Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest from the Right: T. Paine

My Open Letter to Obama on the Current State of Affairs

Mr. Obama,

I have noticed a very disturbing trend over the last decade or so, and in particular during your tenure in the White House. The world seems to be in complete disarray. Freedom and decency are waning while Islamofascism and other evils continue their ascendancy. And all the while, most Americans seem to be oblivious to the ever-growing peril in our country and world. I suspect this is simply because most Americans are too busy working and just trying to survive our day to day lives in this horrible economy of which you inherited and then exacerbated. Of course it is not like you, our campaigner in chief, is helping to point out, let alone address any of these critical issues. Indeed, it has now reached the point where you have fully disgraced the office of the presidency and are unworthy to sit in the oval office any longer. Despite this, if the polls put forth by your allies in the sycophantic progressive mainstream media are to be believed, you are well positioned currently to be re-elected. Again, the world is in disarray and logic no longer prevails. Let me give you some specifics as to why I think this.

Mr. Obama, you have the gall to refer to the killing of our Ambassador and three other staffers in our Libyan embassy as a “bump in the road”. No, Mr. President, it was an ACT OF WAR! It was something that deserves addressing in a serious manner, even if it is hard to fit this into your schedule amongst your interviews with Pimp with a Limp, David Letterman, and your friends on The View. Our country, our citizens, and our constitution are your ultimate responsibility to defend. I distinctly recall you taking an oath in that regard, sir. You have completely abrogated that responsibility, Mr. Obama, and in contrast to your wife’s sentiments, I am truly ashamed of my country for the first time in my life under your “leadership” accordingly.

You disingenuously told your fellow Americans that the riots and killings in Egypt and Libya were fomented by some ridiculous video that nobody has ever seen. You then, on the day before yesterday at the U.N. General Assembly, admitted that it wasn’t the video that was the catalyst for this pre-planned attack of our sovereign soil on the anniversary of 9/11. (Something which I am sure you already knew despite the fact that you have routinely missed nearly 40 percent of your daily intelligence briefings.) Anyway, despite that, did you stand up for our constitutional right to free speech? Nope. Once again, you apologized to the world for the “a crude and disgusting video [that] sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world.” These terrorist scum attacked our embassies and killed our people, and YOU apologized. I initially declined to make any comment on the issue until the facts were in and you were given a chance to react accordingly. Since you seem to be content with the current status, I am now commenting accordingly.

As a supposed Constitutional Law expert, you should know that it is precisely such political and religious speech that our founders meant to protect when drafting the very first amendment in our Bill of Rights. While the video was perhaps puerile and definitely offensive, it is NOT yours or anybody else’s right to curtail such speech. Our freedom of speech is not meant to protect only the speech that is inoffensive to others. Again, this is something you should know, sir.

You had a chance to wax on the importance of our American exceptionalism as defined by our right of free speech at the U.N. the other day. You missed that opportunity for a teachable moment to the world and instead apologized. As Newt Gingrich commented after your pusillanimous speech, your comments, “sent exactly the wrong signal. We’re not going to censor Americans on behalf of radical Islam and we need to say, calmly and comfortably, ‘If you’re going to be part of the modern world, that involves dissent.’ “

While we are on the subject, why do you find the need to defend Islam against anything that is deemed offensive by its practitioners? I noticed that the vile and offensive Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” art work is going to be on exhibit again in New York this week. Unlike your statement to the world that the offensive video was not created by the United States government, Serrano’s “art” of a crucifix in a jar of his urine WAS supported by tax payer dollars through the National Endowment for the Arts. In other words, you DID build that, Mr. Obama!

Why aren’t you apologizing to offended Christians for such a grave offense to our faith? Is it because, while disgusted by it, we Christians understand that this asinine “artist” has a right to be offensive? Is it because we aren’t rising up in the streets and storming the government offices for the National Endowment for the Arts and killing its director? Once again, your inconsistency is showing. Either defend our freedom of speech to the world, or apologize to us Christians too, Mr. Obama.

Your stewardship of the economy has been exceptionally poor. Your infringement upon my freedom to exercise my religion via your still unconstitutional health care law is execrable. Your weakening of our national security, disregarding our allies, and placating our enemies is dangerous and unforgivable. Your belief in the exceptionalism of every nation except the one which you were blessed to be elected president thereof is un-American. The fact that you do not understand the wonderful differences and freedoms enshrined in our constitution for all Americans and instead see it as a list of “negative liberties” because it restricts government’s powers proves that you do not truly understand America.

Consequently, you are not fit to be our president, no matter the results of the coming November election. I am sorely disappointed in you, Mr. Obama, and will work tirelessly to explain to all within my very minimal sphere of influence why you should not be re-elected as our president. You recently said that government cannot be changed from the inside, and perhaps that is true. Regardless, we the people need to put you back outside of government where your dangerous ideologies can no longer harm this greatest of all nations that many Americans still love so dearly, myself absolutely included.

With great sadness, regret, and trepidation,

T. Paine.

(You can read T.Paine daily at Saving Common Sense)


CrabbyOldMan said...

If CrabbyOldMan is so smart, why ain't he rich?
I don't know.
I spotted the sack-of-shit-in-chief for what he is from the git go.
The fact that half the population did not is more frightening to me than anything else.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Those pictures of Comrade Hussian look like the photographer caught him outside a pay toilet with only 15 cents.

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