Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can You Help?

Many of you that come here know MSG Keith. What you might not know is that his 7 year old granddaughter has leukemia. You can read her story here. Little Eleanor is a warrior, but she needs help to finish this battle.

From MSG Keith:

As most of you know, my granddaughter Eleanor has been receiving treatment for leukemia. She is doing good and getting ready to progress from twice weekly IV chemo to monthly maintenance chemo. There's only one snag: Their Tricare has ended. Tricare will continue coverage for $2400 per quarter. My daughter and son-in-law have been looking for work since getting out of the Air Force with out much luck. Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital told my daughter if she doesn't have insurance by the end of the week, they won't continue treatments. The fund raiser we thought was going on in December won't happen, they picked someone else. Maybe January, if they don't pick someone else. Or Feb, if they don't pick someone else. Tricare has to be paid by the end of the week for the treatments to continue. The small inheritance they got from my Mom's house was gone after three months of rent, a few months of electrics bills, and gas back and forth to Hollywood a couple times per week.
My daughter has set up a fundraiser on Give Forward to raise money to get them by. I don't normally beg, it's unbecoming of an NCO. But tonight, I'm taking off the 1st Sgt hat, and putting on the Papa hat. I'm sitting here tonight with tear-filled eyes, asking for your help. $1, $5, whatever you can give. I would be greatly appreciative of anything you can do to help. If you know of any church groups, civic groups, etc interested in a project, please forward them the link. I know there are lot's of deserving kids out there. My granddaughter isn't more deserving than they are. But, she's my granddaughter. Please....

I know times are tough for everyone right now, but I know Keith's family would be so grateful for whatever we could give. If you can, please Donate Here. <3


Dbie said...

Thank you, ALa!
Several people from Sagacity have made donations to help pay for Eleanor's medical bills and insurance. This is wonderful. Thank you all so much!

ALa said...

I hope they reach their goal!