Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Because You Keep Saying It, Doesn't Make It True


Anonymous said...

I shared this on my Facebook, thanks Ala

Anonymous said...

"But if you re-elect me I promise to make sure they do. And I always keep my promises."

Zelda said...

They also don't plan parenthood. They exist solely to control the population growth of certain "undesirable" races and ethnic groups.

(Margaret Sanger's words, not mine.)

Rickvid in Seattle said...

Like PBS and NPR, Planned Parenthood will CEASE TO EXIST without government subsidies! Women and Big Bird will die horrible deaths, in the street, starving, alone, unless the US Government, using men with guns, removes money from your pockets and gives it to these CVE (critical, vital, essential) servants of the common good.

Well, that is what the left wants us to think, anyhow. Hey, I watch PBS, I listen to NPR, and guess frickin' what? I PAY FOR IT BY DONATING TO THEM. Somehow, the left never gets that. If you use the service, PAY FOR IT. If you like NPR and PBS, and want PP to keep on doing its thing, DONATE!

But then, we know from many studies that self described liberals are stingy to a fault. They donate at terribly low rates - just look at the tax returns of so many Democratic pols. For them, their taxes are their donation. Pathetic.

Finally, these groups, like people in general, are made very vulnerable by so heavily depending upon government subsidies. They hitch their wagons to that horse, and if the horse bolts or dies, they are stuck. Diversity (of income) is not in their playbook.

Bram said...

It's a scam. Special interest groups like Planned Parenthood depend on government handouts. Then to ensure the cash keeps flowing, they immediately donate much of that cash back to their political sponsors in the form of campaign donations.

It's basically a way for politicians to launder taxpayer money into their own reelection fund.

Wage Slave said...

From the title, I thought this had to be an entry about Romney - after all if any side makes more shit up, it's the rightwing. For example, if you actually go to panned parenthood website you will see all of the women's health services they provide - and yes, mammograms are part of it. Helping women get mammograms - that is providing. Sorry wingbats, but just because you don't like them because they also do abortions for minorities (which would so seem to fit the rest of your agenda??) you dont get to make things up about them - but that is your m.o. for nearly everything.

You want to cut special interests and reduce spending? Start with the largest one!! The military.

Bram said...

Referring women for mammograms and performing mammograms are two entirely different things. But Obama purposely hides that distinction.

CrabbyOldMan said...

Wage Slave wants to cut the military?
It is self evident that it is a complete waste of time and space to bother responding.

Zelda said...

Wage Slave - Make this really easy on yourself. Go call the 5 nearest Planned Parenthoods and ask to schedule a mammogram. See how far you get.

Then call them and ask to schedule an abortion. You should be able to grasp pretty quickly what their primary services are.

Wage Slave said...

Facts are facts, kooks. You cant change them just because they dont agree with your wingbat agenda. They provide mammogram services. If this means they help people get them somewhere else, it is still providing. Sorry - that's just a fact. You lose.

Fact - they do breast screening, and then they refer for and in some places offer mobile mammogram vans. That is a service. Another fact - only 11% of their clients (1 in 9) rec'd an abortion. So you are wrong twice.

And Crabby old assman - no, you dont need to bother responding, as much as it is surely a complete waste of your time doing it, it is mine reading it.

Zelda said...

If this means they help people get them somewhere else, it is still providing.

No, it isn't. That's called referring, not providing. The meanings of words don't change just because you really want dark-skinned children to die.

If you want to be retarded, go somewhere else. No one here is going to humor your bullshit.