless for years. They formed in order to get people to “move on” from focusing Clinton’s fecklessness. And they got big money doing it. So, of course, like a government program that outlives is utility, they just kept on going. Now, all they do is raise funds and plug their useless petitions.

But, totally inadvertently, they called this one right. Obama got his ass handed to him. And told me so.

Rickvid in Seattle


Unknown said...
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ALa said...

I subscribed to during the run up to the 2004 election and loved getting their "insider" emails. This post has reminded me that I don't get them anymore --was I found out? :)